DA Confusion for the 12th of September, 2014

Have your confusions sorted out right here.

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  1. Sorry, CC, that was for 4D. 3D definition is first two words.

    I’ve moved this comment to the newly opened, correct section.

  2. AJ, 11/13A “perhaps” indicates an anagram. Definition is a description of a character; usually a polite way to describe a crook.

  3. So quiet today! I have three to get in SW corner but will mull over them a bit longer. Meanwhile, can anyone explain the relationship between the clue and the fourth word of 5D/22A? May be difficult to do without spoiling …

  4. AG, calculate 74074 trebled. This shows the answer. When I was young, I was shown how to draw a swan using that number. I guess DA was shown how to draw a similar bird the same way.

  5. All out fairly quickly, but I have no idea of the word play for 10A, and not too sure about it for25A either. Enjoyed 11/13A.

  6. Dave 25A to my mind is an awful clue. Letters 1-2 are a word meaning “very” -taken aback. Letter 3 is “head in sand”. Letters 4-5 mean “that’s” in its non-abbreviated form. I have no idea why “expected” is in the clue.

  7. Finally, back home. Been down to Melbourne to front the Veteran’s Review Board (pension matter). Managed to scribble in a few answers going down in a car, but having no computer to hand a problem. But about half-done, hopefully will now make some progress.

  8. Thanks, viking. Very clever. Mort, that is what I had thought (or feared). I was hoping it was something better that I had missed.

  9. Which is the best anagram solver? Tried Andy for 11,13A but nothing useful there. Also, in 25A, I have, I think correctly, letters 1, 3, 5 but my wordfinder says no such word. Any clues please? Can’t solve words 3 & 4 of 5D, 22A. More work required.

  10. Arthur, 25c is a name rather than a word. Identified by first two word in the clue.

  11. Arthur. re 25A definition is first two words. It’s part of an old Australian comedy (?) act and so isn’t really a proper word.

    3D definition is first two words. 4D definition is last word. 5D definition is first word; solve the mathematics first.

  12. 11/13a I had to work backwards, thinking of an expression for a ‘character’ used in the media, then checking it worked for the anagram.

  13. Thanks, Sandy, I remember that name, from kids TV. I see how it is clued, now. Just need nine more, the two big ones most important.

  14. Jack, I think there was a kid’s cartoon with the character whose name is reversed at the beginning (letters 1-3), 4-7 a synonym for a spat. 12D, if I have it correct, I think begins with ‘first of all (Letter 1), the definition is last word of clue, but the letters in between (apart from, perhaps letters 5-11) which form last letters of a word meaning in accord. But I may well be wrong, I don’t understand the whole clue.

  15. Jack, 7D …think of a kids show fireman … (scaling means go up) and letters 4,5,6,7 is a word meaning spat, def is last word.
    12D letters 1,2,3,4,5 replacement of a word meaning injury.
    21D Definition 1st word, tailors has many meanings.

  16. Thanks Andy W, I’d never heard of that particular fireman in 7D. I’m still not comfortable with 12D and 21D. I know the word for injury, but can’d see how the 5 letters replace it. What do the 5 letters mean?

  17. All out, and agree that 25A is a bit of a rubbish clue (it was my last out). Still stuck on the wordplay for the first four letters of 2D, and the last seven of 12D…

  18. Ahh, thanks Andy, that makes sense. I was getting too hung up on seeing letters 1-4 of 12D as given by the ‘firsts’ (wrong number, I now realise) of ‘all, 11- 13-Across’.

  19. I have it now, Andy W. I actually had an error in my 11A, which led to a wrong answer for 12D. Thanks.
    Not altogether happy with 21D, but will have to accept it.

  20. I must have something wrong in my NE corner because I cannot make a word with I have in cross letters for 13A. Otherwise I have 6 left to solve. Oh, that 16D is a groaner.

  21. Thanks Jack, I think I have a vague recollection of coming across that meaning in another crossword but otherwise it’s entirely unfamiliar to me. I gather you got the right type of ‘tailors’ (i.e. nothing to do with clothes) for 21D?

  22. Hi Cryptorochet. I need a better clue to your problem with the NE corner. If you have 11A there should be no probs. Just be careful about spellings of 2D – once a Shark – and 4D.

    For myself, I still can’t get the wordplay for 21D – and 27A doesn’t work for me without adding a ? to the end of the clue.

  23. Mike for 21D Tailors en masse are referred to as a 21D. The word also means train. There’s something fishy about this clue.

  24. Mike 27A read backwards as two words means “great!” and “barfly”. Read forward is one word that means the same as the “barfly”.

  25. Back after very delayed after-dinner nap, was able to write in 1A and 2D, still no idea on 11, 13A, lacking third word of 5D 22A. Perhaps my 22D is wrong? If so, Y?

  26. Thanks Mort! I had that as a possible for 27A and felt guilty – couldn’t possibly! Oh yes it could. I’d misunderstood “repelled.” Calling it quits with 5A, 13A (sorry Mort, your efforts were valiant) unsolved. I’ll give the anagram another go later on.

  27. 5A defn is first word, but not in the sense of wood. Wordplay is “a knot” (as in your back or shoulder inside bark of “greenish”.

    Slow going for me. Northwest largely incomplete, incl 11/13 A.

  28. Thank you Cryptocrochet, that was what I had, it seemed to fit the clue, but leaves an enigma as to first word in 22A. A help with that would be really useful. Still baffled by the 11,13 thing. May have to give it away for this week, six unsolved, but not bad for me. Its been a long hard day.

  29. You’re closer than you think, you’re nearly there, you’re enigma has no power. (I’m terrible at this, I’m so sorry.) Do you have 18D, Arthur?

  30. That first word of 22a is a possessive pronoun, Arthur.

    11/13 is more a Sydney thing. Abe Saffron and his ilk.

  31. All out – took a long time to get the pieces of 11/13 out.

    What’s the wordplay on 17A and 4D?

  32. Mort, thanks for the gen on 5/22 earlier. I’d done the sum and wondered if it might be that look-alike thing, but I wasn’t even aware of the swan equivalent. Seems a bit lame to me, unless the symbolism is well known in some quarters.

    I left three to go and returned to them after about seven hours. Amazing what that will do – all three out immediately. Don’t get the wordplay for 26A, though, beyond seeing the short magazine in the middle. Anyone?

  33. AG: Friend = 2,6,7 “short magazine” = 3-5, “story essentially upfront” = 1 I’m fairly confident, I even used heavy pencil on that one.

  34. 11,13 was a struggle – not a phrase I’d ever come across, so I had to do it the hard way from the anagram. Australian English seems to be particularly rich with descriptions of dubious characters and activities! I hadn’t heard of 25a either, so I’m clearly still a bit too much of Pom.

  35. Indy, 17a is a double def. If you look up the word you’ll see both bits. One is slightly old-fashioned, the sort of thing you might have found in a description of a rifle shot in the early 19th century.

    4D, it’s the singular, not the plural – that fooled me for a moment. 1-4 and 7 are a word for bribery, enclosing 5-6 a qualifying word reversed, last letter Oxford foremost.

  36. 11A/13A was new to me, too, but given all the cross letters, it was possible to get it from the wordplay, once I realised it was focally and not locally.

  37. After that 4.51 post, had our evening meal (some lovely soup), and as I sat there, suddenly saw 18D, then 1D, 17A (Which I’d had wrong), could then guess at 11, 13. All done, but questions on 24D and 26A. They can stay, I may have them right, can’t interpret clues. News now, Family Feud, wash dishes, see a bit of big match, off to bed. G’night all!

  38. Arthur C. 24D – what sort of “Beam” can you get at a hotel / pub? It is a homophone of a sporting place.
    26A – yeah – tricky – defn = “Best”. “friend” = synonym for letters 2,6,7. “pens” = container indicator. “short magazine” is a 4 letter well known mag with last letter removed for letters 3,4,5. “story essentially” = letter 1 as it is “upfront”.

  39. Lots of gaps in NW and SE. No idea of 11/13 despite above hints. Far to many letters in the anagram and far too few cross letters to have any hope of working out a phrase I’ve probably never heard of. Back after tea

  40. Ta Ray, thought I’d just check back. And, yes, I had heard of that drink. Whisky, is it? No matter had it wrong, but had 26A right. Good mental exercise all round.

  41. nn, Was wondering where you were! Re 11/13A, many criminals (Gatto etc) are often referred to as 11/13. They’re bright (11A first word), associated with sports betting (second word), and well known (13A)

  42. Have just got 4d and am now even more confused with 11/13 as the latter is supposedly an anagram, but the cross letter from 4d doesn’t appear anywhere in the clue of 11/13.
    Am pretty sure my 4d is correct, fits the def and wordplay as explained above and is also the singular as mentioned above.

  43. nn, in 11/13 are you misreading the word “focally” as “locally”? The difference between them is the crossing letter in 4D.

  44. Thanks Mort, should have put my glasses on! Might have some hope with this one now!
    Despite having all cross letters, I can’t find a word that makes sense for the first word of 20d.

  45. So have a word for the first word of 11/13 that uses letters in the clue, but the remaining letters, along with my existing cross letters don’t produce anything, even with the help of anagram solvers, perhaps I have another answer incorrect

  46. Got it now, had crossed out a wrong letter from those remaining in the anagram. Don’t think much of it as a clue, the surface reading is awful.

  47. Only two to go now. 17a (although I can think of a slang verb to describe big bang (also slang!), but don’t see how it equates account) and the first word of 20d.
    Am about to give up on these. Had a good start with it all but that 11/13 really messed me up for a long time.

  48. John, 22D letters 1-3 are a surname ‘from down under’ i.e. reversed… He is a singer/songwriter

  49. Hi Mort. Thanks but, re 27A, that does work for me. Shouldn’t it be “greats barfly” or “Stop muddled barfly” or “Beers for barfly” or just a question mark at the end?

    On 21D yes, very fishy! I’d been looking at the wrong angle: you’d have to be a 25A to know about that name (which I found on Google).

    Many thanks for your succinct – elgegant – input.

  50. Mike, re 27A if something is good, one may say “it’s great” or “it’s tops”‘ that’s how I justified the clue…

  51. Sorry Robin, you weren’t asking but answering. I need my coffee and glasses. I am a fan of his and was delighted to see him in a clue.

  52. Re 11/13a – as far as I’m aware, the phrase emerged from the Malcolm Fraser-initiated Costigan Royal Commission into the Ship Painters & Dockers Union in the early ’80s and usually went hand-in-hand with “Prominent Sydney Businessman”.

  53. Regarding 5D, 22A, Rupert will know I’m sure but there is a word for a clue that looks like the answer but I can’t for the life of me remember what it is. I remember a debate about it in this column about 2 or 3 years ago.
    Conversely the 222,222 look like ducks (sort of…) and I wondered if the word applied here. Rupert?

  54. That’s it! Rebus. It’s been driving me nuts. I had ‘rubic’ in my head which is nonsense of course. Thanks Rupert!

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