DA Confusion for the 6th of May, 2016

Have your confusions sorted out right about here.

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  1. Done (I think) but do not get wordplay for 25A, 14A, 4A. Any help to understand / correct appreciated.

    Found several quite tedious today eg: 10A, 20A, 2D.

    28A was my pick.

  2. Ray, 4A “women knitting” letters 1-2, 6-8, remainder 3-5 should be obvious from clue!

    Haven’t sussed the others yet!

  3. In 14a the “real bugger” is a scientific expert. In 25a “about” is an abbreviation used when citing approximate dates

  4. Good morning all. Looks good today, cantering along nicely, having just found 6D. 18 in so far, but busy day coming uo, not sure when I’ll be able to work on it.

  5. Ian & Ray, passion in 25A a negative type of, & clue’s 21D reference tres obtuse!

    Loved “present-day” in 3D!

    Favourite clue 19A; have never heard the term, and have been out of work force since late ’90s, but still indulge thus!

    Happy solving, everyone! (click on Celia above for some DA resources)

  6. Enjoyed this even though I’m not really sure why some answers work. I’ll check in again later to read other comments.

  7. Any assistance with 6 down would be greatly appreciated. Just can’t see what it is and been trying for over an hour.

  8. Kim, does “TENT1” perhaps look like the middle of a 9 letter word that’s been in the news a lot recently?

  9. Down to last 4, don’t get the 60 yo reference in 15A, but think I have right answer there. 14A, and 8D missing from NE, a couple in SE. News time, nap time, look back later.

  10. Finished all but 14A. Cannot get all the wordplay for 28A (where does one of the double letters come from?), 1D (I get all but the ‘vacuous headline’ bit), 21D (totally confused, even though I’m sure I have the answer) and 23D (likewise). Also, why the reference to 21D in 25D?

  11. Dave, 28A is “in reception” ie it’s the way your hear it.
    1D “headline” with nothing in it.
    21D A swimmer with “hot” removed and “by” (in a maths sense) added.
    25A There is a girl of that name, used to be quite well known.

  12. Dave R –
    28A is a slightly dodgy homophone
    Vacuous headline means take out all but first and last letters
    21D Take a six-letter swimmer, then take out “hot” (1 letter), then put “by” (1 letter) in the middle.
    Think of Jamie Packer and his wives. This leads to 25A.

  13. Thanks, Black Pen and Jack. Never heard of the lady alluded to in 25A. Still stuck on 14A.

  14. As with last week’s: is the answer to 12A incorrect in the iPad edition? I get a different vowel than they do, and theirs makes no sense to me.

  15. And Dave R – 23D (a DA special) – “unreviewed” (read as ‘un reviewed’) gives letters 5,1. Then “air” gives a 4 letter word, with last letter removed (“inadequate”) for letters 2,3,4.

    Defn “6-down”

  16. 14A – read “real bugger?” = entomologist. Then defn = “six-footer’s cover” (“six-footer” as per entomologist). Cryptic clue = “Gutless”.

  17. Thanks, Ray, but that still doesn’t help! The word I have is entomological but wrong (I think). I can’t see how the cryptic bit works. And I only have the first letter, ‘cos I can’t do 7d or 8d either.

  18. Ray, if you’re still around – I’ve finished now, but what’s the wordplay for 10a, except for the first and third letters which I assume are obvious, if a bit dull?

  19. Finally picked up on 14A from clue given above. Which gave me 8D, though I don’t fully understand the clue. So now, I have a possible answer fo, if it is correct, I am finished. But i cannot relate it to the clue at all, so its probaly wrong.

  20. Mary, 10A letters 2, 4-7 is a colloquial Australian expression for farewell, similar in usage to “toodle-pip” or “toodle-oo”. I’ve often heard it used prefaced by the letter “H”! My concise OZ Oxford gives both versions!

  21. Arthur C 21D is a 6-letter word for “swimmer”, but it has “shed hot” and the result is “stifling by”. The “swimmer” may possibly be a public baths patron!

  22. Arthur C, 8D a simple charade: chant letters 3-4, suffering letters 1,2,5, strain at heart letters 6-7

  23. Another puzzle with too many inter-related clues for me. Getting nowhere. Can anyone suggest an easy(?) starting point? No idea about 6D despite reading all the above.

  24. GeoffD 6D describes a type of Government facility, of which two are offshore. The offshore ones are 22A and 23D, and both have been in the news in the past week. see Indigo @ 10:35 for a further hint to solving 6D.

  25. If it helps, there are 8 6Ds, all D themselves, with one exception (ironically, no longer a 6D)

  26. Thanks, Celia. I knew it had to be something like that, but I clearly have a lot more Australiana to absorb (only been here 8 years!)

  27. Mary Jones, you’ll probably only hear that 10A-embedded Aussie farewell from the 15-acrossers!

  28. All done. A few rather strained clues for mine. Would appreciate wordplay explanations for 6D (I see the tent #1 but nothing else) and 20A.

  29. Please help. Cannot finish. 20A, 30A, 7D, 17D and possibly 4A are just too darn difficult.

  30. AG – 20 A involves deleting (“demoting”) “panel leader” from a word for “calling”; definition is “refinement”. Try putting “panel leader” back and see if you end up with such!

  31. Ben:
    20A – Defn = “refining”. A 7 letter word for “calling” with first letter removed (“Panel leader removed”).
    30A – defn = “Record” (as verb). 7 letter word for “tenants” with 1st and last letter removed.
    7D – if you have 27A, a synonym for that that sounds like (“Pick up”) a word for “shabbiest”.
    17D – Defn = “Intimate”. “trick” gives word for letters 1,2,3. “suitable” gives word for letter 4,5,9. “karate class?” gives word for letters 6,7,8.
    4A – this I struggled with. “knitting” – anagrind. Fodder = “Women” for letters 7,6,1,2,8. “limited” gives letters 3,4,5. Defn = “disaster”.

  32. Good on you Ray. All done now. Had MALADIES for 4A which stuffed me up. Much appreciated.

  33. Ben see above for 20A

    30A an 8-letter word for tenants “fleeced” (remove two outer letters) to give a six-letter answer meaning “record” (as in log, enrol, etc)

    7D is a 26A, a homophone (“pick up”) of a word for “shabbiest” (i.e. not the best!)

    17D Definition “Intimate” n.b. it’s a noun! Clue is a charade: “trick” letters 1-3, “suitable” letters 4,5,9, “sucking in” inclusion indicator; “karate class” letters 6-8

    possibly? 4A definition is “disaster”; “blankets” inclusion indicator; “women knitting” letters 1,2,6-8 and the rest should be obvious from the clue.

  34. It’s funny, Ray, I’d never encountered 19A, & really expected someone to ask about it, but no-one has done so!

  35. I can see everything but the wordplay for 24a. Any explanations / hints? It seems there is only one possible word which fits the defn & down clues, but I can’t see the cryptic part.

  36. 24A – “trail from the east” is a reverse indicator. “trail” as in follow. So read your answer from R to L.
    Defn = “Revered one”.

  37. I have the answer to 25A but don’t understand how it relates to 21D. Any explanation please?

  38. Why is the word SNAG in capitals in 26A? Misdirection?

    BTW 19A appears in the title of Annabel Crabb’s new series of interviews (shown only on the ABC’s iview), and 25A 21D was married to a rich Australian.

  39. Mike, re capitals on SNAG; yes, it’s just misdirection. You may remember the acronym from some years ago: Sensitive New Age Guy, commonly referred to as SNAG.

  40. Saw DA in Lygon St alone once. Not surprised given this garbage. Do insects have six feet or six legs?Honestly, so cryptic that it turns me off. I thought clues were still meant to sound like a real sentence. Half of this is just crap synonyms cobbled together…it’s not that enjoyable any more. I know there’ll be scoffers at this and that’s ok. On a lighter note, how on earth do people complete this by 630 am? What waking time frame are you working in? Bye.

  41. My final post forever. Celia, I’ve been a critic of you in the past. For that I apologise. This is obviously something you love and want to share your passion with others enthusiastically. Good luck all. Back to my garden….my lost passion.

  42. PM, so you complain Celia gives too much away and then complain she is seeking answers like the rest os us. Can you make up your mind what you are having problems with? Personal attacks only reflect badly on the people making them. I just hope Celia has learned to ignore the negative Nellies. Sounds like you guys have issues and are just trying to stir the pot.

  43. If there’s anyone still here, could they fully explain the wordplay of 6D, please (it being Monday, hopefully the concerns in the last fistful of posts no longer need to be considered!) I did get the answer, from “TENTI” (or “TENTNOI”>”TENTION”?) and some other letters, but what is “TENTI” the “CENTRE” of? “DE…..ON?
    Also, the homophony for the second word of 3D is dodgy (particularly, I think, if you come from the homophone?!)
    Also also, are DA’s occasional ‘double-solve’ 30A-type clues strictly krypti-kosher i.e. having to recognise the existence of, and need to solve, an internal puzzle (in this case a simile) before the clue then becomes the clue to be solved?
    Finally, thanks for some new learnings, DA: 19A (particularly for a 15A no longer 19A) and 14A

  44. Johnno, yes TENTI is the centre of DETENTION. Dunno why he stuck the hash symbol in there.

    3D – I have complained in the past about DA’s dodgy homophones and this is another. To me the nation has three syllables but the answer has only two,

    30A – this is typical of DA although pretty easy to solve. Tenants = Renters which are then “fleeced” to define “Record”.

  45. Thanks, Mort, but where do the “DE” and the “ON” come from in the clue? I’m OK that “CENTRE” comes from where “TENTI” is in the first word – but only just!
    Re 30A, that’s how I solved it; it’s just that the double-step crypticking seems a bit unfair? The form is sufficiently unusual, but also ‘special’, that I feel there should be a ‘you have to solve me first’ indicator of a DSC built into such clues.

  46. Johnno, TENTI is the centre of DETENTION; hence it is the DETENTION CENTRE.

  47. My too-often problem of overthinking! (just like I was trying to explain the answer I already had for 21D from “backstroker”!)
    Thanks, Mort.

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