DA Confusion for the 31st of October, 2014

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

130 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 31st of October, 2014

  1. I don’t have 23A yet. RHS is all done, and I got the theme (which I forgot about until I noticed I had a lot of clues in my confusion list).

  2. Stumped by 25 down and top right corner stopped by for some clues favourite clue of completed 22 down this is a themed one

  3. Any hints for 5, 6, 7 and 25 down and 5 across?
    Need wordplay more than anything else for 7 down

  4. 6D: 1st word defines 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 (a bit obscure), the rest is the definition of the whole.
    7D: I am struggling with the wordplay. I can see where “boffin exhausted” gives 1, 3, but I have no idea where 2 comes from.

  5. Thanks for that Rupert but I had that letter from 28 across also.
    btw 26 across is the title role of at least 2 movies, one silent! It’s an anagram conforming to the crossword’s theme!

  6. OK, I have answers for 5A and 5D, but I don’t like them much.

    5A relates to a famous Scots 1st word.
    5D is more of an edge that a corner.
    Still don’t get the wordplay in 7D and 22D.

  7. Rupert – 22D – “take notice” = 3,2,1.
    7D – I read as “Consumer” = defn. Then read “boffin” as “b-off..” exhausted. Then theme.

  8. Good start, have about ten. Just returned from longest walk I’ve made in three years, wasn’t sure I’d make it back. Almost gave up on today’s puzzle, finally saw 21A, then 11 & 14A, so decided to continue.

  9. No – if you “took notice” then you 3,2,1 “up”. And 3,2,1 up –> 1,2,3

  10. Slow start
    Still can’t get 4d
    Thought it might be Gladstone but that’s only 9 letters

  11. Arthur you’re doing better than I am. My first in was 8D, 21A, 25D and 27A. Have only a couple hours this morning then I’m out until late tonight. I got 23A with hints above, and I thank you.

  12. MJH, 4D definition is first three words. Concerning is the usual two letter abbreviation, followed by a barman (albeit a very senior one).

  13. Andy, I believe that 5A relates to a famous pirate. The answer may be used to describe his followers. If I’m correct, it is made up of a word meaning “gulls” including the theme, but I believe that there is one letter in the answer not defined.

  14. Andy W. 5A Think of the possessive form of a particular pirate’s name for 1,2,3,4, 7 then add in the theme. The last three words in the clue are the definition.

  15. thanks Mort & Beth…that’s what I had…a bit of google help for the name!

  16. I have found the NE corner very difficult.
    From above comments I think I can confirm 7D. I guess I’ll need to google pirates’ names. I thought 5D was a container, but maybe not.
    Can anyone give me a hint for 9A. If my 1D is correct there seems to be only one word that fits.

  17. With still only eleven or twelve solved, I need a bit of help, or its the rubbish bin. 10A, or 13D, might help. Have completed NW corner, the other three almost empty. Is the vampire of 26A a fictitious character? If so, where do I look. No idea on how to apply theme, though I have 4D. Truly puzzled.

  18. The definition in 10A is the last word. It contains the ‘4D’ twice.
    13D is one of the ‘4D’ with defition given by the last three words.
    I used google to find the vampire in 26A. It also includes the ‘4D’.

  19. I’ve gotten a few out, including 4D – but I can’t figure out the theme. “last drinks’ ?

  20. Arthur, DA has used a similar theme before. Think of who a 4D doesn’t want and apply that to the clue. Nineteen clues exclude this as part of the definition. You’ve already said that you have solved 14A – well, there are two letters in the answer that are not indicated by the clue.

  21. Ann re 9, “dug carrier” (rather crudely) gives the last three letters. I guess you’ve worked out the first two.

  22. Thank you, Anne and Mort. Have to think through those tips. Just awakened from my after-dinner nap, having previously cooked and eaten lunch. So, time for work.

  23. Finished at last. Led astray for a while in NE corner by followers of Captain Hook!

  24. Aha! Mort I finally realised what you were referring to. I was thinking USA and GOP. I had already entered a word in 13D, but can’t see any connection with ‘ground walnuts’. Given the letters I had at 2 & 4, there weren’t many choices available. I tried Googling for vampires, but found none, but given your hint will try another look.

  25. Smiley, as I said earlier: 4D definition is first three words. Concerning is the usual two letter abbreviation, followed by a barman (albeit a very senior one).

    This is a very simple clue; you’ll kick yourself when you get it.

  26. Ah yes, Brian, they have led many of us astray. I am unaware of another pirate who would fit. 5A is the only other one left for me, although the word play for the last four letters of 28A eludes me.

  27. Still cannot see how letters 1,2,3 of 7D give “boffin exhausted.” Also not sure why “dug” is needed in 9A.
    My favourite clue is 15A.

  28. Worked the fives out now. Agree that ‘corner’ is a little misleading.

  29. Finished for today, I think. Too complex for my tiny mind. Will go and play pool, I do reasonably well at that. Will look at answers tomorrow and see if I can figure it out.

  30. Jack in 9A “dug” when applied to animals is an acceptable term; less so when applied to human females. It further defines the “carrier”. Is it just me or is DA getting a little cruder these days?

  31. Thanks Mort, I’d never heard that expression. I believe a good means of clueing those 3 letters would have been to apply the theme to the famous NY Yankees baseballer Yogi Berra.
    DA may be getting a bit crude; this is, however, quite acceptable, provided that his clues are clever.

  32. Thanks to Mort’s 11.13 clue have managed to 11a quite well today. Loved 21a.Help with 2d,1d and23a would be great. Thanks trippers.

  33. megse, 1D answer is first word of clue. Theme applies.
    2d Answer is last 2 words of clue. Theme applies.
    23a answer is a Shakesperean character on an island (first 2 words of clue). Theme applies.

  34. mesge, my take on 1D is: definition is first word. Cry perversely gives letters 1,2,5 which are about a weight.

  35. Mort 1.10 pm Re dug. A perfectly respectable term with reference to humans. See Chambers (2011) p 476

  36. Thanks Jack and Mort, have 2d now. Still thinking about 1d. I feel as though I fit the def.

  37. megse re 1D the weight in question is light and abbreviated, and particularly relevant in Australia, and even in Kansas.

  38. I have answers for 6D, 15A and 16D but I can’t understand the wordplay. 21A is driving me nuts. Hints above for 21A are very cryptic for me.
    Also missing 14D, 17A, 18D and 25D.
    Bit of a shocker, really.

  39. hard week at work, after getting two answers and then coming to a sudden halt I’m tossing up finishing DA or a bottle of wine. The latter will make me feel numb, the former looks like making me feel dumb.

  40. iP, 21A is six feet; but maybe you haven’t twigged the answer yet.

    14D letters 1-4 are hokum; balance is old actor (I’m mad as hell); whole is a tweeter – in the pre-21sst century sense.

    17A definition is coat – think paint. Needs the theme to go after “place”.
    18D There is one on Phillip Island. A cub (newbie) around the theme.
    25D “keeps” = 1-3; airport hub = 4; Definition is closer (noun)

  41. Have read all of your hints and they haven’t helped at all. Arthur got much further than I did and gave up, think I’ll be following him. My two answers look rather sad and lonely, quite a come down from last week when I got all but one out without any help.

  42. cross posts iPuzzled
    My first two were 27a and 28a. I have just twigged to 21a following Mort’s hint.

  43. unless the middle letter of 14d is doing double duty, end of hokum and the start of the actor??

  44. scrap that, just seen the first four letters which at the moment are fairly aptly describing my feelings towards this crossword.

  45. Thanks anyway Mort, got it while you were typing.
    Not sure how I’m going to get the theme, home rule could apply to a lot of places and there would be quite a few believers in each I imagine

  46. Many new words this week. Never heard of 25D before (yep, I finally got it), or 14D. Improved my French a bit too.

  47. nn, for the theme – the French had the right idea: “off with their heads”.

    iP re 25D definition is last word. Probably not well-known. 25D “keeps” = 1-3; airport hub = 4; Definition is closer (noun)

  48. Have an answer for 14a now, but an extra two letters in the middle presumably come from the theme???

  49. Clear as mud Mort. Like the revolution itself it is still too soon to tell if your hint is a good thing!

  50. Drawn back, like a moth to a flame. I was amazed, that out of the hidden depths of my memory bank, up popped 26A. When did I last see that name? Maybe 60-70 years ago. That gave me correct 13D, now only ten to go. Probably won’t finish tonight, but at least further advanced than I was six hours ago.

  51. ok, got 4d now, was assuming it was a particular person, but much more general than that. This would explain the other two letters in 14A too. Feel as if I might get somewhere now, but don’t hold out much hope of finishing it as some appear to be rather obscure from reading the above.

  52. @Arthur C.
    26A appeared in a DA crossword in early 2012. So that makes two times that I’ve come across this fellow.

  53. 11A: Ill-natures of old vampire
    So both times DA has used anagrams for the wordplay. Different fodder and different anagram indicator, at least.

  54. SW corner all done now except 25d. Have the two cross letters, have read all the above, but can’t come up with any two letters for positions 1 and 3 that suggest 1,2,3 = keep.

  55. Thanks, Mort, for your hints at 11:17. I knew that I wanted the last three letters you referred to in 9A. My problem was having the wrong thing for 1D. It all came to me when I was at work.
    nn (at 6:33): you are correct about the extra 2 letters in 14A. You’ll find them in about half the clues.

  56. I’ve got seven clues left and I’m well stuck. I have solved 4D but I don’t understand the theme…Oh I just saw it! I thought I had hit send and would feel foolish but no! I see it. I thought I had to…nevermind.

    Still not getting 1D. May call it a night.

  57. nn. You are correct that the extra 2 letters in 14A relate to the theme. I got it myself from 16D, which I worked out without knowing 21A at the time.
    Not being from NSW, had to Google to confirm 5D

  58. I had to google 14a too, but found it by looking at the map and hoping that by northern NSW it was reasonably north and also large enough to appear without zooming all the way in (unlike one of his towns earlier this year!)

  59. bottom half complete except for 20d. Word search comes up with nothing that fits the cross letters. Is this a person?

  60. Just about had enough of this one, don’t seem to be on his wavelength this week. Have had to google or wordsearch about half the ones I have.
    Still stuck on 1a,1d, 2d, 3d,8d, 9a,11a, 12a,15a. Have a guess for 20d, but no idea how the wordplay works for it, so may be wrong

  61. Thanks Mort, that confirms my guess for 20d, but I don’t understand the wordplay.

  62. nn 20d ‘straight edging’…what is on the edges? Fleece as in trick? & theme

  63. Chucked it in and went to crossword club. Would never have got some of them. time for bed

  64. Very late starting this week. After two hours I have about ten answers including 4D, but no idea of theme. One of my answers (14A) has two letters I can’t account for and I can’t get the wordplay for the last three letters of 19A. Do either or both of these relate to the theme?

  65. Sorry definitely for 14a..think about the extra letters then in relation to 4d

  66. Would someone parse 1A for me? I have the answer but don’t see how it’s done. I got completely stuck in the NW corner, but managed to solve most of the puzzle without figuring out the theme, even though I kept circling it to say “figure out later.”

  67. Well, not too bad for a senile OM. Only missed out on four, in SE corner. Had heard the name Costner, but knew nothing of him. Still have no idea how clues for 23A, 20d, 24D work. Crypticrochet, my understanding of 1A is that support is bolster, the Pole is the S, the race is a bolter. Anyway, encouraged. More next week, if I’m still around.

  68. Thank you Arthur! That makes perfect sense. I was thinking ethnicity.

    20D – edges of “straight” put into one who fleeces people.

    24D is a hidden word.

  69. Andy W, thanks. I finally got the theme and several more answers.
    I have now looked at the solution and there are still some answers I don’t understand; 9A, 7D, 20D. Anyone help?
    A small quibble; I don’t think the solution to 10A matches the definition. Anyone agree?
    Crypticrochet; I think 1A is, pole (s) in ‘bolt’ as in ‘run’ (or ‘race’) plus theme gives ‘support’.

  70. Yes Geoff – cross posting but on the same page! Does 10A apply the theme twice, one between the “sleuth” and again at the end?

  71. Geoff, 9A letters 1-2 take “on” from “zone” (region). A dug carrier gives last three letters. I personally think that dug in relation to a human is derogatory in this day and age but accept it was once more respectable.
    7D seems weak to me but if you take the b off in (as in beat) and apply the theme you get a consumer.
    20D fleece means con, add in the edging of “straight” and apply the theme.

    Yes, I agree that 10A is strictly not a “side” but a collection of them.

  72. Mort, thanks for the clarifications. I don’t think I’d ever have got 7D on my own.

  73. nn, although I am not the least bit interested in cricket (sorry, Arthur) I believe that a single in that sport (?) is known as a run.

  74. Could someone please explain the first three letters of 7D. And are there only 18 clues that contain the theme, albeit that 10A does twice?

  75. feather – 7D – 4 letter word for “exhausted” = beat with “b-offin” ie: remove “b” leaves “eat”.
    I have 19 themed clues, which includes 10A having it twice, so 20 uses of the theme.
    the themed clues are:
    Across – 1,5,10,14,15,17,23,26,29 (so 9 here).
    Down – 2,5,6,7,8,13,16,18,20,22 (so 10 here).

  76. Ray, belated thanks – I should have got boffin, typical DA. And my counting let me down as well :-(

  77. Thanks trippers ….
    Finally finished . I got all the bottom half once I realised what was missing, but needed your help with a few in the top.

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