DA Confusion for the 15th of May, 2015

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  1. Boy – was DA in a mood when he set this!. Every trick under the sun. And to me some are so obscure, in both clue and answer.

  2. Spot on Ray. Quite tough today. I’ve got about 2/3 of the way through. Got the theme early on but still can’t get 9,10,14 and 23A. An early hint or two would be appreciated.

  3. 9A – “Zeppelin pilot fished from” removes 1 letter from a 5 letter word for “Blue” for letters 2,3,4,5. “Lakes holding” gives letters 1,6.

  4. 14A – “Stylishly” gives synonym(?) for letters 1,2,5,6,7,8. “accepting news” = letters 3,4.

  5. 23A – “Horse” gives 4 letter type. “race’s initially delayed” moves first letter of this to last for letters 2,3,4,5. “detained by” = container. “dancers” = letters 1,6,7,8,9,10

  6. At last – 10A – “State” = homophone indicator for a word which could mean “celebrity” – especially in movie context.

  7. Looked through clues, could not see a single answer, I think this one will be binned. Have to take Margaret to hospital now, Doppler test on lower leg. Terrible problem, effect of diabetes. May look back later.

  8. I do love themes. 12A was first in so I thought that the theme was blues musicians… isn’t that funny?

  9. Ray – 2D is the ‘one Down’ and works similarly to 10A. Think Sydney 2000.

  10. Just got 10 and 23A. 10 could be alternate spelling as I don’t have 2 D yet. I thought state could also be definition.

  11. Jack R – 2D – thanks – and yes I agree.
    I actually got that a bit earlier which finally led to me getting 10A.

  12. Thank Ray and Jack, 9 and 2 in. 4 to go. I’d better head off for a sleep now after working all night. Cheers.

  13. Only time so far for a quick glance, but enough to point out that 6D is not an island.

  14. Crumbs this hard
    I think I have the theme from 9 and 12
    Only other one i have is 6 down…
    Should be fun to work on this one!

  15. Dave R – 6D – I think there is an island of the same name in that group.

  16. No more DA for me. You can’t have undefined cryptic clues it defeats the purpose. It’s the same reason I gave up Sudoku – if you have to guess it’s no fun anymore.

  17. No dont give up Greg. DAs are just so much more satisfying when you solve them. There has already been several large clues above to the theme today. If you can crack 12 A, it will give you a good clue to the theme.

  18. Kim. – 1D – definition is last two words; five-letter synonym for beginning gives “fastens” a three-letter anagram.

  19. Completely and utterly stumped despite above. Quite despondent. Hope Margaret is ok Arthur

  20. More than two hours in hospital waiting room, solved two anagrams and probably one other. Not very encouraging, must read the above looking for clues. Not much to build on.

  21. Try using 20A as a starter for theme:
    20A – “at” = letters 1,2. “family’s” gives synonym for letters 3,4,5,6. “happening” (as in occurring) gives synonym for letters 7,8.

  22. I’m ticking through slowly and I think I have the theme. 3D was my first in then 12A & 9A. I thought it was pairs, but looks like singles instead.

  23. Kim – Jack’s hint is good. For the “beginning” you need to get personal. “fastens” is a container signpost for the “bad fracture”

  24. Thank you, SezClom. Won’t get scan result till Wednesday. Couldn’t sleep last night for thinking about possible outcomes, amputation being the least desirable.
    Kim, I’ve also read above, but helpers’ clues often seem more obtuse to me than DA’s. I have only 6D, 13D (I hope) and 19D. Would love to get 1D, but couldn’t fathom clue given above. Time for after–dinner nap, I think.
    I have a possible 20A, a person’s name? Comedian?

  25. Hello all – been silently using your clues for a few weeks now but today I thought I’d join in!
    I’ve managed only 4 so far today – can someone please give a hint for 12A? A few people have mentioned being able to get that one but for me it’s sadly not so obvious

  26. Phoebe – 12A – a 3 letter synonym for “Everyone” goes past (“surpasses”) to give letters 4,5,6, “31 days” for letters 1,2,3.
    Without the theme, it MAY look a silly answer – but that is ALL right.

  27. Ah, thank you. I managed to get the theme so now that answer doesn’t seem quite so strange!

  28. It now appears from some clues for 12A above that my 13D, where I thought ‘Appliances’ was a perfect answer, must be wrong. So it looks like I’ll end with no more than two, or maybe three. Too hard for me, this one. Frustrating. May look back later, but I think my instintive first reaction – bin it – was probably correct.

  29. I have all except 2d – cannot think of any link to Sydney 2000. Can think of a few synonyms & homonyms for “opening” but none of them fit the theme.
    Reckon I’m in for an “ah of course” moment.

  30. Arthur your 13D IS correct. 12A is a themed answer as well as a blues musician. I knew the musician but not the themed one. See Ray’s comment above re 12A.

  31. Dom, 2D is the same nationality as 8A. He usually works with another person on the ABC.

  32. 17A should be 5,1,1 and that makes all the difference to cowardly grid-fillers like me who can’t commit to putting words in squares.

  33. Well, I had thought my 13D correct, but didn’t go with my interpretation of Ray’s clue. I tried Googling the combination of the two bits, didn’t find an answer but will try again.

  34. Odd! I put those letters in before, no answer. Now, loads of then! So, up to five, and a clue what the theme is. Probably not going to get a lot more. Not familiar with that category.

  35. Arthur, the theme isn’t that familiar to me although I’d heard of most of them. 15A is very old and famous and you have the middle letter from the 13D answer.

  36. Finally a chance to get back to it. Only SE quarter to go. Hope all goes well with Margaret, Arthur.

  37. I think my American accent may be tripping me up for 2D – it is a clue similar to 10A, right? I think I understand the “Sydney 2000” hint after a bit of google. It’s a new one for me.

  38. Crypticrochet yes, the accent will definitely trip you up with that clue! Sounds like you got it though :)

  39. Stuck on 17A and 18D. Also not sure of word play for first part of 22/26. Get the “past summit”. OK, no sooner had I typed this than it came to me. Yes, “top secret” is typically DA clever. Help with the other two would be greatly appreciated.

  40. 17a should be 5,1,1
    He has a show shown on abc 2 in 20 minute slots, but not currently.
    Try every alternate letter of first word
    Then break last word up: in secure

  41. Dave R – 18D – Defn = “Skippers”. “head” gives 4 letter synonym for letters 1,2,3,4. “parents” (as a verb) gives a 5 letter synonym – with middle letter removed (“discontented”) for letters 5,6,7,8.

  42. This has been a struggle, partly because I too started with the assumption that 12a was a bluesbreaker, so was initially looking for musicians. I’m left with 24a and 18d.

  43. Thanks, Ray, for 18d. – was about to say still can’t see 24a butthen it hit me with a cigar!

  44. Thanks, Ray. I had guessed 18D from the cross letters and def’n, but hadn’t wrestled sufficiently with the word play.

  45. Thanks for the ‘best wishes’ Dave R. Back now from playing pool (lost every game, I think). Only eight solved, if I could solve a few more Downs, it might help with the others. Will potter ropund for a while, but not expecting to get any more Will reread above.

  46. No more! Looked at list of themed characters, thousands of them. So, into the bin. Try again next week.

  47. Thanks to Mort I’ve now got 2D, but I have no idea of 5D, 7D and 18D. With 18D my cross letters don’t seem to help for “skippers” being the definition. Is 24A one of some brothers? From all the comments I’m happy to have got as many as I did!

  48. Ann – For 5D put a space between love and bird then try it. I had to look up definition of “bally”
    for 7D def. is first word and “about” is a reversal signpost.

  49. Thanks, Crypticrochet. I had an incorrect “right” in 11A which made 5D quite impossible. What I then got for 7D seems only defined as urban slang. Similarly 18D doesn’t appear in my dictionary either. Both come up with definitions on google, however.

  50. Way too hard for me. I got about 4 down clues in 2 hours before coming here.
    I agree with Greg (10.02am) – if you don’t have definitions you don’t have a cryptic crossword at all, you have a different (and far less interesting) puzzle altogether.

    Now about half way through with lots of help from here and a wikipedia list of the themed characters. But not at all satisfying, it’s only my sheer bloody mindedness that has made me carry on!

    I have the same problem as Ann for 18D. I currently have C-P-R-R- which doesn’t seem to fit any word. Maybe someone can tell me which of these cross letters is wrong?

    Also still stuck on most of the top half, several of which haven’t been mentioned at all so far e.g. 8A. I thought maybe it started with M & finished with F or vice-versa but that doesn’t seem to have got me anywhere?
    Any clue for 4D as well?

  51. Julian, 18D is a terrible clue and a terrible word. Letters 1-3 are from “head”. Balance is from a word that could mean parents, although it applies to anyone (especially aged -XXXXX). Whole word means “skippers” as in people skip, they also do letters 1-5.

  52. Julian 4D, A couple of fellows gives 1-3. The balance sounds like a word for vanquished. Answer means plague, as a verb.

  53. Your 18D cross letters are correct. From Ray’s clue: – 18D – Defn = “Skippers”. “head” gives 4 letter synonym for letters 1,2,3,4. “parents” (as a verb) gives a 5 letter synonym – with middle letter removed (“discontented”) for letters 5,6,7,8.

    I’m still working it out too, but the “head” part is geographical not physical.

  54. Julian: those are the letters I had for 18D and there is actually a word that fits them.
    I got it from Ray’s post at 2:53. However, it wasn’t in my dictionary as I said.
    Re 8A you are correct with M first and F last. He is an Australian version of the theme (most recently on the ABC).
    4D: the definition is plague, ‘couple of fellows’ as letters 2 and 3.

  55. Mort – look at Ray’s comment at 2.53 for full parsing of 18d. The ‘head is letters 1-4, not 1-3

  56. Julian 8A is a local member of the theme. It has both sexes at the extremes of the answer. In between is a “short” version of “named” after a single letter from the clue.

  57. OK thanks all. Never heard of 8A.
    Don’t think 18D is such a bad clue – skippers certainly had me misdirected. Had pencilled in CAPTAINS until I got 26A.
    Mainly top right corner to go now. Although I still haven’t made any sense of the discussions earlier about 2D and 10A.

  58. SezClom – think u r going to kick yourself.
    3D – defn = “International”. “finals” of:

  59. Julian – pretty sure 10A and 25A are members of the same famous group.
    As for 2D, with the correct cross letters, you could put in the singular of the games – but that, whilst related, would not be correct.

  60. Kes – 17A – see Crypticrochet | May 15, 2015 at 1:24 pm |
    Having said that, “in” (container) – “secure” = letters 1,2,6,7. “Unit’s regular” = letters 3,4,5.

  61. Kes, 7D is a pretty clue, just ask Manfred Mann. Bally = letters 1-7; love = 8. Answer is a bird.

    17A As mentioned above, the answer should be 5,1,1.

  62. 7D – see Crypticrochet | May 15, 2015 at 4:39 pm |
    …. for 7D def. is first word and “about” is a reversal signpost.
    So this gives letters 3,2,1.
    PLUS what 3 letter word for “trouble” could gives letters 4,5,6

  63. Ray – still can’t get it. I was banking on 9a being Fry’s mate but I might be wrong.

  64. I am in Saudi Arabia with no access to DA. Would a fellow datripper be willing to email a grid to me. I would appreciate it greatly.

  65. PMc I’d need your email and I can send you one.

    Would someone explain 11A for me, please? I got the answer quick enough from cross letters but can’t figure out the clue. Thanks.

  66. CC, 11A the pot is very Australian and is letters 1-4 and 10. Inside this, reverse A Right, and a synonym for odd (also a drink).

  67. Crypticrochet – 11A – “pot” gives letters 1,2,3,4,10. “a right odd” (“turn”) gives letters 9 8 7,6,5.

  68. Thanks, I got it now. I did not know that term for pot – if it had been “can” I’d have been better. I did have the other elements noted so I’m glad it’s fitting now.

  69. late start for me, got the theme early from 12a, although also thought of the musician at first. Seeing on the news that B.B. King had just passed away probably helped me go down the wrong track.
    Worked out 17a from some cross letters and wordplay, never heard of him, but google confirmed.
    Can see the thorpedo in 13d, but no idea how the rest of it works. If it wasn’t for Arthur I wouldn’t have the answer.
    Have all of the top half done except for 10a. Have read the above hints but that hasn’t helped, suspect it is someone I’ve never heard of.
    Lots of gaps in the bottom half, will press on, but further explanation of 18a would be useful.

  70. Hooray! Finally. I’ve cracked the code! So now I can get on with it. 24A was the first but I dallied in a different field before hitting on the right person.

  71. Ground to a halt now. Can find a word that sort of means fired up for 16d, can see the one Fairfax setter, but no idea how the rest of it could be clued by “constant wine”
    Am pretty sure I have the right word for 18d, but don’t understand the wordplay despite reading all the above.
    Not a clue on 22a/26a or 23a, 21d, 22d, 24d,
    Will be chucking this in soon, getting tired.

  72. nn – like you, only got 13d from Arthur C. The rest of the wordplay around Thorpedo is the plural of the edible computer maker with first of cash.
    Have a good evening.

  73. nn can’t help you with those. Except for 20a and 18d the bottom half is bare!

  74. Unfortunately the theme is just too large, so no hope of googling when you only have one or two cross letters.

    Steve 19d is an anagram, (slightly loose) def is bear (verb).
    24a is the leader of a famous group of brothers from black and white film days. If you have 10a, then 25a is part of the same group.
    If you manage to get any others, let me know.

  75. nn, 22A/26A Whoop-de-doo: Colour Purple.
    23A American, crude, recently deceased.
    21D Tootle pip, old chap.
    22D Morecambe’s partner plus a couple of letters.
    24D The mafia is the XXX – first three letters. Ultimately bury is letter 4. Title of a book about something in the ocean XXXX Dick.

  76. nn, thanks for 19d, 24a and 25a.
    I’ll see what that yields for the rest and report back.

  77. thanks Mort
    21d, never knew the word meant that!
    Kicking myself over 24d
    no idea on 23a. Can guess the first name from the cross letters, but if I’m right it is a very common one, so not much help. Don’t find American sense of humour all that funny, so possibly someone I’ve not heard of.

  78. and although I have the answer to 22/26 thanks to your hint Mort, I have no idea how that clue works.

  79. gave up and went to Ian’s site for the last one, had the wrong first name, but at least I’d heard of her. Would never have worked that one out from the wordplay either.

  80. I’d seen Ray’s 7.13 post but couldn’t make any sense of it. Although I’ve heard of it, I’d never have thought of that type of horse and I’d misunderstood what he was saying about moving race’s first letter as I thought he meant the word “race”, which I couldn’t fit into the cross letter that I had and I had no idea what the horse had to do with it.
    Time for bed now, been a busy week at work.

  81. nn, 18d wordplay: first 4 letters is head in a geographical sense. 5-8 is a five-letter synonym for “parents” as a verb, minus its middle letter.

  82. Can anyone please tell me how to download a copy of this crossword, as I am unable to obtain a hard copy?

  83. All done, with thanks to Mort and Jack R for help with 1D, 2D, 4D and 18D, and Ray and Crypticrochet for 9A and 7D wordplay. That was rather fun. Horse race misdirection in 23A was particularly amusing. Still don’t get wordplay for 22, 26A despite above hints. Ah well. Might come back tomorrow and see what emerges. Tootlepip.

  84. Many thanks Mort. Just downloaded and printed at Riyadh airport. Got plenty of time on the long haul back to Tassie.

  85. All out bar 2 down presumably a homophone of a word that means “opening”. Saturday Paper will arrive shortly. ” LANE” would fit the space but not the clue.

    22/26 across ” top secret” gives letters 1, 6, 7 [on Twitter this pun would elicit many a “#LOL” or even a “#ROTFLMAO”]; do the hula with “ring” letters 2-5; “past” letters 8-10; “summit” letters 11-14, & “infiltrated” is an inclusion indicator.

  86. Celia Fate you’re right about 2D – one of an Oz duo (actually, the other half is from NZ I think)

  87. Finally finished. Thanks for the clues today people I needed them. I thought the other half of 2D might make an appearance and it was the last one I got. Haven’t heard of 17A at all and agree it should have been 5.1.1; up to then I had been looking for an Asian name. Got the theme from 20A. Arthur, I hope your Margaret is OK.

  88. BTW with the passing of Sir Terry Pratchett may we please have a Discworld themed crossword? It would not only be fitting but I might also have a shot at having heard of most of the characters. That said if I don’t get it all out it will be mortifying. (Pun intended).

  89. Pretty much agree with Greg. When I can’t suss the theme I chuck the crossword away; too much to do to care about dragging a crossy past the weekend. And when I can suss the theme I end up filling in the blanks on autopilot, since I am basically gifted half the grid.

    Pretty much absolutely agree about Sudokus. The instant I come to the “guess” pair of numbers I chuck it away. I flatly refuse to do any puzzle that may need a correction purely because I guess wrong.

  90. That was tough. I could only get three down answers and 12a before I had to go to the answers.

  91. – Did anyone else tumble in to “Slezak” (as in Walter) for 9A?
    – Not entirely happy with 2D as part of the theme. Just a straight man. I think Kaye (as in Danny) would have better in that spot
    – Clue of the millenium – ” top secret” (= wig)…brilliant!!

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