5 thoughts on “DA for the 12th of December, 2014

  1. I got vicarious but still don’t get it? Did someone say ‘armchair’ is relevant?

  2. Peter, if you get vicarious pleasure from something you’re not involved directly. So if you’re an armchair detective …

    Not one of my favourite clues but I guess it works. Not helped by the discussion about the missing “I”

  3. My friend and I got 17A VICARIOUS because we had V-C-R-O–. It was the only word that fitted. I can see now that armchair is the definition, but I cannot see how the clue can possibly yield vicarious.
    Also 20A JOANNA. We got the NA part OK, but how do you get JOAN from ‘part of screwdriver twisted and clipped’?
    Would someone, maybe DA himself, please explain?

  4. David, monstrous = VICIOUS, around AR(ID) for fairly dry – but see comments above for the extra I.

    A screwdriver cocktail if made with orange juice, often referred to as OJ. And Clipped gives AN; midriff of moNAco gives last two letters.

  5. Thanks Mort. Much appreciated. You are obviously premier league !

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