DA Confusion for the 20th of February, 2015

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

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  1. Hi David
    I’m totally delighted that ‘Letters and Numbers’ is showing again – it’s easily the best quiz show on TV.
    The other night you talked about various birds and their strange names. Now, I’m a keen twitcher also, but some of those names weren’t familiar to me. Is it possible to send me a list of all those you mentioned, as I’d love to check them out?
    At present we have a family of young butcherbirds in our backyard and they’re delighting us with their glorious singing – we’re sure they’re holding ‘I’m the greatest’ competitions!
    A big thank you in advance, in case you’re able to fulfil my request!
    Joyce Knobloch
    Old Bar, NSW

  2. Not too hard today I thought.
    I liked 11A and 13A.
    If I have correct answers, I still do not get full wordplay for 6A and 6D.

  3. Five easy ones found around SE corner, trying to sort out 21A. Celestial body,or human? Tried to find anagram for 2D, Wordfinder says ‘No words found’. Sad.

  4. I can’t believe I’ve finished in under an hour!
    Ray, I think 6D has 1, 2, 3 as ‘legend’ 4, 5, 6, 7 as ‘brood’.
    I liked 24A, very Australian.

  5. Odd! I potred a reply to you, Ann, some time back, but it disappeared. It had already hit me who the pole star was, thanks. Have now filled in all of SE corner. Still much work to do.

  6. I agree, Ray and Ann: very simple today. I have a minor quibble with 1D – the tense of kill is incorrect; it should be killed. I wasted some time looking for a British people staring with Y.

    Liked the Batman reference (won’t say where, this early in the day) – may slow a few people down.

  7. Ian, I’m always first to complain about dodgy homophones but I can see nothing wrong with 23D. Maybe it’s still the faint traces of a North-Eastern British accent that remain despite most of my life being lived here.

  8. Ray, 6A: bizarrely indicates an anagram. Fodder is “know a party leader suppressed November (think phonetic alphabet)”. Definition is “report” – refer to my Batman comment earlier.

  9. Wrongggg! I had prime as first word of 8D, answer seemed to fit except letter 6, must rethink now. Still ten to go. Agonised for a long time over first and last letters of 16A, but getting 12D settled that. May have an answer to 1A, can’t connect to clue at all. 9a? To do with computer systems? Nearly time for my after-dinner nap. CU later.

  10. Arthur, 1A definition is first two words. “Fashion” indicates anagram.
    9A is nothing to do with computers. Try a Roman numeral for the first number. Definition is last word.

  11. Thanks, Mort, it all came to me with a rush, including that one. I had experimented with ‘coming out’, stopped me for a while. Only two to go now, will look at them later.

  12. Yes, easiest one for some time – 28:33 according to the iPad app.

    Joyce: I don’t believe DA actually reads this column, reliably anyway. Probably best to contact him at

    Ray: 6A is anagram (bizarrely) of Know with November (phonetic alphabet) removed (suppressed), and A Party leader ( first letter) stirred in.
    6D is homophone of Legend followed by homophone of Brood.

  13. Just got there. Note as easy for me as some, but only a little help needed from here.
    Cryptocrotchet, 24a is definitely not German. Very Aussie.

  14. All out in reasonable time with minimal assistance. Please don’t anyone else say it was easy; let me feel proud of my achievement. Not sure of word play for 3d.

  15. *not* as easy… Also Cryptocrotchet, first word of 24a is Aussie slang. Second word should be in dictionary

  16. Mort – I love your reference to Batman. It takes me back to the 60s TV series. You could also work 3D (letters 1-6) into it if you recall how the theme music went.

  17. All done but 23d. 3de had me stumped until I filled it in from comments here – not an expression I’d ever come across. Is it Aussie? And shouldn’t it have a double letter in the middle of the first word? Come to think of it, Sandy, shouldn’t the backwards bit also have a (different) double letter?

  18. Not a clue on any of them today. Come here and people are saying it is easy!
    Will press on

  19. Persevere, nn. I was just the same at first, then got most of SE corner and got stuck again for ages. When they do come, they come not singly but in battalions, like Hamlet’s sorrows!

  20. nn, don’t get disheartened. 10A is an easy start: anagram indicator is “crackers”; fodder is first three words; definition is phrase after “crackers” and the answer is NOT Cease Fire.

  21. managed to get 1a and 6a, then fell asleep. Hope I’m awake enough to see a few more now I’ve had a short nap.

  22. Thanks Mort, got it, although battle might be slightly more accurate than war.

  23. Came back after a break for tea, but can’t get any further than the 6 I had before tea. All of these are in the top part, haven’t managed any in the SE, despite above comments. Am close to shredding this one. Am pretty sure I have 8d down (a very expensive piece of steak), but have no idea how the wordplay works.

  24. If my guess for 3d is right it was what I had earlier (except I’m male). Don’t get the wordplay though.

  25. nn, 8D 1-3 is given by “avoid” as in avoid school. “Charge” and “purchase” UP, are balance.

  26. CC I can fit a phrase to the few cross letters I have for 11a, but I have no idea where letter 13 comes from, nor do I have any idea where any of the others come from or how my phrase fits the definition (whatever it is!)
    Just not getting anywhere this week, need another 3d (if I’m right about that one)

  27. nn, 3d Again all are upside down (review): blast = 7-5; A=A for 4; bread = 3-1 (or 10-3)

  28. CC and nn, 11A: take tonnes (t) from 40 (spelled out) and “out” and mix with “one though”

  29. thanks Mort, that makes sense. Was having trouble with the blast bit. I think this would have been a bit better if the end of the clue was “for the rest” as I was trying to work “the” into it.

  30. thanks Mort, now I get the wordplay for 11a but that presumably means the answer somehow = summer rhetoric??? I’m presuming summer has nothing to do with the seasons, but it still doesn’t make sense to me.

  31. Top half done except for 1d. Can’t find a word that fits the cross letters.
    Bottom half completely blank at the moment.

  32. Hi nn, if you are still there, 11a is an expression commonly heard in summer (ie the season).

  33. Thanks Mort, I had the first letter wrong, will teach me to check the anagram more carefully. Now I have an answer for 1d, but still pondering the wordplay. Really not with it today!

  34. Thanks Sandy, my wrong first letter meant the phrase wasn’t even a question, hence my puzzlement

  35. Nn 21a, flaunted is an anagrind with words following the fodder when raunchy top has been removed. The pole star in question is not celestial.

  36. Sorry, that was 1a. 1d, lasts letter is close to anguish. Rest is overkill, but really should be overkilled.

  37. thanks Sandy, after much pondering I now see what overkill(ed) means. Agree it really should have the last two letters. I have a couple of answers on the SW, but ironically SE is still blank.Time for a rest, back later

  38. When you get back to it, in 18a ‘in part’ suggests container, and ’round’ suggests reversal.

  39. nn. 18A start reading backwards in the clue for a drink. The phrase to look at in reverse is “of it I Repaid”. Would you like an xxxxxxxx before dinner?

  40. Finally go 21a after messing around with field athletes for ages!
    most of SW done, just the “easy” SE to go

  41. Have an answer for all of them now, but the SE corner done mainly by filling in words that fit. Will check Ian’s site for explanations.

  42. Can some one give me a relationship between the answer to 6a and “report”.

  43. Pete. Report can mean a loud sound (like a gunshot or a hit). Think Batman (60’s version) as Mort mentioned earlier.

  44. Thanks Mary and Kes – had the answer – knew it was write(sic) – now see the relationship !

  45. Kes – we got answer – but struggled with why it was correct.
    The answer is in treating “audio” as a homonym for a word meaning “opening”

  46. Pete – don’t get the homonym (or homophone) but I can get a word that means the same as the a piscatorial version of school. am I on the right track?

  47. One of my best efforts for a while. Worked out just over half on my own and got all the rest except one from above. Thanks everyone. Just missing 16A. Any hints? Liked 24A.

  48. GeoffD – 16A – Defn “Present”. “model” (as a verb) gives 3 letter synonym for letters 3,4,5. “unit” gives 3 letter synonym for letters 1,2,6.

  49. In 24A the spelling of corroboree as ‘carroboree’ intrigued me. Is this a DA joke or is the word used when Utes are involved? It looks deliberate and does not seem to be a typo.

  50. Robin, assuming it’s the same one as the Age:
    22D Ring = HOOP; “OutsidE but not inside” = OE. Hoopoe is a bird.
    27A Knocked off indicates anagram of “expert”. Square = T. Mix ’em up and you have PRETEXT = Device (usually in a literary sense).

  51. Thanks Mort! I’d figured out the PRETEXT but I’m afraid I still hadn’t got the HOOPOE. I usually can manage DS each week but that one had me baffled.

    Thanks for the answers!

  52. Paddy – 24A – “Aussie birds” = letters 3,4,5,6. “enter” gives positioning. “absolute” gives a five letter synonym for = letters 1,2,7,8,9. Defn = “Aussie ‘carroboree’ “

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