DA Confusion for the 26th of June, 2015

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

97 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 26th of June, 2015

  1. Pretty tough today I thought – especially for me in SW corner. This was largely because of my ignorance of 23D.
    Thought 16A was very clever and the best clue.
    And 4A, 27A, 28A, 7D, 15D clever.
    22A, 23A, 9D a bit awkward.
    24D – a DA trick I finally remembered.
    And for 2D I think “Party” should have been “Partly”.

  2. Sorry, Ray, top left corner out, dead easy – on paper, before my paper edition arrived. I’ll possibly revise my judgement as I progress though!

  3. Incredibly good start, 14 already, including 1 & 25A. Not understanding clue in 22D, but I’m sure answer is correct. Now have to work out what the introduction means. Paper late as usual. Thursday 0530, Friday 0640. Y?

  4. Well, Celia Fate, I didn’t quite follow that, will look again later. Down to last nine, all around NE corner. Some incredibly easy clues today.

  5. 16A. Have word that agrees with 11A, has a name in it, but that name doesn’t appear in Wiki list of Muppet characters. Baffled by 21A, have lettera 1 & 5, but no words in wordfinder.

  6. “Fifth entry” 17 down?
    Wordplay for 12 (last 5 letters), 22 across, 23 across (unsure letters 1-4). Also the two letter 26 gear an unknown, but I’ll wear it.

  7. Arthur re 21A, the answer is an obscure (to me) group of boys. Apparently their name is written as ‘X-XXXX. It’s a shortened form of a way to describe something (musical or otherwise) that is done well. Sadly, after suffering a short burst of one of their recordings, I can report that they don’t actually sing that way!

  8. Ray, I think that PARTY is okay in 2D. If you’re a party to a discussion, you’re part of it…

    Shouldn’t 6D be two words?

  9. Arthur, 21 across is a name you would be unfamiliar with. It’s an anagram of the last word that has “twice shed blood”. Get the cross letters and put the other two in so the word sounds like where you might find dirty dishes!

  10. Celia Fate | June 26, 2015 at 8:35 am |
    Type of apple, less a 4 letter shop.
    6 letter word, minus last.
    Its letters 1,2,3,4,5.
    One of the brand types.

  11. Wordplay explanations please for 12 (last 5 letters), 22 across, 23 across (unsure letters 1-4). Also the two letter 26 gear an unknown, but I’ll wear it.

  12. 22A – yes – 4,2 minus last letter. Sorry I was misleading before when I wrote 6.

  13. Well, Mort and Celia Fate, I had certainly never heard of that group. DA, when you compile these puzzles, have pity on the octogenarians. Have only four to get now, if there are no errors.

  14. So, I’ve filled in the grid. Now the mystery. Do I go 12a, 1A, 4A, 26A, 25A? Haven’t a clue (or if I have, I haven’t recognised it). No, I presume it is meant to be 1, 4, 12, 25, but which other one? No idea.

  15. Arthur C. – it is in order – s0 as you have 1,4,12,25. Defn is last word – so look for that answer.

  16. Ironically, 21A and 23D were the only ones I got!!! I must have lousy music taste. Working on the rest now

  17. Ray, I worked out rather quickly that 17D was the mystery answer but it took me a while to work out why. When you read 25A as a noun as defined in the clue, it takes a while to realise that it’s also an adjective. As you said earlier – a very clever clue.

  18. All finished. Unsure about wordplay for 12 across [last 5 letters] and 22 down.
    Took me a while to figure the significance of 17D, and laughed when it became clear.

  19. Brian – both 12A and 22D above – see:
    Ray | June 26, 2015 at 8:41 am |
    in reference / answer to:
    Celia Fate | June 26, 2015 at 8:35 am |

  20. Sorry – above refers to 22A.
    Re 22D – “Bandleader succumbed to cold” – read as 5 words to give 5 letter synonym for “Band” with first letter changed (“leader succumbed to cold”) – to give new 5 letter word for “throat complaint”.

  21. Ray@1123.
    12A – Thanks! Very clever.

    22D [Not 22A] – Still lost. [I think I have the answer solely on the basis that my word fits and I cannot think of an alternative.]

  22. 22A – 4,2 for “stir” minus last letter (“shaking bottom”). Defn “Heavenly streaker”.

  23. Ray@11:27.

    Thanks again, Ray.
    All clear now. I had the right answer but simply by guesswork.

  24. I am stumped on 4a. Without it I can’t get 5d, 6d , 7d, 8d. Can anyone help ?

  25. SezClom, 22A – ‘stir’ in the sense of regain consciousness (4,2), minus last letter gives a word for ‘heavenly streaker’.

  26. 4A – “bent” = anagrind – fodder = “purist” for letters 2,3,4,5,6,7. “absorbs” is container. Letters 1,8 from “26-across gear”. Obviously, as stated, no defn.

  27. Ray & Beth, that is exactly how I am reading the clue but I cannot for the like of me think of a word which is an anagram of purist within 2 letters (I have tried the Sony one, as well as all permutations of xbox)

  28. By any chance is the gear referenced from a different company, but still a model? Re 4A

  29. All out and understood now. The wordplay problem children were 22a, 23a and 12a. I’m young enough to have heard of 21a but I always thought it had an apostrophe. Can’t wait until DA does an obscure rapper reference and blows us out of the water.

  30. The only thing I’ve heard “poddy” referred to is a calf and I’m still lost on 3D

  31. Margaret! I married your namesake, in Penrith, on 10/3/56. My mother, also Margaret, was born in 1887, died 1973.

  32. SezClom, you are on track – “deficient poddy” = drop last letter. Defn is “sight”.

  33. SezClom, the poddy in 3D is deficient (missing last letter) so: choose one .

  34. I’m about halfway through, bottom half out which is good for me. Basically stuck on the first 8 down (except 3D which I’ve got). Thinking about just giving up

  35. Even with the given clue and the clue from the marked answers, I am struggling with 17d. I am guessing the def must be just/objective. But that is where it ends

  36. Sandy, an accountant would want his ledger to be 17d at all times. He would run a Trial 17d (OK I’m taking a bit of a liberty here) to ensure it was.

  37. Thanks Dom. That worked for me. I had the wrong ending for 19a which didn’t help. So that gave me 9d and 16a as well.
    Still struggling with 11a which I assume is a name, though googling famous 16as didn’t help me; 13a; 7d; and 8d. Appreciate any help.

  38. Worked out 13a too. I think I have 6d, but can’t work out a homophone for stroke that works.

  39. Very happy to have all filled in. Not sure what the fifth entry is, however. No doubt if I read back through all today’s entries here I’ll find out.

  40. Feel quite proud of what I managed today without needing help – bottom half all out except for 19D, and a few in the top half still to go. Have all the cross letters for 1A but no idea what it could be

  41. Almost finished, but unsure of the word play for 19A. I assume the “sides in election” refer to the first and last letters (although there are increasingly three sides these days, and a good thing, too!), but I can’t see how the last two words of the clue provide what is between them. Still don’t have 1A or 2D, and not sure if my 4A is correct, although I am certain that I have the only word possible with the relevant anagram inside a pair of letters. No idea how those letters connect with 26A gear. I can’t solve the clue in the NB until I have these last couple of answers. Some beauties today! Loved 16A.

  42. Dave R –
    19A – defn = “Bitter”. “sides in election” gives letters 4,5. “fracture” = container. “calm” gives a 7 letter synonym for letters 1,2,3,6,7,8,9.

  43. 4A – Nintendo DS. And see:
    Ray | June 26, 2015 at 12:30 pm |
    4A – “bent” = anagrind – fodder = “purist” for letters 2,3,4,5,6,7. “absorbs” is container. Letters 1,8 from “26-across gear”. Obviously, as stated, no defn.

  44. 1A – “Abbott initially” gives letter 3. “stops” – container. “backbench” is reverse indicator for a 3 letter word for bench for letters 4,2,1. “running” gives 2 letter synonym for letters 5,6.

  45. 2D – “Party to” gives hidden indicator. Fodder – “bemoan Nullabor”. Defn = “scrub”.

  46. Thanks Ray. I was way off track with 19A, although I had the right answer. I would never have picked “fracture” as a container indicator. Nintendo DS means nothing to me. Too old perhaps? Although I picked up 21 quickly enough.

    Still working on your hints for the other two.

  47. Yes! Finally got it all, including the clue for the secret answer. DA was fiendishly clever this week. Congratulations to those who breezed through faster than I did.

  48. Arthur, hope your Margaret is doing OK at the moment. Wishing you both the best. I was born in 1961.

    Thought of a rap clue.
    This short character works for peanuts and his genus has a wagging tail. Ans Snoop Dogg. (Forgive me)

  49. Margaret: Blunt contains Bronte

    Help on one down? I feel like I’m missing something really obvious, since I have 1A!!!

  50. This one was tough. I liked 10A and 20D best. I think 12A is a bit of a roughie and where did he dredge up 21A?

  51. I can’t see any possible solution for 9D, but I’m confident in every cross but 16A, and I’m still fairly confident if definition is first word (can’t get wordplay).

    What is the wordplay on 16A, and a hint for 9D?

  52. Indigo I’m not sure of wordplay for 9D but think definition is last two words. On 16A to be ‘obedient’ is to be kept in xxxx? And there is a Muppet for the rest.

  53. SezClom 1D deployment indicates anagram. Definition has nothing to do with shipping. Think of another type of port. Hic!

  54. Oops sorry AZ, you wanted 1A not 1D. Too much 1D for me!

    1A Abbott initially gives a letter in the middle of “running” (last two letters) and a backward bench – think churches.

  55. Indigo and Mike: 9D the alien is a furry TV creature (3 letters) which surrounds a bed (upwards – 3 letters) followed by “the French” (2 letters)

  56. B&L, Read 1A, 4A, 12A and 25A as a clue. The item in 1A gives letters 3-7 of 17D. This 4A a three-letter word for 12A (letters 1,2,8 of 17D). The definition in this asterisked “clue” is 25A which, in this sense is a noun, but can also be an adjective meaning “Just” which is the definition in 17D.

    I’ve just written that and know what it means; I just hope that you can understand it!

  57. I’ve been out all day, so came to this later than usual. Would never have got some of them without help from here, so thanks, all.

  58. Wow solved it in just under 23 hours, first time ever. Had given up on 21 across until the Eureka moment at 5am. Will enjoy getting some parsing queries answered by reading your generous posts thanks.

  59. Quite a challenge today. Had to come to site for 21a, (with 4 to go) but then the rest flowed.

  60. Could anyone please give me some help with 21A. I have the letters N—C which I am sure are correct.

  61. David, it is an anagram of CANYONS minus the two blood groups A and O – giving CNYNS. There is a pop group called an abbreviation that, I guess, is supposed to sound like “in-synch” that bill themselves as ‘N-SYNC.

  62. John, yes we do. There’s an earlier exchange (somewhere up above) between myself and Ray when we both agreed that it’s a two word answer.

  63. might be a bit dubious.Just googled a Swedish wildlife web page and it was listed as one word.Might have to learn Swedish to complete DA in future.

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