DA Confusion for the 12th of June, 2015

Here’s where you have your confusions sorted out from this week’s, what should be much easier, DA cryptic crossword.

110 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 12th of June, 2015

  1. Had just got SMH replica live when hard copy arrived. Just started in, four easy clues conquered so far, in order: 23 d, 6 d, 13 ac, 8 d. Happy solving!

  2. Found fairly simple today with DA back to some of his old tricks eg: 15A, 17D.
    Having said that still have not got 29A/31A even though I think I see the key. Any prompt appreciated.

  3. 19D – defn = “Diamond”. “cross” gives letter 3. “lace” gives synonym for letters 4,5,6. “cosmic villain” gives letters 1,2,7,8.

  4. 27D – I have an answer which I think is correct (can make fit word play) but until I understand 29A/31A I won’t be sure.
    In fact it may be wrong and causing my issue with 29A/31A.

  5. Good morning, folks. Was struggling till 1A clicked, only seven in so far, but hopeful.

  6. CF – @7:50 – very good. I still struggle a bit with the precision of the wordplay for 27D – but that could just be me.

  7. Querying the waterway. Took a punt, fits my 6,19ds, but can’t see any other connection. NW corner easy.

  8. Celia Fate, I’m still trying to understand the waterway. My second word must be correct, I think the first is likely, but I can’t decipher the clue.

  9. Arthur C. 10/26
    Cast: letters 1 2 6 7
    conceal: container indicator
    bungle about: letters 5 4 3
    quality: 8-12
    Defn last word; “about” above reversal indicator

  10. Celia Fate, you are a gem! And much cleverer than I am. So now have SE corner complete.

  11. Here’s a tip: don’t get stuck fixated on a clue. Try some other clues & let your subconscious work on it while you’re doing so. If still stuck, obsessed, fixated, try consciously coughing. Often the answer will then suddenly present itself to you!

  12. I looked briefly at that, Celia Fate, I assumed it was, haven’t tried to solve it yet. Will look again. Have a good day.

  13. Down to last four or five,may leave till later. Easier than last week!

  14. I wish I was finding this as easy as you all seem to be. I am home alone on a day off with my wife away and plenty of space, but my head seems to be full of space too! Too many question mark clues here for me. I have NE corner, and a few others. Does 28/16a have anything to do with a Greek letter? And any clues for 1/9a?

  15. Sandy –
    28A / 16A – no, nothing to do with Greek letter.
    1A / 9A – hard to give a hint without giving away. The letters are a word and the “/” is arithmetical. Hope that helps.

  16. Sandy, 28, 6A has nothing to do with a Greek letter (but 23D does). Enough is the clue, something a cop may say to a crim he just caught.

  17. Oops, I did mean 29/31a. I also realized the word and mathematical symbol in 1/9. But still puzzling. I will head off to do some other stuff and be back later, hopefully with my lateral thinking working.

  18. Only struggled with 17D: surprised there has been no comment about it. I was unfamiliar with the word in that context. I just knew it as a crowded place.

  19. All out fairly easily, but not sure why ‘quite’ is being used in 17D to shorten synonym for ‘serene’.

  20. “quite” is quite a strange word. “Not quite” would have worked just as well.

  21. Having fun today. Some excellent clues including 25a, 1a-9a, 29a-31a, 4d. Knew 17d from my student days.

  22. Back to it. Top now done. But much still to do. I think I have the gist of 29/31a. But not the first word – is it a feeling or an action?

  23. Are 29,31 and 28,16 both particularly Australian expressions, or am I just generally ignorant? I have all the crossers and can see roughly how they work, but can’t make anything I’m familiar with.

  24. Sandy – 29A / 31A – not sure I completely understand your question, but given the 2 options it would be “action”.

  25. Sandy, re 29/31, the first word isn’t specifically clued, except by association with the words that are. But think of an expression about eating cake.

  26. Mary – think the first is American.
    Second I am not sure. And is a variant of what I think is a / the more common expression.

  27. Celia, I think you’ve answered part of my question. My expression would actually be 4,2,4,4. I’ve never heard of this version – it sounds slightly suspect and makes me think of Robbie Williams!

  28. Mary, not specifically Australian expressions, and neither are uncommon, either. May be less well known among younger solvers, though. The “carpentry guide” (letters 4-6) may be used with a special saw for creating a specific sort of pictorial puzzle.

  29. I have the gist of the expression for 29/31a Celia. But it could be a desire or an action. That effected the first word. Which is it?
    Either way I have no idea for 27d either.

  30. Are you including me in ‘younger solvers’, Celia? I’m flattered, but you’re a couple of generations out! I was only thinking it might be Australian because I’d been caught out by 1d in DA’s quick crossword, which I had to look up. I have DA to thank for a lot of my gradual Pom-to-Oz assimilation, but there’s still a long way to go.

  31. Sandy – I think I have guessed the 2 first words you are thinking of (emotion or action) and if right I have to believe it is neither – though the action does have the same crossing letters. Have to leave it there.

  32. Celia, you can get the expression I was thinking of by removing letters 5 and 6 from the right answer. It wouldn’t fit DA’s clue, though, which I do appreciate – I’d just never heard it before.

  33. Sounds like you’ve solved 29/31, Mary.
    Sandy, put your thinking capon for 27d
    Ray, my Concise Oz OED dates 28/16 to 16th Century!!! Origin unknown!

  34. Thanks Mort and Ray. I see that 29 is more passive and active. I also get 27d though I am no sure of the Mafioso reference.

  35. I have the answer to 27d, Mary. Just not the Mafia reference. As for porcelain, that just confuses me.

  36. Mary put n on the end of your answer to 27 down and you should get a type of rooster, if not you have the wrong answer. It’s the head of a crime syndicate or one of its branches, according to my Oz OED. Can’t think what “porcelain” you’re thinking of, but the 4 letters required are contained in that word.

  37. Sorry – a bit obscure perhaps. There’s a famouse type of decorative porcelain that starts with the same 4 letters.

  38. Okay, got the porcelain reference “27D de monte”. As I play the guitar, the “fret” bit seemed simpler to me.

  39. Mort, I had to look up the fret reference. Don’t you just love the way DA extends everybody’s general knowledge as well as exercising the brain cells?

  40. I’m trundling along. I got a late start as I was talking with family in the USA about my mother’s health and I have a sickie child home. Like others I got the NE corner first, then the NW and SE but am stuck in the middle and SW corner. A hint for 11D and 14D would be very appreciated.

    How’s Margaret this week Arthur? I hope she’s been more comfortable.

  41. CC, 11D definition is first word.
    14D definition is “Eno” – it’s a trademark, nothing to do with Brian.

  42. My grandmother used to tell me when she went to church as a child she thought one of the prayers was ‘Oh lord, make clean our hearts with Eno’s’!

  43. Re 25: As Che Guevara has been dead for almost 50 years I think it’d time DA and others stopped using che = revolutionary. A bit passe I think.

  44. One could derive two Marlon Brando reference today, i.e. the 27D one mentioned above and definitely 5A, 30A for which he is the classic.
    I had trouble with 22D, which no one else has mentioned, but I finally twigged to it.
    For 20A, should I be thinking Moby Dick? If so, what is the game referred to?

  45. Jack, my 20A has nothing to do with that Captain. I think the hero is Greek. The game is an old one that sounds like yours! The pronunciation is anglicised; the Greeks pronounce it with the second letter differently, not the hard way the English do.

  46. Thanks Mort, should I be thinking laundry detergent? I still don’t know the game

  47. Jack, yes, laundry detergent will help. I think the game was also called knucklebones. You held them on the back of your hand and tossed them in the air. It sounds like you name …

  48. Aha! Now I remember. I did used to play it. Thanks Mort. That completes this week’s DA

  49. 20a appears in the Iliad – he fought Hector in the Trojan wars, and battled unsuccessfully with Odysseus for a suit of armour.

  50. Thanks to lots of suggestions from everyone above I’ve got all except the second three letter word in 28A. Arthur, your hint about the cop convinced me I have the correct 2,2 but I can only think of a 4 letter word not a 3 letter one.

  51. Completed it for me too Jack. Thanks for the help above for 14d and 20a. They were the two I had to come back to and now are done. Also googled to clear up the mafia reference in 27d. As Mary said at 2.42, DA does tend to extend our general knowledge as well as our brain cells.

  52. Another late start. Got NW corner easily, but still a few in the lower half to nut out. Never heard of the cosmic villain in 19D. 29/30 looks like fun, but at this stage I have no idea.

  53. Thanks, Celia Fate. I had never heard that expression before. Your earlier hint hadn’t helped.

  54. I think I’ve finished, but unsure of word play for 24D. If it’s just a double def, why Virginia, which is technically a Commonwealth? I love clues like 1/9 and 29/31.

  55. Still struggling with the wordplay for 27D and have no idea what the link is between fretting and guitars (or why possibly is in the clue).
    Dave: isn’t “Commonwealth of Virginia” simply the full name of one of the 24Ds? Wikipedia says there are three others too.

  56. Dave, most people think that all US “states” are states, even though four of them are technically Commonwealths. I guess that DA used Virginia as it is also a real name. “Reports Arkansas and the rest” would have been too much of a giveaway.

  57. Mike, a 27D is used by guitarists to hold down the strings on a fret in order to make playing easier (well, that’s why I use one). If you put a 27D on the first fret of a guitar and play an F chord, what comes out is an F# chord.

  58. Celia Fate: I think I tuned out at the ‘saw’ reference, having no carpentry knowledge, and missed the ‘pictorial’ hint. There was XXXsaw on our dining-room table for at least a month recently!

  59. Doing better this week than last. However, there’s been no reference to 13A but I can’t work it out.
    Also does this Luddite need some computer/IT knowledge to solve 8D and 25A?

  60. GeoffD – 13a is just a simple sort. 8d is very basic IT which you will have used. 25a is not to do with IT—much more heavenly.

  61. Thanks Julie.
    3D – Think of homophones of the first two words and then think of synonyms for those words. Defn is last three words but the blubber has nothing to do with whales.
    25D – ‘As innocent as a xxxx’, first four letters. Letters 5,6 ‘setter’. Defn last four words.
    Don’t have 15A. Thought of ‘gran-ite’ but couldn’t make ‘a couple short’ into ‘ite’.

  62. Just the right amount of difficulty this week first in 1a, which helped a lot. Last in 19d followed by a face palm

  63. All out and understood. Last was 19D. Had the right film just the wrong baddie.

  64. I missed picking up Friday’s paper to do DA and I’m wondering whether anyone knows a place online where I can print one off? (short of subscribing which I don’t wish to do unless I can buy a simple one-off)

  65. The ‘code’ in 25A is from where exactly? Unless it’s like our .au is it?

  66. Robin, the code is Rugby Union = RU. CHE is the usual revolutionary and IBM is, of course, modelled at the end.

  67. Thanks Mort. How many times has DA’s love of sports let me down? I had the RU but the .ru ‘code’ for Russia was all I could relate it to!

  68. Congratulations Celia Fate, on your triumph with DA’s anagram on ABC’s Sunday Extra this morning!

  69. Michael, I don’t know of any access to crosswords unless subscribing. However I have had some luck in the past by going to the Newsagent and asking for a back copy or going to coffee shops with newspapers and doing same. I do the crossword on my iPad and I wouldn’t go back to paper versions. You don’t need to wait until the next day to confirm it is correct.

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