DA Confusion for the 29th of May, 2015

Have your DA confusions sorted out right here.

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  1. Done and dusted.
    Not overly difficult today I thought, although did get missed directed on a couple and learnt a couple of new words.

  2. All solved, but not totally sure how 21a wordplay works. Girls virtually gives 1,2,6,7,8 but 3,4,5 not so clear.

  3. Jack – 21A – X,3,4,5,Y is 5 letter word for “desires” – which when “unwrapping” leaves 3,4,5

  4. Thanks Ray, that makes sense. All in all, this was one of DA’s milder efforts.

  5. Must indeed be mild. Late start, about 12 in so far. A bit baffled by 24A, because there is an E where I thought there should be an I. Much work still to do.

  6. Arthur C, the E instead of I early in 24 across has always puzzled me too, but then you’d still need the E & the word would be longer, wouldn’t it?

  7. All out except lots. Busy day so any help with below appreciated …
    ACROSS 1 10 12 19 21 (additional to above posts)
    DOWN 4 7 13 19
    Not sure re 22 Down but if I need to take a hiding, backward, then I have the correct answer.

  8. Agree it was on the easy side. Despite having lived in Australia for almost fifty years, I have never heard of 2D or 24A; and, on the latter, I agree with Arthur: what happened to the missing I?

    Thought 13D very convoluted; another of those clues that have to be solved before parsing.

  9. Celia, 1A definition is US poet, a female one. Detective = 1-4; party to = 5,6,8,9; small = 7.

  10. Celia 4D definition is “orderly”. Sounds like a relative and a pick.
    7D think of a docker in terms of animals.
    10A definition is “one tick”. Fair gives first word; dwarf gives last word.
    12A ignore the word “held”. “Against” gives first word; “old prophet” gives second. Definition is “dwindle”

  11. couple of dodgy homophones in 4 down
    Aargh had too large a dwarf in 10 across, once sized down now only scratching my head re@ two letter of 12 across. I never really classed that bloke as a prophet though!

  12. Thanks for the posts had worked out all but 12 before reading them. Mort you’ve mixed up 6 down definition and 12 across wordplay.

  13. Sorry, “7D think of a docker in terms of animals” should relate to 6D.

    Sorry again: 12A ignore the word “held”. “Against” gives first word; “old prophet” gives second. Definition is “dwindle” should be definition is “leg pulling”; I was thinking of “swindle”. I’ve a very bad head cold today so I may desist from posting…

  14. Mort & Arthur C … needed a near-rhyme for Pandemonium?
    the real reason is that it’s based on a former unofficial one-word name
    My Oz Concise Oxford gives the no-I spelling
    Wikipedia entry gives both that and a two word version that includes the I

  15. Agree with Celia about the dodgy 4D homophones. I get that “relative” is 1,2,3 for the abbreviated version (or 1,2,3,4,5 for the full “relative”?). But how is 4-10 (or 6-10?) a homophone for “pick/pick of”? Can someone enlighten this Canadian please :-)

  16. Thanks Ray! New word for me. This was the only wordplay that I couldn’t decipher, so now I can sleep easier tonight (still Thursday here!)

  17. Hello All, I have been too scared to tackle Friday’s Cryptic as in the past was not able to even get one. With the help of this site I have been getting close to half done over the past few weeks. I am now learning his tricks and wizardry. Could anyone help me with 26/17 Across, 13 Down (i think this ends in an ‘i’…) and 24 across (have seen the posts on this, but don’t know where to start. Regards. Billy

  18. Billy,
    26A/17A – defn = “Back to me”. “marshal” = anagrind – fodder = “saw one” for letters 1,2,3,4. “testing metal?” gives 8 letter synonym for letters 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

  19. 13D – as Mort has indicated, this is complicated:
    “raise” gives 4 letter synonym. “Virtually” removes last letter for letter 1,2,3. “search” gives 5 letter synonym for letters 4,5,6,7,8. “attain odd” gives letters 9,10,11. Defn = “comic from yore”.

  20. 24A – defn = “Old Tasmanian”. “truck” gives 3 letter synonym for letters 1,2,3. “fiend” gives 5 letter synonym for letters 4,5,6,7,8. “one” gives letter 9. “arson case” gives letters 10,11.

  21. Thanks so much Ray! Going into a meeting now. Am sure these are going to be very helpful when I return.

  22. I got through most of this without too much struggle but getting stuck in SE corner. I also don’t have the first or third letter of the third word for 2D. Stuck with 23D, 22D and 28A which no one else has mentioned. I’m pretty chuffed I got through so much before needing to pop in. Thanks Ray for your explanation of 21A at 7:26 am as I’d had the same problem. Still several to parse.

  23. Ann – 22D – not a container by my understanding of the term for cryptic crosswords.

  24. CC (and Ann) –
    2D – anagrind = “divert”. fodder = “Age customer”.
    28A – anagrind = “Sickly”. fodder = “endearing”.
    22D – hidden reverse.
    23D – double defn – “Serving great” and “aliens on Star Trek?”.

  25. Finally, I just shredded it. Bad situation here, Margaret has serious circulation problem in lower legs, two or three stents needed in each, but no prediction as to when the op might happen. My mother, at same age (also diabetic) had both legs removed below knee , died shortly after. Not a good situation.

  26. Very sorry to hear Arthur. My best wishes and prayers to Margaret and yourself.

  27. Thanks, Ray. I had all the cross letters but wasn’t sure which way to go from there.
    Sorry to hear, Arthur. Hope everything works out okay.

  28. All out.
    Arthur, I also wish the best to your Margaret. Hope she can get her operation very soon.

  29. Arthur, praying for Margaret to get operation soon and for good recovery.
    Can anyone help me with 7d. The only one left, two out of the three letters and still not a clue.

  30. O the penny just dropped! I guess I won’t need that note anymore :)
    My favourite was 11a. Loved the oblique definition.

  31. Arthur, my very best wishes to Margaret and to you. Hope to keep seeing you here despite your travails: “mens sana in corpore sano” works both ways.

  32. Thanks so much Ray. Your help made me complete my first DA!
    I am now addicted.

  33. Congrats Billy.
    For years I avoided DA’s Friday cryptic – until I found this site.
    It helped me immensely and I hope similar for you.

  34. Me too Billy. I even wrote a letter complaining about DA being moved to Saturday once. But the I read his ‘Puzzled’, found this site and haven’t looked back!

  35. Is the definition missing from 22D? It seems to me it needs something like “Smooth” at the beginning of the clue.

  36. Mike re 22D, if you drop a part of a word (usually a consonant, but can be a vowel), you 22D it. As in Parl-a- ment, or Wensday. Hence the definition “drop”.

  37. Thinking of you Arthur and Margaret – signed, longtime fan of the DA Tripper community and, also of you.

  38. Very late start today so just catching up with today’s posts.
    So sorry to hear your news Arthur. Every good wish to you and Margaret.

  39. All out, not quite the same on a Saturday morning but thanks to everyone
    Best wishes to Arthur and margaret

  40. VERY best wishes to Margaret & Arthur. Just off to buy the answers – but any last unsubtle hints for 16a , 21a & 22d ( and the last half of 8d) and I will have one last try before looking. Cheers all.

  41. Arthur, I sincerely hope the best for Margaret. I watched my dad go through similar with his diabetes and know something of what you’re going through. I’ve made a donation to Diabetes Australia Vic. Thanks for reminding me how important it is to support these charities. xo

  42. This will probably be my last post (or at least my last for some time). The Age has messed up my subscription and on top of a series of late or at times missing deliveries, I’ve decided not to renew it. Am also going to be traveling for the next few months, might review the situation when I return.
    Meanwhile thanks to all of you for your help in getting my head around DA’s dastardliness, best wishes, especially to Arthur and Margaret.

  43. I would be grateful if someone could explain the answer to 8D. Apart from ‘on the house’ meaning ‘free’ I am completely flummoxed.

  44. GeoffD – 8D – This was clever (if I am right). I think this is how it works.
    You have the “Free” from “On the house”.
    Now “based” is “when hospitalised?” and I think this is “hospitalised” meaning “in bed” and “when” meaning “as” – so if you put “as” “in bed” you get B AS ED”.

  45. Ray, thanks for the explanation.
    I can follow your reasoning, but would never have worked it out as the expression ‘freebased’ was completely unknown to me in relation to cocaine or anything else!!

  46. DA had to wait ’til Sunday, but all my best to you and Margaret, Arthur.

  47. nn- I urge you to get a tablet and subscribe. No need to worry about delivery and you can get the paper whenever you have internet access. The other advantage is it will tell you if you have completed it successfully and even highlight the wrong letters of you ask it to. I usually do the crosswords on my iPad using The Age app. You can also still check in on this site.

  48. thanks Margaret
    I had a weekend subscription with digital access, but they kept messing it up. I have android and the Age app on that includes the sudoku, but not the crossword (although you can get a non interactive copy through the web page version). I’ve seen it on ipad, pity they don’t support Android to the same extent. As I’m off travelling for a few months I’m probably not going to have time and/or regular internet connection anyway, so I’ll think about it again when I get back

  49. We have a 4 day delivery with the 7 day digital access. I never do a paper crossword now unless my tablet isn’t with me. It would be nice if they gave access to the crossword database, like they used to and an app that worked on a pc, like they used to. I used to stock up if I was travelling. I did a bunch of them train travelling across Canada; very relaxing. Have a wonderful time travelling around.

  50. Very sorry to hear what you and Margaret are going through, Arthur, and wish you both all the very best.

  51. I will miss your contributions, nn, as so often we seem to be at about the same pace. Enjoy your travels and I feel pretty sure you’ll be back…!

  52. This week’s was a good one for me, all finished except 23D without coming here.

    23D A lazy Google had given me TONG for this as the Star Trek sites seemed to indicate this (not a fan myself). “Serving great” reminded Ray. Well tongs are great servers but you need two of them surely? Ian had the answer of course and I kicked myself, wrong type of serve!

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