68 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 15th of January, 2016

  1. Morning, Trippers. Today’s SMH Digital Edition has just gone live, if you’ve been hanging out for it. Cheers!

  2. Yes, Ray, except I got hung on 6 across until the penny dropped, and I’d never heard of 7 down, 21 across combo, nor 14 down.

    Loved 22 across & 25 across.

  3. Alas, alack! No paper delivered this morning, despite having paid the newsagent for its delivery on Fridays. Indeed, woe is me (Well, W.O. used to be me, I held the rank of Warrant Officer in the RAAF).

  4. Lots to like in today’s crossie. 13, 14, 15 D were goodies. Never heard of 6A but seems I should have. The grid is pretty special as well.

  5. Well, I finally have a puzzle, but it certainly doesn’t look like an easy one to me. Any chance of a brain transplant, Ray?

  6. Gayle @ 7:12 I noticed that the grid is identical after any number of 90° rotations – usually only 180°. Is that what you meant?

  7. Thanks, Celia (0726), I have those,am progressing slowly. Thee printed dictionaries would not permit the use of 7th letter in 5D. Have about seven in so far.

  8. Only around te to go, but baffled by second word of 25A. Would like it t end in ‘I’, but is there any such word?

  9. Only four left. Sorry Ray (0909), your hint doesn’t register with me, as yet. Missing 6A (someone’s name?), 20D (same question), possibly 7D, 21A, and still haven’t twigged second part of 25A. Apart from that I feel I haven’t done too badly. Since I won’t get the paper tomorrow, I may never find answers.

  10. Arthur C.
    6A – no. “Captain Jack” gives letters 2,3. “crowd” gives 3 letter word for rest. Defn = “menial work”.

  11. 7D / 21A – “Prime” = letters 6,7. “a” = letter 4. “cooler” = letters 1,2,3,5. Defn = “European sport”.

  12. Celia @7.47. No, I don’t have the grid with me at the moment but I noticed the positioning of some unusual letters, or unusual positioning of some letters, then counted and came to 25, one short of a pangram.

    Arthur, you can find the answers at Australian Crossword Club. There is a link if you scroll down the right hand column next to these posts. Second listing under Blogroll. Then choose DEEF and then Non ACC puzzles.

  13. I’ve now worked out what 6A must be, but could some-one give me a hint for 15A?
    I liked 25A and 13D.

  14. Ann,
    15A – Defn = “Nevertheless”. So, what happened to “Jonah”? Well, that happens to “it” (“largely?”).

  15. Ann, 15A is s a synonym for nevertheless. Think about where Jonah (nearly) was.

  16. All done reasonably painlessly. Liked the typically DA 14D. 15s both gave me most trouble, as I had a synonym for “panorama” trying to go around a homophone for “question swing”, so was trying to start 15A with the wrong letter. Chuckled at the correct homophone when the penny dropped.

  17. I see I had 7D 21A wrong, I had thought of that as a Mexican rather than European sport.. And I remembered the expression for 25A, I’ve been guilty of that myself. So, a step closer. Must look at 20d, can then retire.

  18. Got most out very quickly but ground to a halt in the SE corner. 19, 25, 28A, 13, 14, 24, 26 D to go.

    Is 14D an operatic or musical term?

  19. Thanks to all of your help, especially with 25A I am nearly all out. Any hints for 13D or 29A?

  20. About half went in like an express train, then the rest was more like an eratic replacement bus service! I liked 22a, and 14d when I finally got it. Never heard of 7d21a, or 9a, so DA is extending my education yet again.
    Arthur, the literary lion is from childrens literature.

  21. Indigo, no 14D is not musical at all. Read the last word of the clue as two words – a popular DA trick.

  22. 13D – Def is “a serial offence” according to 25 acrosses (although I believe it’s still a source of debate as to whether or not it is an offence!)

    crisis = anagrind. fodder = “or a 2110 food”

  23. Ha! Just got 25A and 13D, and I have to say, many grammarians consider 13D to be an essential, not an offence!

  24. Done except for 9A. I dislike being stymied by the three letter words, especially when I have 2/3 in place. Still trying to parse 15D but not sure how “mimicked” is being used nor 13D “2110 food crisis” but otherwise I’m delighted to be done in time for lunch instead of supper. Have a nice weekend all.

  25. There are some very clever ones today, but I don’t really consider 4D to be Australian.

  26. CC, re 13D – crisis indicates an anagram and you’ll need to use Roman numerals.
    9A – definition is a beetle. It’s the name of a designer called Christian – with “one shooed”

  27. Finally reasoned out what 6A must be, Google confirmed. Never did find the ‘literary lion’, may come to me later. Thanks Mary, for the hint, penny hasn’t dropped yet. May try Google for that one.

  28. Arthur C.

    Your welcome for 6, 20, 7/21, 25.
    And re 20 (again), try The Chronicles of Narnia

  29. Your wonderful site has changed my life. I’ve been a successful cryptic crossworder for years, but dreaded Fridays as I had a mental block about DA. I know you clever people keep saying that last week’s and this week’s DAs were easier, but it’ll take me a long time to get over the fact that I got last Fridays ALL OUT, and am well on my way to repeating that success today. Thank you all!

  30. Ro @ 12:50 Last week’s and this week’s were incredibly easy, relatively speaking. Expect a real corker before month’s end!

  31. All out with only a little help from here. Laughed out loud a few times. Loved (in no particular order) 15a, 15d, 10a, 6d, 16a, 23a, 20d.
    Much easier than last week which had me trying to fit John Grisham in for some time :)

  32. Can anyone tell us which Captain Jack we are talking about in 6a? Simply cannot make a word fit, assuming we are correct on 8d with a diamond shape reference.

  33. FG, Captain and Jack provide letters 2 and 3 of the answer. It’s a made-up word referring to a certain fast-food (food?) chain. I am not aware of a diamond-shape in relation to 8D but there may be one…

  34. None the wiser guys! We have M_S_B. Where are we going wrong? Driving us to drink!

  35. Ha! Got it! Thanks for your help. A seven hour battle today. Phew!

  36. Friday Girls – for 6A see Ray at 9:48 AM. Your “S” is wrong. For 7D/21A see Ray at 9:52 AM

  37. All done, aside from not getting wordplay for 26D.
    Kicked myself when I finally got 6A, esp as I think I’ve seen this from DA before.
    Anyone able to assist with parsing 26A?

  38. Completed all but one answer today (17D) which is a vast improvement on last week. Thanks in part to the many hints above, particularly 6A. Is anyone familiar with this as an actual expression or is it just coined by DA?

  39. @GeoffD: 6A is in Chambers dictionary, and it’s an expression I am quite familiar with.

  40. Dammit! One clue remains unsolved but it’s clearly time to hit the hay.

    Anyway, I’ve entered obvious answers for 28a and 17d (based on crossing letters) but I can’t parse the wordplay in those clues. Any hints?

    Many enjoyable clues here; well done DA. And while it’s an easier DA, it’s still much harder than other SMH setters.

    Finally, I’m not pleased with the abbreviation in 6a; it seems arbitrary. What am I missing?

  41. Gavin
    17d def is the first word. Two letters meaning involving (commonly clued with other words like “about”), then four letters meaning burn and then two labels from your bathroom.
    I haven’t got 28a yet.
    I had to come here to solve 6a,21a – never heard of it.

  42. Thanks Gavin. I’d never heard of it (6A). You can learn something new every day.

  43. 7 21 As 21 is an across clue the word ‘supported’ is wrong. Support ‘to hold up, sustain’ is better suited to a down clue.

  44. FHF have you ever considered leaving a positive comment here? You may usually be technically (read pedantically) correct, but you’re overwhelmingly negative.

  45. Dear Peacemaker

    Consider me a counterbalance to those who are overwhelmingly positive.

  46. Peacemaker, have you ever considered that you have never made any contribution to this site other than negative criticisms of active participants? You have never to my knowledge posted assistance to anyone here, just negative comments and in many cases, bullying! GO AWAY!

  47. Feitelbaum, I accept your comment but I have NEVER bullied anyone. I only started posting here after Celia hijacked the forum. LIke many other regular contributors I had to leave this forum when Celia decided that this was another platform for her to display her ability to show how clever she was at taking others solutions and passing them off as her own . Witness her posting a completed solution as her own work after seeking help here.
    To make matters worse, she insists on linking her postings to her offensive and abusive twits.

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