DA Confusion for the 27th of March, 2015

Have all your confusions for this week sorted out right here.

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  1. All out and understood.
    Took a while to get the theme, but once I did, the rest was pretty quick.
    Thought wordplay for 9D was clever.

  2. Oh joy, Oh bliss! A radar question! I remember when I used to teach this particular item, starting with a tale of two missing people from Warsaw, finally asking the question, ‘Have you seen my …..’.

  3. Slow start ..14a in first, then 7d and 11 a…took a while to get theme. can’t get 16A, help please

  4. Slow start, almost finished first few in were 14A, 11A and 7D. Help needed on 16A.

  5. Got the theme with 23 D and 12 A. A few convoluted clues this week I thought. 9D wordplay was good in retrospect, although purists mightn’t like it. Don’t think I would’ve got it without first getting the theme.The surface reading was good though, very 24 A.

  6. Andy W -16A – “Wetlands article sank” gives 5 letter synonym for “Wetlands” with a letter removed (“sank”) for letters 1,2,3,4. “stormy” = anagrind. Fodder = “sound” – gives letters 5,6,7,8,9. Defn = “1-across’s letter” (and letter not as in mail).

  7. All out and understood except for wordplay in 26A. Not sure which is the ‘your old’ bit, the first 3 letters which would be correct, or letters 1,2,7,8,9 which would not. And no idea of the doctor welcoming, although they both can be indicators. Got me. Help anyone?

  8. Gayle – 26A – “Your old” = letters 1,2,3. “doctor” = letters 4,5,6,9. “welcoming” = container / positioner of “in” = letters 7,8. Defn = “old carnivore”.

  9. Oh sadness, Oh sorrow, now. Only eight solved, no idea on 1, 5A. How many of the answers are peoples’ names? With four across clues solved, tried feeding 13D into Wordfinder. No words found, it said. So, is that a person’s name? May have to abandon this one, I think. But will play around a bit longer, hoping.

  10. All done, but led myself astray in SE corner by “solving” 19-across as HEROD.

  11. Arthur: 13D is a person’s name. So are almost all the other clues relating to 1,5-A except for 12A.

  12. Thanks, Ann, I’ve pushed on a bit, have 13 answers, might be difficult to progress without 1,5A. Is this a film/TV personality? Don’t watch much of either. Anyway, will see if I can solve some of the others before I quit.

  13. Celia, 4D is a medical term. Ripped = letters 1-3.
    2D definition is first word. Contrarily means opposite to last two words.

  14. Hmmm! I was afraid it might be an area I wot not of. Might no get much further. Bothered by20D, have letters e, h, l supplied by acrosses, can’t find a word that quite fits clue. But i was sure those three were correct. anyhow, lunchtime.

  15. That was the easiest DA I can remember, and I broke my personal record by a big margin.
    One not understood in part – can someone explain 20D as it relates to the “sub” bit?
    Celia and Mort, re 4D, I think the synonyms involved are fair in the modern usage relating to (usually male) musculature.

  16. AG, re 4D, you’re right – I just looked in the mirror and both words came to mind!

  17. AG: a substitute teacher is known as a ‘7-letter’ teacher where the 7-letter word is the noun for the answer to 20D.

  18. All out. Worked out the theme early, but had to google lots as it’s been several decades since I read the relevant literature. Not sure of the word play for 8d, unless the clue is instructing me to replace one of the letters of 12a with the letters of one of the words in this clue and then to add another letter (an abbreviation), then, finally, treating all this as anagram fodder. If that is the case (and I can’t see anything else), then it is extremely convoluted. Fortunately the cross letters leave very few other options.

  19. Dave, I agree that 8D had to be solved before parsing but I saw it as this:
    “12 A is”, not grand (six characters). Needing new (one character). Radical indicating anagram; definition = element.

  20. You wouldn’t think it possible to work 13D into a crossword. But here he is in all his Turing glory. Brilliant!

  21. Celia Fate, thanks for trying to help. Haven’t progressed, lunch and shopping had to be managed. Dom, you said the 1,5A person shares my initials????? But I have an S in one of those spots, which I would stake a million dollars MUST be correct. So, where do my initials fit in? Time for my after-dinner nap, now, then pool, so may not get back till 1600 or later. I have absolutely no idea who the person I need is. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  22. Arthur C. – Dom was referring to the fact that the author of 1A / 5A shares your name / initials.

  23. Arthur, for the best hint on 1/5 A see:

    Celia Fate | March 27, 2015 at 8:53 am

  24. Yes, Mort, we parsed 8d the same way. I was just trying to be more discreet in my comment.

  25. Mort, my Basil @ 10:19 & my Barbarian @ 10:49 were big hints dropped for Arthur C.on &! Oops another one. Arthur C. when will the penny drop? Here’s another clue: 16 d also Goon Show
    What’s up Doc? What’s on telly?

  26. Was hustling for a while there but gummed in the SE corner. Have to run out for a while, maybe some time away will help. I’m chuffed I have all the theme questions. Like others I was confused about parsing 12A. I’m guessing 26A is something Jurassic?

  27. Oh wow – last week I tried to answer 23D with this week’s 19A. Feeling psychic! I’m done now – Thanks to Celia Fate for helping with 17D.

  28. DA has done this before – the definition in 27d is not the same as the answer, it hasn’t been through the process yet. Unless I’m missing something….

  29. What has DA been imbibing? To describe 9 as 5’s boyfriend is perverse to say the least.
    DA would not pass Politics 101: A bill is not 27.

  30. FHF: and Dorian Gray was just an acquaintance of Henry Wotton. Did you miss the subtext in the books?

  31. FHF 9 Read it as two words “boy friend”: boy->letters 6-8, shoot->letters 1,2,4,5 & arrow tip->3. Definition is “friend …”
    27 if you insist on splitting hairs re Bill ≠ Act then feel free to do so & I’ll finish before you!

  32. Never got finished. Had ‘harsh’ for 19A: Eastern ruler = Shah; R (right from 22D) ; overall. horrible = harsh? But Dom, @ 1008, said no h in 20D. So, where did i go wrong? Never found 17D either. Seems possible my h should be r, but then the clue is meaningless to me. So, wait for elucidation (or answers anyway) tomorrow.

  33. Delia Fate, I think it’s entirely fair to quibble about 27d; we have the difference displayed regularly in the Cth parliament now!

  34. Arthur, 19A is cartoon character XXXXX the horrible.
    17D – ever been to Italy?

  35. Arthur C. Did you get the themed answers; I left you plenty of extra clues if you read earlier posts!

    19 across is a Horrible strip cartoon character! Eastern ruler is letters 2-4 (in use, sometimes followed by Khan); 22 down gives letter 5 and Hard letter 1.

    17 down: try *ignorin’* the commas; definition is first two words. A big boot might hint re language! Think Mediterranean!

  36. Mort and Celia Fate, you have been very kind. Yes, I had heard of Hagar, not sure if he might be in Herald Sun? But the whole thing makes sense at last, I’m just a bit slow on the uptake. Supper and bed now, the old man is wy (extremely weary!).

  37. Got the theme early and for the first time in over a year got it all completed without coming here. Still pondering a few wordplays.

  38. Think I’ve sorted them all out now After reading the above. 8d wordplay was too convoluted for my liking, but at least it was easy to get the answer from the def.
    Didn’t know 3d had played it, had to google that to check.
    Took me a long time after I’d found the answer to work out what passover meant in 12a, had tried lots of types of pass before seeing that one.
    But all makes sense now I think.

  39. Thanks Celia Fate @ 5.58 for pointing out that boy and friend is 2 parts . They’re def just (R) friends.

  40. Only got around to the puzzle an hour or so ago. All out now but needed some help from the above. Thanks. 17D eluded me for a long time; clever clue. Google helped with a few, esp 1A’s ally.

  41. 9 I’m at a loss to find the instruction or indication to separate boyfriend into boy and friend.

  42. FHF, if you expect DA to indicate where he requires the solver to split a word, you’re doing the wrong crossword!

    Thanks to Dom and Ann for 20d elucidation. Not sure how I missed that, esp. after the recent Germany friendly.

  43. FHF – think of all the times DA has a word in the clue such as ‘dandy’ or ‘mandy’. No indicator ever given (and I STILL fall in his trap !)

  44. All out without assistance. Snoopy dance time. Got the theme at nemesis. Boy friend sounds a bit fan fiction. Frustrating when you finally get the word and go “how did I miss that”.

  45. Julie With “dandy” and “mandy” and/or Gateshead, cocktail there is usually an aural/visual indication as to what to do eg read and sound “dandy’ as D and Y and cocktail as k. The problem with “boyfriend’ is no such indication is given. To accept this practice of no indication is to condone sloppy cluing. What next? An anagram without an anagrind?

  46. FHF – I will have to find a better example of DA trickery , i.e. lack of specific clueing. Dandy WAS a bad example. How about 17d? Nowhere does he indicate that the comma must be shifted. Personally I don’t mind this -it makes it more challenging. Both ‘boy friend’ & ‘overseas miss, ‘ would not be nearly so cryptic, which is the point of the mind game for me.

  47. 28A wordplay? Got the ’20 went out’ but letters 2-5?

    Good result, nn. I found it tough going this week. Needed a lot of help .

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