DA Confusion for the 13th of March, 2015

Have your confusions sorted out right here for this week’s DA.

61 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 13th of March, 2015

  1. Have all out and understood except wordplay for 3D.
    Found some quite cumbersome eg: 9A, 10A, 26A.
    Others which I liked better were 5A, 17A, 23A, 1D, 2D.

  2. Ray, for 3D read the first word as two words, then apply to a four-letter Scandinavian.

  3. Thanks Mort – but that place is not Scandinavia. My understanding is that the 3 kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden are Scandinavian / make up Scandinavia. The Republic you / DA are referring to does not.
    Thanks again.

  4. Late start today but finished now. I thought it was a good standard today and 22A was very clever.

  5. All out though a bit iffy about some of the clues eg 4d
    Not sure if my answer to 10 across is correct: what letters are given by “Queensland footballer” and what letters by “pack”?
    Loved 5, 11,17,”and 22 across, and also 15 down, despite it being an anagram.

  6. Anne – correct. “A” = letter 3. “Qld footballer” letters 4,5,6. “pack” letters 1,2,7,8. “never ever failing” = letter 10.

  7. Mack – 9A – defn = “Over”. Now “Gaga’s” first release gives letters 1,2,3 (ignore post apostrophe). “Nickelback” = letters 5,4.
    2D – defn = “exhibit taste”. “square” = letters 1,5,6,7. “Can” = letters 2,3,4 (and abbreviation).

  8. Damn, I had Bellant (netball : foul) took a while for the penny to drop…as if through treacle.

  9. Finally back! Dos tor, pharmacy, Subway, supermarket, lunch, visitor! About half done, some still baffling me. 24D for instance. What does teller’s over mean? 2D? Square (X x X) jackets exhibit? But I have a synonym for loo as letters 2-4? Missing something. Time for my after-dinner nap, will look back later.

  10. No, it is an addictive drug! Found several more, now only six short. I can sleep on that. CU later.

  11. Arthur C. – 24D – “Teller’s” is a homophone indicator of a word for “over”. Defn = “brownish grey”.
    2D – sounds like the loo part is right. The “square” is just that – a number that is a square.

  12. Got there. But not without all the helps, including here. I was a bit slow today. I agree with Andy W that 22a was very clever. Also agree with Arthur that this is addictive!

  13. Thanks, Ray (11.13). Yes, I saw that one in the rush of answers I got just before I went ZZZZing. Have added a couple more, only four to go.

  14. All done in record time for me,with just a tiny bit of help.Thanks trippers.Liked 5,23 and 24A,as well as 1,5 and 15D.

  15. I started to fume about the spelling of 13a, then googled it and found it was actually something else that I’d never come across before. Thanks again, DA, for broadening my horizons!

  16. I found it really slow going today even though you all seemed to have found it relatively straight forward. From the cross letters I’m pretty sure I have the right answer for 4d and can see how it relates to the last word of the clue but can’t see the connection to the rest of the clue.

  17. Pat, re 4D the answer is a double definition. I went to the races and was taken to the cleaners = I had a 4d at the racetrack today. You obviously understand the second meaning.

  18. Thank you, Mort. 20 years in Australia and I’m still learning new expressions!

  19. Pat, I’ve been here over 50 years and I’ve never heard of that expression either.
    Got a few in but just don’t seem to be on DA’S wavelength lately.

  20. Glenn, 17A “cycle shed” means turn around (cycle) a word for shed, as in throw out. This gives letters 1,2,8 in reverse order. “shocked troop” gives the middle letters if you can accept “shocked” as an anagram indicator. Definition is “on the rocks” – an American expression.

  21. Things finally starting to click. Have all the top half except 1d (if this requires knowledge of the film I may as well give up on it) and 17, despite Mort’s hint. Does on the rocks refer to how you might have a drink or is it some other Americanism?

  22. thanks Mort, “cycle shed” threw me completely! And that would give you letters 1,2,3?

  23. Have managed to put one answer in in the last hour, might be time to chuck it in. Still no idea on 1d, 13a and 17a. Lots more gaps in the bottom half.

  24. Finally got 1d. With the help of word search got 13a which I’d never heard of. Hasn’t helped with 17a though.
    Just 17a, 22a, 23a, 15d and 21d to go.

  25. Finally worked out 13d. Never heard of it referred to as on the rocks. On the skids maybe.

  26. Have answers that fit for the rest now, over to Ian’s site to sort out some wordplays

  27. No-one’s mentioned 11A so it must be easy, but I’ve no idea. Any hints?
    I have what seems an obvious (perhaps too obvious) answer to 22A but can’t relate it to 3D.
    There are many others I don’t get but too many to mention. Not a good week.

  28. Geoff 11a the surfer has nothing to do with water
    22a the first two letters of 3d = first word of the answer. If you apply the last word of the answer to the middle word of the answer you get the last letter of 3d

  29. Can someone please explain the wordplay for 21D, I only understand the last part of the clue.

  30. feather, 21D’s wordplay is three words, letters 12 3 456. It’s not a great clue as far as I’m concerned, unless I’m missing something! I think ‘approaching’ is 12 3. Anybody?

  31. Thanks, Robin! Your explanation made no sense to me at first, as I had hogsty as my answer … you prompted me to check the solution in today’s paper.

  32. I agree with Robin’s interpretation, but, like feather, I had also put hogsty in until I saw the solution.

  33. MJH, 1D letters 1-4 = foremost celeb; balance is location for director. Definition is Titanic’s right.

  34. This week’s puzzle was just right for my liking. I managed to finish without help from here but it was not that easy.
    DS and the SMH weekend crossword has taught me something; if you believe you can do it and don’t give up you usually will. Keep chipping away at it, leaving it and coming back to it and bit by bit you get there.
    I started it believe I could do DS and week after week I found I could. Only lately, though, did I start to believe I could do DA and I think that is a big step for me.
    (Now I’ve done it – next week’s will be a shocker I expect …!)

  35. nn, thanks for the explanation for 11A. As someone with abysmal IT skills/knowledge any surfer other than the Bell’s Beach type didn’t occur to me. As for 21A, my answer was right but I’d never have worked it out from the clue.

  36. John, for 7D ’emergency limits’ gives you letters 1 and 7 but I think you have these already. ‘Science’ is the definition. Letters 2-6 are from the name of a German city famous for its ‘water’ but a compass point has been removed from the name. Is this making any sense?!

  37. Wordplay for 26A letters 1-5, please? (I get 6 and 7)
    And 6D: Is “rubbish” both a clue for letters 1-6 AND an anagrind(?) for letters 7 (peer) and 8-11 (against)? Is this duality in clueing ‘kosher’?

  38. johnno2 | March 16, 2015 at 11:55 am |
    26A – “negative over” = 1,2,3 ie: 3,2,1 reversed as indicated by “over”. “grant, led off” = letters 4,5 where “led off” removes a word for “led” (ran) to leave the over 2 letters.
    6D – I don’t think so – just an anagrind for the whole answer as the fodder is “against peer” – as this gives the answer which is a form of “make up”.

  39. Thanks Ray. All clear now. Could kick myself on 6D! Overthinking’s a curse in cryptics, as it is in life! Re 26A, oh those ‘double step’ clues; in this case, realising you have to have a synonym first, before you can use it. Grrr.

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