DA Confusion for the 19th of September, 2014

Have your confusions sorted out right here.

96 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 19th of September, 2014

  1. Got “theme” early which helped a lot.
    All out but still working on wordplay for 15A and 25A.

  2. Yep – understood now.
    I think some wordplays like 14D, 15A, 21D are a bit too convoluted.
    But others like 8D, 18D, 23D, 24A are very clever.

  3. Same . Was lucky to get 4A early. I think it would have been quite difficult otherwise. This week a lot of wordplays came afterwards and some still to get. 24 A last in.

  4. Andy, if you’re still looking for 25A, then it too, will appeal to your school-boy humour. A bit risqué but a very clever clue.

  5. Think there’s a slight problem with the answer for 16d. Assuming I’ve got it correct I don’t think it’s actually called that.

  6. TR, you’re right; DA’s wrong. Only the wrong answer fits the letters in the anagram and the cross letter from 19A.

  7. Andy, 4D was one of the first I got and, with 7D, helped me get 4A.
    8D and 25A both amused me.
    Am not convinced that ‘riddle wow’ does give the actual title of a 4A song, however.

  8. Struggling today. Arthur won’t like it – too much depends on too much else. 15d is all I have so far. Some help with 4a might be a start.

  9. Sandy, I didn’t get 4A until I was about a third complete, so it’s not that important to start there. However a clue, think of a musical as the start of the answer…

  10. Mort, I was afraid it might have something to do with musicals. Not a good area for me.

  11. Rupert 1A “disc” represents the first letter. The other three are 22A of 4A’s first name. Definition is “musical” as in a noun, also a bit 22A.

  12. I am just not firing this morning. The musical I keep coming up with is a girl’s name, and it seems that the first three letters of this one will have to be a male name.

  13. Rupert, re 14D, I agree that the full name is 5,3 for the meat, but in Australia, a favourite pub-meal (meat dish) is referred to as the five-letter word. It’s full name is chicken-xxxx but it’s abbreviated (as most things are in Oz – see!).

    For the record, I consider it inedible!

  14. After solving 16d, I had the actual song in my head for twenty minutes before I solved 4a. You can imagine how stupid I feel!

  15. A rare error for DA in 16D & I thought I’d misremembered because I inhaled back then :)

  16. My memorable mondegreen was ‘you don’t have to say you love me just because I’m blind’ . Struggling with 4d and 24ac.

  17. Thanks Mort. Sorted. I had the wrong 13ac. And wondered why DA used the alternative spelling.

  18. After Rupert’s help I have got all the 4a themed clues and finished the eastern side. Still stuck on the west though, especially SW. Any hints for 1a or 17a might give me a start.

  19. Re looked at Mort’s clue on 1a and sussed it. Not really by 4a, rather be first word in 4a…

  20. Finished except for an understanding of the word play for 7D and 24A. Off to lunch and will check later to see if help is forthcoming. Agree, by the way, that 16D is an error.

  21. Dave, 7D letters 1-2 are a drip (ascending) – think medical. Last three letters are Latin for god.

    24A first letter is “cramp foot”. Last three are a word for desired which has been shortened.

  22. Finished! Though still not sure of the word play for 9a.
    Strictly speaking Mort (and Dave), I think letters 3-5 of 7d is Latin for ‘to God’. God in the nominative would require 4 letters.

  23. Sandy 9A is an anagram (radical) of family, plus to references to 17A.

    I accept your correction of 7D. I’ll have to get back to declining nouns and conjugating verbs!

  24. All out before lunch – was stuck on Rod Stewart for a while before getting 16D and realising the mistake and identifying the correct 4A.

    What’s the definitional element in 23D? And whats the wordplay in 27A, esp with last word of clue?

  25. Thanks Mort, I should have seen that. I hadn’t looked back to it after I got 17a.

  26. @ Indy, ‘saw’ as in old saying.
    27A flabbergasted is anagram indicator, applied to 10A, gives definition ‘pilot’

  27. Back from an excellent tapas lunch. Thank you Mort at 12.02. I hadn’t thought of the Latin god in the dative case. Nothing in the clue to indicate that.

  28. Given the body-function references in this puzzle, I am surprised that DA resisted the urge to relate the answer to 22D to the homophone in 25A.

  29. Even later start than usual, but have most out thanks to lucking onto 13/19A, which all the 4A related clues. Many thanks to Mort (9:11) for unravelling the wordplay of 4A. Should have been obvious: I’m not a fan of musicals, but grew up listening to that one and have since become a fan of Old Possum. Still struggling on the SW corner though…

  30. Also, DaveR, at a stretch “to … God” could be the dative indicator, though if we’re going to be picky enough to complain about case we’ll probably also be picky about a split like that…

  31. Only managed two answers so far. Tough going when you don’t have any of the answers that everything else depends on. Will read all your hints.

  32. Luke, you might be right, although I had taken the “to” to mean “added to”. Strictly speaking, there is no need for this interpretation, although the clue would read awkwardly (albeit grammatically correctly) without “to”. One does not normally write of “ascending” a god, so it is natural to read “ascend” as an intransitive verb. If the “to” is otherwise redundant, then it would have to be a dative case indicator (as DA, unlike some lesser setters, tends not to put redundant words in his clues). If one assumed “Latin god” to be the four-letter word in its nominative form, then “to” would indicate the need to change its spelling. Popular music, Latin declension and puerile humour about bodily functions: one needs to have a wide frame of reference.

  33. After an hour I have 2D, 5D and possibly 8D. Like Arthur I hate puzzles where so many clues rely on one or two answers. Was 4A’s name later changed? (Trying not to give too much away).

  34. GeoffD, yes it was changed
    2d and 8d were my first in and i didn’t get much else for ages. Have just put in a guess for 5d but can’t make sense of the wordplay

  35. Luke, Dave R – I took the question mark to indicate that a bit of licence was needed, and I accepted the split; this legitimises the dative 22A.

  36. If i have 25a correct, it is a poor homophone and i don’t get the rest of the word play.

  37. nn, my answer for 5D is prolific in Holland. The ‘essential’ part of ‘actual’ (letters 1 & 2) with a three letter word for ‘insolence’

  38. Thanks GeoffD, i had the right word and had spotted the insolence, but couldn’t get the word play for the first two letters,

  39. Scrap my comment about the homophone in 25a I was reading the first word as a plural and therefore couldn’t make sense of the second word. Can see it now, very clever

  40. Presume “on chop” clues the last letter of 14d, but i don’t understand it.
    Re 16d, everywhere I’ve looked On the internet including lists of them on the album and they all have the answer that i have, which is an anagram of riddle wow. Not sure what you all think it is called or if I’ve put something wrong in. If the latter that may explain my inability to get 15a

  41. nn – I think the correct answer is from “baby baby it is a …. …..” which is not an anagram of “riddle wow” (close). Ergo discussion is that DA made a mistake with the first word.

  42. @ Dave and Luke, 7D, I think it’s just a case of ‘to’ aiding the surface reading which I found quite funny.
    I have a quibble with the def in 1A. Musical : composition or performance?
    Liked 18D – fell into the trap of looking for the lower/flower/tower trick. No mooing involved, more like the sound of other barnyard creatures.

  43. nn, re 15A, whatever answer you have for 16D (the correct song, or the anagram of riddle,wow), the crossing letter in 15A is the same. Definition is “encounter”.

  44. Thanks just read what I’d written in for 16d, had read it as the correct title as I know the correct one so well that i was seeing what i knew it should be instead of what I’d writen.
    Still none the wiser on 15a and 15d is annoying me too
    I’m assuming the def is staff and i can only think of one word of three letters that sort of means this (a boy’s name) but make any sense of the wordplay or how this could have any meaning in the other clues that use it.
    Gayle I share your quibble with 1a unless there happens to be a musical with that word as it’s title?

  45. nn, 15D think of a four-letter word meaning “principal” and remove “one” to get a word meaning “staff”. This same word forms letters 2, 7,8 of 17A.

  46. nn, 15A is yet another of those answers that are most easily parsed after getting the answer. There is a three-letter word meaning “bottom” – think skirt or trousers, backwards around a made up word for “cyber ninny”.

  47. Thanks Mort. I have the second letter of 17a, so the word I have for 15d must be wrong. Don’t have the rest of 17a so am lost on what 15d could be now. Am probably thinking of the wrong type of staff

  48. nn, 15D – “yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for you are with me, your …”

    Which reminds me: where is Arthur?

  49. Now I’m really confused Mort. That is what I had in my original answer to 15d, but that didn’t fit the answer to 15a that I’ve just put in

  50. nn, don’t give up. 15A definition is “encounter”. A cyber ninny could be an e-fool or an e-xxxx. This is within the bottom of a skirt or trouser leg, reversed.

  51. Looked the rest up on Ian’s site. Last day of term has me too tired to bother with some of his more convoluted clues. Not sure how saw is a def for 23d even looking up the archaic definition of saw gives something that is a lot less fundamentally true than the answer. Wish he’d stop using obscure archaic definitions, especially when they do little or nothing for the surface reading and when other words are better definitions and would work just as well in the surface reading.
    Also can’t see how 3d suggests banner.

  52. I’d got 15a from your earlier quote Mort and this gave me 15d, which had nothing to do with your biblical quote (which was my first answer for 15d). I got 17a from this and a couple of others, which left me with a few scattered blanks that, despite having most of the cross letters and several indeternet word searches didn’t come up with anything that made sense of the clues, but looking back, the word search software did come up with the answers amongst the lists of possible answers. At this point I’d decided to give up as I’m too tired to sort them out. Back next week, will be on holiday so a bit more time to spend on it.

  53. Looking like another DA I’ll have crack in reverse. I was hoping my Saturday would be less typing, more garden. I did get a few with the tips here, thanks folks.

  54. Feather 18D, definition is “lower”. Letters 1-4 are “fraudster” – wasting time; 5-7 are “confined”, wasting time. Where time = t.

  55. Morning! Could someone please explain how we solve 4A as I think it’s “musical” = 1-4, “starting to” = 5 but can’t get the rest. Also 23D I can get letters 1-3 but not 4,5. Thank you.

  56. CC, 4A – starting to refers to “voice” which bores (goes inside) a word for youths. The apostrophe is misleading.
    23D an American chopper is letters 1-2. We spell it with an “e” on the end. Yours truly = me = moi in Paris, lifted up.

  57. Thank you, you feature heavily this week. This puzzle was far out of my skill set this week. I am determined to improve, though. It’s why I love this group. Have a good weekend!

  58. It really is extraordinary how the brain works as I hadn’t opened the paper until this morning and solving this week’s went like a dream. Quite unbelievable as I had it all filled in after a couple of hours unassisted. How does that happen? Another week I’ll get 4 or 5 and then come here!

    Wordplay all done except for a couple which I’m still working on.

    I happily filled 16D in without noticing the error so got DA’s answer which of course is wrong. 8D is hilarious as is 25A. As for 26A, 12A, how do we get the third word?

  59. Robin: The third word is the unwritten anagrind for HANGS ON RIM which gives the first two words of 26,12 A

  60. Thanks Bernie, I was sort of getting there. Thanks for confirming.

    Some clever ones again this week; 23D, 20A and 15A included…

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