DA Confusion for the 9th of October, 2015

Have your confusions sorted out. Right here.

Confusion shall not reign in this house.

83 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 9th of October, 2015

  1. Wow. After getting most of NW corner very quickly, I really struggled today.
    Knew nothing of 6D and as such 2/24, 4/12, 21/16, 23/7 are all new to me – if even correct!
    Hope it drops easier for others.

  2. Me too Ray and I thought I knew a fair bit of 6D.
    Can I have a gentle hint for 26A? last in.

  3. Never heard of 21/16. Get the joke, but is the 16 D reference ‘ours’?

  4. Morning, Trippers. Have only nine easy ones thus far, I hate these puzzles where solving one clue depends on having solved another. Per Ardua Ad Astra!

  5. 10A – Defn = “Promise”. “friction” = anagrind. Part of the fodder = “causes”.
    15A – Cryptic – “just like a riddle” – where riddle is noun / device.
    4D/12A – is a 6D. Key words “preside” and “set”. Defn = “18D’s of 17A’s”.
    5D – I thought a good one – defn = “want”.
    23D/7D – is a 6D – Key words “vet” and “coats”. Defn = “Showy bloomers”

  6. 5D – Defn = “Pervert”. Letters 1,2,3,4 = “packed off north”. Letters 5,6,7,8,9 = “box”.

  7. Am really struggling to get 6 down and 17 across. Feel like I am missing something obvious…
    Any help would be appreciated.

  8. I think I have 6d, but I don’t know how. And I am almost completely lost on almost everything else. Unfortunately Ray’s hints above made nothing any clearer.

  9. I have completed this puzzle, but I don’t know who the rap star is in 13 D and I cannot see how my answer to 7 D means “coats”

    I have never been a fan of the theme, as I don’t think we actually speak that poorly.

  10. Hi chaps
    Is anyone still out there?
    What is Lauder?
    Still can’t get 17a or 6d, any hints?

  11. Jack – the last 5 letters are the Canadian rapper.
    For 7D think cement.

  12. Thanks Ray, I had not heard of him. That’s not unusual, as I’ve not heard of most of the theme items either. Certainly never heard of 24,7. Thanks for that one too.

  13. When you get 6D, Google “6D Lauder”.
    17A – double defn. “Tender” as in currency – “spot” as in see / recognise.

  14. Actually, I had read too much into 13 D; I now see the answer is “strip magician,” whereas I had taken it to be “magician” and was trying to use “strip” to unmask the rapper.

  15. All out except SE corner. Worked back to get 6D without getting word play. actually, there are quite a few where I haven’t been able to get the word play completely. 15A is another. Hints for 23A and 28A welcomed.

  16. 23A – “Church” = letters 1,2. “brainstorm alternately” = letters 3,4,5,6,7. Defn = “sacred robe”.
    28A – Defn = “Sort of surgery”. “essential” = letters 1,2,3. “hearing” = homophone indicator – fodder “intact”.

  17. 6D – “stress” gives a 6 letter word, which “lacks a” for letters 1,2,3,4,5. “17-across” gives letter 6.
    15A – I have tried to explain earlier.

  18. Just can’t get 7D. Alfabek Lauder’s first bnok is so hard to search for Ingle swords. Fact generally cross with DA for too many solutions where I can’t find Google collateral for my guesses.

    And when I was right I was not amused by 2D/24D or 23D/16D. Looking forward to DA using the Traveller’s Tool instead.

  19. Mike – I have given key words and defn for 23D/7D earlier – 9:38AM and 1:33PM

  20. 17A – above.
    19A – “New” = anagrind. Fodder = “Cure album” plus “Top Ten” minus “lacks a”. Defn = “19?”

  21. And for 19A, “Cure album” “lacks a” gives 8 letters – “Top Ten” gives 2 letters.

  22. Finally I am able to access this site. I thought I had 15 or 16 correct, but clearly my 28A, where i had ‘hirange’, must be wrong. I tried Czech violets for 23D, 7d. But that turns out to be a porn site. Much rethinking to do, tempted to just bin it.
    PS. Last weeks panic about the $200 was an error. I must have keyed in the lesser amount.

  23. I have had trouble accessing too, Arthur. But I have managed to get it all, with a lot of googling, especially of the 6d expressions. A particularly hard one that I nearly joined you in ‘binning’ (though my tendency is to wait for answers and see if I can then understand, rather than just screw it up).
    Still have no idea how I got 15a. I am sure the answer is right because if cross letters, but how it relates to the clue I have no idea.

  24. Got it all out, thanks to the Lauder lead, and finding internet help. Too obscure for my liking, and still not sure about 15A. Thanks again for the help.

  25. Thanks Ray. I have revisited your hint on 15A, but am still none the wiser. I wonder how many younger people have heard of the famous AL. I’d almost forgotten him myself.

  26. 15A – it is a real riddle – like a sieve you have to you have to struggle through.

  27. Two (or more) bafflling clues above: What does Lauder mean? Estee, or Nikki? And Ray’s ‘For 7D, think cement? I have R – N —S. I guess the N must be wrong, (or could it be renders?) I really am hopeless today (only today???).

  28. Is the answer to 21,16d meant to sound like something other than how it’s written? It just sounds like what it is to me..

  29. Kasia – did you see my answers to your questions last week? Did they help?

  30. Arthur, I imagine not being Australian (if I’ve remembered correctly from previous things you’ve said?) unpacking these may be particularly hard for you.
    Also, good to hear about the money!

  31. Actually, Kasia, I was born here, in 1929. Apart from 15 months in Japan during the Korean war, I’ve never left. So I have no excuse.
    I finally realised there is a third Lauder, I saw that book about 40 years ago, I think. Doesn’t help much.
    I’ve filled in a few more, finally saw 28A. Still no idea on the Cure thing. Time to knock off and prepare evening meal. Maybe that will clear my head.

  32. Here’s my interpretation of 15 A: A four-letter word for riddle (which means to sieve); fizzling out = drop the final letter; put the letter A in front of it and you have the two-word answer, which teenagers use all the time.

  33. Phew – that was too much like hard work! Nice when you finally get the 6d ones, but I’m not altogether sure it was worth the effort.
    I don’t think anyone’s mentioned 9a, where it really doesn’t do to google what I had tentatively filled in!

  34. Like others, I found this really hard going and I’m still not convinced my 7D or 15A are correct though Ray’s hint makes me more confident of the latter.
    Arthur: I also have the letters you have in 7D. Pleased to hear that your money wasn’t lost last week.
    I liked 5A and 19A.

  35. Jack: that’s super helpful thanks. I had it but didn’t know how.

    I don’t see what strip has to do with the answer in 13D. Is Strip an indicator of something I’m not aware of? Like garden strip or something? Clueless..

  36. Thanks, Jack, the teenage reference has convinced me that I do have 15A correct.

  37. On my Twitter site there are no recent posts likely to offend gentle souls, but if you pay it a visit there is a post with the four 6-down answers translated into the Queen’s English. And some stuff about “Lauder”!

  38. Finished: last one in the nursery rhyme duo; had to say it aloud before it clicked (the same with the tree).

  39. Why do I always have trouble with clues nobody else seems to? Parsing for 25a, anybody?

  40. CF: Yes that helped me a lot but didn’t make “strip” any clearer.
    Ann: Thankyou! Now it makes sense.

  41. Mary – 25A – Defn = “Measure”. “Kardashian” gives letters 1,2,5. “cheap” gives 3 letter word, with last letter removed (“fairly”) for letter 3,4. “seen in Paris” gives 4 letter French word for letters 6,7,8,9. Hope helps.

  42. Just a clarification on 25 A. The infinitive verb “to be” in French gives the last 4 letters.

  43. RAY: Re the use of “fairly” – I’ve never been sure of what it means. Does it mean you make the word have an even amount of letters? I had always thought it meant every second (even) letter.

  44. Jack – thanks. Correct – when I had to look it up and got “exist” but forgot from this morning. Thanks again.
    Kasia – I take it to mean “close to” or “near to” as in “fairly good”. So I always look for shortening a word.

  45. Thanks Jack 3.31, for finally sorting out 15a. Back at 9.38, Ray said riddle was a noun, but now I see it is a verb with last letter off.

  46. Only seven short now. I have tried to sort out 5D from clues above, but not understood. what does pervert mean here? A slang word? The last five seem easy, as a synonym for box. Must look in Wordfinder.

  47. Thank you Dex99, I had thought from apost above the pervert synonym was first four letters. Given the cross letters I have, desecrate is the only possible word, clearly something is wrong, presumably my 10A is wrong. I think I’ll just leave it for tonight, has been a very difficult one for me, the Strine component making it so. Will check the answers tomorrow.

  48. Decided to check the likely answer to 4D, 12A in the Strine list. Sure enough, there it was. Some suggestion it stands for something risque, but I really haven’t a clue what it might be. Only four left now, I think, I can have supper and go to bed fairly content. No! A thought. Is that a reference to Jack and Jill?

  49. Loved the 6d related clues. I wonder how many books DA has signed “To Emma Chisit”

  50. A very late start, but after two hours and having read all the above I am still baffled. Just five answers and no idea about 6D or any of the related clues, among many others. Time to concede defeat?

  51. Ended up just four short, so happy with outcome. I had forgotten about ‘Lets talk Strine’, and still find difficulty sorting out what some of the expressions refer to.

  52. From dl link above – strine:
    Cheque Render: An ornamental tree with blue flares. So a fancy tree.

  53. Thanks, Ray. I knew it had to be strine for something, but I’d never heard of that tree.

  54. Like Arthur, I’d also forgotten about ‘Strine’. That said, with the answers in front of me I still can’t work out the expressions except perhaps for ‘decimal currency’ and even that’s a stretch.
    (I do remember Emma Chisit!!)

  55. All out except 20d.Prefer DAs that you dont have to Google as much as I had to with this one.Can any Trippers claim to have completed this one without a device?

  56. Och, Scotlander, I managed it withpout Internet, just hard copy, Concise Oxford English Dictionary and a biro (the Strine thanks to my Canadian mom who introduced me to Lauder about 45 years ago!).

  57. Working on this very late, but this week was hard work! Not sure if I can use my age as an excuse, but as a 90s kid, I’d never heard of Lauder til now

  58. Finally got this out, but not really happy with this one. I had heard of none of the 6D expressions.

  59. My friend Rosemary has (finally) found some missing wordplays:
    9A: Nut = LOON, pinching B = cap of Baseball. The definition to LOB ON I have not heard.
    27A: FROLIC is found backwards (subverted?) in “counCIL OR Federal”.
    14A: SPLENETIC means “cross”, and is an anagram of “splice ten”. “Knots” is the anagram indicator.
    5D: Don’t see how “packed off north – DESE.

  60. Ian Bryce – 5D – “packed off north”;
    “packed” = DENSE,
    “off north” = remove N
    and this leaves DESE

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