DA Confusion for the 29th of August, 2014

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  1. Quite a wordplay workout this week I thought. Liked the construction of 3D, 16D, 23A and 27A

  2. Late start this morning, the old man not feeling too bright. Have eight in, mostly in SE corner. Re the second word of 7D: was there a little one once?

  3. Late start this week..done now..but harder than last two weeks. Good luck all.

  4. Ta Gayle, thought it so. But that gives me a non-word in 18A, if I have letters 2, 4, 6, 8 correct. Was thinking of space-probe names, but can’t pick it at present.

  5. Oh dear, Andy W. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a space movie, will try Googling.

  6. I’d look backwards, Arthur. 18A was my last in, in plain sight as usual. Just had to google to confirm.
    Agree Mort, 13 A was a beauty. For a while I thought it might start with ‘loco’. and anaphylaxis didn’t fit.

  7. Should I point out the irony of Arthur C. never having seen a space movie, given his moniker…?

  8. Hi Ben, I see3 your point. But in fact, I was forgetting. I remember a Dr Spock, and ‘Bean me up Scotty. So I must have seen those somewhere, can’t remember. Didn’t find 18A Gayle, have come to a halt with only a dozen solved, have to give it a rest for a while.

  9. Nicely spotted, Ben, but perhaps 13 years too late!

    I’m barely past halfway, obviously having more trouble than others. Really liked 7D and 3D. Just to make sure I’m on the right track in NW corner, can someone confirm that in 9A “end off” seems to be doing a kind of double duty? If so, I can’t say I really like the construction.

  10. AG, the way that I see 9A is that a word for “cut” has its end off, giving letters 1-4. Letter 5 if given by “note” and the definition is “papers”.

  11. Apologies, Gayle, I’m a bit slow, but finally found 18A. I now have thirteen solved. Time to do some vegies for lunch, to go with nice fish pieces from that Prussian super.

  12. Ah, thanks, Mort. An old DA trick that I still sometimes miss. So, meanwhile, four to get. I must confess I’ve been unusually reliant on the old word finder this week.

  13. Well, that was a two-hour struggle. A few really nice clues, but two brand names and two entirely unknown-to-me answers took the gloss off it for me.

    Can someone please parse 17a for me? I can relate to the first two words but see nothing further. Always assuming my solution is correct …

  14. AG re 17A, I assume that you have the communist bit correct. The first three letters of the answer are what may result from a stock exchange – think stock as in animals, exchange as it greeting.

  15. AG, 17a is a cow of a clue isn’t it? Think ‘exchange’ in the sense of ‘conversation’.

  16. I subscribe to the digital edition of SMH. But I can’t access the site at the moment. Anyone else having problems with it?
    Means I can’t get DA :(

  17. Julian, me too, a recorded message at SMH informs met hat they are trying to fix it. In the mean time I have bought a hard copy.

  18. Well, I’ve filled in all the squares, but I’m sure some must be wrong. 26A? Have a geometric shape? No connection to clue, but nothing else seems to fit. 24A? End of a soccer game? So often I write in an answer that fits the space, but no idea how it fits the clue. 11A? I presume related to charades, but how does it relate to clue? Anyway, can leave till tomorrow, my after-dinner nap was interrupted by wretched telephone!

  19. @ Julian. I had same problem with digital edition for most of the morning but it was working when I tried again just before 1 pm.

  20. Arthur, 24A is nothing to do with sport. Outcast is letters 1-2 and 7-9. Transport is the word in the middle. Sometimes one has to go the 24A to get the desired result.

  21. Arthur, 11A first word means “caretaker” (very roughly, I must say) and last word is “old hat”, as in passé. Answer means playing charades.

  22. Indy, 11A with a different last word, of two letters, would be misbehaving. I’m not aware of its use in that sense as written.

  23. CC, I had the same feeling of being off to a flyer with those two, but have since stalled terribly. Have about nine now, thanks to some of the above hints (in particular Mort’s tip for 24A), but most still completely elude me. 7D seems to have been easier for most but I haven’t got a clue, and with 6D in 12A feels like it should be obvious…

  24. 7Ds tend to run around (without looking where they’re going). 12A definition is first word, but in a sporting sense.

  25. Despite the clues above, I still can’t get 18A, even though I have letters 2, 4, 6, and 8. I’ve watched plenty of Star Trek, but don’t know any vehicles other than the Enterprise.

  26. Indy re 12A, of course it is. *sigh* They’re always so obvious in retrospect!
    Jack, think less trekking, more warring.

  27. This one is brutal! I did get 18A – the word “back” was my trigger. I have 7 filled but now have to run out again. I may not get this done until tomorrow. Any hints for 13A and 21A would be very appreciated.

  28. Bad day for me. Haven’t managed to get a single answer. Will read your hints and hope that gets me started, otherwise I’ll leave it until tomorrow after I’ve had a good night’s sleep.

  29. Crypticrochet – 13A – defn = 1st word. “Spanish Medico” gives letter 1,2 and 3,4. “allergic condition” = letters 5,6,7,8.
    21A – Defn = first 2 words. “tail of emerald” = letter 1. “in the air” = homophone indictor of a word that can mean “parrot” (not as in bird but as in action). Think answer is mainly British in origin.

  30. After reading the above i have 3 answers but don’t see how the first word of 11a can mean caretaker, nor do i understand what hook has to do with 7d, assuming my answers are right.

  31. And from my memory of the film 18a was a craft used very close to the ground, so cosmic vehicle is a pretty poor def.

  32. Thanks Luke. Even though I had not heard of the answer (despite watching all the relevant movies), I’m annoyed because the letters are all there in front of me.

    nn, a caretaker Prime Minister would be doing the first word of the answer. Make “hook” obey the first word of the answer.

  33. 11A – as in “care taker role”.
    7D – What’s another word for the second word of 7D answer. Then if you apply the 1st word of 7D answer to the that other word and you get “hook”.

  34. 1D answer is very popular in Tassie. 1A is a very restricted type of snow.

  35. Wow, that was a tough one today. I finally have answers for all of them but can not work out the wordplay for 14A.

  36. Pat, 14A is very clever indeed. How do you turn the letters of “finch” into the letters of “finer?”

  37. Finding the going hard today (and DA as well). Not much of the Eastern side done, and some word play (eg 20D) still mystifying. Having read Mort’s hint above, I am none the wiser about 26A. Tea??

  38. I don’t have 14a, which is probably why I have no idea how to turn finch into finer. Still have lots of gaps.
    25s, assuming i have the right answer with souvenir being the def, i can see how toy dock might work, but how does done with capital give the rest. Souvenir Scottish know-how would be a better clue for my answer.

  39. nn, 14A definition is “second drink”: think of beer followed by whisky (or it may be the other way round, never having had one. Converting “finch” to “finer” is done by splitting the answer into xx-xx-xx. It’s one of those clues that one can only parse after getting the answer.

  40. Got 14a now so can see how finch becomes finer. That is a wicked piece of wordplay.
    Slowly making progress on the rest, but lots of help from word finders

  41. Dave r, 20D definition is “leaves”. The answer is also an exercise (flexing) that can only be done by experts. A rather week clue, in my opinion.

  42. Cross posts Mort, but thanks anyway. As you say, no hope of parsing that without the answer

  43. nn, re 25A. letters 1-2 are toy after applying dock. “done with a capital” is a (very bad and colourful painter); letters 3-5 are his first name. Another rather weak clue that I only parsed after getting the answer.

  44. Thanks to Ray I now have 13A. Did we have this same answer recently?
    I think I have 14A, but have no idea about 15D or 18A. No-one else seems to have found 15D difficult, however.
    Like you, Arthur, I had rhombus for 26A so I’ll Google types of tea and see what happens.

  45. Ann, 15D – male is letters 1-2. Balance of word is a “tennis star once” with “Euros banked”. Definition is the future.

    18A is hidden and reversed and is a film space craft, of which I had not heard.

  46. Thanks Mort, would never have equated done with a capital with those 3 letters even though i am familiar with him and agree with your assessment of both partner and clue!

  47. Thanks, Mort. I did find 26A and can see, now I have found the word, how it fits the clue.
    For 15D do I need male tennis star as definition?
    Still can’t find 18A either.

  48. Ann, 15D includes the name of an old tennis star (well, not that old, but certainly not active) surrounding the abbreviation for Euros, after the first two letters for a male. The definition of the answer is “the future”. Not now, but the 15D.

    For 18A, if you have the cross-letters, just look at the first three words of the clue and fit in the letters backwards therein. That was how I did it as I didn’t know the name and this was my last one in.

  49. Thanks Mort. I now have 14A, but I think that letters 3 & 4 are a tad dodgy. Still puzzling over 5A & 5D, as well as 16D. I think 7D is quite clever.

  50. I think I’ve finished, but I can’t justify the first two letters of what I have for 16D.

  51. Finally out thanks to the hints here. Could someone please explain the word plays for 1D and 1A please?

  52. Peter Smiggins – 1D – “Ne’er do well” gives letters 4,5,6. “20-down” = container. “slab of (beer)” = letters 1,2,3,7. “beer” = defn.
    1A – defn = “Snow”. “company” = letters 1,2. “audit” = homophone indicator of a word for “beat” for letters 3,4,5,6,7.

  53. Peter, 1D a three-letter word for a ne-er-do-well 20D a word for “slab”. The answer is a brand of beer.

    1A letters 1-2 are short for “company”. Balance of word sounds like (audit) beat. Answer is name of something for which “snow” is slang.

  54. Back after tea and got a few more in, but wordplays escape me for 5a and 8d/2d (not going to even bother to try to work out something as long and probably convoluted as this one!)
    No idea of the answer to 5d despite having all cross letters (assuming my 5a is correct, which it may not be as I can’t make sense of it).
    The SW corner is completely blank apart from 2d, but I have all the rest filled in except 5d.

  55. Thanks Mort at 5.50 for explanation of 26a. Never heard of it, would never have got it without your post.

  56. I’m with nn – who would bother with the wp for 8d/2d?? And I’d love help with 3d and 20d – even though I know it’s meaning from 1d — still can’t see it!

  57. All out except 5d, 21a and 22d. Have read above explanation for 21a, but can’t get a word to fit that means anything.
    Julie, how do Apaches (for example) move (2, 4)? This surrounds a type of non human colonist.
    20d leaves as in goes away. You have to be very flexible to do the ……

  58. And while I’m here, 13a is weird. I’m a medico, I know about allergies, but ‘eldrrash’ is NOT a word!

  59. Likewise, a couple of hours off have made all the difference, though I’m still missing 21A and 22D.

    nn, wordplay for 5A is ‘copperhead’ inside another word for ‘way’, followed by ‘escape’ having lost another word for ‘point’. Definition is ‘spots’ (nothing to do with vision). 5D was one of the last I got, and it finally fell when I saw that letters 3 and 5 could be part of an ‘access’ missing a letter.

    As for 8/22D, letters 1-4 are given by ‘and’ turned around; letters 5-19 are an anagram of ‘retouched cracks’; and letters 20-22 are given by ‘as well’.

  60. thanks Luke, from what you have said I have the wrong answer for 5a. Will ponder your hint and hope for some enlightenment

    Julie Eldrrash certainly isn’t a word, nor is it the answer!
    But what do you often feel when you get a rash?

  61. Ahh, hadn’t seen Ray’s hint about 21A (4:34), and that’s all it took! Never heard of either the answer to 21A or the final 3 letters of 22D.

    nn, happy to have helped, hope you find the right track!

  62. Julie re 3D Indians walk xx xxxx around a colonist (think insects, and it’s not bee), The answer is babyish.

    Re 20D, my eyes water when I see an athlete doing the 20D

  63. haha, too slow! Glad you found it. 21A seems to be British slang, yes. With letter 3 given by 2D, think of a synonym for ‘parrot’ (as a verb rather than a bird) and then look up the resulting word. That was the only way I managed, and the answer’s unlikely to enter my everyday vocabulary…

  64. nn could you enlighten me about the wordplay for 14A? It’s late enough in the day not to spoil …. too much.
    21A dictionaries say was originally Indian.

  65. and that gave me 22d, although I’ve no idea what vestment has to do with it.
    All done at last.

  66. Julie, re 14A: split the answer into ‘xx’ xx ‘xx’, and it reads as an instruction on how to turn ‘finch’ into ‘finer’ (although I would probably read it as going the other way around, as in ‘finer’ into ‘finch’).

  67. nn, interesting to hear you describe yourself as British. I also am from that part of the world but I’ve always thought of myself as English. Maybe it’s a generational thing …

  68. Mort, nn , Luke ?? !! # $%& . Thankyou, but I just don’t get it. Please, hit me over the head. I’ve been up since 4am. Gotta go to bed.

  69. Mort, yes I’m English (and that’s how I’d usually describe myself), I was using British as the dictionary said the answer was British slang. Not sure about the generational thing, I’m in my 50s, what about you?

  70. nn and Mort, you’re British, the word is Indian etymologically and I thought it was Strine!

  71. nn, I’m almost halfway though my sixties, a Geordie (“Haway the lads”) and hoping to hold off Alzheimers by doing three cryptics a day!

  72. Gayle, I’ll take a 21A in my dictionary but I’m sure it will confirm your assertion that it is Indian – but then we did colonise them, didn’t we, old chap? (or should that be chappess?)

  73. : ) night, I’m going to bed before I get into any more trouble. Thanks for playing.

  74. noun,. British Slang.
    1. a look or glance.
    1890-95; < Hindi look (imperative) But the fourth letter is h in hindi

    Am a Mancunian myself (and it's old chap, not that I'd use such a posh term from the south)

  75. A terrible effort today. After three hours working on my own and two hours going through all the hints above (thanks everyone), I’ve still only completed about one third. Too late to be bothered now. I’ll await the answers tomorrow which may or may not enlighten me!

  76. Thanks all! Off to buy the answer to 13a despite your help – eldritch isn’t any weirder than eldrrash! Cheers .

  77. ROOIBOS! Whoever heard of ROOIBOS? Obviously, DA had, I hadn’t. Apart from that, I had extra time instead of extra mile, which obviously (now) the clue points to. But I object! The extra mile, Jesus taught, was not a little bit tacked on, it was TWICE AS FAR! ‘If someone compels you to go a mile, go with him two miles’.

  78. Julie said: “I’m with nn – who would bother with the wp for 8d/2d??”

    That would be Me! I’m the sad soul who has to know how all the clues are worked. I hate not knowing the secret club codes. Comes from being the youngest. My sister still tells me “You’ll understand when you’re older” and I still want to shove her face in mud. (I’m 42, she’s 57)

    That said – 8D/2D I can see”retouched cracks” is partial anagram + “as well” = 13-15, but where do I get letters 1-4, 6?? I can see 1-4 as a word “turned” but not why that particular word.

    15D – How do I get letters 1,2? I can see the “tennis star” “banking euro” but not the first two letters.

    24A – I can see “transport” = 1,2, 7-9 but why is “boring outcast” 3-6? Is “boring” a hint to remove the last letter?

    4D – …what?! I spent most of the day trying to figure out how to work “lodge” – EGO = LD now I have no idea what’s going on here, having seen the answer. I’m lost and bewildered. More likely “ego” bias.

    Thank you Ray for 21A I’d never have gotten that word, never heard of it before. You helped me see I was OTRT with 13A, which was a relief.

    Julie then said: “And while I’m here, 13a is weird. I’m a medico, I know about allergies, but ‘eldrrash’ is NOT a word!” HA! I did the exact same thing! Luckily dictionary.com suggested the correct answer.

  79. Crypticrochet – 15d – ‘he’ =male. Are you killing yourself yet??
    – 24a ‘tram’ is transport. it bores it’s way into ‘exile’ which means outcast.
    -4d – lodge is def. Wrangle is anagrind . ‘science on’ is the fodder.(without ‘ego’)
    And now I see ‘eldritch’ IS a word! Who knew?
    Happy weekend all.

  80. Wiki says that Andrew Eldritch is the only remaining member of ‘The Sisters Of Mercy’,
    I need them after that clue. (and almost all the others except the gimme goat in the zoo).

  81. Thanks Julie – I may need to go for a walk and get some fresh air and clear my head. That was embarrassing! How do we get so hopelessly blocked?

  82. Crypticrochet – 19D – “Upheld” = reverse indicator. “alternative” = 2 letter synonym for letter 2,1. “fetish” = synonym for letters 3,4,5,6,7. Defn = “in Europe”.

  83. Oh, that is one of the easy ones. Take that walk !! ‘upheld alternative’ is ‘or’ backwards. (=ro)
    DA seems to think a fetish is a mania. Romania is in …………Europe!! ken.

  84. Crypticrochet – 8D / 2D – “Bird” = defn. “turned and” = letters 4,3,2,1. “retouched cracks” fodder for letters 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19. “as well” = 3 letter synonym for letters 20,21,22.

  85. Thanks for all the help. I wasn’t on DAs wavelength this week. I really liked 7D once I got it. I’m embarassed not to have got 1D – it’s good stuff.

  86. I messed up my lines on letter 6, so that’s good – all accounted for. It’s so frustrating to be so close and miss wee bits. “And” as part of the wording and not just a connecting word for readability. It’s exhausting!

  87. Julie said “– 24a ‘tram’ is transport. it bores it’s way into ‘exile’ which means outcast.”

    Oh! I had it the wrong way round! I thought “transport” was the exile, thinking Aussie history. That’s why I was think it was an outcast was a Tramp with the P removed.

  88. Well that was way too hard for me! Gave up with most of the top left corner missing.
    Still don’t understand 3D despite now seeing the answer?
    Had never heard of 13A or the meaning of “alb” in 22D so was struggling a lot this week!

  89. Dear Crypticrochet (Sat 9:47) – Fear not: you aren’t a sole sad soul! I’m a “That would be Me” too! (also a “youngest”… interesting). Thank you, all you Trippers, for going the extra mile – and I mean in that biblical sense, not DA’s (grrrr!) – for Crypticrochet, me, et al. And I LOVE opening Confusion on Sunday morning and seeing there are more than 100 Comments – it suggests my needs for answer-parsing (usually about half a dozen – NOT half a plenty (grrrr! again)) aren’t going to be unusual :-)

  90. If I have correct I do not get 12A and 19A for SMH CXW (by DP) on Wed Sep 03. If anyone could enlighten me I would appreciate it.

  91. 12a…conservative pollies in uk are wets and dries..a bit like our big L and little L liberals

  92. Andy W – thanks for 12A – I did not know that one but is what I put in.
    19A – similar thoughts and also what I have in.
    21D – yes.

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