DA Confusion for the 26th of December, 2014

Have your Boxing Day confusions sorted out here.

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  1. Numbers! Some of you may have imbibed a few of them yesterday, they have helped me find 6D and7D. Nothing else showed up as I read through the clues. Will look again at the NSW ones.

  2. Yes, 1 & 2D check out OK. Was this a belted Christmas present? Appreciated!

  3. Filled in all the squares, some a bit questionable. But I hope they are right. Maybe this easy one was given as a balm for the over-indulgers?
    (That was meant to be ‘belated’ above!).

  4. In our current digital daze/days looking up a postcode is easy!
    Is there a definition in 12 across?
    Iffy about source of middle letter of 17 down! Is it sorta like an abbreviation of the second word of the clue?

  5. Loved the 19 down follow on also loved 18 across despite its obviousness!

  6. SP – 12A – as I read the defn = 1st word and also contributes to answer.

  7. Numbers a big giveaway. All out bar 23a. Do I need subcontinental menu?

  8. Meander An opportunity feeding (contained in) sTray vIsitor seconds

  9. SP – 17D – is not the construct “urge” = 1,2,3. “for” = 4. “saucy” = 5,6,7.
    And then as you follows on to 19D?

  10. Ray at 8:12
    If pinhead is the definition of twelve across I find that offensive particularly to people who suffer that affliction!

  11. I agree with you, Meander, and like you I can’t see how 23A works.

    Def is last two words. Words 5, 6 and 7 give us letters 1 and 8. First word gives us letters 2 and 3. Second word gives up letters 4-7. Words 3 and 4 indicate that those last two parts fit inside the two outside letters.

  12. Lovely quiet Boxing Day; great for doing a DA. Any hints for 15a or 16d?

  13. Having trouble working out the word play for 22A and 19D. Certain I have the right answers from defs and cross letters, and understand the “quietly downed”, but can’t account for the last three words of the clue in 22 or the first word of the clue in 19. Still have a few more to nut out, but I agree that this seems one of DA’s less diabolical efforts. Post-fesitive-indulgently grateful for that.

  14. Mick P, 15A def is last word; think of it as a noun. First word gives first letter, next two words give second letter. For 16D, think of the letter often applied to second-class, and start with that.

  15. Mick P.
    15A: Defn = last word. A = 1st letter. “lib backing” = second letter. Rest of clue = letters 3 to 7.
    16D: Defn = 1st word. “second class” = 1st letter (think bad movie).

  16. Mick P, in 15A, Lib backing is last letter, inside a ‘spirited meeting’; Get the idea? Oui? Ja? In 16D, first word is key. Second class is what comes after A, I can think of a novelist whose name is remaining letters.

  17. Dave E:
    22 across definition is first 2 words, fourth word is a container indicator, letters 1 2 8 are a synonym of the last word (a non-aural sense) and the remaining letters 3-7 are a synonym for the third word

  18. Dave E
    19 down follows on from 17 down have a look at the last 2 words of 17 down and you might think of another word a 6 letter word that would also mean such you then take the quietly from that & drop it down one position to get your answer synonymous with the last word of the clue. Or if you’ve already got the answer you could reverse engineer your answer by upping the quietly to get the word that relates to 17 across!

  19. Dave E
    19 down follows on from 17 down have a look at the last 2 words of 17 down and you might think of another word a 6 letter word that would also mean such you then take the quietly from that & drop it down one position to get your answer synonymous with the last word of the clue. Or if you’ve already got the answer you could reverse engineer your answer by upping the quietly to get the word that relates to 17 across

  20. Arthur C the novelist in 16 down is famous for her post-apocalyptic fiction!

  21. Last one in 24a – had to look it up, and can’t parse it. What has second prize got to do with it?…
    Oh, I see. For once the penny dropped just before I posted instead of just after!

  22. all out after picking the wrong one for 6d at first which made the right side rather difficult until I realised.
    Still pondering some wordplays 5a, 20a(is this another rugby reference?), 24a, 3d.
    Shouldn’t 4d be dope like a mess? Can’t see why the word “to” is in there.

  23. Mary can you enlighten me on the second prize in 24a. Unlike you the penny didn’t drop for me when I was posting!

  24. checked out the answers on crossword club. Looks like I had the wrong last letter of 20a which was why that one didn’t make sense (and it has nothing to do with rugby)
    Typo in my earlier post, 5a should have been 9a. Crossword club’s explanation makes sense of this, I was thinking of ape as a noun and spent ages looking up names of various primates!
    3d makes sense now too.
    Their explanation of the second prize indicating the third letter in 24a doesn’t really do it for me. If correct, then what would first prize be?

  25. I think that prize must somehow indicate the third letter, second refers to gaining and gives the 4th letter of 24a.
    or is prize indicating first of gaining so that second prize gives two letters?
    Bit of a stretch even for DA (along with elbow as an anagrind in 13, even if it does work well with the wordplay)

  26. nn. For 24a, remembering that everything is “retired”, I think second prize gives the middle two letters; the on and an bits of the clue give the rest.

  27. I am struggling with NE corner. Especially as I divide my attention between DA and MCG! Any hints on 13a or 4d?

  28. Sandy – 13A – defn = last word. “clerics” gives letters 1,6,7,8,9,10. “toes” = fodder for letters 2,3,4,5.
    4D – defn = 1st word. “mess” synonym for letters 1,2,3,4. And if it “like” then it is 5,6,7. Not a good description but best I can do.

  29. thanks Dex and Sandy, that makes a lot more sense!
    Sandy 13a the def is the last word in the clue, elbows is a (typically DA dodgy) anagrind for the word before it. This is enclosed in a word indicated by the first word of the clue
    4d, the def is the first word (not in the sense of a person). I think the “to” is superfluous and in my reading of it isn’t really correct. Dope like a mess would be better. Like in this sense is how you might describe someone who was childlike.

  30. You beat me to it Ray, I had to go and find where I’d put my copy before I could reply!

  31. Thanks Ray. I had lots of words starting with that letter for ‘cleric’. But not that one. And I never would have recognized that anagrind. I was on the right track with 4d but missed the obvious!

  32. Nearly all done now. Had to look up one postcode. But still lost on 21a/5d. Any help?

  33. Sandy – 21A / 5D – “Royal House” gives word 1. “stunted” gives word 2. (Animated) “movie hero” = defn.

  34. Thanks Ray but I need more help than that. I am not too good on the movie heroes. I think I can guess the last name – stunted as in small?. But can’t see any royal house that fits the cross letters of 21a.

  35. Hello solvers,
    I was unable to get a copy of the paper over the Christmas break. Does anyone have a copy that they could email me? Merry Christmas.

  36. Only had the newspaper , no computers or postcode books available this morning. Initially annoyed, and wondering how many other holiday makers would be in the same boat. I remember a similar time when DA set a crossword which needed additional materials. Almost got there. 6D stopped me, couldn’t work it out and never heard of the place.
    I don’t think anyone’s mentioned 22A . Could someone explain the wordplay please?

  37. Re 24A surely the second prize is coloured like letters 2 and 3 of the answer.

  38. Mike – 24A – is that a question or comment? If question, then second prize is letters 4,3. “on” = letters 6,5. “an” = letters 2,1. The whole thing is “retired” (reversed).

  39. Thanks Ray, I was just responding to previous posts with my version of the truth :-) I hadn’t thought it of your way round as I was using “retired on” (letters 1,6) holding second prize 2,3 and an = 4,5.

  40. Now that it is Sat, a less subtle explanation for 4d please. I have the obvious dope, but can’t see the other words in there. Help please?

  41. Julie, if you make a mess of something, you make a hash of it. So “like a hash” is hashish, in the same way that like green is greenish.

    Not one of his finest clues…

  42. 2/1/15 Perhaps AS is having a well-earned sleep-in.
    Happy New Year to our hosts and Trippers. Thankyou for another fun year.
    Will have to leave for work soon and getting nowhere with today’s. Have one word in: 9 Across! And lots of pencilled stabs. Is it just me or is today’s difficult?

  43. DA for Friday January 02, 2105:
    FYI – I think today’s DA is themed – BUT at least in the SMH there is no “hint / indication” of such.
    Applicable clues so far have been 10A, 23A/1A, 13D, 14D, 24D/6D.
    Suspect also 25A, 2D, 16D.
    If anyone knows better, please let me know.

  44. So take those clues has having NO DEFINITION and COMMON THEME.
    The first one I got was 24D/6D from wordplay.

  45. Ah thanks Ray. I was wondering if there might have been a hidden theme when I saw the instruction at 1 Across.

  46. One down is a themed answer as well. treat the word play clues like bricks lay them down one by one

  47. Tinseltown Terror – thanks. Sorry I missed listing it.
    All out and all understood.

  48. So to summarise, for DA of Friday January 02, 2015, clues:
    10A, 23A/1A, 25A
    1D, 2D, 13D, 14D, 16D, 24D/6D

  49. Andy, St Vincent may help you with 23/1 across.
    That’s the first clue i got out and it gives a

  50. Andy W – 24D / 6D was the key for me. Main part of wordplay was a 5-7 meaning “free rein”.

  51. Andy W. Chalk up yet another error from DA spreading himself too thin lately?
    Yes two down is missing a letter!

  52. Any assistance please for 4 and 22 across, 4 down first word and 21 down?

  53. I think 2D is good as it stands. What am I missing? “invigorating oxygen” letters 1 to 6. “note depletion” 6 letter word with last removed for letters 7 to 11.

  54. Tinseltown Terror – 4D – “to go on” gives 4 letter word for letters 1,2,3,4.
    4A – Spoonerism – “save” as in “collect”. “crib” as in “cot”. Defn “pillow’s prop”.
    21D – “fix” as “I am in a fix” = letters 1,2,3. “periodical issues on retrieval” = letters 6,5,4. Defn = “king”.
    22A – “utter genius” = homophone for letters 4,5,6,7,8. “literary Fox” for letters 1,2,3. Defn = “Film”.

  55. Andy W. 23/1 could be considered an honorary Australian with an Australian grandmother and first work in the themed area was in Australia.

  56. Ray, for 2d (2nd word) the answer works for the clue but isn’t spelled that way.

  57. Ray the surname is correctly spelt with 2 l’s not one.

    Also everyone a little bit late there’s now a 2nd of january column you can use …

  58. Andy W and Tinseltown Terror – Got it – thanks. Bit slow sometimes.

  59. I wonder if DA was still in Christmas mode and that is why there was NO-EL.

  60. Back to last week’s DA.
    Well finally got past the second answer yesterday – holidays with three kids and I have less time for the crossword !
    Hiding containment indicators in another word like 14a makes it difficult and elbow as an anagrind ?

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