DA Confusion for the 23rd of January, 2015

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  1. Struggled to get flowing today.
    All out but do not get wordplay for 1D (if I have correct answer).
    Thought 25A was very clever (though pretty sure used before).
    Also liked 18D.

  2. Yes, he has used 25A before.
    I quite enjoyed today’s crossie, particularly the ‘gotchas’ or ‘gotme’s anyway with some of the noun/verb deceptions, and the defs . Good wordplay workout.
    Liked amongst others, 23a, 20D, 3D, 12’s clever.
    19 A had me thinking of the Brontes or the collective noun for nuns … a ‘superfluity’ I found!

  3. Rupert – 1A – “Punish” gives synonym for word 1. “smuggler” (4 letter word) with first letter swapped gives word 2. Defn “principle”.

  4. Starting again, have four so far. Some Googling to do on the people in 12A, look for a common item. Pursuing.

  5. Aha! That first word in 1A had me baffled for a while, haven’t had any teenagers for nearly four decades. So, NW corner completed, finally understood 12A.

  6. All finished without electronic aids! Puzzled though about 9 down until realising first word of clue was a homophone indicator. Thought 8 down was clever and got the answer without knowing what the political backing was: can anyone enlighten?

  7. Quite a gentle offering – held up by being unable to spell 16D properly.

  8. 27A! I lack both the 21D and the 20D to get the last 6 in the SW corner out. Mentally 26A us clearly 19D DA, and I’m 1D to 12A if I can’t get some 4D. Heading to bed now, and I’ll hope for better going tomorrow morning.

  9. Hay May Zing! All but 14A done, can’t fit any of six available words to clue. Loved the 13A, 28A. Haven’t done so well for ages. But 14A? Any suggestions?

  10. Thanks, Rupert, that was one word I considered, but is it really a synonym for terribly?

  11. Very clever, Luke. Like Celia, I didn’t need to use google at all which is a rarity for me. However, the one clue I had pencilled in was 14A. I’ll have to think about Rupert’s hint to Arthur for this one.

  12. Kenneth @ 8:57.
    Second word of clue falls into this group.
    ‘get-up say’ provides letters 1-4. Think of glamour denoted by famous hotel.
    ‘comes minus wrappings’ gives you letters 5-7.

  13. Not able to complete SE corner. 16d,20d, should get me there if anyone can help. Liked18d,19a and 25a.

  14. 16D: Definition is the first two words. Spies are American.
    20D: Parisian pal goes in the middle, tans poorly around the outside.

  15. got half of it out, but lots of gaps in the bottom half. Despite Rupert’s hint and putting what I think are the spies into every possible position in the answer, I still can’t get 16d.
    Hints for 9d, 14d and 17a would also be a big help

  16. Had put “my romeo” in for 18d at first. Apart from not seeing how that could fit the wordplay, it also messed up my 27a. Have the correct one now, I think.

  17. Nerrida
    14d def is the first word, although you probably wouldn’t have this by itself. A roll is written upwards inside an anagram of store.

  18. Still blank! trouble with SW corner. 14a, 14d, 17a, 22a, 25a
    Need a breakthrough.

  19. left side almost complete, lots of blanks on the right
    need a big hint for 9d to get me going.
    Can only find one word that fits the two cross letters I have in 16d that has anything to do with trattoria, but can’t see how that fits the wordplay

  20. As I suspected, my 16d was wrong, worked it out from the wordplay and dictionary. Never heard of it and it didn’t come up in wordsearches either. Don’t tend to frequent such places.

  21. had hoped that the correct 16d would help me get 23a but no such luck. Am I after a fictional character??

  22. think I have the second word of 9d, but can’t make out what the first word would be or how it sounds like something to do with a tramp.
    This gives me a left leaning character (and nothing like the sort I originally thought of, in fact it was right in front of my eyes!) but can’t fathom the wordplay for this either.

  23. but that character can’t be right as it messes up what I’ve just realised must be the correct answer for 24d

  24. “Articulate” is a homophone indicator, nn; “tramp” in this case is a verb.

  25. thanks Jack, that’s what I’d assumed, but I can’t come up with the first word. Have finished most of it except the top left corner which is almost completely empty.
    stuck on 6a, 7d, 8d, 13a and 19a.

  26. thanks Jack, I got the character, it was just under the one I’d first guessed at

  27. Still no idea on the wordplay for 23a but at least the character I have fits the definition and all of my cross letters.

  28. just saw that wordplay, haven’t seen that as an anagrind before. I’ll add it to the (ever growing and increasingly dodgy) list.

  29. got 19a now, which I think gives me the second word of 8d, but lost on the first word again!
    just 6, 7 and first words of 8 and 9 to go

  30. All done with minimal help for a change.Liked 13/28A &19A.
    Nice work Luke.

  31. thanks Geoff, I had 13a wrong (no idea what it should be at the moment), don’t understand the wordplay for the second word of 8d, but at least I have the answer for 8d.
    Finally got the first word in 9d. I had the right sort of tramp, but my incorrect 13a was really messing things up

  32. just worked out what he was on about with experiences lacking political backing. I always have trouble with that sort of wordplay where I have to come up with another word that means something but a letter is missing. (at least this time he told us what the letter was)

  33. For 6a – It’s an expression I’ve only really seen in old gangster movies. And that’s about the only time you hear of that prison!

  34. after looking through a list of over 100 words finishing with the last letter (which is the only one I have for 6a) and not coming up with anything, and having read Geoff’s hint that suggests it is somewhat obscure and probably slang, I’m throwing in the towel on the last two (6a and 7d) and going to get tea ready.

  35. nn, 6A a famous American prison is the answer twice. Definition is “confess”.
    7D think Uncle Toby…

  36. had heard of that prison, but only because he used it a while ago. Don’t think I would have ever worked that one out and doubt I’d ever have got 7d from either the wordplay or the def, although it makes sense and is a fair enough clue although I don’t particularly like him using the first letter of a word to indicate a letter without some sort of hint unless it is a particularly common abbreviation, eg H for Hot and C for Cold are ok, but not this one.
    Anyway all sorted now, some good ones today and a good mix of hard and easy clues to keep me going.

  37. nn

    6a is something you do with your voice. If you do it twice, you name a famous US prison…

    7d think of a holiday in a European city, and link it to a very tough beach competition…

  38. Struggled a bit today, and still can’t parse some, though all my answers fit their spaces and definitions. What on earth is 12a all about?

  39. Mary, 12a is an anagram without(doctor) indicated letter. Def first word.

  40. I’m down to my last 2 and a half. Hint for 19A should get me the others (19D, second word in 8D) – I hope! Read previous clues and I’m still clueless.

    For long time couldn’t get Edinburgh’s 1:00 o’clock gun out of my head for 13, 28. Was closer than I thought but that gets fired everyday.

  41. Thanks Dom, I’d given up and looked up the answers on crossword club. I’d spent ages trying to get a word for confess that meant two prisons, rather than half a prison. The only place I’ve ever heard of that prison was in DA crosswords (he’s used it before, a year or two ago at least, but not in quite the same way).
    Crypticrochet, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one having problems with those clues!

  42. I really got a kick out of 12A.
    Rage is a late night and early morning weekend music video program on the ABC.
    A Seger/Bjork/ Doctor Hook cut could be a medley of those 3 musicians (only he calls himself Dr Hook)
    Wordplay is anagram indicated by doctor of seger and bjork with the ‘hook’ cut (deletion of the J)
    I’m still tickled.

  43. And ‘rage ‘ is a verb in the def but a noun in the surface and ‘presents’ is a pointer to the solution, but a word used in showbusiness in the surface, and can always be misread as presents as in gifts ….

    better stop raving, am hooked on this clue.
    A vote for DA Gold, we haven’t had any for a while, votes that is.

  44. One of my best attempts for some time with a little help from the trippers. Only missing 4D and 24D. Must be obvious since not mentioned above.
    Am I the only person who thinks the definition for 20D is a slightly dubious match for the answer?

  45. GeoffD: I agree with you re 20D. For 24D you are looking for a male philosopher (he thought) where letters 3,4, 5 are ‘hair product’. For 4D the definition is given by the first word: also this describes a type of map.

  46. Thanks Ann. I have both now. 4D was very obvious, though I couldn’t see it. Once you said ‘a type of map’ it came to me. I’d not heard of the gentleman in 24D.

  47. Ryan – 23A – defn = “Left-leaning character”. ” ‘mongrel’ ” = anagrind – fodder = “lacks” for letters 3,4,5,6,7 (or 2,3,4,5,6). Four letter synonym for “party” = letters 1,2,8,9 (or 1,7,8,9) and “divide” is for the positioning.

  48. I flipped a coin on what the second word was for 8D and got it wrong. I was thinking it was a play on Peace/peas and used peas instead. Not sure how this clue works at all.

  49. Crypticrochet: if you remove the last letter of political from feels (experiences) you get fees as in cost.

  50. Can someone please post me a link to yesterday’s ?? I am OS And missing it! Ta. Julie.

  51. Was there some wordplay in 22a that I don’t get?
    Filled correctly but would like to understand it better.

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