DA Confusion for the 22nd of April, 2016

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s long-weekend DA.

69 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 22nd of April, 2016

  1. Got the 13 immediately. “21d” got me going.. Could be on record pace here!

  2. !D w;as the ‘in’ for me when I worked out it was undefined and just plodded out the wordplay. then other things became apparent.
    See you got 16D now. Andyw, Was trying to work out a hint without giving it away.
    Is there something wrong with the cluing for 10A or have I not got it right? I took that as a subtraction of ‘lands’ from Mandela but I don’t end up with the right answer.

  3. Looks like DA set a trap for those tempted to cheat having cracked the theme…..
    2 X 6s and 2 x 10s with the same number of letters.
    And 1D and 21D also each have 8 letters. DA could have swapped them around and put 1D in it’s right place. I’m not sure if that would have made it easier, or a better disguise, hiding in plain sight.

  4. Gayle – don’t think so. 1D needs to be where it is and 21D where it is. The 13 “unlikely numbers” (as described in the NB) are actually a part of the clue.

  5. As Sherlock Holmes would often say, “Elementary, my dear Watson!”

    Favourite non-themed clues 10A 14A 22A.

    Happy solving, everybody!

  6. Celia, you just beat me with that quote. Think I have it all finished, though uncertain of second word of 16D. Otherwise, no major problems.

  7. 16D – second ‘word’ (??) = “nicks diamond ring” – “seconds”.

  8. Took a while for the penny to drop, but then the rest was pretty straight-forward.

  9. 27D – “Champion miler” = 1,2. “to run off” = 3,4,5,6. Both homophones ie: “for audience”

  10. Been forever since i attempted a DA. Can someone give me a smart place to start?

  11. Have completed it but can’t say I found this satisfying. Half of it consists of remembering school lessons or looking up a table for the less common ones.
    Is the definition for 5D acceptable?
    18A How is the first letter derived?
    47A Same question for letters 1 and 6

  12. A doddle for cheaters like me once the theme is cracked, but I still haven’t got 10D, 4D, or 5D. Genetle hints welcome

  13. All out. An easier one today. Understand all word play except for the last three letters of 1D.
    Any help!

  14. Hi Alaric. I think the first letter of 18A comes from the second word of the clue after losing the majority of its letters as per the clue. Sport is always a game.

  15. Thanks, Ben. Once you point it out, it seems obvious but I guess that’s the wonder of hindsight.

  16. SB. Don’t think there is a 10D, but if you mean the second 10A, hints for this have been given above.
    4D: letters 1 and 2 come after a clued switch. The rest can be explained by the NRL bunker.
    5D: A dodgy synonym for costly and better homonym for take on.

  17. Thanks Ben. Yes, I meant 10A, but no, I meant the first 10A. Still not getting them. Will put it aside and come back to it.

  18. Hi SB. Its an andlit, hinted at by the question mark. Tut hides his own ‘cross’.

  19. Of course, Ray, as you rightly say ID can’t go in that position. Anywhere but there.

  20. Once I got the theme, yes it did zip along. I got SE corner in first and with the very generous 21D/1D got me the theme. Not sure how we get 5D (needed first letter cheat – slap my wrist), 1D or first two letters of 27D/20D. Bit of a shame the iPad version gave away the fiddled clues but guess it would be hard to reprogram the app to fit this puzzle.

  21. Thanks Ann for 10A hint – I’d not heard of that word.
    Crypticrochet, there are hints for 27D above – first 2 words of clue (plus last word) give 1, 2.

  22. Elements of this puzzle illustrate DA’s periodic tendency to put scientific concepts on the table.

  23. It took me ages to get the theme, not having learned that in school. I am unsure of the wordplay for 11A and do not understand the second part of the clue for 4D.

  24. Thanks Jack!

    Dave: 11A I really enjoyed: wedding vow backwards …. 4D is – for Rugby League folks – explained above with letters 1-2 switching a two-letter word and the rest a “second look”.

    For myself, as well as 11A, I was amused by 14A, and 10A in particular, with the wordplay for 47A a bit frustrating because I was looking for some use of an anagram of “evil” rather than something involving RLS.

  25. Having got the theme quickly, I’m not sure how much I then enjoyed this. Half the answers fell in immediately and some of the rest are a bit forced. But well done DA for something different.

  26. Scott 5D: “Quote” indicates sounds like. “Take on” – think employment. Definition is “more costly”.

  27. Loved it today. Didn’t cheat, but really had to dredge some Leaving science to be sure a couple were real (’61’A and ’21’D).
    Liked (eventually!!) the misdirection in ’47’A, the ‘aptagram’ (apt anagram) and ‘clinker’ (clever clue linker) DA so often manages to achieve (14A and 21D/4D respectively), and the non-word second part of 16D that finally helped me on my way!
    And when will I ever learn to be on alert for clues containing 5-letter words whose 2,3,4 is “and”!?

  28. Fell in easily once the theme clicked in on 29d. Took a while for the penny to drop on the second part of 16d.

  29. After more than two hours I have just three non-themed answers and obviously no idea of the theme. Can anyone give a hint or should I concede defeat? (I’ve read all the above but it didn’t help.) I always have trouble identifying a theme.

  30. Geoff , you could start with 53A. It’s probably the most straightforward in wordplay. There’s no definition …… only the number of the clue ….. if you follow SB and Jack’s hints.

  31. Interesting choice, Gayle. The first one that I solved was 1D because that’s the only number that I know by heart!

  32. Hm. Well, I don’t know any by heart. My first two themed clues in were 53A and 10A, which was enough to put me on track.

  33. Thanks everyone. I now finally understand which document the numbers relate to. However with no knowledge of any of the document’s contents I’ll have to do a lot of Googling!!

  34. Just finished my first DA ever. The them definitely helped. I’m now looking for the answers but they’re not in their usual spot in the Herald. Any ideas where I might find them?

  35. Thanks Ray. Felt very smart getting the crossword done. But obviously not smart enough to check the index of the paper. All correct apart from second word in 16 down. I see where the three ‘i’s come in but not sure why?

  36. Annie – see copy of reply to same question from yesterday:

    Ray says:
    22 Apr 2016 at 7:53 am

    16D – second ‘word’ (??) = “nicks diamond ring” – “seconds”.

  37. Johnno2, I agree with your comment regarding 47A. I spent far too long trying to work out how the word “an” fitted in with “evil” to form an anagram, before it dawned on me that “silver” is “change” and Long John Silver was a villain, therefore no anagram was necessary.

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