DA Confusion for the 24th of April, 2015

Have your confusions sorted out right here this Anzac eve.

75 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 24th of April, 2015

  1. I thought today’s DA was pretty straight forward.
    All out and all understood except for how “The Drum?” clues last letter of 10A.
    Thought 21A was a cleverly constructed clue.
    Also 1A was a bit different.

  2. This is ridiculous! Just look at clue and write in answer. Only half-finished, but some clues seemed too easy by DA’s normal standards. Maybe the other half (LHS) will stop my run. Re 10A Ray, I agree.

  3. Yes, Ray, that’s what I think. There is also an Australian expression “I’ll give you the drum” which means “I’ll tell you the truth”, but I still prefer it just as a homophone.

  4. all out now without electronic or other aids but I don’t agree with how the last letter of 10 across came about. Maybe a misprint with “m” instead of “g”?

  5. Yippee! All done by 0910, while Margaret was having a haircut. Both look very good. I think Celia Fate could be on to something, suggesting it should have been g for last of 10A.

  6. Oh dear, the gauntlet is well and truly thrown down. I had a quick look on the train but it didn’t look that easy to me! I hope I can do OK this week having seen the comments above. I have a feeling I may be back ….

  7. Andy W – I’m starting to think that the “relatively” easier DA’s recently can be likened to the ocean retreating before the arrival of a tsunami. I think there’s going to be a real doozy coming soon.

  8. I too struggle with his easy ones. I thought I had the answer to 1A based on other letters but can’t make it fit the clue…

  9. SezClom 1A is usually expressed as an abbreviation. This abbreviation is “reversible”. Definition is first two words of clue.

  10. I’m with Robin, did a quick read through, not a clue on any of them.
    It seems I always struggle with the ones the rest of you say are easy, maybe I just miss the obvious and go looking for really obscure things (That’s what DA has done to me!)
    Will press on.

  11. After reading Mort’s explanation of 1a, I have that one now. Too obvious (and what I’d first thought), but didn’t understand the rest of the clue so went looking for something much more convoluted.

  12. Can anyone explain 15a? I’ve got the answer, got the rejected catty noise, got a 4-letter word for fashionable, and it seems that the “follower didn’t appear” means the last letter of this word is removed. But this seems a bit loose to me, even by DA’s standards.
    I’ve tried thinking of a longer word from which I can remove a word meaning follower, but can’t find one.

    I’m taking a cryptic solving class this arvo and I’d hate not to be able to explain everything!

  13. Louise – 15A – you are correct as described – 4 letter word for “Fashionable” with last letter removed (“follower didn’t appear”) and a 4 letter word for “catty noise” reversed (“reject”) gives answer for defn = “Twitter”.

  14. I’m getting there – just over half done. Some were super easy then others were a letter-by-letter battle. 4 left to solve now then I’ll have to parse them. 9A and 13D I’m very confused about but solved with def and crosses.

  15. 20a, am assuming def is Barossa town, can find a few with 7 letters, one of them starts with “cheers”, so presume this is it, but the author and sister bit escapes me.

  16. nn – 20A – defn = “Barossa town”. “cheers” = letters 1,2. “author” = letters 6,7. “sister” = letters 3,4,5.

  17. Funny how the brain works; 12A hit me walking along Pitt Street passing a ladies footwear store…..

  18. Crypticrochet –
    9A – defn = “source of trouble”. “Shorten decree” is a 5 letter word for “decree” with last letter removed for letters 1,2,3,4. “produces” = 5 letter word for letters 5,7,8,9,10. “stocks” = position / container. “week’s first” = letter 6.
    13D – “Heard” = homophone indicator. “a” = letter 1. “prompt” = 3 letter word which sounds like letters 2,3. “mix-up” = 6 letter word which sounds like balance. Defn = “that’s never right” (a pun).

  19. Thanks Ray, wasn’t thinking of that sort of sister and was thinking that the author was sheltering the sister, but can now see it is “cheers author” doing the sheltering. Spent ages looking through lists of authors starting with letter 3 and ending in letter 7!

  20. Thank you Ray all understood. Finished now and time to get typing. Think I’ll have a wander at the beach first to clear my head. Have a great weekend everyone!

  21. 21A is driving me crazy Celia. It feels like it’s really obvious and I’m just slipping around it…
    Assuming Lamer is mixed up, then…

  22. SezClom, 21A “bit” indicates it’s a bit of the first three words. A shepherd is a leader; think of a German one…

  23. Mort, becomes so bloody obvious now I see it. Must be blind.
    Amateur hour over here, struggling with second word 8d. First word… Is the word

  24. SezClom, I knew you’d kick yourself when you saw it! Yes first word of 8D is the word …. Second is “role reviewed”.

  25. @Crypticrochet
    Nillumbik U3A, Eltham. Today’s the first lesson. I’ve 10 complete beginners and also 5 who can do The Age but not DA, so I’m taking DA hints and explanations for them.
    I think I’ve seen you post at the Guardian – I’m catflat.

  26. Hi there, Felt the need to comment, since 10A was causing such conniptions, as Celia Fate noted on Twitter.

    Mort was on the money back at 7:31 – the Drum being an allusion to eardrum. I was aiming for a ‘TV story’ in the clue’s surface, using the ABC show as an experimental signpost for a homophone recipe. In other words, say a synonym of ‘dump’ and you will hear a viewer’s complaint.

    As you can appreciate, I’m usually not in the habit of parsing my own clues. I’ll leave that in your own capable hands. But thought this deviant deviation merited a drop-in.

    Love the site, as always, and the weekly symposium. Best of luck with the next mountain to climb, cheers DA

  27. I’ve been bashing my head against the wall from early posts today trying to parse 10 across and -‘ eureka moment – “on The Drum” is a homophone indicator!

  28. Just got back to this after being out at the doctors (not feeling well today, which might be why I’m having trouble).

    Celia Fate, when I work out what 21a is, I may take up your suggestion :-)

  29. IanC – 26A – Defn = “old volume”. 7 letter word for “spring”, for letters 1,2,6,7,8,9,10 around (“loading”) 1 letter for “university” for letter 3 and a 2 letter word / abbreviation for “papers” for letters 4,5.

  30. thanks Mort, wouldn’t have equated shepherd with leader, but makes sense now. Spent quite a while trying to fit Schafer in with the only cross letter I had, given DA’s all to frequent use of foreign words of late.

  31. Lovely words in todays quick CW, e.g. aquiver and ethnocentric. However, as a retired Anatomy Professor I was disappointed by 8D. Metacarpals are indeed between the forearm and fingers but pedantically, they are separated from the forearm by carpal or wrist bones.
    I’d be delighted to act as your anatomical referee whenever you wish. Kind regards, Greg Doran.

  32. Help with 13d please. I have a phrase that fits the cross letters that I have. I’ve read Ray’s 12.41 pm post and my answer fits the first three letters of his description of the wordplay, but the rest of it doesn’t equate to mixup or something that sounds like balance. If I have the right answer, the second word is describing my feeling at not understanding this.

  33. Louise: How fun! I hope the course is a success, sounds great. I could have used one of those a year ago. Yes I comment occasionally at the Guardian – I’ll keep an eye out for you!

  34. Nn, I think you might want to try a different approach, tack, direction, etc. for the second word there.

  35. is 12a a person? I have all the cross letters for the first word and the only thing I can come up with is a girl’s name. Can’t make any sense of the clue

  36. nn – 12A – yes. And yes. “I” = letter 1. “combine” gives 4 letter synonym for letters 2,3,4,5. “a” = letter 6. “study” gives 4 letter synonym, “about” = reversed, for letters 10,9,8,7. “foreign” gives 2 letter acronym for letters 11,12. Defn = “shoe fetishist”.

  37. stuck on 7d (and a few others). Can’t find a word that fits my cross letters, suspect I have 17a wrong. I have a word that means lure, but “shot at” doesn’t make any sense.

  38. nn – 17A – Defn = “Shot”. “at” = letters 1,2. “lure” give 5 letter synonym for letters 3,4,5,6,7.
    7D – double defn. Defn 1 = “Liking”. Defn 2 = “email extra” (ie: something you might put in an email).

  39. All out without too much trouble for me although I couldn’t see why 1A worked. Thanks, Mort, for your explanation. It’s always obvious in hindsight.

  40. And nn – sorry for confusion before. When I wrote “balance” I meant “for the balance of the answer / letters”. I can see how I confused you earlier.

  41. nn 22
    21 across is a person, but NOT AN ANAGRAM and NOT a smaller collection of bits & pieces you have to work out & string together either. 4th word is inclusion indicator & definition is all that follows after that.

  42. nn – 1D – “Eavesdropped” = homophone indicator. So what sounds like a “short time” and love making”?
    10A – yeah – see DA’s comment at “DA | April 24, 2015 at 2:13 pm | “

  43. thanks Ray, got it now. All done at last. I always struggle with the so called easy ones!

  44. I’ve got all out except 23D. Suspect it may be a reference I don’t know.

  45. Indigo – 23D – Defn = “Cartoon movie”. “shot finale” gives 1 letter for letter 3. “in” = positioner / container. “bank” = 3 letter acronym for letters 1,2,4.
    If you do not know the movie, it may be a bit tough. So hint for the “bank” is tomorrow.

  46. Ray, what you have called an acronym is actually an initialisation. e.g ICAC is acronym if pronounced “eyecack” but initialisation if “eye see ay see”! Ho capito?

    The cartoon movie ain’t titled BUGZ nor BEEZ, but its subject is entomological!

  47. Celia, please take this comment in the friendly environment in which it is delivered: last week you complained about late-comers not reading earlier posts and asking questions that had already been answered.

    Yet at 2:15 you announced the solution to “On the Drum” that had already been resolved between Ray and Mort (7:31 and 8:17 am). and confirmed by DA himself at 2:13 pm.

    Again at 4:11 you solved 21A which had already been explained by Mort at 1:46.

    Anyway, no real criticism intended – just a friendly comment about people and glasshouses.

  48. Celia – that is one of my favourite gripes – most of the big banks are initialisations and NOT acronyms – only the nab seems to go either way. Our bank in 23d is never an acronym. In the real world , most TLAs are in fact TLIs. Cheers.

  49. Just in case anyone’s still around on here tonight, or checks in tomorrow – I must share this. I’ve just got back from the theatre in Melbourne, where my daughter and I were finishing off the crossword in the foyer before the performance. Another audience member walked past us, did a double take when she saw we were doing DA, and stopped to compare notes. We swapped her 3d for our 12a and both finished it. I love it when I meet a fellow fanatic! (The play was good, too – ‘Black Diggers’ at the Arts Centre, thoroughly recommended.)

  50. Having little time yesterday I finished DA this morning. I have to admit I would not have been able to finish it without quite a lot of help from here. Many thanks all!

    I totally agree that 21A is very cunning and also think ‘shepherd’ even with its ‘perhaps’ is a pretty poor clue for ‘national leader’! Fun though.

    The other one was 1D. Give me a sentence where you’d use ‘secs’ (without the ‘couple of’) for ‘a short time’!

  51. I loved your story Mary. I like when we puzzle types can find each other and share notes. I’m also part of a knit and crochet in public group which has the same effect. Knit, purl, 2D…

  52. No papers delivered this weekend and still haven’t got power back so couldn’t print the puzzle – I’ll certainly be last this week.

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