DA Confusion for the 20th of March, 2015

Have all your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed using this forum (thanks everyone) for a few months now and thought I should start posting. Today’s offering is reasonably straightforward. Fast start with 9 and 25A, 1,7,15 and 21D. 11A is only one left. Will wait for posts to arrive.

  2. golf nut – 11A – defn = “Fat cat”. “ends on tasty” = letters 1,2. “cheese” = 3,4,5,6.
    I have all but 23D and 27A. Could you help here?

  3. Thanks Ray. Always “obvious” when pointed out. 23D def is old comic. Clue is Sydney Harbour Bridge. 27A def is issue. Remove a type of woman from Dickens character.

  4. What time do you people wake up?
    Off to a flyer today but slow in bottom RH corner.

  5. Only six so far, paper late. Bothered by how middle letters of Emperor (10AA) are clued. The ‘foot’ I don’t understand. Letters 1-3 & 8-11 OK. Letters 4 & 5 OK. But 6 & 7?

  6. Arthur C – 10A – “hence foot” = letter 6. Letter 7 is part of 1-3 & 7-11.

  7. Ian (if you are there) – I read 3D as follows – “to flaunt” = letters 3,4,5,6. “way” = letters 7,8,9. Defn therefore “to cook” (or as I think you have read, with double duty of “way”).

  8. Has anyone noticed that in today’s crossword only 3 clue numbers 1, 6 and 15 need across and down qualifiers?
    Could someone please parse 16 across for me?
    Also 1st three letters of 12? Is the second word cluing letters 1-3 a common abbreviation of the complete answer?
    Loved 5 and 25 … and 6 ac once I’d twigged only one banana was involved!

  9. Second thoughts on 16: I think “beat” is clueing letters 1-3 in sense of
    “that beats all” if so then 16 across is parsed for me if i’m wrong though please let me know!

  10. Celia Fate – 12A (not 16A as referred to above) – you are spot on.
    16A – defn = “Meeting”. Answer is a 9 letter word for “addiction” with “first couple” removed (“quitting”).

  11. Can anyone explain the first three letters in 29A? It obviously means “tackle” but in what sense? Sailing, cricket, football, horses? I have four dictionaries and I cannot find a definition with this meaning.

    13D almost put me off my breakfast!

  12. Mort – 29A – “A strong tackle used to draw an anchor up to the cathead of a ship”

  13. After getting eleven, and hitting a brick wall, decided my ancient brain can no longer cope with the subtleties of DA. Tore it up, but, as so often before, stuck it back together. But nothing more showing up, so may bin it again. Will try a little longer, but nap then cricket may end my effort. A question though: In 25A, I assumed the 8 letter part to be a common synonym for flag? But the first three letters? No can see.

  14. Arthur C – 25A – first 3 letters are a synonym for “can” (as in loo). Defn = “Norm”.

  15. Arthur , think of can as a noun which is American slang and then replace with slang of same meaning.

  16. Thanks, Ray, megse & Celia Fate. I did think of putting that word in there, wasn’t sure of it. But I have heard the expression. I’m just a bit slow today.

  17. Almost there. Unsure of word play for letters 1-3 of 29a. Am assuming “in reception” (24d) indicates a homophone. Still to get 6a and 8d. I have an answer for 8 which means that the last two words of the clue are the definition, but that leaves me puzzled as to letter 4.

  18. Dave R: 8d letter 4 is the first letter of a 4-letter word meaning prepared – this means that “yen” is NOT backwards, just the single letter.

    I am stuck on both 6a and 6d – got everything else.

  19. Recovered the crumpled mess, added a few more, LHS complete. RE 17D? Would I find one in Saudi Arabia? Or when mugged?

  20. Any hints on 20a? Even all the cross letters in a word finder don’t give me anything?

  21. Dave R – 29A – see above eg:
    Ray | March 20, 2015 at 10:07 am |
    Mort – 29A – “A strong tackle used to draw an anchor up to the cathead of a ship”
    24D – correct re homophone

  22. Arthur, one doesn’t have to find 17d; one is born into it. I believe you relinquished yours many years ago. Dom, thank you for help with 8d. I would not have thought of that four-letter word meaning “prepared”: more like “completed”. For 6d, don’t think of “crops” as growing on a farm.

  23. Dom – 6A – the banana show had 2 main characters.
    6D – defn = “Falls”. “ultimately from” = letter 4. Letters 1,2,3,5 give a four letter synonym of “crops” (but not as in flora).

  24. Sandy, my wordfinder gave me an answer on 20A. Containers for waste matter, perhaps. Re 17D, I was thinking sheikhdom, the mugging business was completely awry, but I haven’t yet understood your answer. Must look at thesaurus, I think. Thanks for tip.

  25. Sandy – 20A – defn = “Creeps”. “runs” = letter 3. “It’s undecided” gives a TLA for letters 4,5,6. “inhouse” – read as “in house”. “in” position indicator. “house” 4 letter synonym for letters 1,2,7,8.

  26. Thanks, Ray. Never heard of it, but that’s the joy of DA. One adds to ones vocabulary almost every week. Sandy, in 20a the “in” of “inhouse” indicates a container. The “house” part is a four letter word (British student slang mostly). For the rest of the word, think initials.

  27. Thanks Sandy, had noticed the position of the apostrophe, but the stupid earworm jingle put me off. Was obvious in the end, although I had to google the TV show – never heard of it.

    Thanks Dave R, was trying all meanings of crops I could think of, but needed the first letter, once I got that it was clear.

    Roll on next Friday :)

  28. I think I have 6a, but as I watch very little TV, I am not sure. By the way, I loved 2d, 5d and 13d.

  29. Dom and Dave R, thanks for explaining 8D. I had the answer but didn’t realize that it was parsed this way. I thought the second word merely defined “mark or yen” but this actually left the fourth letter unaccounted for.

  30. Thanks all for the help. Still pondering 6d though. I have a word meaning fail (you could say an explosive failure). But I can’t see how the letters around ‘ultimately from’ mean ‘crops’.

  31. Sandy, as in what sprouts from your head. I think DA could have chosen a better word (perhaps shillings – but maybe that would be too obvious ??)

  32. Sandy, add the word “up” to the two four-letter words in 6D (the clue and the answer) and the two phrases mean the same.

  33. I think you might mean the five letter words. I have never heard the expression ‘fails up’

  34. Yes Jack, that’s how I saw it too. Reminds we of that placard protesting Julia Gillard. Not a good choice.

  35. Thank Sandy, glad I’m not alone on this. I do, however, like his bringing Dickens into the clue.

  36. Ah Jack, the penny just dropped. It is ‘woman SPELLING’ that’s eludes the convict. Not just ‘woman’.

  37. Nerida, the definition is before any numerals appear in the clue. The numerals as in Roman, plus the next two words are then ‘Scrabbled’ to get the answer.

  38. Right Sandy, I now see it and there’s no misogyny. DA is exonerated.

    BTW, anyone who has not seen the TV series 6A is lucky. It’s a shocker.

  39. I get how 19a works but isnt the answer missing an ‘l’? I assume the def is the first word, which my dictionary doesn’t seem to match up with.

  40. Surely the syllable missing from the name of the character in 27a is a “woman spelling”, not just a “woman”, so that lessens the mysogyny, at least for this mere male.

    Nerida, for 5d think of a Roman numeral and take “Scrabbling” as an anagrind.

  41. Lucas, an “l” would indicate an adverb, but the clue is an adjective and so must be the solution.

  42. CC, yes, 13D is a proper noun, not that there’s all that much proper about him…

  43. All out at last. 6A and 6D were the last in.
    Is the definition the first word in 19A? The answer I have seems to answer the clue exactly but doesn’t seem to be given as a synonym for ‘sensitive’ in the dictionary.
    I liked 11A and 13D.

  44. Ann, I assume that DA thinks that 19A means sensitive but I cannot find any reference to this meaning. I use the word if I add too much spice to my curry!

  45. Oh dear, why do I always come undone on the clues that nobody else has a problem with. Any help with 7D please?

  46. Pat, the first reference to Silver is a name of a 7D. Answer is “close to coin” first letter; silver, letters 2-3

  47. I have all but 6a – I can fit the name of a TV series to my cross letters, but not to the clue.

  48. Thanks, Mort. I had worked out the correct answer but I was trying to relate Silver to a 2 legged version of the answer. Have a good week everyone.

  49. Mary, if you are still there, 6a just sound out a pajamaed banana (just one if them) and write that done without using numerals and see if that helps.

  50. Thanks Sandy, but no it doesn’t, at the moment! I vaguely know of a children’s show, but I assumed that was just a red herring. Do I actually need to google that programme?

  51. Ah, I see! How disappointing – I was looking for something much more cunning from DA.

  52. Mort – yes, I had that, I just didn’t see where the fruit came in. I do occasionally watch the answer (though the series isn’t as good as the books), but my days of following characters in kids’ shows are long gone. Should have googled before posting on here, though, sorry!

  53. CC, written by Kathy Reichs. I read the first ten or so but they became too repetitious – a bit like Patricia Cornwell – great at the start but running out of ideas as the series progressed. Never seen the show.

  54. been out, just got home, busy day tomorrow too, might not get to this one for a while

  55. Geoff. I have an answer for 15d, he’d be one of the heaviest, but I have no idea how the wordplay works.
    Am completely lost on the TV show in 6a but it is probably something I’ve never watched

  56. GeoffD | March 20, 2015 at 9:54 pm |
    13D – “Be” gives 4 letter synonym for letters 2,3,4,5. “pugnacious first” = letter 6. “laying into” – container indicator. “quieter” gives 6 letter synonym for letters 1,7,8,9,10,11.
    Defn = “Canberra heavyweight”. (And as per nn, “heavyweight” is a fair description I would say).

  57. Thanks for your help, folks. I had been confused on 27A because I remembered Dickens’ convict as not having a T, and on 8D because I was using a two-letter abbreviation for mark. All sorted now.

  58. All out (with help from above) except the first word of 8d. Despite above hints. Suspect it is something I’ve not heard of and far too many possibilities with just the two cross letters to go googling.

  59. A bit harder this week I found. Couldn’t get 17d at all.

    I think I have all the wordplay understood except all of 10A. Why is the letter P from the wine referred to as the gut? Or is it just that it is the middle letter?

    25A was good fun.

  60. Robin – 10A – yes – because it is the middle letter – the centre – the “gut”.

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