DA Confusion for the 30th of January, 2015

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93 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 30th of January, 2015

  1. Thought 5D was very clever.
    Thought 1D, 15D and 27A were good.
    Thought 10A and 23D were clumsy.

  2. Thought 12 A was a poor clue to be honest. Frankly ‘ Berliner’ is not correct.
    I haven’t got the intersecting 24/19 or 27A or 16D.
    Could I have a hint for 27A which might open up the corner?

  3. Agree with all of your comments Ray. 27A must be good… cos I didnt’ get it : )

  4. Ah, got it, thanks Ray. 27A is good! …. and didn’t come up in anagram solvers.

  5. And 24D ditto.
    I don’t understand 13D. I was on the wrong track with ivory coast : )

  6. 13D is also clever (forgot to list). Read as “Con Go” with defn “Sabbitical”.

  7. Ah, get 13 D now. Thanks Ray. Had the answer but no idea why. Ivory coast could have worked at a pinch for a professor of music, but it threw out the RHS,

  8. Kickstarters …
    1 & 25 across; 1 & 4 down

    Faves: 9,18 a, 14 a, 13 d, 15 d

    I don’t understand the wordplay for letters 3-5 of 26 across

  9. 26A I took to be ‘a’ + the letter representing ‘shirt’ being repositioned (moving) in a synonym for ‘behind’.

  10. Going very well today, so must be child’s play for the experts. Wrote in what looked obvious answer to 5D, but can’t relate it to clue. Fits the two acrosses that I have, though. Only ten to go, I think.

  11. That is the whole wordplay for 26 across. A + 4 letter synonym for behind with the final letter moved.

  12. Only five left in NE corner. Can someone please explain how the clue in 5D fits the answer (I’m sure I have the right one).

  13. Arthur, 5 down “second” gives letters 1-2 the balance gives 3 little words (3,2,2) synonymous with “self-effacing”

  14. A bit tougher this week with a couple of unknowns at 8D and 24/19D. I really wanted KATZ at 12A but resisted until the penny finally dropped.

  15. Have all but NE corner. Loved 5D and 13D, also 14A. Unsure of word play for 16D, but put the (apparently) only possible answer to fit the cross letters. Googled Antarctic mountains to no avail for 4D. Hints for10A would be appreciated so that I can get out to the shops.

  16. Dave R – 16D – read as XX X XX – and then it shortens to the answer.
    4D – defn “Poser”.
    10A – I didn’t like this one. Defn = “Top diplomat”. “trust” gives 2 words for letters 1,2,3,4 and 8,9. “leaves top luxury car” gives a 4 letter answer (which is an abbreviation) with first letter removed for letters 5,6,7

  17. Thanks Ray. I understand how the first two Xs and the 4th and 5th give letters 1 – 6 of the answer to 16D, but I’m still a bit bewildered.

  18. Oh Really!!!??? What sort of work? Part-time, casual, vountary, musical. literary etc?

  19. Apart from having to Google for 24D I had all the right letters, but you haven’t finished until you get all the wordplay. So thanks Ray and Gayle but I’m still not satisfied with my reading of 14A.
    Any hints please about the (two letter) “incomplete pack” – I can think of a possible phrase, but that leaves me uneasy.
    Dave R. I can only suggest a different search engine!

  20. Mike @ 1:19. My take on 14A is as follows.

    “Obvious card game” provides letters 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 / 8,9,10,11. [two words].
    The remaining letters 2,3: Think of Roman numerals that would describe a full pack and reduce by 1.

  21. Mike, the search engine is only as good as the searcher. I was looking for something starting with the wrong letter.

  22. I love my CD, but I cannot work out how letters 1-6 of 18A are given by “see you in recital”

    I agree with comment above that 23D is clumsy. Many of the other clues are fiendishly clever.

  23. Jack – “see you in recital” is “Cu in recital” – does that help?

  24. Thanks Ray and Stuart. I saw not the wood for the trees. As a chemist and a cd-ophile, I am ashamed.

  25. Loved 25a ,16d , 27a,14a.Thanks Celia Fate for the early literary clue.3 to go. 5a,7d and8d. Any help appreciated.

  26. Got there in the end. Loved 5d, 17d and 12a. Found 16d way too obscure, especially for a non-Melbournite. Still not sure how I was supposed to get there from the clue, even with all the cross letters. Only found by Google when I stopped looking in SE Melbourne and looked in the list for East.

  27. For a change, I was able to complete this with very little reference to google. I liked 10A and enjoyed 1D.
    megse: 5A has the first word as definition with the core of fruit in wanted.
    7D is a country in central Europe.
    8D has the last word as definition with daughter letter 1, and funeral letters 2 – 8.

  28. All out, but two wordplays to fully understand: letters 1-4 of 1A; letters 3-6 of 1D. Anyone?
    (And can I cheat and ask about a previous one (don’t know where else to ask, I’m sorry): the wordplay for letters 4-10 of GLASWEGIAN a couple of weeks ago.)

  29. Johnno, letters 1-4 of 1A are a word for “food” reversed.
    1D letters 3 and 6 are the author; 4-5 represent “say”

  30. To define the answer to 9 18 by “work” is far too broad and practically meaningless.

  31. Thanks, Mort! Was trying to see how a certain food(?) could lose it’s end (‘RE’jected?). And 1D – I see it all now, curse him :-)
    (Anyone else for the Glaswegian?)

  32. FHF, I don’t totally agree. I have a tome simply called “Complete Works” which contains all the stuff that Shakespeare wrote…

  33. All out finally but I can’t say I was overly impressed with a couple of clues. 12A… It really needed a another word as a pointer and 24/19D?? Give me a break. I dare anyone to claim they figured that out without the help of google. I would have thought that a good clue should be (k)nutted out without searching for obscure facts/people online.

  34. mike @ 1:19, RE: 14a. Brian has it righ, but i’d extend “obvious card game” to “obvious card game, reportedly”

  35. Finally back, no progress since 0713. Thanks to Celia Fate for confirming my 5D. I automatically wrote in ‘mordant’ for 5A, but it doesn’t appear supported by most of the clue. Tried ‘temerity’ for 8D, but our Myanmaran friend killed that. Decided the Central European might be a Bratislavan, appears to fit most of the clue. If that is correct, I still need 6 & 8D, and 12A to finish. Any help on those three would be appreciated. Might take the time to read all above, but the cricket beckons.

  36. Arthur. 7D is not Bratislava but another Eastern European country. The “baker” in question is an oven, if that helps.

    6D is a simple double definition. Think cards…

    8D was unknown to me and is a type of nerve.

  37. Arthur, 12A sounds like a long-haired 60’s musical and is what you would call a Berliner.

  38. I’ve got all but 12A so can’t help you on that one Arthur C.
    For 8D, the definition is nerve. Letters 2-8 are really two words (3-4) describing what a funeral is.
    Now I have finally worked out 9/18a I like the wordplay. Letters 2-5 are keen. Letters 6-11 are see you in recital (think chemistry). Letters 1,12-16 are frenetic “fiddle”. But how a definition of “work” fits the answer I have no idea!

  39. Julian, the answer to 9/18A is a “work” in the sense that I have a book called “Complete Works” which is all the writings of Shakespeare.

  40. Mort, I’d never have thought of that 7D as ‘central’ Europe, that’s really stretching things. Slovakia, OK. But that one? No! I had already selected your suggesyed 6D, if I’m reading you correctly. So now only 5A and 8D missing, must look in Wordfinder, almost bedtime for me.

  41. After 3 hours I have about a third of it out, mostly with help from above.
    Agree with other comments that, although

  42. Oops hit post by mistake!

    Agree with other comments that, although 9/18 is a work, that definition is just far too broad to be of any use and the wordplay, although clever, is pretty nasty. Only got the answer from the cross letters and above hints.

    Don’t think much of 16d as a clue either. Again I wouldn’t have got the answer without having read the above hints (and I live in the suburb next to it!!!)
    I think I have the right answer for 3d (could also be Austrian or German ensemble) but don’t understand the wordplay at all.

    Lots of hints above about 5d, but it is beyond me. Ditto 5a. Lots of other gaps, mainly on right side
    Hints for 22a and 25a would also help at this point in time.

  43. Arthur, if you look at a map of Europe and draw a rectangle (or circle) around the extremities, I think you will find it is fairly close to the centre, although perhaps a little to the south of centre, but nowhere near enough to classify as southern.

  44. And as soon as I’d posted I saw 5d and in turn 5a. Finally getting somewhere.

  45. got 1oa from cross letters and def, but no idea of the wordplay for this one.

  46. Am assuming 25a is an anagram with the first two words of the clue being the fodder, but can’t make a kids’ game out of it.

  47. After reading above comments about 24/19 I don’t think I’ll bother wasting my time with it. Can’t google it without (at least) the starting letters and can’t make anything sensible out of the wordplay.

  48. @nn wordplay for 24/19 is partly an anagram. Take luminary to mean something that produces light.

  49. looked up 24/19 on crossword club, very glad I didn’t waste time on it. Agree with John at 5.27.
    Don’t think much of 13d’s congo. I assume con is an abbreviation for consider or something similar, but not one I’m familiar with

  50. thanks h, I presumed there was an anagram in there somewhere, but it was hard to work out what the fodder should be, and as the answer is something I’ve never heard of and will probably never come up in wordsearch or anagram software, I had no hope.
    Somewhere in DA’s book, he talks about various things a good clue should be. One of these is that it is gettable. This one wasn’t as far as I’m concerned. Obscure answer, convoluted wordplay. Pity, as there were some good ones today.

  51. Thank you, DA. All solved with the help of our mutual friends! It put me through hard times and gave me the Pip; but in the end I’m glad I did not sCratchit.

  52. Nn, wordplay for 22a – think of “for” as “in favour of” and a type of Aussie bush or scrub region. Last two letters are essential part of “illiterate”.

    16d is pretty dodgy, I reckon. 9/18 convoluted but clever, needed hints above to get 1-6 of second word.

    4d was cute.

  53. Finally, missed four. Not to bad, I think. Was unaware of dendrite connecting to nerves, had always thought of it relative to trees, and, because I am ancient, the tiny growths of metal on the contacts of electromagnetic relays, which caused thousands of failures before the cause was identified.

  54. 9&18 I read not as the book but the magician – fiddle forms part of the grist but also indicates fiddle work – magic?

  55. Andy W at 11.20 yesterday – such nit-picking over a TERRIFIC clue!! I still don’t get the wordplay for the second word of 26a.

  56. And with 9a ,18a , is the answer a book (work) or a person (does fiddly tricks / magic)? Cos I don’t know what to do with letters 1,12,13,14,15,16. Thanks.

  57. Forget the last post – just saw Julian’s explanation at 6.21 pm. Perfect answer . Glad it’s the book – work is a fine def by me.

  58. Julie, I think Andy’s criticism is fair. Someone not familiar with Melbourne suburbs might look to a street directory or map for help and would end up looking in entirely the wrong place.

  59. … though in DA’s defence, Wikipedia describes it as being “25 km south-east of the Melbourne CBD.” Still, it’s much further north than you might look for on a map.

  60. Despite above comments, still don’t get the wordplay for the second word of 26A – any helpers, please?

  61. @feather, another word for a behind is a seat. Thus, if a shirt is moving in behind, you get T moving in SEAT, resulting in TSEA

  62. regarding the criticism of 16d. As I said above, I live in the next suburb and wasn’t able to work it out myself even with some cross letters. It wasn’t until I read Andy’s post that I was able to look in the right place and worked it out with the cross letters I had, but still couldn’t make any sense of the XXXXX bit, just had to assume it was correct as nothing else would fit.
    Several problems with the clue.
    1. the last syllable is pronounced “bee” not “buy”, so doesn’t really equate with X all that well
    2. The clue XXXXX was just too obscure, if he’d done something with 20-20 or even separated it as XX XX X we might have had some hope.
    3. I don’t think anyone living there would describe it as SE of Melbourne, despite what wikipedia says and anyone looking at a map and trying to equate any of the SE suburbs with that clue would have no hope.

    I often have issues with DA’s map type clues, as he often picks places that aren’t well known and gives very vague clues. There was some tiny place in “north Sydney” a while ago and earlier last year his clue was something like “south of Noosa” for some tiny outback town that I think was almost nearer the Victorian border than it was to Noosa. Yes it was south of Noosa, but how far should we be expected to look. A bit like the “work” definition in 9/18, just far too vague.
    Until next week…

  63. Well done nn. Despite Julie’s comment (jan 31 12:31) this was not a “TERRIFIC” clue.

  64. Anybody still there!! ?? STILL don’t get the wordplay for 27a (the yacht one) (it’s now Mon)

  65. That one’s an anagram of HESITANCY without the poles, i.e. without NS.

  66. I just love that you dimtellectuals struggle with this crossword, where the average person just does it

  67. I’m doing this yonks after everyone else, and have just got it all out thanks to your clues, but I just wanted to say that I don’t think 9/18 was fair. Generally I don’t complain about the clues, even to myself, but “work” is just too general. I am sure DA is smart enough to think of something that would give a bit more of a he without giving it away!

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