DA Confusion for the 8th of January, 2016

Have your confusions sorted out for the new year. Right here.

81 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 8th of January, 2016

  1. All out except 3D and 14A (even though we have the cross letters DOH!). We cant quite parse 17A either, so happy for any comments later in the day.

  2. Wow! Polished this one off in about an hour & my printed copy hasn’t even arrived yet. Easiest DA ever? Though relies quite a bit on couple of works of 6 down, of which 5,2 down probably most well known (fairly recent reasonably successful film).

  3. Bill:
    3D – double defn – “track” and “mating season”.
    14A – read answer as 3,3 – which is “Nice view”.
    17A – Defn = “Issued”. “a” = letter 5. “ribald comedy” = letters 6,7,8. “celeb’s retirement” = 4,3,2,1.

    Overall a fair crossword once the key is got.

    Some I thought tricky, like 26A, 22D.

    I can’t fully understand wordplay for 24A. Can’t remove a letter. Help here appreciated.

  4. Firstly thanks so much Ray for the breakdowns. We had 24a with both one and so wasted if that helps (not trying to give too much away).

  5. 24A – thanks both CF and Bill. So easy when explained. I was missing the “one”.

  6. Got it out unaided after getting the pretty straightforward 6D. Not knowing the works made it more of a challenge, although after checking on google, that’s a bit of an admission. Bit hard to keep track of where the long broken solutions fell across the grid, but the short words helped.
    26A was a giggle. 12D might not be the same for Victorians.

  7. Ah, just got the 1/10/1 in 11/14 . Was looking up key dates for 22D and it was right there in front of me!

  8. Gayle @ 6:06 am: in 1969 or 1970, I can’t recall which), the Sydney University Jazz Soc were for some arcane reason handing out copies of 26 across’s 45 about his bathtime companion.

  9. Starting a bit late, have solved about eight so far. Buying the paper Fridays only for next couple of months, so as to keep in touch. Have not identified 6D yet, first name only, obviously necessary to get surname.

  10. All out, like everyone else so far I found this puzzle pretty straightforward for a DA. Once you get 6D, the rest falls in.

  11. Celia@6:42. That makes us contemporaries then, although not at the same Uni. Your post prompted me to google Uni jazz and 26A’s bathtime companion, and it seems it’s still a hit with unis. The Acappelicans (love the name) won an award with it in 2015

  12. Gayle @ 6:55, I’d already checked out that YouTube link, but didn’t wish to post a spoiler so early in the day.

  13. All out in under 2 hours which is unusual for me.
    Thanks Ray for explaining 17A which I had but wasn’t sure why.
    However, I can’t see how (the middle of?) 1/10/1 gives the 4, 3 part of 11A,14D.
    Liked 27A even if it was the last one I got.

  14. After cracking 6D, with whom I’m quite familiar since we spent much time on his main series in school, I’ve got the rest out quite quickly.

    Shame, since there’s not much at work today.

  15. Ann – 1/10/1 is a representation of letters 2,3,4 of 22D – and these are the 7,4,3,6 of 22D – which is 11A / 14D answer.

  16. AndyW Hmm, a Sydney-centric clue! But if you consider The Age [no “h” to drop btw] as a DA outpost …

  17. All out quickly (for me). Loved 14A. Not sure how the answer for 13A fits the first two words of the clue (assuming the third word is the def)

  18. Yes, it was easier today.
    Only took me two and a half hours!
    But despite a couple of comments above I still cant justify 26a which seems to me to be a man’s name.
    Any idea?

  19. Far easier today, but still struggling with most of the NW corner.

    for 26A: “in” is turned (letters 3,4) tucked in (container) a word for “before” (1,2,5). Answer is a man whose bath times were lots of fun…

  20. Down to last three, I think, but unable to relate my answer to 17A to the clue. It certainly goes with issued, but the rest??? Anyway, time for after-dinner nap, so back later.

  21. Phoebe
    Grandchildren are a help!
    The only man of this name I could think of was the computer which draws the numbers for the UK Premium Bonds!

    If you can get 1a the NW corner falls into place.
    Ans = totally. Try anagram on ‘wording’ and ‘HurT’


  22. Arthur

    Hope you had a good nap.
    17a: celeb (in retirement – four letters) + a + a TV comedy


  23. Dave R @ 9:27 14 ac is a double definition, sort of. Read the answer as two three-letter words to understand what the 1st two clue words do? Comprenez vous?

  24. billyboyOZ & Arthur C I know that ribald comedy as a 2012 Seth McFarlane movie, with a sequel last year.

  25. Dave R @ 9:27 Sorry, I misread your post. 13 across: If you presume the writer is an object not a person, it may have a 20 across that when not in use is covered by a 13 across! Anyone else with a better explanation?

  26. Thank you to billboyOZ (1058). Was unaware of the comedy referred to, just as I was unaware of the character in 26A, had to Google him. Don’t think I ever watched Sesame Street. Only 1D and 9A to get now. Not sure my 4D is right, dictionary says the word I have means ‘wavy’. Wouldn’t think wavy and smooth are synonyms?

  27. Dear Arthur. 4D if definitely smooth. The guy loses his heart to a girl – is replaced by a girl. With the last letter of 9A you will be there.

  28. EUREKA! Finished. I had entered gyrose for 4D, a case of not reading the clue properly. But now all out. Can go and play pool with a happy heart and serene disposition.

  29. Thank you Celia. That was the nearest thing I could think of. Hardly satisfactory, however, when it is not even essential for the kind of writer to which you are alluding.

  30. Being a import I am struggling to parse the first word of 12D from the clever clue. Can someone please explain the ‘strine’ I am missing?

  31. Jason – 12D – not ‘strine so much I don’t think as maybe east end. “Measure” gives letters 1,2. “my ‘ome, perhaps” gives letters 3,4,5,6,7. “I’ll mention” gives letters 8,9,10,11. Defn = “Joyce’s home”.

  32. Jason, it’s not ‘strine’ this time. You just need to know where DA appears in Sydney as opposed to Melbourne. See comments at 8.40 and 8.51

  33. A chore rather than a pleasure this week, as I didn’t know the writer or any of his works, so there was no way I could get very far without googling. (The anagrams were so long I don’t think it would be reasonable to get them without any further help from the clue.) I did enjoy 12d, though.
    Does 24a count as an actual organ?
    By the way, does anyone else do the DA Quick Crossword as well? I love the way this week he managed to get the same word in four times.

  34. All out except for 27a and 25d (with google help for 6d and his works).
    I can see an obvious answer for 25d but can’t see any connection with the clue.
    My favourites were 26a and 12d

  35. SB – 25D – a five letter word for “jobs”. Now 11A/14D it and you get 3 letters for “Request”.

  36. SB -27A – Defn = “It boosts flavour”. “usual” gives a 5 letter word for 1,2,3,4,5. “8, say” gives a 4 letter word for letters 6,7,8,9.

    Think casserole, maybe??

  37. 14d still causing consternation. Pretty sure I know it, but can’t see how it relates to ‘nice view’, even when broken into 3,3. Unless it’s the named of aa popular resort, which assume has a nice view, but that seems too obscure.

  38. Jangari – “Nice” – French city that has that view. DA has used before.

  39. Thanks to everyone who contributes to this site. I follow it each week as I struggle to unravel DA’s latest scourge on humanity.
    This week I have two clues remaining. Would much appreciate a hint for 27a. I’m sure the answer is staring me in the face. Best wishes.

  40. Jangari If you thinks that’s obscure you have a few rough DAys to come. The “resort” – actually a substantial city – has a wonderful location by the letters 4,5,7. But I far prefer many lovelier, quieter spots around it.

  41. Mick P, see Ray’s comment above at 1.19 – though I must admit I struggle to equate second word with 8d. The connection is perhaps as vague as that with writer for 13a

  42. Thanks Mike, I meant that it was obscure if it referred to ‘club’ 4,5,6. I didn’t even twig to the ‘flower’-esque homography of ‘Nice’.

  43. I got through it in a few hours, too with a couple hints from a friend. NW corner the hardest. I loved 26A! My childhood favourite. I’ve not heard of 6D before so will have to check them out.

  44. Hi Trippers. I’ve been out all day, only to realise that paper wasn’t delivered this morning. I was looking forward to tackling the DA over the weekend. Can anyone provide a link to today’s puzzle? Many thanks.

  45. Thanks Celia for sending me the puzzle.

    Well that’s the easiest DA I’ve seen for a while! Maybe it was a New Year’s resolution by DA to be gentler. But I suspect (and actually hope) that it’s not going to last…

    All the best to everyone for 2016.

  46. Once again I’m astounded to see so many found this so easy, yet I’ve barely made any headway at all. I’ll persevere a little longer but I suspect it’s another one for the bin.

  47. All completed correctly this time, with minimal assistance required from family here. As of next week, I’m only getting the paper on Fridays, sso wondering if someone could post the completed grid late Saturday, please.

  48. Anyone got an explanation for 13a? Before I had other clues I had pencilled in PEN which seems a lot easier to justify. Is it the answer the ‘essential’ bit of a word meaning’ writer’?

  49. Carlo, if you have 7D correct, you will see that 13A starts with a C. The best definition is “limit” – think spending… It is also a weak double definition of what you’d find at the end of a writer’s essential tool. Not a great clue, in my opinion.

  50. We can’t understand how the “say” in 27a leads to the second word? Are we looking at a homonym? No idea!

  51. FG, Usual = first word; “8 say” indicates that 8 is (mathematically) one of the second word.

  52. Mort, because it’s word two of the answer? A bit rough we think!

  53. FG, “Say” is often used to indicate an example, as is “perhaps”. So here, 8 is an example of a cube – the first one in a numeric series (if we exclude 1 and stick with whole numbers).

  54. I liked this one. Several enjoyable clues, like 25d and 6d, in addition to the others that people have mentioned.

    Question: does 5d have a definition? Also, what purpose does ‘skewing’ serve in 7d?

  55. @Gavin,
    5D’s I read the definition as the last word of 5D ‘by’ and then the first word in 6D following the ellipsis ….’writer’.
    ‘redesigned’ is the anagram indicator.

    7D is a bit clunky as the anagram fodder ‘smoothly clue out’ has been separated by the (otherwise meaningless) link word ‘getting’.
    ‘skewing’ is the anagram indicator.

  56. DA’s explanation/admission (to me via Twitter) re 13 across: “Essential is an overstatement I will admit – but not if your biro’s prone to leaking.”

  57. I was wondering if anyone could possibly provide links to DA’s puzzles of 4th, 11th and 18th December, as I was in hospital undergoing and recovering from a double bypass operation and would very much like to waste a few hours torturing my brain? Thank you.

  58. Benadem

    A couple of hours ago, I posted a link to the crosswords. Sadly, it is stuck in the “Your comment is awaiting moderation” loop. It will probably stay there until the site administrator looks again; possibly a few days hence.

    If you’d like to post your email address, I can send you the links direct, thus bypassing Big Brother, ooops, sorry, I mean the moderator!

  59. Any comment with three or more links in it gets held in moderation by default to avoid spam comments getting through.

    All fixed now.

    Thanks for posting, Mort. Enjoy benadem.

  60. Thank you very sincerely, Mort. I am most grateful to you. Thanks also for your good wishes.

    Thank you, too, for your kind assistance, AS. I have the three puzzles now and am looking forward to tackling them.

    A belated Happy New Year to you both.

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