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  1. Apologies if this duplicates anything already posted – have been having problems with this site this morning.

    DA’s across “playlist” is very clever. Don’t be intimidated by the artists/bands: there is no need to google them, no need for any knowledge of them, nor any need to have ever heard them. Treat the names as part of the wordplay & you will be rewarded. Happy solving!

  2. Help pls still flooded in my part of Sussex Inlet, and don’t know if papers at newsagent anyway, any help very much appreciated, and its raining again arrrgh!

  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGH! I was intimidated by the across clues. Thank you Celia Fate. Only two D’s solved thus far.

  4. Thanks Celia, wow this looks like fun. Good for a wet morning with kids stuck at home with no school bus. And this site is a bit screwy thismorning for me too.

  5. Completed, but iffy on wordplays for 9, 15 & 20 across, and 3 down.

    Any assistance greatly appreciated. Will return in kind.

  6. Celia -re 9D: 4 letter word (verb) to “dog”, losing last letter, with three letter kitchen utensil.

  7. 9A: SciFi character letters 1-3; letter 4 “week” end; letters 5-6 “that’s”; definition is last 5 words.

  8. Apart from NE corner, virtually nothing, and no hope at present. On 12A: can’t decide on song or captivity for last five, so it may be some other word.

  9. Arthur, def is first three words(not a breed). Can’t see word play, worked out from 13d letter. Any help with 20a and 23a would be appreciated.

  10. Celia @ 10:12
    My rather shaky reasoning of 20A:

    1st word is definition. [For me it has military connotations]
    “Moron” provides letters 2,3,4.
    “Perspective” provides letters 1, 5, 6. [It is a 3-word abbreviation used in texting, emails and the like]
    “Queen” provides letters 7&8

  11. Arthur re 12a: definition first three words;
    Letters 3-4 = “drink”;
    Letters 1,2 and 5 = “trashy” losing 3 letters meaning “cast” (verb);
    Letter 6 = last two words.

  12. Arthur C, ignore the italics in the across clues, also the dashes.

    12 across defn 1st 3 words. Band name gives last two letters, words 6 & 7 gives letters 1 2 5, and word 4 “fills” letters 3 & 4.

  13. megse, 23 across, defn word 1, word 2 gives letters 1-4, word 3 homophone indicator thus word 4 gives letters 5-10.

    Brian at 10:37 covered 20 across.

  14. Celia @ 10:52. If the definition is “Cat power”, I can guess the answer from having letters 2, 4 and 6 from down-clues. However, I cannot figure out the wordplay.

  15. Hi Brian and Celia
    re 15 across wordplay:
    ‘cat power’ is defn. Find a word meaning ‘gift’ and ‘trade notes inside’; that is, change one of A, B, C, D, E, F or G (‘notes’) to another.

  16. Thanks for hints, Celia Fate, megse, NikoPiko. I eventually saw the anagrind in 17A. Took me ages to see the first part of 13D! Just slow. RE 8A, I’ve cogitated, meditated, and ruminated, but none of those seems to fit, so must keep looking. I urgently need 1D. Anagram possibly? Must check. Only completed 13 or 14 so far.

  17. Jack, 16D is the sci-fi pioneer (surname) contained in a word meaning sailor. Clue ‘keeper’

  18. I’ve posted a link, in today’s DA Reports section, to my tweet of today’s word list. If you want to cheat or check, go there. n.b. I have not associated any word with a clue number nor wordplay!

  19. Mostly done. Don’t understand the word play for 8A or 19D. Stumped on 4D, 24A and 18D. How clever of DA to put all the Across clues into that format!

  20. Dave R …
    8 ac I gives letters 1-2
    Demand gives a seven letter word
    Carbon Abolition remove Carbon from seven letter word
    six letter result is 3-8
    Answer is a synonym of the verb given by the band name. Tres transcendental!

  21. Dave R, def of 9a is last word. I as object followed by a word for demand with ‘carbon’ abolished.

  22. I am struggling with the right hand side. 14a and 22a might give me a start.

  23. Five left, don’t see any way ahead. Only word for 18D that fits my acrosses is a killer of water life. So, I’m totally not understanding the clue, if I have the right word. May just leave it at that, i think.

  24. Dave R …
    19 down: a four letter abbreviation for a word for a Uni alumnus occupies 1,2,6,7.
    3,4,5 connects the two
    Defn is Old bloke

  25. Dave R: the definition for 4D is the last 2 words, with ‘joined’ giving 1-3 and ‘rose threads’ giving 4-7.
    18D has the first 4 words as definition but I’m not sure of the wordplay.
    I have an answer for 24A, but I’m not convinced it is correct.

  26. Thanks, Celia and Sandy. I hadn’t thought of that synonym for ‘demand’. I’d been omitting (as distinct from emitting) the carbon from various other things without success, even though I had the answer.

    BTW I disapprove of DA’s homophone in the first word of 13D. Apart from the pronunciations being in two different languages there is the matter of the number of syllables.

  27. Strapped for time, so these are the definition words to help you out …
    4D last two words+?
    18D too hard to explain, but reversal truncated+S
    24A word 1 as a verb
    14A last word, usually fabric
    22A very clever clue, Defn last word, think Spanish

  28. Ann, 18 D the whole clue is a convoluted definition; pulling up short gives letters 1-7, shilling gives 8. Scrooge was one!
    24 ac wordplay word 1 is definition, a verb; word 2 gives letter 1; word 4 is inclusion indicator, last word gives letters 2&4, and word 3 gives letter 3

  29. I’ve finished but I’m not sure about parsing 21D which I got from the definition and cross letters. I also thought for 22D “to recruit” was confusing as it looks like a container.

    I found this week easier to solve but confusing to not look at punctuation. 15A and 9A were my favourites as they gave me that Eureka moment. I solved 9A purely from the clue but had to infer the definition which I found funny.

  30. Thanks, Ann and Celia. I had the answer for 18D because it seemed the only word to fit. I can follow the word play, but it is hard to find a def in the clue. I’m sure that I now have 24A, thanks to thinking of the def as a verb, but do not understand why letters 2 & 4 relate to the last word of the clue. Still unclear on word play for 19D. Until I had 20A, I was thinking that the final two words of the clue gave the def, but that would have meant 20A ending in x. I assume that those two words give letters 1, 2, 3 (or 6) & 7, but I can’t account for the middle bit.

  31. Worked out 7d and so 17a (very convoluted fodder). Only 7d and 21d to go.

  32. All done now. Thanks for all the help above. I enjoyed the format of the across clues.

  33. Re 13 I’m with Roger dodgy pronunciation does not make for good homophones. And podcast as a homophone indicator is questionable. “In a cryptic, anything goes”. Anything??? Wrong agreements regarding number and tense? Wrong spelling?

  34. Funny how the comments about DA’s “dodgy homophones” concentrated on 13D; yet no-one has mentioned the second half of 23A. The only time that I say them the same is if I’m tiddly…

  35. Crypticrochet, re 21d: two four-letter words meaning ‘name’ and ‘remedy’, with C removed.

  36. Re 13d: Is podcast a homophone indicator, or could it be one letter that looks like a pod being cast from the word for stones?

  37. Sandy, yes “podcast” is meant to indicate a homophone but, as mentioned by many above, it’s not a very good one. The French pronunciation is nothing like it, and the English version is questionable at best. DA has a (deserved) reputation for slurring his words in crossworldland, despite the fact that, in real life, he can talk proper! (yes, I know, don’t write in).

  38. I thought this puzzle pretty normal DA fare. A good indication of how his mind works is given by 6D of the Quick. He enjoys idiomatic answers.

  39. I was shot down in flames the last time that I posted here but would anyone like to comment on the fact that Celia’s posts are about 25% of the contributions here? At least when Ray and Mort were here, they gave others a chance to respond; and their posts were accurate. At least they tried to help and not just show off. Maybe they’ll return when Celia has had her fifteen minutes (weeks, maybe) of fame. Then she (or he) can trot off back to Twitter, where one doesn’t need an IQ above room temperature to participate.

  40. Excuse me, Peacemaker, but I’ve only been here a couple of weeks. I though that Celia Fate was the forum master (or mistress, or whatever the word is). That’s why she starts off the forum and answers everyone’s question, isn’t it? I don’t know who Ray and Mort are.

    PS I did like your definition of people who indulge in twitter: no offence intended to anyone who does.

  41. Henson, Rupert hasn’t been here for a few months. Neither has Gayle, Ray, nn, or Mort. It seems like the only stayers are Dave R, Ann, Arthur and Sandy. Maybe Peacemaker has a point.

    Alice, before you elevate Celia to a pedestal, you should look back at some earlier week’s posts.

  42. Im with Peacemaker – i quite often log on to get some advice but I’m afraid to comment or ask a question because Celia Fate’s replies are often quite terse.

  43. Totally agree Peacemaker.
    Some of us work and get our DA fix in brief instalments throughout the day (or weekend if it’s hard). A smorgasbord of subtle hints is preferable to something that just gives it away immediately.
    I also have noticed annoying political stabs when Bush or Howard or Abbott have been referenced in the past. Some are left-leaning, some are right but I would suspect most of us like leaving our politics behind when indulging in the Friday crossword. I deliberately turn straight to it without reading the news now because I am sick of the hysteria, negativity and neuroticism from BOTH sides.

  44. Even worse disaster than I first thought. Could someone please explain MEDITATE in 8A. I considered it early on, couldn’t see any connection with the clue. I replaced enchant at 17A with the anagram ANTHEAP, it seemed to fit the clue better. I had BUSSES instead of BUSHEL in22D. Really terrible result overall.

  45. Arthur you’re too tough on yourself. Toughest puzzle of week and you only missed a few? I think that’s brilliant. For 8A it’s (I) + (Demand) (carbon abolition = -C) with (Muse) = def.

  46. Finished. Thanks for all the hints. Wouldn’t have got far without them.

    I’m also wondering how the clue for 19d provides letters 4-6.

    Plus, for 24a, I can see that letters 1, 3 come from words 2, 3 but I’m not sure how word 4 informs this.

    Any explanations would be much appreciated.

  47. OK, found an explanation above for 19d, thanks.

    I can also now see how 24a word 2 gives letter 1 of the answer and how word 4 tells me what to do with letter 3. However, still don’t see how I’m meant to know to just take the first letter of word 3.

    TIP: when posting, it makes it much easier for those of us who search the page for a specific clue if the direction and clue number are entered as one word when commenting – e.g. “19a”. Comments annotated with “19 ac” or “19 a” are much harder to locate. Thanks :)

  48. Thanks, Steve and Crypticrochet. Yes, I looked at 8A again, and saw the ME (I) DI(C)TATE. I do enjoy this battle, i get a bit downcast at times when others are saying how easy it was. Health permitting, I’ll continue fighting DA.

  49. Did anyone else think that 19d was a bit unfair? It took me a long time to figure out wordplay after figuring out the answer, and even with the ‘?’ I felt the clueing of letters 3, 4 and 5 was very dodgy.

  50. Hi, can someone please help with 19d. Saw the explanation above, but still don’t get the wordplay. Thanks, Grant

  51. Grant – “uni alumnus” = GRAD. Which is GR AND AD – which is “Old bloke”.

  52. Thanks Helper. Sorry still struggling. Where does the middle “and ” come from?

  53. Grant you need a GR and an AD to create a uni Graduate – commonly known as GRAD. So taking the first two letters of GRAD, you have a GR plus the last two letters AD. Hence GR AND AD give the answer.

    A very clumsy clue. DA has used this technique before in clues but not in solutions. An example: CANDY in a clue could indicate that C and Y are used in the answer.

    Hope this helps

  54. Thanks Mort. That does help. As you say, I’m familiar with this in clues, but wasn’t thinking in terms of solution. Thanks again. Regards, Grant

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