DA Confusion for the 29th of April, 2016

Have your confusions sorted out for April’s last DA.

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  1. OK – have complete. But do not understand wordplay for 25A – as, if “car” is 1,6,7,8,9 I cannot get the balance. Any help appreciated.

    Thought some a bit too complex / obtuse today eg: 1D (particularly), 4D.

    Thought 7D and 21D pretty clever.

  2. Hi Ray
    25a letters 4,5 is it also disheartened? Letter 3 will ultimately?

  3. Ray, I think DA stuffed up with 25A. Might tweet him to seek reappraisal of his clue.

    With 1D I twigged the first two letters, then looked up list of a certain director’s movies, found one that fitted, then looked for homophone TV drama for letters 3-7.

    4D was an early conquest, had a chuckle when the penny dropped. Got a laugh out of 5D also.

    For a while with 18A was imagining our nonagenarian monarch with a nasty rash on her royal posterior!

    I presume, Ray, that 7D is C or H. Haven’t seen the clue’s common cryptic allusion used for such before!

    Well, toodle-pip, and happy solving!

  4. Good start with 15 in so far. The name in 6D? I’ve heard it, but from what is it derived? A casino?

  5. Re the ‘swimmer’ in 18D? A fish of some sort, anagram of hot air l? Can’t find anything.

  6. Arthur C. – 18D – “Swimmer” = letters 1,3,4,5,6,7. “laundered top” = letter 2. Defn = “hot air”.

  7. Still here, trying to grasp wordplays for 3D & 12A, any hints? Have the answers, just can’t fit them to the clues.

  8. Arthur C, 6D is a portmanteau of two place names from different countries. The latter of those is a major world centre for casino gambling!

  9. For 3d, try adding a letter to the front and end of your answer
    For 12a, what sort of party is only for men?

  10. Celia – 3D – the answer is the middle 5 letters of a 7 letter word meaning “most hackneyed”.

    12A – “movies essentially” gives letters 1,2. “just for men” gives a 4 letter word, with last letter removed (“abridged”) for letters 3,4,5.

  11. Pretty solid puzzle today.
    Was expecting to see complaints about not knowing 5A here.
    And I’ve never heard or seen 5D before, only the bag variant.

  12. Almost finished, 5A , 9A and 18A missing. I’m old enough to have remembered 1D. How many others?

  13. Wordfinder produced answer for 18A, Queen reference clever. Enough for today, time for after-dinner nap.

  14. Arthur, for 5A, def is last 2 words; first word 1-4; words 2 & 3 5-7. def is first word.
    I’m still missing 18A; also 4D and 5D.

  15. Aha! Thanks Arthur. But I still don’t get the wordplay for 4-8. And still don’t have 4D or 5D

  16. Thought I was way clever with 18D but had the wrong Swimmer (Mine was an American actor and Olympic gold swimmer’s first name) which has had me banging my head on the wall for an hour. Try again later.

  17. SB, didn’t quite get that. A clue for 18A might help you. Think of other things that take the title Queen. The ‘icing’ in 4D is something a hitman might be paid for,

  18. SB, you could get a 4D at either of two totally different shops. You’d need a permit at one of them.

  19. Thanks again Arthur. Yes, I got the meaning of Queen for 18A after your 11.38 post (I was thinking the band, as well as the obvious) but still don’t get wordplay for 4-8. Now I get 4D thanks – I always forget that meaning of ice. And I’m pretty sure of 5D but don’t get the wordplay.

  20. CB, the last five letters of 18A are given by words 3, 4 & 5 in the clue. I’ve almost finished, but if 20D is a double def, I don’t get the ‘crowd’ bit. Similarly with 7D: ‘bug?’

  21. SB:

    18A – 4,5,6,7,8 is a 5 letter word for “song by another”.

    5D – Defn = “Sailor’s storage unit”. “jingle” gives 1,2,3,4,5. “spar” = 6,7,8

  22. Dave R:

    20D is a DD. Both “Evict” (is to) and a “crowd” (is) a 4,3.

    7D – “bug” as in eavesdrop.

  23. All filled in but unsure of what I have for 9A? No-one else has mentioned it so I must be missing something obvious.

  24. Thanks, Ray. I should have known the ‘bug’ part of 7D. I had considered a couple of possibilities for the first word of 20D, starting with the same letter, but had overlooked the only one that works as a synonym.

  25. I think the answer for 3D in the iPad app is incorrect; the second letter should be a different vowel … ? Otherwise the def doesn’t make sense to me.

  26. AndrewT see posts @ 7:59 & 8:01 for 3D: think of a seven-letter word for “most hackneyed” and follow the instructions in the first three words of the clue! Definition is “ceremonies”.

  27. You are right AndrewT. I am working in paper, but just checked iPad version and it gives the wrong second letter for 3D.

  28. I am struggling with 5a, 5d and 8d. I think I have the last four letters of 5a which would work for a music style and the last three are a retro favourite. But my word finder then gives nothing for the cross letters I have for 8d.

  29. Ah got all them now. 5a got me 5d and confirmed my cross letters fro 8d. I have no idea why my word finder didn’t know that word.

  30. 5a: def is last 1 1/2 words of clue. First word of clue is letters 1-4, letters 5-7 are last 1 1/2 words of clue.

    5d: def is first 3 words of clue. Letters 1-5 is given by word 5 of clue (synonym), letters 6-8 given by last word of clue (synonym).

    8d: def is first word of clue. Letters 1-3 given by word 2 (synonym), letters 4-7 by word 3 (synonym).

    Hope that helps!

  31. Sandy, I guess you haven’t got the correct answer for at least one of the other cross letters in 8D.
    5A was knew to me and I haven’t heard of 5D since my brother was in the navy. 5D, as above, is two synonyms: jingle/tune and a spar. 8D is a school (letters 1-3) plus ‘shed’ Iverb).

  32. I agree with earlier posters that 25A must contain an error in the clue.

    1D is a good clue to an answer that is a superb piece of entertainment by Alfred and, originally, Daphne. There is a not-so-old, non-black-and-white version also.

  33. Thanks AndrewT, as you see you were giving help while I was getting them anyway. But I appreciate it anyway.
    I only have two left to do now. 26d and 28a. Any help with them?

  34. 26d; fairly dodgy def here, but basically both words are sorta-synonyms for the answer. In the case of the second clue word, the answer is an abbreviation of the true synonym.

    28a: def is last word of clue. First two words of clue have synonyms, then reverse (“around”) the whole thing.

  35. In 26d would ‘enflamed’ capture it better. And a shortening for writing?. If so, I can see a word that fits 28a, but no idea how it fits the clue.

  36. Oh that sort of salt! But I would never have ‘dump’ as a definition for that.

  37. And more thing. I have an answer for 14a. And I can see where the first letter comes from and the definition. But how to get the last five letters from the clue I have no idea.

  38. Oh, are letter 2-4 a word meaning ‘the latest’? I now see the setter as 5&6

  39. I am still rather new to DA, so I am very glad to have found this website.

    Can I ask – does the first word of 6D indicate an anagram?

  40. Carol – 6D – yes “Cocktail” in this case is an anagram indicator (often called an anagrind).

  41. Although note he has at other times used “cocktail” to clue the letter K – i.e. the tail letter of the word “cock”!

    Some clever misdirections in several clues today I thought. Hadn’t heard of 5A or 5D so the NE corner was very hard going.

    Not sure if anyone else is seeing the same but in my iPad version there were a couple of strange symbols right after the word “disheartening” at the end of 25A. I wondered if they were deliberate but I suspect not.

  42. Julian, I don’t have iPad, I have Windows on a tablet, which gets me to the digital replica, which is usually but not always identical to the printed edition. The strange symbol(s) at the end of 25 across is an ellipsis (Unicode 2026: “…” – it’s one character but looks like three dots)… Usually that signifies some connection with the following clue, but doesn’t appear to serve that function hear. Possibly a red herring?

  43. 1a: I think the sitcom is 1,2,3,7, but I can’t think of any TV drama which would be 6,5,4.
    Any hints on what the TV drama show might be?
    The sitcom was on about 10 – 15 yrs ago.

    Yes, Sandy, I can’t see how 2-4 in 14a is “the latest” either.

  44. All out and I also think 3D on the iPad is incorrect. It was driving me nuts as I couldn’t work out what I had wrong.

  45. It seems the 3D answer in Saturdays paper also is incorrect????? Or else we are all wrong :-).

  46. Brian – ‘gen’ is a British abbreviation of ‘the latest general knowledge’ (apparently!) and please some help with the letters of 19a (except one of the s’s). Thanks!

  47. re 25a, I can’t see what the word ‘time’ does , or how to delete the ‘o’ in coy.

  48. Julie re 25A, the definition is “Felicity for a time”. Ahh, those were the days…

    I think that the consensus above is that DA got his extra O and missing A mixed up.

  49. Can anyone parse 21D for me? Last one I have to go! Not sure how what I have links to strand.

  50. Any news from our crossword herring (4), alias father (2) about 25A and the “solution” to 3D today?

  51. Mort: I have the answer but not sure how it means Strand…?

    Mike: I tweeted @ him too but no answer yet!

  52. Mike, sorry but your comment:

    “Any news from our crossword herring (4), alias father (2) about 25A and the “solution” to 3D today?”

    is more cryptic than anything DA ever wrote.

    If you’d care to expand, I’ll try to help.

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