DA Confusion for the 3rd of April, 2015

Have your confusions sorted out for the Good Friday weekend.

121 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 3rd of April, 2015

  1. Happy Easter all.
    Found many clues today quite clever eg: 2D, 14D, 15A, 16A, 24A.
    The odd one a bit cumbersome I thought eg: 9A and even 12A.
    I do not wordplay for 22D or 25D yet.

  2. Well done Ray. Having carefully read each clue, have found three fairly easy answers.

  3. Where are all the cruciverbalists today? I’m making slow progress, nine, no, ten, so far.

  4. Happy Easter! I’m in Qld so no Friday paper here.
    Is there a way I can get a copy of today’s DA online?

  5. Andy W – 14D – Defn = “Positive bias”. “stop” = 4 letter synonym for letters 1,2,3,10. “shot” = anagrind. Fodder = “coffee” for letters 4,5,6,7,8,9. “swallowed” = container indicator.

  6. about six or seven to go but let’s start with could someone provide some ideas for me for 10 across? Have letters 1, 9, 11 …

  7. Andy, I was about to ask the same question about 21A. The best I can come up with is that is could be a nickname for 19D. The usual nickname for the male version of 19D ends with L.

  8. 21A – I think similar to CF – to “nick” (remove last letter) for a 4 letter synonym for “name”.

  9. Celia 1d was my last one in. Even though I had cross letters early on.

  10. LJ – full wordplay explanation I think would be a bit of a give away too early.
    My read is letters 2 and 5 come from “situated” “in centre”. And “near” “the resident” = letters 3,4.

  11. All done now. 5 down was last solved and it does NOT end with “n”! Loved 13 & 24.

    But, don’t understand 15 across, could someone parse for me please?

  12. CF – 15A – Defn = “Practical”. “hospital” = letter 1. “reviewed” = reverse indicator. “Sydney code?” = letters 5,4,3,2. (code as in telephone).

  13. LJ 1 down is not Australian but see my posts at 7 56 and 7 57 which may guide your thought processes toward a solution!

  14. CF – so your entry at 7:57 was in reference to 1D and not 21A!
    Sorry I misunderstood which clue you were hinting.

  15. Finally back, church @ 0930, cuppa afterwards, come home, cook and eat our lunch, back to DA. Added a couple more, 17 in now. About time for after-dinner nap. Back later, I’m bound to run into snags.

  16. I thought I got 1d but then celia fate said it is not australian?
    I have a term for australian bushland….

    Also any hints for 4,6 d ?

  17. MJH – re 1D see – Ray | April 3, 2015 at 8:21 am |
    Re 4D / 6D – “Hurtful” = 7 letter synonym (1 to 7). “opponents, maybe” = one 4 letter word and one two letter word (8 to 13) . “mainly overdue” = 5 letter synonym with last letter removed for last 4 letters (14 to 17).

  18. Hi all

    We are suffering DA deprivation, as we can’t find an SMH or Age in Canberra today. Can anyone help us out?

  19. After last week’s success, I’m not getting very far with this one. Only got 3 answers after half an hour. Reading above hints hasn’t helped at all

  20. Got one more in the last half hour, might be shredding this one, just don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

  21. nn super easy are 6 19 21 27 28 across, 3 7 19 23 25 down
    The third I solved was 11,20 combo anagram for a clichéd saying with defn 1st word, but may be less well known to younger solvers!

  22. Got 11, 20 now. The only cross letter I had allowed me to guess the parasite and thanks to CF’s hint I was able to get the rest of it. I’m old enough to know that phrase! That might give me enough cross letters to get a start on some of the others.

  23. As I expected, snags galore. Re 17A I could only find one salad ingredient that ends in the letter I have, but no way can I connect that one to the clue. Re 4, 6D, is this a pair of names like, eg, Starsky and Hutch? Those two might help me find others, stumped at the moment.

  24. got 19a 28a, 22d, 23d now. 22d is a bit of a guess as I don’t have 27a so can’t be sure if it is correct but it will have to do at a stretch.
    Time for some lunch.

  25. Arthur, 17 a “medium” gives letters 1-3,8,9; “chic couples switch” gives letters 4-7; that inclusion indicated by “tucking into”

  26. thanks CF, that’s what I originally thought 27a answer should be, but had thought a kiss was only indicating letter 3 and couldn’t work out how the rest gave hovel. Then I tried a kiss giving two letters, but put the wrong letter for letter 2 and got myself into an even bigger mess.

  27. Arthur, I’m as lost as you on 4,6d, despite having read Ray’s earlier comments, I can’t figure it out, seems like another rather convoluted clue with too many possibilities, especially when I only have one cross letter.

  28. Arthur and nn, 4/6D hurtful gives first word. Last word could go well on 17A if you like spicy food.

  29. Thanks, Celia Fate, but I’m too dense to be helped by those clues, I think I’ll just give it away, too hard for me.

  30. Almost there. Still can’t see 1d,9a&12a. Liked 1a 10 a & 27a.
    nn, as Ray said qualifying is def.First word a synonym for hurtful (in speech).

  31. Glad I’m not only one struggling. This one is not making much sense to me. I had 11 solved and the rest are being damned elusive. A few I did solve I don’t fully understand (second letter in 27A?) So perhaps a quiet day of folding laundry and watching TV is in order.

  32. I have an answer to 18D but can’t relate the first three letters to any part of the clue. I also have an answer to 15D but don’t understand any of the word play. Help please?

  33. nn 4,6 down is another cliched expression that apart from being clued by “qualifying” could also be clued by “passing muster”: that may tickle a section of your brain that will bring the needed expression out.

    I often find that when really stuck on a clue and finding it just about useless that coughing clears out the dead end I was going down and the answer has popped into my head. Try it!

    You quit, Arthur, so will I!

  34. Thanks megse and Mort, but I’m not getting anywhere with 4/6d. Have read all the above hints but they haven’t helped. I have the first letter of 6d, but can’t think of anything starting with that that would make 17a (another answer I don’t have) or anything else spicy, that would have anything to do with qualifiying.
    Would love to help you GeoffD but I don’t have either of those answers!

  35. And as soon as I’d posted the spicy ingredient popped into my head. Am now keen to find the first two words, but it maybe a cliche with which I’m not familiar.

  36. Geoff 15D definition is “novel”. Way (two letters) disrupts a bowler (nothing to do with cricket). Last four letters are a crucial game, upset.

  37. Arthur, re 17a, the medium is a non visual one(form of communication not spiritual) ,wrapped around an anagram.

  38. nn, 4/6d you should be familiar with the phrase; definition is “qualifying”.

  39. Geoff D 18d Isn’t it French for “vineyard”?
    15 down defn is “novel”; way -> 3,4; bowler, perhaps -> 1,2,5; crucial game -> 9876 (reversed by “upsetting”)

  40. Worked out the answer to 4,6d now from the wordplay of the first word. Hadn’t heard of it, no idea how the wordplay for the rest of it works either. Not keen on this clue at all!

  41. Well, I went away and looked again at 4, 6D, it suddenly clicked. That gives me another possible salad ingredient, nutty, but not fitting clue, as far as I can see. So, still eleven short. 1A would help, must seek out some words for bonnet, methinks. 11, 20A still not a clue, Will give it more thought.

  42. I have all but 1d and 9a. I can actually fit things in for both of them, but can only find very vague references to anything in the clues. Is the def in 1d part of a word in the clue?

  43. I have just had a CF D’oh ice-cream in forehead moment with the last 4 letters of 15d.!! Thanks Celia for the word picture. It is obviously too early in the season!

  44. Done it again – saw it as soon as I posted! Can’t quite see what 9a has to do with 6a, though.

  45. Arthur, the bonnet is not for the head. I’m sure you must have used one of these.

  46. Thanks Mort and CF foe 15d, spent many difficult minutes pondering that one before the penny dropped.
    Also for 17d, but had to get a French dictionary out, wish he’d stop putting foreign words in.

  47. CF
    “Doesn’t that mean to break wind?”
    “No you’re confusing that with cheese, dear.”


  48. took two different word search sites on the web to give me the answer for 17a with the three cross letters I had. The first site said no such word, the second one came up with it, although I’ve never heard of it, but it makes sense in terms of the wordplay.

  49. “Also for 17d, but had to get a French dictionary out, wish he’d stop putting foreign words in” That should have said 18d, not 17d.

  50. Megse, re your golf comment, I neither play nor watch the game, to me it is a good walk wasted.

  51. Many of the clues that people are asking about at this time of day have already been through the mill in earlier postings read back through the postings you may find the answer that you need. Otherwise you’re asking us to replicate those postings!

  52. Mary, the 4-letter word you disregarded the initial of to get 9 ac is a term usually used to refer to assisting people of a class to which members of 6 across all belong. The “perhaps” or “maybe” etc is an as an example indicator

  53. Getting somewhere now, left side complete, but lots of wordplays escape me.
    Got 1d eventually and can see where the first letter comes from, but the rest of the wordplay is a complete mystery even after having read all the hints above.

  54. Can someone please confirm if the 1st word of 2d is an Idaho , perhaps? Cos I can’t get the 2nd word – is it a foreign recipe ? Thanks.

  55. CF, if I’m still asking about clues that have been through the mill in earlier postings, it is because I’ve read them all and am still completely baffled!

  56. Julie an Idaho is one type of this word. The recipe isn’t particularly foreign. The second word refers to the shape and you’ll often find them at fast food outlets. The soup is letters 1,2,3,4,10,11
    the rest of it is presumably clued by pulled into, but I don’t think much of that phrase to describe it.

  57. Thanks, Celia. I got there in the end, but don’t like the clue for 9a much.
    Yes, Julie, 1st word of 2d is a 23d.. Letters 5-9 are ‘pulled’, letters 1,2,3,4,10,11 are ‘soup’ – but he’s gone for the French again!

  58. Thanks Mort and Celia for your great help.
    Didn’t know the French in 18D, but should have understood 15D. Although as a Demons supporter the last four letters (as reversed) are not something that comes to mind very often!!

  59. Mary, DA’s French terms are usually ones well known to English speakers. Agree with you though re 9 a clue.

    for me to vanish from here any final requests?

  60. Finally all done, didn’t enjoy this one! Still pondering some wordplays.

  61. CF, have been over to crossword club for the explanations, so have them all now. Thanks anyway. Now to enjoy what’s left of the day!

  62. Last one in was 1d — I used Ray’s hints at 08.21 , then googled the answer . What a v clever misdirection !! Not tricky tho , he was a different one!!

  63. Back again after two hour break, suddenly saw a few more. 1A I had considered and discarded earlier, t now fits, but no idea how the clue defines it. Finally found 17A which gave 18D, but can’t see the vineyard. Only need second word of 2D, 15D, 15A. 15a? Sydney code? 2000? Don’t see anything, but happy to have got so close. As the Aircooled Parrot says, leave it to the little grey cells. Mine don’t work as well as they used to.

  64. Hi Arthur. 1A was new slang to me too, but my Aussie wife knew it. First three letters of 18D mean vineyard, but I didn’t know that either. 2D, 1-4 + 10-11 are French soup. 15D What the Dickens? Not a cricket bowler and ends with an upset stage of a tournament. 15A the Sydney code has two numbers. I won’t forget your Poirot, all should suck it in.

  65. Arthur, it’s the Sydney telephone code, spelt out and reversed. First letter is hospital.
    I’ve been quite successful (for me) with some help. However I still don’t have 1D and 8D despite reading all the above and having all the cross letters. Also 22D.

  66. GeoffD, 1d answer is the way he pronounces his initial.

    Some great clues today, but 9A is a bit ropy. It would be better with no reference to 5A

  67. Geoff D:
    1d, defn is first half of first word. Think nickname.
    8d, “benign agent” is a bit weak, defn should be a bit more more active than that
    22d, “it gives”, as in it yields

  68. Well, despite the efforts of Mike, Jack and GeoffD, 15A, 15D, and the second word of 2D remain an insoluble mystery. Thanks chaps. Will try and understand when I see the answers tomorrow, but no guarantee I will be able to. As said above, I’m very happy to have solved all but three.

  69. Arthur, second word of 2D is a fat-ridden piece of the first word. Usually served with sour cream.

  70. Arthur if you are still wondering about the second word of 2d, it isn’t chips or crisps, but something a bit thicker (at least on one side. If they’ve been overdone or left too long and dried out they could still be used to hold a door open.

  71. Pretty difficult yesterday.

    No one above has mentioned it, but I’m having trouble with 13D. Not sure I know who Old Baron is, and unless I have the cross letters wrong, the first word looks to be a homophone of a city in SW Ireland, and perhaps ‘presents’ is the signpost for this. If so, then the second word would be supplied by ‘boxer’, but this is getting me no closer.

  72. Jangari the baron is a media baron, now deceased. Your Irish connection is correct although i think it is a county from memory. The boxer isn’t a fighter.

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