DA Confusion for the 27th of November, 2015

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s end-of-November DA.

80 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 27th of November, 2015

  1. Maybe it is just me but I found DA being really complex and convoluted today. 1A/19D and 1D sort of set the tone.
    And the use of a lot of “part words” – letters removed.
    And for letters 2,3,4 of 12A, I had to look it up – never heard of that word.
    Suppose my picks were 4A, 6D and 22A.
    And construct of 11D is very clever.

  2. Only half done (mainly bottom half ) After an hour…struggling today…off to the Salt mine. I think I have 11d but can’t work it out.

  3. 11D – “True” = letter 1. “alliance” = letters 2,3,10,11,12. “engrossed” = container / positioner. “new” = letter 4. “crooner” gives a 5 letter person for letters 5,6,7,8,9. Defn = “with narrow outlook”.

  4. Slow start but after getting 1/19 and 14A it fell in. Having lived in Qld and outback NSW helped. I think DA’s done 9A before. Liked the variety of constructions today. Have fallen short of 21A. A hint without giving it away?

  5. Looked at clues, solved only two. Busy day ahead, may just forget this one, particularly in light of Ray’s remark at top. Have fun!

  6. Thank you, Ray, so all done. Wasn’t too hard today. Liked 1a/19d (solved straight up, first off) and got a chuckle from 18. Also liked 16, though took a while to decipher otherwise-simple wordplay components.

  7. All done but unsure of the wordplay for 7D. I am no doubt missing the obvious.

  8. 7D – yeah a bit of a stretch I reckon. Defn = “Carp”. “close to shallow” = letter 1. “bank” gives a 5 letter word for letters 2,3,4,5,6.

    Now I think the link between “bank” and the 5 letter word is a bit lose, but I guess it DEPENDS on how you look at it.

  9. Loud blasts on trumpet! Came back from shopping in town, and solved another clue. (that makes three). Don’t see me making much further progress though. Are the snores in both halves of 1A, 19D?

  10. Yes, Ray, tried that out and now have NW corner and several in SW. Have to do some vegies for lunch now, will look again later.

  11. Can anyone help me with the wordplay for 1d, 19d? I think I’ve got the answer from the snores but unsure of the rest

  12. 1A/19D – this was really convoluted to me.

    “Suspect” = anagrind. Fodder is “leader” (gives 6 letters) and “half-content” (gives 2 letters). Then that “bear snores” to give another 2 pair of 2 letters (gives 4 letters) – which is the 12 letters needed.

    Defn = “showiness”.

  13. Progressing. Wrote in correct answer for 4A, then whited it out, hadn’t understood clue, which finally I thought very clever. About half done now. But bothered by 22A, because I ‘that is’ for letters 1 & 3. Anagram for whole answer? If so, who is dean?

  14. 50% done thanks to the posts here and some guess work. Any pointers on 5 down or 18 across?

  15. 5D. Definition “smashes”. “Into smithereens” = anagrind, fodder “Austen adorers”, minus one letter for “showing no love”.

  16. 5D – “Smashes” = defn. “into smithereens = anagrind. Fodder = “Austen adorers” with “showing no love”

  17. Got down to last eight, may leave it there. Pool/ Cricket? -8 is not a bad score for me. Make that -7, just saw 18A.

  18. Pretty straightforward today I thought except for 7D using, thanks Ray, a synonym of a synonym and 8D’s using 7D as its definition. That’s incorrect and the clue should start with “Akin to…” or something similar. I enjoyed 9A and 15D in particular.

  19. All done and not too hard, 8D is pretty poor.
    What’s the wordplay for 15D?

  20. Down to the last two – 14A and 17D. Any hints? I can only think of one word for 17D cross letters and it has nothing to do with the clue.

  21. Oh, I still have 3D to do as well. No word that I can think of for those cross.

  22. 17 down definition is “Theatrical waiter”; “developed” anagrind with fodder “stenography block?”

  23. I have the answer, but I’m not seeing how the “block” clues the missing letters.

  24. Reduce STENOGRAphy by thethree excess letters & there is your fodder, all in a “block” i.e. contiguous.

  25. Aha, but that means my second word of 9A is wrong. If only I knew more drug nicknames.

  26. You also solved 9 across?: “to use” cluing 1-2 & “heroin” 3-6, resulting in a term related to well-thumbed tomes!

  27. Just spent most of the afternoon on this, and have it all out except for 17D. Like Indigo I can think of only one word that fits the letters I already have, and it has nothing to do with the clue. I have tried various combinations of the letters clued above (Mr Bus) but still cannot get it, or if I have, cannot see why. Is there a famous theatrical waiter whose name I should know?

    I am also having trouble seeing the wordplay for 16D, assuming I have it right.

    Otherwise I thought DA was quite clever and entertaining today.

  28. June: there is some-one who waits in a famous play.
    Ray: I would never have worked out 11D if it hadn’t been obvious from the last two words.

  29. Thank you Ann – it has suddenly dawned on me! I should have thought of that instead of wracking my brain trying to remember the names of waiters in plays such as The Importance of Being Earnest!!

    I’m still confused about the word play for 16D – can anyone clue me in?

  30. June: I took it that letter 2 out of a word for ‘harsh’ was replaced by ‘warm head’ to get a word for ‘covering’.

  31. Brilliant Ann – thank you so much. I couldn’t see that for the life of me, but I have it right. Time for a glass of wine!

  32. Yep – spot on. Thanks for clarifying.

    I was trying not to give is all away. And “snores” is plural implying to me more than ones “snores” – which I would not think is the singular of the letter but at least a couple (or more?).

  33. We are completely at a loss on 14a. Could someone help with parsing pleaae?

  34. Never mind, we got it! Sometimes you just have to look at it upside down!

  35. Still stuck in the N-E , with 4,6,7,8, & 13 all unsolved! Any clues ? Thanks. (loved 15d btw).

  36. Finally filled all the squares,but may have several wrong. No idea at all about the waiter in 17D, no idea how the answer I have in 16D fits the clue, no real idea how 7D (if I have right answer) fits clue, don’t understand 25A clue. Altogether an unsatisfactory outcome, I need some clever person to explain the clues I can’t fathom myself. Hoping for something a little easir next week.

  37. JW – 7D is referred to above. See if that kicks things off. If not, just say.

  38. Arthur C. – 1
    7D – from what had to look up, it is a play about people “waiting”. Help? If not I can supply wordplay.
    16D – requires swapping a letter for a word that means “Harsh” to get a word meaning “covering”.
    7D – referred to above.
    25A – “Loves” gives letters 1,2. “life” gives letters 3,4,5,6. Defn = “slowly escaping”.

  39. Thanks Ray – I cheated & looked up 7d and 8d – too much time spent. VERY glad I cheated on 8d – awful word! And on 7d – awful synonym . Cheers.
    And welcome back Gayle.

  40. 6 down Ignoring capitals, 1st word reversed (thus cluing 5-9) is an instrument of torture (1-4); definition is “collection of funds”
    12 across Definition” “Divers; “ducks, say” a homophone of a synonym for zeros gives letters 5-9; “like” clues letter 2-4, but I must admit ignorance here to its synonym that I think may be Latin. But you may discover letters 1-4 on a bottle of foreign mineral water!
    15 down: presumably you have solved 25 across, this clues definition. “A” letter 3; “cattle” letters 4-7 [a weird archaic or regional word, popular with DA & other compilers]; “minus” letters 1-2, 8-9. You might see this as a necessary attribute of a sieve or colander.

  41. I have an answer for 7D but can’t relate letters 2-6 to ‘bank’.
    Completely stuck on 1D and 4A. No mentions above so they obviously didn’t trouble anyone else.
    Any help please?

  42. Thanks Gil O. Living in country NSW you would think I would know 15D. My good friend Monica helped me with the rest. Cheers. T

  43. Well, not a bad result, really. Had never heard of the 17D character, and had wrong word in 25A. So what looked hopeless early on, ended up being quite reasonable.

  44. I did a lot by reverse solving – this one was too tough for me. I still can’t parse 12A, 3D or 6D.

    I struggled with 17D too Arthur. Even with the anagram solver I didn’t know what word was the right one and the dictionary only offered a botanical definition. I’ve never heard of the character so feeling doubly ignorant this morning.

  45. Ray explained 7D yesterday ”

    7D – yeah a bit of a stretch I reckon. Defn = “Carp”. “close to shallow” = letter 1. “bank” gives a 5 letter word for letters 2,3,4,5,6.

    Now I think the link between “bank” and the 5 letter word is a bit lose, but I guess it DEPENDS on how you look at it.”

    4A letters 2-4 = ‘to’ + ‘wait – it out’, other letters a synonym for power as in ‘exercise power over’

    1D The country is very much in the news and you have to take the first letter off to may her sexless. That’s a container for a word meaning ‘help’ that is upside down.

  46. 3D is a word hidden in the clue
    6D TAC backwards is CAT, not the four-legged sort.
    12A last 5 letters sound like what you get when you score a duck., and the whole is about people who dive.

  47. Thanks Mike! “Bridges” is a hidden word signpost? Okay, will take note. I still don’t know what the CAT is supposed to be and any google just gets me the four-legged kind. I’m feeling very thick about this and you’re welcome to email me the explanation. For 12A I get the end but not the first four letters.

  48. Could find your blog but not an email address. If you haven’t got a paper with the answers you can search for “twitter Celia Fate”. Anyhow the start of 12A is Italian water.

    On 6D the CAT of 9 is not reversed and is the first word. The second word is about how TAC becomes CAT.

  49. CC – 12A – “heading for air” = letter 1. “like” = letters 2,3,4. As I noted earlier, I had to look the latter up as did not know it.

  50. Ray – you are so good at this stuff I am amazed when you have difficulties. As well as ***si meaning almost like, there is “sine *** non” …

  51. Thanks Mike.
    I still think it’s a big stretch from ‘bank’ to the answer in 7D. I eventually worked out 4A, and I should have got 1D but was looking at it the wrong way round ie I kept looking for a ‘country’ not ‘light’.

  52. Thanks trippers- I only got three before needing assistance from you clever people. Some were fun, but 7d was not a synonym I could countenance …

  53. If you found this one difficult – looks like we are all in big trouble for tomorrow. Anyone seen DAs recent tweet?
    ‘Early warning: the touchy-feely theme in tomorrow’s DA #crossword is tricky-sneaky. Rookies, run’

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