DA Confusion for the 8th of May, 2015

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  1. Struggled a bit on the LHS but finally got there.
    Thought 1D, 15D and 28A were very clever.
    And 25A clever in its linked construction.
    If I have right, don’t really like 9A.
    Thought 10A, 21A, 22A and even 15A a bit complex (but that’s DA).

  2. Good morning Ray
    Good to see your comments
    I have 12a and think I have 13d but not sure of how it fits the clue(definition is “step”)

  3. Overall I thought it was a good DA today. Liked 15d, 5d, 13d and 12a.

  4. Good morning Ian, 3D is a PM, but I havent got 6D yet, so maybe I have been led astray again.

  5. Late start today, then had umpteen emails to deal with. Have about six or seven, have to Google to see if my chef name actually exists! Back later.

  6. Only twelve to go, all on LHS. Sme clues I have worked out, some I’ve guessed first, then interpreted. Does 13D still exist? I remember doing that ca 1950. One of my guesses, still don’T understand all of clue. Progressing.

  7. Celia, 20D was a new word to me. Letters 1-3 given by “complete”; last three by “our tortuous”
    15D an old-fashioned word: letters 1-4 from speed (think drugs);
    25A definition is “grinding away”. The answer is an anagram.

  8. Almost there. I agree that 6d, in ignoring one letter from 3d, is sloppy. Don’t understand where the penultimate letter of 25a comes from, and I am assuming that 26d is a verb, but not one I have ever used with this meaning. Only 18a and 16/24 to go. Hints appreciated, as always.

  9. Dave R – 25A – “cipher”.
    18A – “True” gives letter 1. “light” gives 3 letter synonym for letters 2,3,4. Defn = “bearer”.

  10. 16A / 24D – “cream” = anagrind. Fodder = “Zits” for letters 4,5,6,7. “stops” = container indicator. “ache” gives 4 letter synonym for letters 1,2,3,8. Defn = “minute” (not time)

  11. Getting there. Thanks Arthur for your clue for 13d. Any help with 22a,29a,17d, 1a please.

  12. megsy – 22A – Defn = “Virile”. “TV chef” = letters 1,2,3,5. “left” = letter 6. “to eat” = container indicator. “stiff rump” = letter 4.

  13. Thanks Ray, but in 25a is ‘cracking’ used as a container indicator? Seems far-fetched.

  14. 29A – “shemozzle” = anagrind. Fodder = “Can berry” – “avoiding problem’s core”. Defn = “mistakes?”

  15. Dave R – yes – the “cipher” is “cracking” the rest of the fodder.

  16. 17D – Defn = “They won’t hold water!”. 8 letter word for “coaches” (not vehicles) with last letter to first (“finishing early”).

  17. And Dave R, back on 26A, it is a noun in one defn and, yes, as a verb in the other ie: I take it as to “nail” something is to “xxx” something.

  18. 9A – 5 letter word for “Extra” with last 2 letters (meaning “on”) removed (“scrubbing”). Defn “tub”.

  19. All done now. Thought there were a few too many slightly dodgy ones this time.

  20. 1D – “Billionaire opening” = letter 1. “undisturbed” gives two 2 letter words for letters 2,3 and 4,5. Defn = “grounds”.

  21. 1A – Defn = “Amateurish trim”. Then Spooner a type of “fuel” and a word for “target”.

  22. Thanks again Ray. Saw 1d as soon as I posted. Then 1a followed. Don’t get word play but have a photo of my dad with one of these.

  23. The word for “target” is spelt with 4 letters (not 3) and has a meaning of target.

  24. Megsy do you know what a Spoonerism is?
    the Reverend Spooner in interviewing a student has been quoted (possibly apocryphally) as saying “you have hissed all my mystery lectures, you have tasted two whole worms, and you can leave by the next town drain.”

  25. Had about given up as hopeless, nothing on LHS. Came back here and read Mort’s 11.20 post, which helped with several. Still lost on 1A, 11A, 21A & 2D. Can’t think of a tourist mecca to fit in 21. No, wait, I just saw 1A (I’d know an alternative name for that kitchen item). Must relook at 2D.

  26. Yes! Only 21A to go. And I just saw that, so finished. This site is a priceless gem to semi-morons like me. CU next week, DV.

  27. This one is taking me ages. So many clues have only a few words to play with and these 3-letter clues are tough! I’m annoyed with myself for not getting 15A immediately. I’ve had to erase a couple, too – I was sure 18A was a double def for BEAM. Shall have chocolate, cup of tea and read through here to get this one done.

  28. Once again, I am stopped by one not mentioned above. 7D escapes me.

    Overall, I found this DA quite difficult.

  29. I’ve really struggled with this one, and I’m left with two I can’t get anywhere with – 12a and 13d. It doesn’t help that I’m not sure my 6d is right – can see no connection with 3d, with or without the Opposition leader.

  30. Mary, the course in 12A is one that Tiger Woods frequents. You’d be familiar with 13D if you ever tried ballroom dancing

  31. Jack – 7D – there is a “Book of Xxxx” which when reduced (remove last letter) gives a word for “on heat?”.
    And if u have 4D the first 3 letters (reversed – “Spin”) gives the answer.

  32. Thanks Ray, I do know the book and I had 4D, but I have not heard that word for “on heat”

  33. Mary – 12A is a double Defn. D1 is “Crook”. D2 is “excelling on course” (think golf).
    13D – Defn = “Step”. “mauling” = anagrind. Fodder = “in for” for letters 10, 11, 7, 6, 9. “protecting” = container indicator”. “lame foot” gives 1 letter for letter 8.
    And this all comes after “lions” (gives letters 1,2,3,4,5).

  34. Thanks, Jack – I think I have them both now, though I had to Google 13d. I did dance a lot in my youth, but never came across this one. Still don’t see 6d connection with 3d, but you can’t win ’em all.
    I thought 7d was either a verb or a noun, where ‘on heat’ is adjectival, but perhaps I’m just quibbling because I found this whole puzzle hard.

  35. Mary – read 6D answer backwards.
    It should be “Perhaps 3-down” (ie: the party of the “PM”) for letters 6,5,4,3 – and “way” for letters 2,1.
    Defn = “decay”.

  36. I might have progressed further if I had not had ‘under’ as the start to 12A.
    However, I am still stuck on 19A which doesn’t seem to have bothered anyone else.
    Not convinced about my answer to 5D either.

  37. Ann – 19A – Defn = “Classically creative”. “city” = letters 2,3,4,5. “articles” = 2 words for 6,7,8 and 9,10. “end of censorship” = letter 1.

  38. And as for 5D – Defn = “Hourglass figure”. “said to be remote” gives homophone for “remote” for letters 1,2,3,4,5,6.
    “Give up” can be interpreted a couple of ways :
    1 is to say that if you “Give up” when you have “run out of xxxx”.
    2 is my view and that is a 4 letter word for “Give”, reversed (“up”) for letters 10,9,8,7.

  39. As always, as I go bit by bit, I end up ‘stalking’ here, because you’ve all been there before. Still struggling with 14d, 21a, 28a, and 26d. May try word finer soon.

  40. Think I’ve got them all now. Is the pontoon referred to in 26d a game rather than a raft?

  41. Sandy, re 26D, yes it refers to the card game pontoon; also known as 21.

  42. Sandy, here are some hints for the clues you’re still struggling with in case you haven’t got them by now:

    14d: anagram. Definition is “a small one”
    21a: definition is “sugary”. “Doughnut” = letter 1. Letters 2-7 = “tourist Mecca” (it’s in Italy) with “worst heart” inserted in it.
    28a: definition is “secure”. “Even” = letters 1-4 (think in terms of sporting contest outcomes). “Personal” = letters 5-7.

  43. Late start, tough going again even after reading all your hints. First in was 29a followed by 13d and 14d. After that I had to come here.
    Am stumped on 25a even after reading the above. If cypher is supposed to indicate one letter that goes into the anagram, I’ve no idea what that letter is.

  44. Spent two hours on this, only have a quarter of the answers, time to chuck this one

  45. I was stumped by the Cipher bit too, nn. And I had “under” in for 12A like Ann. Seemed I fell in all the traps this week. We’ve not heard from Rupert, I hope he’s well.

  46. I too had under at first, until I read Ann’s post.
    That cipher (or cypher as I spell it) was a real pain. I knew how the clue should work, but without that last letter to add to the anagram, I was in a real mess. When I looked up cypher in the dictionary that Ray referenced, it only gave the code definition, I had to use the other spelling to get the zero. To be fair DA used the cipher spelling. Was also stumped on the definition as it means to form bumps or make rough on the surface, almost the opposite of what grinding away does. Otherwise it was a clever clue.

  47. Thanks for the hints everyone. I found the lower left corner tough this week, and couldn’t figure out wordplay for 9a. I didn’t pick up on the 6d error, because I thought dry was being used to describe the landscape of the country in 3d, and had no idea where the second word came from. Makes sense now!

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