DA Confusion for the 13th of February, 2015

Have your confusions sorted out right about here.

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  1. After carefully reading the clues I have but two (easy) answers. Can someone please recommend the best anagram solver, as I am assuming there are two or three in this puzzle?

  2. Struggled a bit today especially with RHS. Have all out and wordplays for all.
    Liked 13A, 25A.
    I did not like too much – 6D, 8D, 17D,

  3. Thanks, Ray. found a couple of other easy ones, didn’t look carefully enough first time through.

  4. MJH, first word is the def, 2 letter word for bullock upended in anagram of last word. Hope that helps…

  5. Just starting. Most of sw done, thanks to Nikopiko’s clue for 14d. Any help with 20d, 27a, please.

  6. megse – 20D – defn “Detours”. “loveless lad” = letters 1,2. “pity nonetheless” = letters 3,4,5,6,7.

  7. 27A – “Build up” = synonym for letters 1,2,3,4,5. “career” = synonym for letters 6,7,8,9. “gaining further” = synonym for letters 10,11,12,13. Defn “in America”.

  8. 27a build up – 1st word, 2nd word two parts “career” + “further” rest is definition

  9. I liked the clue for 6d, but I hate that bit of modern slang: a word I cringe at.

  10. Only nine solved at this time, haven’t managed any of what I thought might be anagrams. Have thought 1A, 6D, 9D might be possibles?

  11. Arthur, 1A is an anagram of first 4 words, think of one of our current PM’s buzzwords. I don’t have the others yet.

  12. Thanks, Ray and Nikopiko, I was trying to use the last four words, Stupid!

  13. Kenneth 23 across defn is last word not first! Victorians will solve this faster than the NSW People! If you’re still stumped another clue at my twitter site!

  14. 6D – defn = “Stunning”. “a” gives letter 1. “safari beast outright” = 5 letter word with letter removed for letters 4,5,6,7. “bitten” gives positioning. “snakes” = anagrind. fodder = “small” for letters 2,3,8,9,10.

  15. Celia: snakes=jumble. Outright=remove R from beast.
    The answer is a stupid piece of modern slang.

  16. Finally progressing, only eight to go. Got 20A (I’m the first bit) , very clever.

  17. Only three to find now. 6D? Have all the acrosses, so what is it? A class of small snakes? And is 23A a composer’s name?

  18. Much gentler than last week. Stumped on 6D unless it’s a made-up word…

  19. Arthur, 23A definition is the last word (more familiar to Melburnians), and the composer in question isn’t of the musical variety. Can’t help with 6D in spite of the above clues though. Bit of a struggle this week, though just the eastern half to go. Might have to come back to it in the morning.

  20. if you don’t know the expression 6 down is nigh impossible! But see 9:07 and 9:10 postings from Ray and Kenneth: thank you!

  21. Ahh, once again I feel I’ve let my generation down by not getting 6D sooner. Thanks to Ray and Kenneth for their hints, though I was stuck trying to figure out how ‘H-I-N-O’ was meant to fit before I spotted the right beast.

  22. I assume that the creature in 6D is a non-commissioned horse. I then had to look it up to see if that was a “real” word. Sadly, it is.

  23. NO! I’ve carefully studied the hints above for 6D, cannot make any sense of it at all. Must be a word I’ve never heard. As to 23A, I can see where the first letter comes from, but the last three? No idea. Anyway, having finished only one short, with just two assists from up there ^, I feel I haven’t done too badly .

  24. HandM, I can think tiger, or zebra? But neither of those will fit. In my across letters I have A,A,E.A.L? Is there a word i the clue of which 6D is a synonym. I think I’ll just wait for tomorrow’s paper, see if I can make sense of the answer.

  25. Getting there slowly. Still have most of RHS to go. Cannot understand word play for letters 1-3 of 25A. Loved 1A for its topicality.

  26. Help for 12A and 7D as my last clues to solve, then I’ll have to figure out the rest. 13A and 8D were driving me nuts, but got them eventually. I got 6D once I’d read Kenneth’s comment. I have many by definition and cross letters but parsing is tough today.

  27. Arthur C: the second part of 6d are used in many many games

    Dave R: 25a – 1-3 are word for couple with 2nd letter removed

  28. It’s the black-and-white one, Arthur, and your crossers are right. I made it up first then googled it, and wished I hadn’t because it’s such an awful word and I’ll never be able to forget it now. It’s also a kind of health-food, I discovered – the world’s a weird place!

  29. CC: 12a – look closely at words 2 & 3, then apply the rest of the clue to get word 1.
    7d – def: DA more often uses Perhaps than Possibly. Dress hoisted is not a mini.

  30. Well, I learned a new word! In my original analysis, I outrighted safari. I had no idea the answer word existed. So, all squares filled in, not all clues understood, but that is normal for me.

  31. I’m completely stuck in bottom right corner. Think I’ve got the end of 17d, but can’t see what pressure has to do with anything. Also have beginning of 20d but can’t finish it. Time for a break and a coffee.

  32. Mary, 20d – think of detours as a noun (plural) rather than a verb. If you have 21a, 26a and 27a then there is only the one word which fits.

  33. Mary, 17D “under pressure” gives first letter of the answer. Bohemian gives next four. Balance is from “Part of India declared”. Definition is first word (loosely).

  34. Thanks, Dom and Mort – in both cases I suspected the right word but couldn’t justify it. I see 17d now, but still can’t parse the last 5 letters 0f 20d. I don’t have 23a (in spite of living near Melbourne), 16a, 20a, 26a and second word of 9d. Not my best result this week!

  35. Mary last five letters of 20D are a word meaning pity – with nonetheless: split this last word into three to get the instruction.

  36. Mary, you obviously don’t use 24D if you can’t get 23A.
    26D definition is PM.
    9D – means “decision”. We have too many in Australia.

  37. Thanks to clues above, I finally got 6D, but I’ve not heard it before (thank God, I’d say!)

    Not sure of wordplay for 15A and bits of 8D.

  38. Mary, 24d – short walk – drop the trailing p

    Jack, 15a – synonym for scruples, with a synonym for cheat removed at the start
    8d – think Mediterranean

  39. Thanks Mary for 15A. I know the answer to 8D, but some of the wordplay escapes me (particularly the final 3 letters)

  40. Jack – 8D – “hurt by a” gives letters 1, 11,12, 13. Specifically “hurt” = 1,11,12

  41. Yes, Jack, the parsing of 8d did seem a bit odd to me, too. Best I can do is this: first 5 letters anagram, 3 letter word for ‘down’ around 4 lettter word for ‘hurt’, single letter at the end.

  42. Sorry – “down” gives letters 1, 11, 12. “hurt” letters 7, 8, 9, 10. 2-6 from “pains”

  43. Ray, your version works too – depends on whether letter 1 or 6 is included in the anagram. Wonder which DA meant?

  44. Thanks Ray, but I now think letters 1,11,12 mean “down” and 7,8,9,10 mean “hurt”; the whole thing (letters 1-12) is by “a” (letter 13).

  45. Mary – agree. I think the “down guards” indicates that letter 1 comes from the synonym for “down” and the 6th letter comes from “pains” (“struck” – anagrind).

  46. Almost done… two to go. Can someone please explain the construction of 19D though? The definition seems to be the last word with an approximate (but not quite!) anagram. So I can see what must be the answer, but don’t understand how 3D is related to it. Thanks!

  47. Paul – You are right; definition is the last word; 3D = letters 1,2,3; odd letters of scarier give letters 4,5,6,7.

  48. Last in was 6D which I was amused by once I got it. I had heard of it: maybe there are advantages to working with teenagers! I liked 1A too.

  49. I reckon our PM ought to confer knighthoods on those who solved 1A.
    Sorry! Good Government began on Monday!

  50. Thanks Dom. Sadly, I’m not getting those clues (12A, 7D) at all. I’ve had a weird puzzle day where I could get half a word/phrase but not the rest. Mix of eurekas and flatlines.

  51. CC, 12A has the same letters as 7D apart from the “coming closer to leaving”.
    12A definition is “nab” as in capture; 11A definition is “Square”, as in make tidy, rather than a shape.

  52. Sorry CC, 12a has same letters as 11A .. etc

    7D as someone mentioned earlier, the skirt is not a mini but a xxxx; it is “hoisted” around love. Definition is possible description of the phrase “head over heels”. Not a great clue, in my opinion.

  53. Re 8d – I am with Mary. ‘pains struck’ & then ‘down guards hurt’ & then ‘a’
    all equates to 5 letters , then 3 letters around 4 letters , then the last 1 letter.
    DA did not say “down guards” at the start of the clue.

  54. 8d I read as
    Pains struck = letters 1-5
    down = letters 6, 11, 12
    guards = surrounds
    hurt = letters 7-10
    by a = letter 13
    fighting force = defn

    I think this is what everyone has been saying ???

  55. Dom – Jack & Ray think ‘down’ is letters 1, 11 , & 12.
    Mary & I think ‘down’ is letters6, 11, &12. So you are with the girls – welcome!

  56. Got 1a and 3d straight away and a few more after a bit a struggle. Don’t seem to be on DA’S wavelength today, nor do I seem to be on the same wavelength as those giving all the hints above. Still can’t fathom the last 5 letters of 2nd, assuming I have first two right.
    Have an answer for 26 that fits the def of pm and the only cross letter I have.
    I think I understand that in 7 is have to upend the opposite of mini and stick love in it somewhere, but can’t make any word that I’ve ever heard of in this way.
    From what you’ve all said, I’m not even sure I want to know what 6d is.
    I have 29a but can’t fathom 24d
    Most frustrating, will press on for a bit longer but might be better spending the evening reading a book!

  57. Wordsworth gave 20d at last. Never heard of that term, although had heard of similar but with different endings, none of which would fit.

  58. Word search, not Wordsworth. Will have to find out how to turn off autocorrect it is being rather annoying tonight

  59. I have filled in 16a & 20a from the defs , but can’t see how the rest of either clue works. Help!

  60. nn – 24d is a 5 letter word for ‘walk’ with the 5th letter off. That gives you one of the things you need a 23a for (if you have scruples).
    6d – snake is anagrind & small is anagrist. It ‘bites’ the animal mentioned in the posts above (from which you must out right). The whole thing IS stupid if you are more than 15 .

  61. 20a, ‘lock’ as in ‘tress’, and ‘loaded’ as in ‘wealthy.
    Not sure about 1st and last letters of 16a – I think ‘blocking’ is doing double duty. Not just indicating the placing of the anagram in the middle, but also indicating the removal of ‘choice’ from ‘sail’.

  62. Thanks Julie, got 24d now, understand what I have to do with 6d but can’t make any sense of it.

  63. nn, 6d is something of a portmanteau of a more traditional word for “stunning” and objects often used in sport. The whole thing is usually used with the equally irritating “totes”, as in “that clue is totes 6d”.

  64. Thanks Mary – you have explained the 1st & last letters of 16a to me perfectly – so why are you not sure about them? I can’t see the double duty you mention – it all seems fine the way you say!

  65. Thanks Luke got it now, but too but too tired for the rest. Am shredding this one only half done

  66. nn — I can imagine Wordsworth using a word like 20d -with daffodils beside them.

  67. A much better clue would have been ‘type of surgery for those with a bad lisp’.

  68. Someone (thanks, David!) sneaked me a scan of the crossword. Apparently I’m alone in not understanding the wordplay in 22D. Is “reporting partly” letters 1 and 2? If so, I don’t get the rest.

  69. Rupert, Bernie is right… Explosive is the definition, reporting is the fodder, partly is a hidden indicator, and shown up is a reversal indicator.

  70. Anyone still there???
    7D – Just TELL me, PLEASE!
    9D – Construction and/or wordplay, please: I have PLANE ‘torn’ for letters 2-6 and INTO ‘pieces’ for letters 9-12, which leaves me letters 1, 8, 9 and 13 (SECS) to clue from “calls for”. ??
    20D – Are letters 3-7 a 6-letter word ‘less the none’ (‘0’) (can get the word but I think ‘none-the-less’ is clumsy) or a 9-letter word less ‘none’ and ‘the’ (can’t get the word but ‘none, the, less’ is better)?
    12A – Is the discarded letter the ‘closer’ of ‘coming’ or ‘leaving’? I’m assuming the former but (and this may just be me!) the ‘to’ is misleading (though necessary for the grammar).
    Thanks ‘Anyone’ :-)

  71. John. 7D “head over heels” could be an IDIOM. Dress hoisted in MIDI = IDIM, around O for love.
    9D anagram of PLANE and pieces = SECTIONS.

    20D LAD = BOY, loveless (without O) is BY. Pity is PATHOS – nonetheless, remove the O = none = BYPATHS.
    12A The closer to coming (G) is leaving 11A ALIGN. Perhaps indicates anagram. Nab, as in capture = NAIL.

  72. Thanks Mort! (particularly for being there this ‘late’ to help a slow-but-steadier!) Could only think about MAXI when told above that it was “not MINI” (I’m that old).
    9D – I was clearly overthinking it! 12A – Had got it as you explained; so not head over heels about the clue :-) 20D – Now I see the ‘third way’ for “nonetheless” i.e it’s as in “I won’t think the less of him” as opposed to “I won’t think less of him”.

  73. Johnno, for 20D I read “nonetheless” as take from the word PATHOS, O, as in PATHOS as is but is less the none.

  74. Robin, I think it is “spin”. Not 100% sure as the paper has been discarded.

  75. Thanks Dom.
    It was ‘Ritual as a mate, when spun!?’ which doesnt seem to have a def. Had it been ‘Rallying cry ritual as a mate, when spun?!’ I’d be a bit happier!

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