DA Confusion for the 2nd of October, 2015

Happy, glorious Daniel Andrews day to you all.

Have your confusions sorted out right here.

74 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 2nd of October, 2015

  1. All out and understood.
    Thought a good one, with a bit of a tricky mini theme / connections.
    Had the wrong word for 11A for quite a long time.
    22A was my pick for best today.

  2. CF – 5D – “Michael Clarke’s over” = letters 8,7,2,1. “field” = 3,4,5,6. Defn = “sprout”.
    (“over” and “eating” – reverse and container, respectively)

  3. Thanks, Ray, I think I need to google the Michael Clarke reference. I had horrific experiences with PE teachers in primary school that turned me off sport for life! (except soccer!)

  4. Started, but not likely to get much done, visitor coming, and work to do. Clues for three=letter words often baffle me most, as in 7D. If the answer is he obvious one, what is the connection with buy, farm, shade? Only have five or six in, so far.

  5. Thank you Ray, I still have no idea, my mind just doesn’t understand either DA’s clue or yours. If my answer is correct, it makes 10A almost impossible, so I’m probably wromg anyway. Must close down for several hours, check back later.

  6. Arthur, I think 7D is the obvious one, and it fits well with my 10A. Don’t know how it means “shade”.

  7. 7D – 3 letter word for “shade” and which sounds like a 3 letter word for idiom “buy the farm”.
    The middle letter is Scrabble 4 not Scrabble 1.

  8. The last one in for me was 7D after I discovered that “buy the farm” is a colloquialism. For a change I think I have it all done without having to come here for the last few. I had thought that after finding 15A there might be other clues of a political nature.

  9. To all struggling with 7 down …

    … it’s very easy to work out 26 ac. from the wordplay alone, providing a further clue for 7 down.

  10. Thanks for the hints on 7 d, got it!
    I like 15a
    Only 10 done so far
    Luckily my son is visiting from Oxford so he’s a great help for my old brain!

  11. MJH 1 down, a small hint, “cooler” is a form of detention.
    Deb you really need to work out 1 down, but in the movies he’s been played by both Eric Bana and Mark Ruffalo! Letters 1-5 are a former Australian PM letters 6-11 are “one who vetoes”.

  12. We agree Celia – this was the easiest DA ever (for us). It only took us 7 hours :-).

  13. Almost finished. Thought some were easy, but stuck in SW corner. Hints for 24A would be welcome. Enjoying the mini-theme.

  14. Still baffled by 7D. initially put in SIC, but 6a and 10A ruled that out. Have had a day of disaster, went and withdrew $800 from ATM, grabbed the notes, came home, counted them, only $600! Not pleasant.
    Still baffled also by 1D, se4emed obvious first three should be HOO, but no letter 4 seems to go with that. Visitors arriving in a few minutes, so may have to leave it. CU later.

  15. I, too, had that thought re 1D, Arthur. However, the definition is ‘cooler’ in the non-temperature sense. It can be found ‘on the water’. Could your machine have been at fault? Hope the money turns up.

  16. So! Had never heard that expression in 7D. Learn something new every Friday. Re 8D, is this some famous diva’s name, my Wordfinder says ‘No words found’ when I feed in my cross letters. Was thinking of someone like Mae? Zetterling, but no Z at the beginning.

  17. Yes, Arthur, a diva, one who shares a name with not just a shire but The Shire.

  18. Paul, correct re definition. Think of novelist Boris and inclusion (clutching)

  19. Oh dear. I was trying to remember her name earlier, all I could remember was La Stupenda. Had I googled that …
    What I most need now are 23D and 1D. Plenty of hints on that one, I’ve been too stupid to decipher them. May come eventually. That and 9A are all i need to complete top half. Time for my after-dinner nap, but visitors (who I am ignoring at the moment) still here!

  20. Arthur: if it is any help 9A has definition ‘is’ and uses the letters from 23D (‘obscure’) with one extra letter. 23D includes ‘v’.

  21. Thank you Ann, that appears to clear NW corner. Bottom half still a wasteland, save for 20 & 25D, and 19A. Tried to find something related to Iliad and German Sie, nothing forthcoming.
    Glad most found this one easy, I’m almost at the ‘bin it’ point.

  22. thank you, Ann, that unlocked one puzzle. Finally I saw why my 22A was correct, so a big help. Now only six missing, so feeling happier. Thanks, Norm, I had solved that one due to Ann’s clue.

  23. All done3 but 12D, which I assume is someone’s name. Has been a difficult one for me, But happy to have got so far.

  24. Arthur, you’re almost there with 27a – what were they doing at Troy?

  25. Stuck in SE corner, hints welcome on 28a and/or 23d. Have no idea how letters 3456 of 5d have anything to do with ‘field’, or letters 234 of 21d have anything to do with 15a.

  26. Thanks Mary, yes, I got that one some time back. I think I now have 12D, though not fully understanding clue. Check in tomorrow’s paper.

  27. OK, I’m there now. I’d never come across 2nd half of 15a as a verb before.

  28. Tht 19A was weak but enjoyed 15A, and all that goes with it, and 1D.

    Arthur: 12D is to 1D as Bruce Wayne is to Batman.

    Mary: 28A definition is tree (quite a small one) and answer a sound and a comic. 23D is ‘Volume’ followed by letters 1-4 of 15A and a synonym for letters 5-8 of 15A. It’s the same with 21D where you have to apply the first four letters of 15A to a version of the last four letters of 15A. From your later post I see you are there and the use as a verb derives from 500 years ago when 5678+s**t came into use.

    On 5D the field in Michael Clarke’s game can be those letters. But again a rather weak clue I thought.

  29. As always seems to happen, I came here late in the day and solved all my problems by reading all the posts. Thanks all for your help. I thought 14a a very clever &lit.

  30. I’ve been waiting for 15 A and its associations for a couple of weeks. Ray nailed it very early, I see.

    I’m glad no one referred 12 D to the TV show starring Bill Bixby, because in that they changed his Christian name.

    My last one in was 19 A, which was a bit tough.

  31. Kat, re 24 across: defn: “tourist”; “detailed party” letters 2-4 (a four-letter word for party – think dance party, truncated (“detailed”); “hosted by” inclusion indicator; “cashier” letters 1,5-9.

  32. I think I have got 22 across but I don’t understand the word play. Could someone explain. Also – in 27 across I think DA has got his German “you” mixed with German “they”. It should be “they” translated into German.

  33. Dawn, sprechen sie deutsch? – seems good to me.

    22A think of a clock…

  34. Dawn “du” is “you” informal; “sie” is formal form!

    JS 13 d “Delta” from “Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Epsilon etc” letter 1; “promises” a 5-letter plural synonym letters 2,7-10; “to retain” inclusion indicator; “that bunch” letters 3-6. btw in US-speak, third word is in singular form in this expression.

  35. I was thinking ‘that’ was fodder. I also realised the US (invention) is singular (which always sounds weird to me)

  36. all out and understood. Didn’t know the author but got it from the rest of the clues.

  37. 4d proved difficult, surely this spelt with a y? Can someone help with 21d ? I have an answer but cant parse it . Ta

  38. Celia, author of Doctor Zhivago, presumably, for 19a (not entirely happy with this use of ‘clutching’, though).
    Pommy Al, letters 234 of 21d apply the first half of 15a to a three-letter synonym for the second half. Other letters should be obvious from rest of clue.

  39. 19a last in for me too, Jack. Is 15a really cryptic or just a straight description? ;-)

    Hope you get your money back, Arthur.

  40. 19 an indirect hidden and like an indirect anagram a no-no for both professional and amateur setters.

  41. FHF if I knew what you’re talking about, I’d probably agree with you.

  42. Thank you Ann & Cathy R re the money. In my usual fashion, I had forgotten all about it. Must check with bank first thing Monday. today i enjoyed myself, walking in the sunshine, knocking on doors and inviting people to come to church tomorrow (Margaret’s 87th birthday – so a scrumptious cake after the service).

  43. Jordan re 19: a direct hidden would have had Pasternak. By putting in Boris DA wants you to indirectly think of Pasternak, then solve the hidden.

  44. Definitely the easiest DA ever.Usually takes me till Sunday to finish. All out Sat am without even visiting trippers.

  45. Can anyone still around explain how to get ‘moo’ from ‘low’ in 17a?
    Also cannot parse 12d but haven’t really tried because it seems a poor clue.

  46. AS here, the guy who runs this site and tries not to get too involved.

    Today I got involved and deleted a few snarky messages. Maybe I should have deleted a few messages in previous weeks, but I’m really not interested in policing the website or following what’s being said too closely.

    If you want to be snarky, I won’t be going far out of my way to stop you. But do realise that you’ll also probably stop the conversation flowing, the conversation that flows a little better when eager and keen people are contributing.

  47. Thanks AS – it was pleasant reading the flow without the diatribe ! I had wondered what happened to the vituperative ones.
    For those expecting/wanting topical clues, recall DA saying he has to submit about 6 weeks ahead, so we might still see the prior clued in place of 15a for a couple of weeks.

  48. I feel like it’s been mentioned a bunch of times by instill can’t see 19a. Am I the only one still confused? Can anyone try to explain it in a new way? Or perhaps I’m beyond help!

  49. Kasia – 19A – Boris yXXXXXXyy is a Russian poet, novelist, and literary translator – where XXXXXX is the answer meaning “back”.

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