DA Confusion for the 15th of April, 2016

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55 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 15th of April, 2016

  1. All out but missing 2 wordplays – 5D and 10A – which connect so may have wrong.

  2. All done, think 27 6 was first, huge 22 26 15 anagram 2nd last out, last out 12 down.
    19A grey smear indeed!

    Hint for wordplay 25 ac, please? Is it a pun on “sign and … “?

  3. Good morning Trippers. Just printed grid, so haven’t even read a clue yet, Shopping to do this morning, will come back here later.

  4. All out I think, but I’m not sure about my answer to 16D. The Kray twins were from the West End of London which seems a contradiction?

  5. I’m a newby to DA and can’t seem to move past 10ac and 20d. Any hints to crack the 8 worded 22/26ac/15d

  6. Re: 2d greener fringing =Letters 1,2
    field=letters 7-9
    definition =silky oak

  7. Finally back after much travelling, shopping, sending some cash to my indigent indigene son. Have only a few to get, but in serious doubt about some of my answers. Is there a baseball connection to 23D? Is there a metal headpiece in 29A? If my 1A is correct, where is the charm? Had never heard of the device in 28A, but think I have correct answer. I still need the big one 22A et al, So roughly six to solve. Not clever enough to understand all the nuances of DAs clues.

  8. Violet (1051), 13A is easy if you fuse (join) first two words. 14A is a famous Australian, who lost something precious. The light is letters 1-3, 7,8. Hope that helps.

  9. All done bar 1D. There seems to be a letter unaccounted for in 20D.

    Arthur, the charm in 1A is the answer. The only baseball connection in 23D involves a pun, but, devious as DA can be, I think it is an unintentional one. 23D can be solved without it.

  10. Dave R, 20D seems OK to me. Rocks 1-3, (bit rough, really), Georgia 4,5, on ‘somersaulting’ 6,7. I have found the big one 22a etc., My mistake in 23D was to try and fit iliad in there. The word I now have I cannot understand at all, except for the inner peace. Only that one and 19A to do, time for my after-dinner nap. will look back later.

  11. 2D As robust a clue as I’ve ever seen.
    Also, not sure if 22,26A,15D is an anagram yet but spent half hour looking for 30 letters. Didn’t see that coming. Another solve that will go into Saturday for me.

  12. Although I have the answer and “digital protection” is pretty clever, I cannot rationalise the answer to 25A

  13. Lots of irritating wordplay (misdiretion?) today, eg 19A where letter 3 elides two synonyms, 11A where I would say “Lifts thwarted…”, 22A/6A – why “ancient”?, and 25A if it is supposed to be a homophone of “thine”.

    Help on 4D please.

    Incidentally Dolly gave birth to the Krays in Hoxton so, with the right wind, they could hear the Bow Bells thus making them 27A,6A 16D and not mere East Enders.

  14. Finally saw 19A, a word I had discarded previously. I am one of those! Seems possible I have wrong first word for 22A? Left synonym? But if not that, what??? Maybe my 12D is wrong, though I can’t imagine what else would fit there. I’m thinking horticulturist? Maybe try my Wordfinder again.

  15. Ah, I see now what first word should go in22A! But cannot understand the 23D, which I had entered earlier then discarded. So, all filled in, but not all understood. But enough for today. If my troubled body holds together a bit longer, will be back next week.

  16. Arthur. Your 12D sounds right. 22/26/15 is a 30-letter anagram so if you check all the letters you should get the answer, which is how I got 15D..

  17. All out after two of us pored over it all morning! However, still confused by 19A – I get that it’s “where you may find a white” but cannot understand the “grey smear, perversely” reference.
    Also 13A, the answer to which seems obvious but don’t know where “Gus to fuse” comes in.

    Otherwise a very satisfying morning – we were 22A/26A/15D-ing after we worked that one out!

  18. 4D – “lab assistant” = letters 1,2,4,5. “nitrogen” = letter 3. “oxide, finally” = letter 6. Defn = “Slight”

  19. 19A – “perversely” = reversal indicator. “grey” = letters 6,5,4. “smear” = letters 3,2,1

  20. 13A – see:
    Arthur C. says:
    15 Apr 2016 at 11:45 am

    ie: join (“fuse”) the first 2 words

  21. 23D – “Inner peace” = letter 4. “one” = letter 1. “top” = letters 2,3,5. Defn = “saga of yore”

  22. 25A – lisping homophone: “sign” is to “thine” as “symbol” is to …

  23. Thank you Celia and Ray – now I get them. I’m annoyed I didn’t understand 13A, but with 19A I knew “perverse” was a reversal indicator and still couldn’t see it. I think “grey smear is a bit of a stretch, but that’s DA for you!

  24. June, see my post at 7:26
    Also posting from my phone so my DA DropBox link isn’t working. Anyone wishing to visit click “Celia” in today’s first post. Cheers!

  25. I maintain that 25A is unfair. The homophone is OK, but how is one supposed to know to lisp?

  26. Agree Jack. I found no indicator and had to solve / rationalise in reverse. Maybe missing something but I cannot see it.

  27. I agree about the lack of a lisp-indicator. Ray, I think 19a is better if you split it 6543, 21, instead of your 654, 321 suggestion at 2.04.
    I’d never heard of 27a,6d. Thanks, DA , for continuing to extend my education.

  28. I really enjoyed this one! And managed to get it finished over lunch, whereas normally Fridays go well into after-work drinks. The wordplay of 19A and 25A escaped me until reading the comments here, and I have to say, while devious, the lisping of 25A is brilliant.

    I also enjoyed the wordplay in 10A and 13A, but favourite clue was 18D.

  29. Mary – 19A – I read “grey” as a verb and not a noun (as is, ‘to grey is to …’, so I still think 6,5,4.
    And I cannot see how you 2,1 for “smear”. OBGYN?? Not convinced.

  30. Ray, I think the whole thing is a grey smear – 6543 as an adjective and 21 (think of it as initials) as the noun. Isn’t that why Arthur said he was one?

  31. Mary, that’s what I thought, too, but I believe Ray is correct, even though the “smear” component is rather obscure!

  32. Comments on this clue are now closed. Celia has spoken and as it’s her forum, what she says is the definitive answer.

  33. Going to be picky here: the ‘homophonics’ in 25A require “thine” to have a soft ‘th’ and there is no such word; “thine” has a hard ‘th’. Or, put the other way, there is no such word as the answer to 25A with a hard ‘th’.
    And help, please: how do letters 1,2,3 in 1A arise from “chat”. I can only think of TV shows being called one or the other
    Other than that, great fun again with some great clues and the world record letter difference between similes: 30 vs 4!

  34. Johnno, some people like to have a mag, i.e chat. I think that it’s an old Australian expression – probably native to Sydney, but I’m happy to be corrected.

  35. I reckon DA was back to his best this week, with a great variety of clues, but I think treating thine and thimble as a homophone was a bit of a thtretch though. Haven’t seen that type of trick before. Loved 5d, 13a and 21d.

  36. Thanks, Mort. It does sound like one of those state- or region-specificisms. I’ve never heard of it (I’m a ‘mexican’). Yet another service DA provides, bringing us all together in multiintraculturalism!
    And thanks, David S, for alleviating my is-it-just-me-itis.

  37. Celia is very silent. Maybe she has realized just what a drag she is.

  38. 18d. Solved but not understood. I get ‘pong’. But not the rest. Anyone? Thanks in advance.

  39. I know this is a very late comment on an old crossword, but in reference to the last helpful hint, since when does damned also mean the word made up of those letters? Would appreciate a reference if anyone can provide one.

  40. Michael, growing up in England in the 50s and 60s we didn’t swear. But if we didn’t like something or someone, we would refer to it/he/she as “that bally nuisance”. It was pronounced as written and not as “ball” with a y added.

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