DA Confusion for the 6th of February, 2015

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

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  1. Starting to see DA’s point about using a pencil, though still no real idea what’s going on with the theme. I have about 10 written in, but think I’ve got solid answers to another half dozen or so that don’t fit with those written in. I’ve also got an inkling about what 10A might be, which if right doesn’t fill me with hope.

  2. Looks very threatening. NaCl seemed the obvious answer to 4D (oddly scarlet), but 10A puts a different letter 4. Are we looking for words that are anagrams of the answers to clues? Looks possible.

  3. Still do not have 23A, but do have (what I think) are correct answers to all but two of the rest and I still cannot put the grid together. I guess 23A holds the key.

  4. Arthur, I think you are on the right track. 10a like many of the clues (unlike DA) appear to be anagrams.

  5. I’ve got 23a and 10a and about half the other clues but can’t put it all together!

  6. Not anagrams. Look at the two supernatural investigators and how they might fit in. That’s how I twigged.

  7. Oh, that’s brilliant. I’d been stuck on those investigators for a while, but getting one quickly gave the other and then the rest of the puzzle fell together nicely. Thanks very much Ian!

  8. After writing in four obviously correct answers, then finding obviously correct intersecting answers that negated the ones I already had, I decided this is too complicated, so, torn up and binned. Sad about that, I like a decent struggle.

  9. Yes – thanks Andy W and Ian – 23A was the key. Once in and understood the rest does drop out quickly.
    DA was a bit too good for me today.
    And well done Ian on cracking it.

  10. Is 17D a straightforward clue because I have that answer and I really want to put it in and just get going on this without being scared I have the wrong thing in the grid. I can’t make 26D and 28A work together – not quite sure what’s going on yet.

  11. I think I understand what’s going on but finding it hard to get a certain foothold, even though I have about half the answers quite quickly. Pretty clear DA has made the clues somewhat easier this week in order to make the thing doable.

  12. Struggling on 23 across here is the word play:
    Words one and two are the definition
    Word 4 gives letters1-2, 5 gives 3+10-15, words 6-10 gives letters 4-9
    If you found answers for both 7 and 8 or both 11 and 28 this may give you a clue to the answer as well although not all the 23 acrossed clues have their clued companionsls present elsewhere!

  13. OK, trying to avoid spoilers here. I thought I understood the deal, though I don’t have 23a, but I have a dilemma. Can someone who’s finished help me?

    17a is confirmed above as regular, which suggests on the basis of the shared letter that 29a (to which I have the clue answer) is too. Now, on my understanding, that means that 3a must be regular too. In 3d I have cross-letters 2 (from an irregular answer) and 4 (from a regular answer) suggesting that it too is regular. Yet the answers to the 3a clue and the 3d clue are inconsistent at the interlock. Where have I gone wrong?

  14. Thanks, Andy. So do the answers to clues 3a and 29a begin with the same letter? I think they do, but if they do, then I don’t fully understand the trick after all.

  15. AG in my previous post the word and should have been in do not try to get an answer here and put it elsewhere in the crossword the answer goes in the space that’s clued but you have to 23 across it for 19 of the clues

  16. Thanks, CF. Obv I don’t have the trick. Will continue to mull it over.

  17. My browser is playing up and it just chewed up most of that last post i was trying to correct the previous post which was a list of the down i need assistance with they are 5,

  18. I think my browser is slightly incompatible with this website however i have just rebooted my phone so let me try again i would really appreciate any assistance with the downs 5, 13, 14, 25.

  19. Well, that wasn’t all that much fun. Never seen 4D spelled like that.

    If 7D is the partner of 8A, then I don’t like the dodgy homophone.

  20. Thanks, CC, I didn’t read any of the hints before I posted. I try not to think of hip-hop people and I’d never heard of this one.

  21. Lord.
    If I am reading this right and as noted above, 19D is un-10A, then 28A needs to be 10A-ed twice to make it fit with 26D & 19D- and that’s if you go past the obvious answer to 28A.

  22. Unlike Mort, I’ve really enjoyed it. Four to go, three of which are irregular.

    Celia, 25d is irregular. The answer to the clue is a noun, the word to insert is a verb that relates to a verb homophone of the clue answer.

  23. These are the ones i haven’t yet finished across 13, 18 (the tweak), 27 and down 5, 14, 25, straight or bent i can’t get these ones yet!
    I may have the wrong answer for 19 down because i have two alternatives and differ on the first two letters only!

  24. Blackpen – I see what you’ve done but you didn’t need that extra step. You had the wrong detective first I think if you went with the digging one.

  25. … Aaand done. I did like that, though I agree with Mort on the 7d homophone, and 12d and 14d are a bit obscure.

    CF: 18a, think odds and ends.

    Blackpen, I think that like me you have got the wrong initial idea for the trick of it.

  26. Is 18 across regular or irregular if it’s regular i have the wrong answer for 19 down if it’s irregular i need help finding the companion

  27. Need a better hint for 23a – not sure what supernatural investigators have to do with it

  28. Is 19 down true or blue if true 18 across is regular if blue 18 across is irregular and i have no idea what the word is that fits that pattern

  29. 23A – “father” gives letters 1,2. “knocking” gives letters 3, 10, 11,12,13,14,15. “strewn” the rest. Defn “Kinky habit”.

  30. I have 10A & 23A and they are not much use, especially if I am right about 28A and it needs to be treated twice.
    This is going to end with another grid filled with nonsense words, isn’t it?

  31. Ray, i do not know what 18across word is i know what the interim word is of course i know that this very little choice about what the final word is but i’ve got no idea i’ve never heard an expression with any of those possibilities in it. at least you’re confirming my 19 down answer is correct

  32. BlackPen @ 11:50.

    If you have solved 10A and 23A then you have the hint that when you have the answers to any the 19 “irregular”clues in question, you are obliged to find an alternative answer.
    Taking your 28A, the apparent answer is the surname of the Spillane detective. However, that word is often linked/paired to another word [in a completely different context]. That second word is the real answer to the clue.
    This process will apply to to the other 18 irregulars.
    Identifying the 19 irregulars is a challenge in itself. Hence, the suggested use of pencil!

    Hope this makes sense.

  33. Only 5 down and 27 across to go: wordplay hints please? And two missing letters 2 and 4 of 18 across because i do not know the pairing it comes from

  34. Got all but 3a, 12d and 27a – two out of the three must be irregular I think, but no idea which or how.

  35. Mary – 3A – irregular. 12D – regular. 27A – irregular.
    For 12D since regular – defn “Bungle”. “foreign” = anagrind. fodder = “wisdom first off”.

  36. 5D – irregular – “invoice” = homophone. So word for “Cheeky” that sounds like a word for “dismissed” (think cricket) and then 10A to get answer.

  37. Thanks Ray for 12d – funny how you can look at the right letters and simply not read them as a word! I sort of thought 3a must be irregular, but the only connection that springs to mind is weasels, which doesn’t exactly help. Cup of coffee, I think, and then come back and see if inspiration strikes for 27a.

  38. This is driving me nuts. 28a should be obvious but I have two Ls. How can the answers not be what they’re supposed to be?

  39. 27A – hard to explain without giving away. It is very clever I think.
    So “split ends” from “dented” and “fringe” and see if that helps.
    Then it is irregular.

  40. Greg the answer to 19 of the clues are interim answers to which you have to apply ten across and 23 across and the answer then though the same length will be entirely different to your interim answer!

  41. CF – how about this then:

    27A – hard to explain without giving away. It is very clever I think.
    So “split ends” from “dENTEd” and “fRINGe” and see if that helps.
    Then it is irregular.

  42. Well i’ve hung around here for hours longer than i intended i have lots to do that i haven’t done i have the interim answers for 18 and 27 across but not the final answers maybe later in the afternoon they’ll pop into my head otherwise i’ll just need to wait till tomorrow to get what they are

  43. Thanks for the responses.
    Re 28A, Brian- yes, we are thinking of the same answer, the second possibility. But I cannot wordplay it into my answers for 19D & 26D

  44. Thanks again, Ray. All done now. I had to guess and Google for 3a, and found a duo quite unknown to me. DA is constantly expanding my horizons.
    Crypticrochet, 1d, ‘knot’ is anagram indicator, think of ‘contribute’ as ‘insert into’. Def is last word. Hints for 22a and 27a are on here already.

  45. BlackPen have you taken your 26 down and your 28 across past the initial answers you got from their clues after all they’re both irregular and need 23acrossing

  46. One general hint I don’t think I’ve seen on here – as far as I can see, all the pairings include the word ‘and’ to link them. So if you have the first answer but can’t see what to put with it, try saying it with ‘and’ either before or after. (In the case of of 25d, try putting ‘ed’ on the end first)

  47. Ah Mary!Thank you, now 27A makes sense! It’s the first word in the phrase. Grid answer “and” clue answer. Oh now I’m chuffed!

  48. Greg, 23 across was originally known as 4-8 but has become more gender neutral. Definition as stated above is first tw words.

  49. CC, 13A think of what you cure meat with.
    11A Russians use them as reapers; this is a themed clue.

  50. Wow this is a tough one. Managed all but 16a. Any hints there? Also don’t get all the wordplay for 18a or 29a.

  51. Sandy 16A anagram indicator is “whirly”.
    18A take progressive letters from “battle virus with passwords” – themed clue.
    29A Think of a light and shorten it; answer is a character in the movie.
    13D Think stock market.

  52. Glower a light? And I must have 13d wrong. I need more that think of stock market.

  53. Great puzzle. But no matter what I try, I can’t get 14D, 13A or 22A. HELLLPPPP!!!

  54. Just got 22A!! However, this means that there is no word in my vocab that fits in 14D.

  55. Solved 14D. Pretty easy clue after all that. Just a word that no normal person uses!

  56. Solved 14D. Pretty easy clue after all that. Just a word that no normal person uses!
    This also enabled the stock market clue.
    Good night!

  57. Thanks so much to all the helpers – along with the lack of spoiling.
    Was DA was not inspired to create 23A on his holidays??

  58. Mmm, CC, I was wondering the same thing (about nn); and megse seems to be missing in action too.

  59. Hello Trippers. This is hard! Seems that at least some of the clues are easy enough and that the challenge is in the introductory note. I want to persevere on my own for the time being so I’m not looking at the conversation so far. But I would be grateful for just one hint – PLEASE just a Yes/No answer to this, and nothing more: Are 23 across and 10 across themselves unaffected? Are they two of the ‘other answers’? Yes? No? Thanks.

  60. I have a few answers but without 10A AND 23A I’ve no idea what the special instructions mean. Are the answers actual words?

  61. I haven’t been able to get out 8A, 13A, 5D, 7D or 14D.
    However, to the best of my knowledge 23A and 10A are not affected and the answers I have are real words.

  62. GeoffD, yes, the answers are actual words. I have 10A but not 23A. I didn’t look at the instructions until a couple of obvious answers didn’t fit with each other so I knew something was awry. 10A helped me, and 23A will probably help even more. In the meantime, and without knowing which 19 clues are affected, it’s about the hardest DA I’ve tackled. Good luck, and enjoy!

  63. Hm. What I thought was going on isn’t going to work, and, come to think of it, isn’t accurately clued by 10 across. I’ll have to rethink it.

  64. This is a brilliant DA, but it sure took some time to solve. I have one question: I can count only 18 themed answers and so I suspect that 3A is themed. If so, why did DA bother to do so?

  65. Jack, how could 3a not be themed? It doesn’t fit the cross letters unless it is.

  66. Sandy, do I have something wrong? All I had to do to my initial answer was to alter the middle letter to theme it.

  67. Been out all day and evening. Just put one answer in before coming here completely lost. Having read some of the above for a bit of a hint, I’ve found the answer I had is one of the themed ones, so I need to do something to it. Have no idea what 23a is even after reading hints. Might have another look tomorrow but 29a clue makes me suspect I will be lacking required knowledge as I don’t know anything about spilane’s detectives

  68. Jack 3am is a container clue. That gives a three letter rellie which then needs to have a 23a dine to it.

  69. Back into it this morning.
    After much messing around with similar phrases that didn’t fit, I finally got the right one for 23a and from there got 10a.
    Have a couple of the themed answers, will press on.

  70. Thanks Sandy for explanation of 3d. I’d done what Jack did and got the right modified answer, but couldn’t fathom what it had to do with financed share.
    Feel there will be much googling to find the modified part of the answers as I had to with 4d.

  71. I have the answer for 19d but don’t quite understand the wordplay. My answer is an anagrams of 8 of the 9 letters in the second word of the clues. Presume the third word is anagrind and that somehow the first word is telling me to leave out a letter but I don’t equate this word with any sort of deletion

  72. Knowing the sorts of TV shows Da seems to watch (and I don’t!), I finally managed to google the supernatural investigators. I’m finding that once I’ve worked out the appropriate alternative, the other half seems to appear somewhere, which is making things a bit easier, but this can’t always be the case as 19 is an odd number. I have almost half of it done, but I can only fit one word into 2nd and it doesn’t have anything to do with the clue, nor can I think of anything to 23a with my answer so I’m presuming it is a person.

  73. Any hints for the supernatural investigators?
    All I can think of is a 19th detective and his medical offsider

  74. Mjh they both come from the same to show. I’d never watched it but had it filed away in my memory somewhere.
    I’m still stuck on the last four. 13a, 13d, 14d, 22a

  75. having read hints above I now have both the 13s, although without 14d, I don’t really understand 13d.
    Two to go

  76. got 22a. just 14d to go. Hints above say it is a straight clue and an obscure word. Unfortunately too obscure for both me and wordsearch software. So am now in the same position as Ben last night, but, unlike Ben I haven’t been able to take the last step and solve what he now says is a pretty easy clue. Won’t be easy if it is a word I’ve never heard of and that i can’t find in online search tools!

  77. finally got it after trying several word search sites, most of which said no word exists for the cross letters. Fairly obscure, but I may have seen it used in something that was written 100 years ago. Bit of an odd clue, as coach is almost doing double duty here if i understand the wordplay.

  78. AG, I made the same mistake that you made initially and thought it was going to be an absolute almost insoluble nightmare – it was only when I got 23A (with Ray’s help) that the penny dropped. Almost there now but struggling with a few, and have succumbed to the conversation. It’s been fun.

  79. Julie, like you, the first few I got were pairs and then I spent ages looking for a match for each of the others, but most of them are singles.

  80. Thanks nn – me too. I was trying to use the other word elsewhere because I got the ones I mentioned solved first.
    Just 3a to go – My answer is a rellie, but I need clue for the clue!

  81. After finally understanding the theme, I still only managed about twelve correct answers. Even worse when I checked the solution today, there were about ten answers I still couldn’t understand. Arthur showed great foresight this week. I wish I’d followed his lead. (What the heck was 4D about? I understand the ‘salt’ part but what is ‘pepa’?)

  82. Can anyone de-construct 13D?
    How does (ye)ll(ow) in the 5-letter 14D give the 13D (pre-)answer?

    And did DA just forget to put a “Not” at the start of 19D???

  83. Thanks Ray. I’d never heard of them and was surprised when I looked up the reference to see how extensive a career they’ve had.

  84. Lots of use of “irregular” in this week’s ‘helps’. What does this mean, please?
    Also could someone now reveal what the (dodgy) homophone (or homonym) for 7D actually is? I realise it relates to the ‘pair’.
    Also looking forward to answers to MF (9:36 today)

  85. I think many folks do take time to answer the puzzles over so I won’t spoil here, but I’ve blogged the solutions. Just click my name to see.

  86. Johnno2 the irregular answers are the ones in which you have to 23a before putting in the answer. There are 19 of them.

  87. It is Sunday evening and I am sitting with a cold beer, with a sense of satisfaction. Was it the best ever, I’m not sure, but thanks DA for something very special. Also thanks to you Trippers for a bit of help here and there. Roll on next Friday!!

  88. Thanks, @Crypticrochet, but your blog solutions don’t help answer the question marks over 13D and 19D.

  89. I’m very appreciative that MF’s question has revealed your blog for us newbies Crypti – another resource (of last resort of course!) Realising what your and others’ blue and underlined ‘bylines’ were – and thus could provide – was a ‘face palm’ moment for me :-(
    To refine your 13D thinking for MF, and also regarding your own uncertainty expressed in your blog, I think the answer is what you get when you ‘do’ 14D (i.e. ‘put into the coach’) to the heart of yellow. Thus letters 3 and 4 are ‘put into’ letters 1, 2 and 5.

  90. OK I am confused. No-one has mentioned this so I’m sure I must be wrong but, despite looking at a complete solution, (I gave up with about 4 to get and only got that far after lots of help from here) I can still only see 18 clues that require the 23A treatment:
    What’s the 19th?!

  91. Jonno2 said: “To refine your 13D thinking for MF, and also regarding your own uncertainty expressed in your blog, I think the answer is what you get when you ‘do’ 14D (i.e. ‘put into the coach’) to the heart of yellow. Thus letters 3 and 4 are ‘put into’ letters 1, 2 and 5.”

    Ah! Yes that gets the “S” I was missing from my parsing. Thanks!

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