DA Confusion for the 5th of June, 2015

Have your confusions sorted out here.

Be warned: this week’s is going to be a very tough thematic puzzler. Settle in for a beauty.

133 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 5th of June, 2015

  1. Is it poss a very early bird DATripper could please post a link to a digital copy of 4/6 DAXW?
    n.b. this is not a cryptic clue.

  2. CF, I am also sorry; I have no link.

    All finished, but a couple of word plays escape me. 9A, 26A and 2D are an issue for me.

  3. What a clever cryptic crossword.
    Took me quite a while to get the theme. Came mainly from 1A and 1D and trying to concentrate / find just the cryptic component.
    But then even once done, it still was a “normal” DA to solve.
    Whilst all were good, thought the 17D in 18A, 22A, 28A, 8D, 14D were very good.
    The best to me was 6D.
    (Although I think same should have occurred at 20D as well – maybe “tor-trap”)

  4. Jack:
    9A – “roll” gives synonym for letters 1,2,3. “items. dropping rope’s end” = letters 5,4,7,6

  5. 26A – “exec at Apple scratched head” gives 1,2,3. “solution” gives 4,5,6,7.

  6. Thanks Ray. I have never heard 1,2,3 of 9A before. I don’t know what I was thinking with 26A.

    I agree that 6D was the pick of the bunch. My key to the theme was 10A, which I got immediately and then scratched my head over it for an hour.

  7. The answer to 2D is very clever, but the wordplay still has me baffled.

  8. My initial instinct, probably the correct one, was to shred this. Another Friday funday ruined. No hope of gretting 17D, no hope of solving any other clue. Thought 1A might be an anagram, but only word that comes up seems unrelated to second part of clue. Bah!

  9. Jack – think the wordplay is as simple as “Stemmed one flying over”.

  10. Just got the theme with 1a and 21 down, but not 17 as yet
    Off to work again today
    So I’ll have to wait to finish it tomoz
    Hopefully I’ll have lots of nice clues to help me along

  11. Arthur C. – 1A is an anagram.
    As Jack mentioned, now try 10A. If get that, then maybe theme will become a little clearer.

  12. Arthur have another go with the anagram idea, maybe with a new word combo…
    That is, with 1a

  13. Good morning Arthur. I would suggest that you persevere. Once you get 17A, this puzzle becomes easier than normal, as it becomes clear which part of the clue is the definition and which part is the wordplay.

  14. Thanks, Ray and MJH. I tried two combos for 1A, one yielded a word. Is there a third possibility? will look.

  15. Hi again, Ray. I was afraid that you would say that about 2D. I believe that this makes it a double definition, the first one very poor and thus ruining the cleverness of the second. Also, it should have been treated as 6D was treated.

  16. Thanks, Jack, but that 17 clue remains meaningless at the moment. I feel really chuffed when I do (rarely) solve a DA crossword, feel deflated when I have to give it away. Will continue to look at 17, but no light at the moment. I had half a gut(full) in 1A, but where does the ‘minor pots’ fit with that? Baffling.

  17. Arthur C. – until you get the theme, the defn is rubbish. Best I could do was try to guess and solve the cryptic part (ignoring what I thought might be defn) and then when had a few looked for the theme.

  18. Jack – 2D – I agree – though it is a “soft” cryptic clue as it stands. See similar to this in a few UK cryptic crosswords.

  19. Hope this is not a spoiler:
    17D – “debonair actors’ bottoms” gives letters 5,6. “show” gives 1,2,3,4,7,8.

  20. Ray, I’ve looked again and again at 17, but absolutely no idea what it might mean. Will just put it aside till tomorrow, very sad, I love doing these crosswords even if I rarely finish one without assistance. But this is hopeless. try again next week.

  21. Digital “Today’s paper” not loading and the iPad app printout is an awful pixilated mess. I hope they get it all sorted soon.

  22. I have 1D but can’t see what element is needed “before being solvable’ – it seems straightforward, an anagram followed by a word that mean “to get on.” I think I have 29A also but this seems solvable on its own, too. What am I missing?

  23. Victor – so you say the defn for 1D is “Deliberately ram”? – yeah – maybe – but no.
    And for 29A, I am guessing you have defn as “In America, all rats game”? – does that make sense? – again no, not as it stands.

  24. I have a digital subscription but the “digital edition” is not loading. It’s been getting slower all week and I’ve just logged a complaint about it.

    Not having DA has really ruined my breakfast!

  25. Mort at 8:51.
    I am in the same uncomfortable boat. The lack of the DA crossword has left me with a strange lassitude. I have yet to decide whether to attack some chores or to trudge through the cold to buy a newspaper.

    If I choose the latter, I would become a true DA tripper.

  26. I think I’ve got the theme pretty quickly, haven’t got 17d but can see the theme in it; got it from 1a. I’m assuming I’ve got 1a right at least …

  27. Yep 3d seems to have confirmed my suspicions, still no 17d but don’t think I need it

  28. Mort @ 9:52.
    Thanks for your help. Alas, The Age is not recognising my Log-In details, even though the Fairfax site says that this should be possible.
    I will keep trying.

  29. Almost there but a few stragglers.

    I have all cross letter for 19D, and have an answer that works for the second definition but can’t see how it fits with the 17A.

    I can’t find any 17A in 5D.

    6A, 12A, 6D, 8D also unsolved.

  30. Think I’ve nutted out one across, suggests a theme, but could be wrong >.<

  31. Indigo – I guess you mean 17D above.
    The keys to the ones you have in question, in order you list, are: Spans, Top, flow, Sub and god, nametag.

  32. Utterly Hoomiliating! Looked again, and again. Has anyone else given it up as hopeless? If not, would someone please hand me a dunce’s cap?

  33. Argh! I have 9A, 10A and 26A, and they give no clues to any theme. I’m too amateur for this

  34. Almost all done before twigging to the theme, then I got 17D that confirmed it.
    6A has a double theme in it – very nice.

    As per Indigo above, I have 19D which relates to “studio models” but cannot see how it fits the theme …

  35. Phoebe, if you have 10A, ask yourself what the word “live” is doing in the clue. Where the answer really “live”, or something else?

  36. Alright, finally got 17d after getting about 15 others haha, I should’ve looked back at it earlier, was actually quite easy and I knew which half was the defn already anyway.

  37. Kenneth, re 4D, I agree: there is nothing in the clue to suggest it should be shortened.

  38. Any help with 17D? I assume defn is “Paws” I think I get the next few words being two letters but am stumped by “show”

  39. Stuart, re 17D “show” is given by 1-4 and 7-8. I cannot XXXXXX the answer this early in the day.

  40. Stuart you are on the right track. 2 letters for the first half go into 6 letter word for ‘show’

  41. @Ray, no, I meant 19D. Like Mort, I can’t see the theme fit. I had the theme words for the others but yet to solve them.

  42. Indigo – above at 10:36 you kept writing 17A where I think you meant 17D.
    As for 19D if things are yyyyyyy they are xxxxx.

  43. I think I’ve finished for the second time in my life. A few guesses really, can’t exactly parse them all.

  44. p.s. Dave – can you tell me how you got such a clear image of the crossword? I usually capture part of the screen from the digital edition, zoomed, but never get it with such clarity!

  45. A last clue to Arthur, or anyone else still without the theme. The word that fits 1A’s wordplay is pretty easy to find. So the remainder of the clue must be the definition, but clearly needs a tweak. What does it resemble that would in fact constitute a good definition? This approach will work with other clues where you think you see a wordplay solution.

    It’s worth pursuing, because the rest is an easyish, fun time.

  46. I did come back for another look, no better off. A couple of hints given, ie, Ag above
    ‘The word that fits 1A’s wordplay is pretty easy to find. So the remainder of the clue must be the definition, but clearly needs a tweak’. I had put in semicolon, anagram of lionscome. But if that is right, what does ‘to minor pots’ mean. No, this one was far too clever for this simpleton. As I said way up there, it spoiled my whole day.

  47. Arthur C. – what if the defn said “to minor stop”?
    Would that make more sense?
    And if so, how can that change occur? What would you need to do to “pots”?

  48. Well this calls for a drink tonight – despite my earlier pain I’ve managed to finish the whole thing, the first time ever for DA!!

    Thanks Mort, once I worked out your clue the answers started pouring out. that was fun!

    Have to agree with some earlier comments though – I don’t love the defn for 6A, or 15A. Favourite one was 8D

  49. Re the discussion of 4D, note that it is linked (…) to 3D. So if you apply that you could read as “xxxxx … film pioneer” and as such the “e” at the end is removed. Maybe wrong.

  50. Well well!! We were getting a bit smug with our ability to get DA out in an hour or two, but not today. A great challenge and much enjoyed. Thank you Ray for your help.

  51. HandM – I agree – a very good one today by DA. Actually close to his best in a lot of ways.
    And you are more than welcome – I hope it helps (without going too far).
    A few years ago I never attempted DA CXW on Friday as I could get none. It was very frustrating.
    Then I found this site and with the help of such people as Rupert and Gayle (and BTW where r you???) I started to get it.
    My hope is others find this site as a help and so they too can “crack” the DA thinking.

  52. What fun! Just got started, so trying not to read too many hints on here yet, but wanted to say ‘Thanks, DA!’

  53. Still have a few to go. Worked out the theme early and have found the themed bits of all clues. Hadn’t heard of 28A, and don’t understand the word play. Think I know 5D, but not where the first two letters come from or why the billionaire is loveless. Completely stuck on 6, 8, 12, 15 & 18.

  54. Dave R – 28A – removed first and last letter (“exposed”) from a (simple) word for “Bouquet boutique”.

  55. 6D – IMHO the best one for today. It is a double defn. So both words have to be exposed to 17D. So do that and what is both new words.

  56. 12A – key word here is “flow”. “Avoid” = 5 letter synonym for 1-5. “second drink” = 6 letter synonym for 6-11.

  57. 15A – key word here is “plug”. “digs” = 4 letter synonym for 1,2,3,4,6. “power” = 5.

  58. 15A – key words here are “name caps”. “by” = 1. “one” = letter 3. “skin” gives 5 letter synonym – “cut” removes last letter – for letters 2,4,5,6.

  59. 5D – “a” gives 3 letter synonym that is “loveless” for letters 1,2.

  60. Thanks Ray. Should have got 6D as I’ve spent a lot of time on them (the ‘sub’ kind). I think I’ve worked out 18A; a show I’ve vaguely heard of, but unsure of word play. I have been trying to think of a synonym for ‘nametag’, and I have just come up with one which fits in with 6A (I know of a recently departed author of that name, but not a composer). Shall keep working on 12A following your hints.

  61. Dave R. – 6A is not right – it is left. But this still gives the same letter to start to 8D.

  62. Anyone follow DA @dontattempt on twitter……

    “Hardly the #cryptic crossword for rookies in today’s @smh. More your retro experts. #clueswithatwist”


  63. Got stuck for a long time in SE corner because I had 16d wrong. (That’ll teach me not to slap in the answer to an anagram without actually checking I have the right letters!) Now left with 18a and 19d – I can see the def in both cases, but not the answer.

  64. Mary – 18A – key words here are “name caps”. “by” = 1. “one” = letter 3. “skin” gives 5 letter synonym – “cut” removes last letter – for letters 2,4,5,6.

  65. 19D – some discussion above. See:
    Ray | June 5, 2015 at 12:58 pm |
    Ray | June 5, 2015 at 1:03 pm |

  66. How do I parse 22a, please?
    I have the answer just can’t explain it.

  67. pjhtko – 22A – “say” – letters 1,2,3,8,9,10,11. “character” – letters 4,5,6,7. “lines” = container.
    Defn = 17D of “Reward”.

  68. Mary re 19D see Ray’s comments above. It stumped me too. Wow, a cricketing reference from one who knows nothing about the game!

    19D – some discussion above. See:
    Ray | June 5, 2015 at 12:58 pm |
    Ray | June 5, 2015 at 1:03 pm |

  69. I, too, would like to thank Ray for his help. Knowing only that I had to ‘paws’ something I was at a loss until I read his very first post this morning and looked closely at 1A and 1D which set me on my way. It didn’t help in 8D that you can apply 17D to ‘door’!

  70. Arthur, I’ll join you with a dunce’s cap. After pondering for over an hour then reading all the above, I still don’t have any idea. In six or so years I’ve only ever completely solved about five DAs, but this is the first time I couldn’t get a single answer.

  71. Geoff, the easiest clue (in my opinion) is 10A. “Garner Millions” – ignore the even letters and you get a creature from an old movie. These creatures are not “live”, but are the reverse (I think it’s okay to use that word this late in the day).

    Once you have that, every clue contains a word that can be similarly applied. After that, the crossword is really very easy. I managed to solve about 80% of it before getting the theme; although I had noticed that there were many seemingly unnecessary words in each clue whilst, at the same time, seeming to lack a definition.

  72. Well. I wanted to side with Arthur, but Lynne persisted, and with tripper help we got there, so thanks everyone who posted hints.

  73. My wife calls the regular DA cryptics “Moebius pretzel logic”. Today’s (5th June), is a backward moebius pretzel with a double back-flip. Well done! Very enjoyable.

  74. I was very disappointed with the “17D” part of 2D. I was sure the answer would be a relationship between Thomas Edison and Ireland!

  75. Mort, thanks for your help. Following your advice I was able complete about half the puzzle which is about my average.

  76. Does 20a start with b ? – cos I can’t think of a word that fits, with all the cross letters done. Thanks.

  77. As someone said, way up ^, if you couldn’t crack 17D, you had no hope. i had no idea. Please, DA, don’t do that to me again. I solved only 1A and 3D, though I didn’t understand either. Bring on next Friday!

  78. All done AT LAS !! 20a was the hardest for me , and I still can’t work it out (except for the def). Help please?

  79. What a great crossword! Solved with with my partner who has never seen a DA before, and what an introduction! We only had to cheat a little by coming here for some clues twice this morning.

    Loved the 17Ds in 8, 18, 26 and 28, and the wordplay of the definitions on the whole grid was pretty much excellent.

    Had some trouble justifying some, such as letter 1 of 18A, until I thought of mathematics, and I thought 2D might have been a little more cryptic. Also, 21D I had mis-parsed, and thought that ‘mullets’ got 17D’d rather than ‘eton’.

  80. Ray, I had also put in Grass for 6A. Enjoyed your hint at 3.27pm, it was like another DA clue!

  81. Finished, finally. Got PAWS fairly quickly but still had issues finding everything. Agree that 8D was good, it also helps for 18A. I needed help today people, thanks for the clues. I did like the wordplay even though it has me tearing my hair out to start with.

  82. I’d be grateful if someone could explain 2D and 18A. I’ve seen the answers but still don’t understand.
    Despite eventually getting some of it out, I must again agree with Arthur. I hope we don’t the likes of it again.

  83. Geoff 2D isn’t that great a clue in my opinion. “Stemmed one” refers to the Maple Leaf – which is the Canadian flag that flies over Lake Erie. Erie is, of course Eire reversed.

    18A “skin” is FLESH; cut this to get FLES. “One stopping” means put 1 (or I) into FLES to get FILES. By is represented by X as in “six by three = 18”; 6 x 3 = 18.

  84. Thanks Mort. I can see them now they’re explained but would never have solved them, particularly 2D. I also think it’s a pretty poor clue.

  85. Back temporarily, have a bit of time on my hands, just picked up a copy Sunday night. Just as I got the theme, Esio Trot came on the TV. A bit of an 18A moment.
    Am about a third of the way through at the moment.

  86. Got over half of it out before giving up. Even with the theme I was still having trouble parsing some of the clues. Time for bed, but a clever puzzle.

  87. Not having had to come here for help this week, I’ve just dropped in now to see what everyone thought of it. is it just me or was this crossword unusuallu easy for DA once 17d was solved? Admittedly, 17d came to me (unusually) almost as soon as I set eyes on the page, so maybe that has something to do with why I didn’t feel so challenged.

  88. On another note, I think the def for 6a is perfectly legit. It’s a standard Australian beer measurement, albeit known as a middy in NSW.

  89. Hi, Could someone please help with the wordplay for compartment (character lines say) (sorry, can’t remember clue number) . And what was/were the desserts running down starting with S?
    Thanks. Grant

  90. Grant –
    22A – Reward character lines say
    “Reward” goes to “drawer” as per theme and is defn.
    “character” gives “part” – letters 4,5,6,7.
    “say” gives “comment” – letters 1,2,3,8,9,10,11.
    “lines” is container indicator.

    14D – “desserts” –> SYLLABUBS

  91. 29A,31A I think two sayings are mixed up here. “Have it both ways” (even if you can’t) and “have a bit each way”. I don’t think there is a “have a bit both ways”. Is there?

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