DA Confusion for the 5th of December, 2014

Have your December DA confusions sorted out right here.

68 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 5th of December, 2014

  1. All out. Didn’t particularly enjoy today’s DA.
    Thought 19D and 24D were very good.
    Thought 30A and 21D were a bit awkward.

  2. I ‘m not enjoying it much either Ray, more of a general knowledge quiz and google search, and the surface readings aren’t much fun. Once the first answer without the number of letters emerges it’s a giveaway. For me it was 27A.
    I’m 2/3 out and I’m cross because I’ve only found one example (30A …. albeit with a good misdirection) of ‘themes’ which I’d hoped to see a few more of.

  3. I was already discouraged, then I saw the comment above. Doubt if I’ll get far today, exhausted already and with a great deal to do today. Got 1D immediately, but for 1A, is there a word that includes letters JABSCH (jobs watch, less two)? I wrote a letter to The Age, asking ‘Why the anDAgst? But it maybe was too cryptic for them.

  4. Arthur you should get 10 across, related to one of your favourite sports. Your 1a is on the right track

  5. : ) Arthur.
    You’on the right track with 1A. Those letters will re-arrange themselves in a new composition .
    I didn’t find the wordplay all that difficult today, and the themed words were not too obscure. Easier when there are a few crossletters, as the definitions are so broad.

  6. I usually enjoy a theme but this was too much of a give-away once the first one was solved (7D for me). I’d never heard of 22D and 13A. On to the Times in the Australian …

  7. 14 A and 12 D last in, mainly because I had a different guess for 14A.
    Few quibbles. 10A punctuation error in definition although some will say that’s fair.
    1A/17D singular/plural
    And finished with still only one like 30A. Grumble!
    Good misdirection in 26A with Yankee memorist.

  8. Oh, I can see the plural now in 17D wordplay …. misleading punctuation again, but the def’s off anyway, hence the question mark I s’pose.

  9. Andy W, I tried putting in a name famous at Lords. But I can’t see how he relates to the clue. Must be on wrong tack, I think. My answer was 1, 1, 5? But it fits my 1D, 3D, the only other answers I have. Had been trying for a nap, so nothing further done. Have to take Margaret into hospital a bit later, so not likely to make much progress.

  10. And then I spotted the answer to 1A, though again can’t understand clue. Ta to Gayle.

  11. I think I have 1D, I think I even get DA’s hint to theme in his morning tweet “Today’s DA #crossword may cause you grief – but only initially. @theage @smh”

  12. Lot of fun with today’s crossword. Anyone having trouble with 30 across may be presuming the answer is male! Liked 15 across and 19 down but was disappointed that in the themed clues DH and TE didn’t make an appearance … no answer space long enough [10] to hold them! Can’t fathom the word play component of 23 across – derived answer from the definition – so would appreciate if someone could explicate for me!

  13. Crypticrochet re 1 down a Christian plays a very well known one in a movie that opened yesterday!

  14. Thanks ADH, I had meant 1A, but yes, I got 1D but can’t parse it yet and I’m trying to figure out how it plays into 17D. I got 23A from surface but I think “surfer” = 1-4, which I googled to confirm, “possibly” then “clash”

  15. Arthur C re 10 across
    Words 6&7 give letter 1; word 3 gives 2-3, and the balance is obvious from the clue
    For 1 across the definition is words 1 and 2 but not in the same way as 10 across: you have found the letters and just need to put them in order!

  16. CC and ADH, I think that the first word of 23A relates to what a web-surfer leaves in his or her PC.

  17. I loved today’s! I live for the themed cryptics. Have got everything but 10-a. Will do the target and come back to it.

  18. Crypticrochet … 23 across: it’s a surfer who never gets wet LOL All good! 1 across is anagram after removal

  19. Crypticrochet … 23 across: it’s a surfer who never gets wet LOL All good! 1 across is anagram after removal

  20. I’m leaving now might i’ve tried to post to comments but they’re awaiting moderation so adios

  21. HandM – hard to help 12D IMHO. “sauce” is 2 letters (and is sauce as in tomato). “saucy skills” gives balance. Guess this won’t help much but hope.

  22. Thank you Ray. That did it. We love this site almost as much as we love DA.

  23. I have an answer for 30A but my answer doesn’t fit the definition I’m going with in a strict sense. It’s driving me nuts. I’ve put in and erased the name four times now.

  24. Having answered 23A from the definition, the first themed clue I got was 22D when I googled what the wordplay was telling me. Then 1A having found 1D. I couldn’t have done much without google today, but I did enjoy the fun of it.
    Crypticrochet: if you are still after 17D the definition is 1-down with the next two words giving letters 1, 2 then 4-7 respectively.

  25. Back earlier than anticipated, back to work. ADHopeless (another new one!), I had eventually got 10A. Have solved ten or eleven, much work to do. Would like a clue to the ‘untouchable’ in 15A, please. Some of the answers so far I was familiar with, probably several I haven’t heard of still to be found. Wordfinders can be very helpful, but when you only have two letters of a nine-letter word, hopeless.
    Time for arvo tea, possibly pool, back 1600ish.

  26. Arthur: for 15A you are after the surname (4 letters) of a character from a TV series way back in the past. You’d be familiar with the monster.
    Rather than a wordfinder, I needed a list of writers.

  27. Jack, you mean 11A. And, yes, ‘murdered’ would be a better clue , I would have thought.

    See you tonight! :)

  28. 13a is an obscure word, I’d never heard of it. But I worked it out from the clue nevertheless; 1st word of clue is def, two other words get ‘stripped’ to make it up (not rearrangement needed).

    26a – def is last word of clue. He’s Australian and wrote exactly one book, so far as I know.

  29. Prufrock, 13A is a type of painting; remove the covers from words 2 and 4 and wrap one around the other.

    26A is an Australian memoirist. Letters 4-7 are a Yankee word for brilliant. Letters 1-3 are obvious.

  30. I had a slightly different take on 26a: ‘brilliant’ is a clue for letters 4-6 and Yankee is the phonetic code for letter 7. End result the same …

  31. Thanks, Ann (1307), but not sure. First name Eliot? Ah yes, the ‘untouchable now makes sense. I think I have solved 15 or 16 now. Probably won’t finish, but might get a little closer.

  32. And only eleven left. Most helpful would be to find 12D, for which I have only letter 7, and possibly 9. Is this a cooking show host? I don’t watch any.

  33. Arthur C – see above ie:

    Ray | December 5, 2014 at 9:12 am |
    HandM – hard to help 12D IMHO. “sauce” is 2 letters (and is sauce as in tomato). “saucy skills” gives balance. Guess this won’t help much but hope.

  34. Arthur: 12D is another author. The first two initials are the name of a sauce. The 8-letter word could them be considered as ‘saucy skills’. It has nothing to do with a cooking show.

  35. Hi folks. Really battling on 16D (and 21D as well, but I’ve a hunch there)—anyone feel like helping a brother out?

  36. Have spent half the day on this one, mostly just making guesses and then trying to fathom word play. Not even getting very far with the straight clues. After reading all the above I have 16 answers and am about to chuck it in for the night.
    Was hoping to find “player catches convenience” in there and perhaps “writer on the wagon begins in pit”, but they appear not to be there. Likewise our master of middle earth.

  37. I`m struggling a bit with this one too nn.Might come back to it after I do the water run.A break often brings inspiration,as does a glass of wine.

  38. Ern – 16D – defn = 1st word. A 2 letter “word” for “what” = letters 1,2. A 2 letter “word” for “quiet” = letters 3,4. A 2 letter word for “cover” (which is “up”) = letters 9,8,7,6,5.

  39. thanks Ray for 16d, that one goes part way to relieving one of my disappointments!

  40. Finished fairly quickly after taking a very long time to get the theme. Two or three of the themed solutions were a bit unsatisfying in that they aren’t always rendered as the theme assumes – 8d in particular I would never speak of in that way. 16d similarly – and it’s a pity he couldn’t have been paired with his pal, who would have been ideally suited and might have given solvers who hadn’t heard of 16d a point of reference.

    I did chuckle at 5d.

  41. Peter, 9D “disturbing” indicates an anagram. Answer comes from before the ellipsis at 7D

  42. Well I got there. Caught the theme early thanks to the obvious but unlikely (except for the theme) anagram in 1a and the fairly straightforward 10a. But I had no knowledge of some of themed answered. Missed TS and JK.
    Had the answer for 23a without understanding the wordplay, until I read the above.. Agree that 11a should be ‘murdered’ rather than ‘murder’.

  43. @Mary, unless you live in Oz, you wouldn’t have much hope of this one, it is a real estate agent.

  44. Mary, 14A is Australian. A synonym for a model (in a vague way) surrounds a Holden model in reverse. Definition is “he offers lots” – think blocks of land.

  45. No, after further mental anguish, have settled for eight short. Very hard, I found, this one.

  46. Thanks, nn and Mort – I did think it was an estate agent, but couldn’t find the holden model until I googled the early ones. Every time I begin to think I’m assimilating as an Aussie, DA finds something to knock me back!

  47. @Mary, I didn’t think much of it as a clue, there were so many other things he could have done with that name!

  48. Came back for a final look before bed, filled in a few more. May need only three, though the name I have at 12D is associated with horror, so hardly seems to relate to clue (though in a very remote sense it is ‘saucy’). Oooh! Just saw 20A, so now only two. Bedtime!

  49. 11 Re murder: see the discussion at the ACC web site. Go to non ACC puzzles and DA 5/12/14

  50. Really struggling today. Only six answers altogether and just one of the themed answers (26A). Can I assume the other themed ones follow the same occupation?
    (Couldn’t even make much headway on the so-called ‘quick’ crossword today, so going really badly.)

  51. Not all the same occupation. Their occupations are usually given in the clues as part of the defiintions

  52. Thanks nn. So perhaps the names follow the same format? It’s just dawned on me that could be the reason for no numbering. (As you can see I’m having a really slow day!)

  53. Almost dislocated wrist, patting self on back. Finished only one short, 16D. Had never heard of the person. Overall, solved most of them myself, but was helped with two or three by clues above. Hooray! (both meanings).

  54. Better late than never
    Was too busy making 31 jars of apricot jam to finish yesterday!
    Love the themed ones
    Love this page!

  55. Too many Holdens if you don’t know the answer HQ EH FJ all spring to mind before the one in the answer.
    Found Crypticrochet’s blog so I guess I cheated ! ThNks trippers and CC

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