DA Confusion for the 3rd of October, 2014

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  1. I got up early hoping to get my printout but there’s still no digital downloads. I had to wait until 7:00 to get a paper from the corner store. First ones out 4D, 3D, 5D 10A which all felt too easy and gave a false sense of security. I have 21A with Gayle’s hint. The three letter word clues always trip me up.

  2. Was that meant to be 27A Crypticrochet? I have letters 1 & 3, but can’t fathom the clue at all. Seems to indicate apa, but it can’t be that. Have six others where I have the answer, but don’t fully understand clue. Might enquire about those tomorrow.

  3. Yeah she’s modern and known for being a bit of a recluse. I didn’t know her name until recently when I asked my daughter who was singing the song playing on her iPod.

  4. Done in 21:14 according to the iPad app, a new record for me! Had never heard of 27A either, I have to admit.

    13D was very clever I thought …

  5. I’d never heard of 27A either and I made the mistake of clicking on a YouTube clip of that song. Very disturbing …

  6. mesge, 20D definition is “secured”. Four letter word for “copied” inside “laidback place”

    23D definition is “traffic”. Letters 1-4 are defined by “speed up”. Letter five is “freeway hub”.

  7. All done except SW corner. I think I have 28A, but no idea of the word play. Hints about 17A and 18D would be appreciated. Also, I can’t get the ‘spite’ part of 19A; the def and the rest of the word play I understand.

  8. Dave R, 17A is a double definition. 18D is an anagram of the last two words.
    I don’t get the wordplay for 28A either as only letters 3 and 4 are obvious to me.

  9. Dave – 19 A – “Spite” is letters 1,7,8 & 9

    28 A – “Perth fringes” letters 3 & 4, “like” letters 1, 2 and 5.

    Can someone explain the wordplay for 22 A – and also letters 3-8 for 13 D? Otherwise quite straightforward today. Likes 11A, 2 A and also 25 A

  10. 22A: Definition is the last word. Helplessly said = 1; run off = 2 – 6.
    13D: Definition is the first two words. Plug = 1, 2; object = 7, 6; show = 5, 4, 3; case, perhaps = 8 – 11.

  11. Thank you, Ann, Julienne and Rupert. 18D is very clever. I had given up on anagrams because I wasn’t looking widely enough. With 19a, if ‘spite’ is 1,7,8,9 (which seems a dodgy synonym, but let that pass), then how do letters 2,3 fit in? I had started with ‘note’ as the first letter. Ah, the penny has dropped, even as I type. Wrong nomenclature system.

  12. Despite this being rather easy in general, I am still pondering the wordplay for 13D. The last 4 letters are the only ones I understand.

  13. Jack, re 13D letters 1-3 are “plug”. The next three are a reversal of a word for “showcase”. The next two are a reversal of a word for “object”.

    All in all, a very convoluted and inelegant clue, which I doubt many could parse until after solving.

  14. Thanks Mort. I think letters 5,4,3 may mean “view” and “showcase, perhaps” gives letters 8-11.
    I cannot see where the answer is defined.

  15. Jack, the definition is “Split view” – emphasis on a capital letter for “Split”. Sorry, I misled you with my earlier comment. Letters 5,4,3 mean “show” (not showcase as I typed); and “case perhaps” gives the last four letters, as you already know.

  16. Thanks MJH, I’d not heard that before. The clue sort of makes sense now.
    I thought 16A was a pretty ropy homophone.

  17. Stuck on 1D and 9A. Aid appreciated.

    Also don’t get wordplay for letters 2,3,4,5,6 in 19A.

    I’d never heard of 3D or 27A.

  18. Seem to have struggled more than most today, though have it mostly out now. Still stuck in the northern half, any hints for 1D, 6D, 6A or 10A?

    Also, gotta disagree with Jack on 16A, I liked it through and through.

  19. Hey Luke,
    6A: letters 1,2,3 given by ‘blow’ (as in hit). letters 4,5 given by papers.

  20. 6D: Def is first 3 words. Dwindling means take off last two letters (of a two-word phrase that kind of means Outback).

  21. iPuzzled, for 19A letters 2-3 are given by “note”, 4 by “a”, and 5-6 by “duet petering out” (as in, a word for duet, somewhat vaguely, losing its last letter).

  22. 10A Anagram. Answer has some small degree of meaning overlap with first word in clue. (Not my favourite clue this one.)

  23. And thanks for 6A&D. Had never heard of 6D, but it’s a nice clue otherwise.

  24. Hmm, I’d given up on 10A as an anagram early on, so will resume with a bit more guidance from cross-letters.

  25. All done! 9A last in, but thought it pretty clever. Quite a few enjoyable tricks today!

  26. 9A: def is first two words; wordplay is a homophone (or possibly just straight from) for one quarter of the chant of a giant with Englishmen on the nose.

  27. why did i search for the youtube clip of 27A. I cannot unsee that…ever

  28. I agree, Scott, I’m amazed that there wasn’t any outcry over it. I found it very unsettling.

  29. Any hints for 21A? Tried to work something from name of Hamlet’s castle but to no avail.

  30. Joanna, 27A word for “from Japan” with packaging removed. She sang a song called Chandelier; trust me, don’t look it up on YouTube!

  31. All done but couldn’t figure out wordplay for 13d or 1d. Now understand 13d thanks to help above, but can someone please assist with 1d. I have a word whose definition matches first two words of clue, and last letter is presumably from ‘shedding tail’. I don’t understand the first four letters at all. Other than that, thankfully much easier than last week’s shocker!

  32. David S – 1D – defn = 1st 2 words. “salamander” = 3 letter synonym / type with last letter removed (“shedding tail”) for letters 2,3. It is “mired” ie: in a XXX for letters 1,4,5.

  33. Thanks Ray, but I still don’t know what the 3-letter synonym for salamander could be. I’ve tried googling to no avail. Thanks for clarifying the use of the word ‘mired’ in the clue

  34. David S – I think it is an old / archaic word. We use the same TLA for money transfer at POS places.

  35. CC, not really sure how much help I can give with 11A/2D… Definition is ‘furiously’, though as in movement rather than mood. The answer describes what you would do if you left your seat after a concert. The penny dropped for me when I had enough cross-letters to get the final word: what do people do after a good concert? And if you were to leave in the same manner as them you would…

  36. The definition is really ‘furiously relinquish your seats’ (or ‘furiously leave’, to paraphrase), I guess, with the seat-relinquishing playing a dual role in both def and wordplay.

  37. All done after a couple of frustrating weeks of poor results.Yay me!! Have a good weekend all.

  38. CC, 17A definition is “the best”; answer is what you (being a lady) put on your face at night.

  39. Thanks Mort, I do have the right one, I have debated if it’s English or French spelling but good to know my first instinct was right.

  40. Almost knocked this over in my lunch break, so was feeling very pleased with myself, but then became unaccountably stuck on 22a and 23d! Put it away and now it’s only just come to me. It’s still Friday though. Just! Overall was very tickled by today’s clues. It was light and fun and very clever.

  41. Palindromeda – 23D – “Speed” gives 4 letter synonym (reversed – “up”) for letters 4,3,2,1. “freeway’s hub” = letter 5. Defn = “traffic” (as say in drugs not vehicles).
    22A – this was my last in / understood as I could not get the wordplay either – but both Gayle / Rupert helped me get word play. “Helplessly said” = letter 1 ie: remove a 3 letter word meaning “help” from the word “said” to leave 1 letter). “Run off” = 5 letter synonym for letters 2,3,4,5,6. Defn = “run”.
    Hope helps.

  42. I’m curious about 18D, is the whole clue the definition? I have the answer, but it reads as it has no definition. Is this an &lit?

  43. CC, re 18D, yes the whole clue is the definition. Striking is the anagram indicator for the last two words.

  44. Very new to this. Thank goodness for this blog! Can someone please explain the wordplay behind 25A, 26D and 29A? Also, I get “copied” for 20D, but what’s the deal with “laidback place”?

  45. LH 25A Definition is “superior”. Answer is “of” and three-letter word for “cost” is inside (lines) a perturbed (anagram of) “doesn’t”
    26D definition is “dandy”. Grandpa = pop, losing its cap, after Piaf’s finale letter.
    29A demolished “shop” gives first four letters. Sounds like “lot” (as in, your lot in life) makes up the balance to give a fertiliser.
    20D laidback place means “put” is reversed around copied to give two words meaning secured.

  46. Re 1d – Back in the days when I used to do Mr Wisdom’s Whopper in the Australasian Post, the synonym was “newt” rather than “salamander”.

  47. Is there a term like mondegreen for a solver who mixes up the lettering in a 2-, 3- multiple word answer? In today’s puzzle for 19A, I had the word lengths as 4, 5 and not 5, 4 as they should have been.
    Quelle Horreur!

  48. Neil,
    I think you might have the chance to be the neologiser in this case. Pick a word! If it’s a good ‘un it might stick!

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