DA Confusion for the 25th of July, 2014

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  1. A simpler one today I thought. All out and, for the first time in a long while, all understood.

  2. I still have 6 to go, but it does seem on the easy end of DA’s continuum.

    I had to use Google to confirm 24D and the what is the what in 18A.

  3. Agree, pretty quick, but held up on the LHS not seeing some easy ones.
    Got stuck on 8 D until I realised I’d spelt 6A incorrectly. Why does DA come out on Friedbrainday?
    18A needs a marker re usage I reckon. The only letters I could possibly get from wordplay were the first two, whichever guess I googled for the rest.

  4. Just begun, four so far (including 24D, easy for cricket fans), but difficult to concentrate while TV News on at same time. Busy morning, sawbones at 0900, fang farrier at 0930, followed by shopping.

  5. Agree that this was continuing a pretty easy series for DA. Last one in was 25A as it took a while to get 22D. Hadn’t heard of 24D but got it fairly easily from the clue and guess it was a pun on his name – whoever he is!

  6. 25A seems to have several different spellings which made 17D difficult to find for some time.
    Not a cricket fan but Google helped for 24D.
    I don’t get the wordplay for 22D.

  7. I got the answer you suggest but is ‘smack’ an anagram prompt? That is what I wasn’t clear about.

  8. Ann, yes I think that it is. We’ve become used to some rather obscure anagrinds from DA…

  9. Gayle the writer in 18A has just been visiting Australia so I think that “current US writer” is enough for the clue to work.

    As an aside, I found his first book almost impossible to read and only persevered because of the good publicity it had. I have eschewed him ever since.

  10. All out fairly quickly today. Loved 14A and 25A. Thought the clues for the three-letter words were a bit cumbersome. Not sure of the word play for 17D.

  11. Dave, 17D “can lift” gives last three letters. “Publication” is letters 3-5, first letter is in clue, second letters is abbreviation for resistance.

  12. Thanks, Mort. As is often the way, I was looking for something more recondite.

  13. Glad some of the experts found this one easy. I’m halfway, only two solved on LHS, still missing 19A on RHS (had thought of Big Bertha, but downs made that impossible), unsure of middle letter of 21A, though ‘recoprd’ suggests I’m right, but what is the connection with Nickelback? I’d never heard of it/them? Is 1D a common blasphemous expression? I hope not! 2D would be most helpful to get LHS underway, if someone can throw me a clue, please.

  14. Have tried DA for the first time. What a waste of time. Just as well I am conversant with Steve Waugh and PT Barnum otherwise not much to put in, although scrounged 1A and 14d. Ah well, back to the Commonwealth Games replays. I suspect 23A is an athletic field event, but no idea why.

  15. Arthur C. – 27A – “Nickelback” gives letter 1. “Setter perhaps” gives 3 letter word, which “loses face” to just leave 2 letters as letters 2,3.
    19A – a double defn of “Bond on building site” and “big gun”.
    1D – no not blasphemous. Watered down version of same. “Guy smashed” gives letters 3,4,2. “luxury car” letters 1,5.
    2D – defn = last 2 words. “Justification” = synonym for letters1,2,3,4,5,6,7. “fit” = synonym for letters 8,9,10,11.

  16. 19A: Arthur, Big Bertha is the right category of gun.
    23A: Welcome, Jossy. You are correct on 23A. Exhausted gives the first word, and state gives the second.

  17. Wikipedia has corrected me. Big Bertha was apparently a howitzer, which is not quite as vertical as the gun in 19A.

  18. Thanks, Ray. I’m just not twisty enough. Yes, I understand 27A now. And I see 1D. Need to think about your clues for 2D and 19A. Will press on. Further query. Just realised my 28A is correct. Nearly pool time, so possibly leave till later.

  19. Almost there, although I started slowly. Any help with 25a or 18a please. Loved 22d and 21a,once I realised what defs referred to.

  20. I am back, after being too busy to join the conversation for a few weeks now (though I have visited and managed to complete). megse, 18a, first two letters from ‘hype’ rest is US author (I had to google). Def is expecting.

  21. megse, 25A is a dish made with the inedible answer at 15A. The president is the first two and last two letters of the whole answer.

    18A is a slang term for “expecting” made up of two letters for “hype” and the balance of the word is the surname of an American author who was in Australia recently.

  22. Have 18 now. Thanks Sandy and Mort. Read one of his book just recently and enjoyed although quite chilling (1984 21st century style) 25 dish needs more thought.

  23. Must have been an easier one if I can get through the whole thing without coming here first!
    But how does the 5D wordplay work?
    Agree that 14d is a very clever clue.

  24. Julian: the definition is the first word, letters 1-3 ‘requiring’, letters 4-8 ‘smarts’.

  25. Ray, I’ve tried very hard to find a word for 2D. I have letters 1, 3, 5, 9. But my Wordfinder is definite ‘No words found”. The letters I have in those slots include n, e, a,o though not inthat order. I’m quite certain my 9, 12, and 18A are corrct, my 1A was suggested by my wordfiner, but I cannot see any connection to the clue. What are sausage packets? Therein probably lies my problem, my answer was what the North koreans did to prisoners when I was up there in ’52.

  26. Oh marvellous, just found the dip in 25A. Someone above said president was in first two and last two! Or I misread it. So, forward again.

  27. Arthur: you should not have the ‘a’.
    The definition part of 1A is the first two words. The ‘sausage packet’ gets Spoonerised.

  28. Arthur C. – 2D – if you have “justification” you have “xxxxxxx” to do something. If you are “fit” you are “xxxx”.

  29. Ann – thanks but I still don’t get 5d. I can now see how “smarts” could mean letters 3-8 but not so much 4-8? But that would mean letter 3 is clued twice which can’t be right. Are bombs in fact letters 1-2 – each letter being a type of bomb?

    Arthur C – If it were me I would have the spoonerism in 1A as 2 words (3-6) rather than a single 9 letter word. For 2D letters 1-7 could also be the answer to Oval, Lords, MCG, SCG etc.

  30. Arthur. 1A has nothing to do with N. Korea. Think of a four letter Australian slang term for a sausage. It was one of my last in, I’m hopeless at Spoonerisms!

  31. Julian – 5D – correct. “bombs” = letters 1,2. “smarts” letters 3,4,5,6,7,8.

  32. Thanks, Ray and Julian, I finally found 2D, held up by having wrong 1A. Only 1A (where my Wordfinder insists ‘no such word’ and 4D. Is that actually Spanish city? I think I just saw a word for 1A, petty street crime? If so, then only 4D to find. Yes, and I now have that, so, finally, all finished.

  33. I hate it when I’m just not on DA’s wavelength. I hate it even more when, after an hour, I still don’t have a single answer and then I come here and read the first few comments that all say it is an easy one. Will read the rest of all your hints in the hope of getting a start!

  34. I agree that this was one of DA’s easier ones. I was held up for a while as I put in the wrong answer to 21A at first; that messed up a few others. I think 18A could have had a question mark at the end.

  35. All your hints have given me three answers. Most of what you have all written is a complete mystery. Am not up on American authors and with no cross letters and with no idea which two letters of hype I’m supposed to use (and where in the clue does it indicate that I need two letters from hype???), together with no idea of what the slang term for expecting could be, I don’t see how I’m going to get 18a in a hurry!

  36. Thumping headache and did not get very far. Don’t think my heart’s in this today. Unlike Arthur, I found answers came easier on LHS but my RHS is empty. I’ll wade through hints, pop a couple paracetamol and try again with a cocoa. Very thankful for this group.

  37. Think I have an answer for 27a. The first letter makes sense and fits my answer to 13d (the only one I’ve worked out without any help from all your hints!), but I don’t get how the other two letters come from a shortened word for setter.
    Five done so far, not getting any easier. Too many convoluted clues this week, I always have trouble with them. Will give it a bit longer, otherwise it will be “attack of the killer ballpoint pen”!

  38. Ann comments on “smack” being a strange anagrind, but “wearing” in 29a is even worse.
    Am getting somewhere with the bottom left corner, but lots of word searching and googling to get me there.

  39. google to the rescue for the dip in 25a (never eaten it, but somewhere in the distant past I had heard of it). That gave me a guess for 15a, and after a bit of pondering can see how that one works with its clue (going either end WITH factory would have been better!)

  40. bottom left completed apart from the big gun in 19a.
    Rest of the grid is almost completely blank.
    Just not on DA’s wavelength today.

  41. Got the gun now, was looking for something a bit bigger and a particular example of one. Good clue.

  42. Help with 6 ,14, 19 ,please! (6 a & d – I assume ‘k’ starts both?). Thanks !

  43. @Julie K does start both. 6a is a type of snake, Grand gives the K, rest sounds like speed.
    19 is a type of gun and something used to hold bricks together
    I’m stuck on 6d and 14a too (amongst many others!)

  44. Got 10a now, although I don’t understand the wordplay. This gave me 6d, which was a submarine, fated vessel is the def.
    Kicking myself I didn’t get 5d earlier
    Right side complete now, but left almost completely blank.

  45. @ Mort, 18A I thought there should have been a slang indicator. I was looking for a writer called E. -. – – -T. And it was making a mess of 3D and 17D until I twigged. That’s the trouble when you go for the def because you can’t get the wordplay. I really disagree, current US writer … in the whole world, nothing about Oz? Unfair I say, refer to the Third Eye! ….

    24D I hadn’t heard his nickname, and thanks for pointing out the pun. That prompted me to look up Mark Waugh’s nickname/s. Junior is obvious, second born twin (which I did know) …. but also Afghanistan (lesser or forgotten war) and Audi (four ducks) tickled me. There’s something about cricket and wordsmiths, and vice versa.

  46. nn, I got a lot of the LHS side later, and then kicked myself, especially 14A. Look closely, q is a fairly uncommon letter, there’s one in the middle there.

  47. Hi Julian. You were right to query Ann on 5D . It’s actually two sorts of bombs and smarts. It’s great, and illuminative, to walk those battlefields and empathise with the people who could not see over the little hills that seem so trivial to a casual tourist. Waterloo in Belgium is my favourite with Bosworth Field in England and the horrors of Culloden in Scotland close to those. And xxxxxxxx in England.

  48. @Gayle q from queasy? How does the rest work. I don’t have any cross letters for 14a and am none the wiser after reading your hint. Don’t even know which end of the clue might be the def.
    Really struggling with this week’s, almost all my answers have come from google and wordsearchers

  49. A little blue as in off, suggestive, sexual innuendo. ‘stomach’ is the indicator, = is found within, guts, middle

  50. @Gayle I finally got 2d, which gave me the third letter in 14a, but your hints aren’t helping me get the rest of it

  51. Yes, the q from queasy. Then look to the left and look to the right and you will find it!

  52. Sorry, not teasing you , nn, I just couldn’t believe I didn’t see that myself for a long time. It’s French, should have an accent on the last letter.

  53. Am also kicking myself, he usually has at least one of these types of clue and I hadn’t found one anywhere else, so should have been looking I suppose.

  54. Hi Julie.
    6A “speed recorded” means the sound of speed, not the spelling.
    14A “in stomach” means inside
    19A “building bond” and “big gun”. So many fuelled by the armaments industry and those who profit from it.

  55. just a few to go,
    3d is this a person? If so, then I’m giving up on that one
    11a have letters 1, 3 and 7. Wordsearch not coming up with anything that makes sense.
    21a, have all the cross letters, but wordsearch not giving me any word that fits. Am presuming it is an anagram of rattles and is some sort of commercial entity
    26d, have the first letter, but no idea
    28a have first and last letters but wordsearch not giving me anything that makes sense.
    Have spent far too long on this one and far too many answers googled or wordsearched, makes it most unsatisfying, especially when so many of you thought it was easy!!

  56. And as soon as I’d hit post, 21a became rather obvious. Was fixated on airlines or trucking companies!

  57. 3 D is a person. But as someone said above you have to know “Helpless”. Also sung by KD Laing, another Canadian.

  58. thanks Gayle, didn’t know helpless, but worked out the singer from the anagram.

  59. 26 D homophone (declared) of an older-fashioned word than steady. Also French.

  60. just got 26d, was looking for the wrong sort of steady.
    no idea on 11a, wordsearch won’t find anything that fits, ditto 28a.

  61. Thanks Mike – only have 2 letters to go (and your clue )for 6a – and am ready to kill myself ! All done except for a 5 letter snake and I’ve got 3 already . Unbelievable.

  62. nn, I’m with you, you’ve mentioned before … I think it’s the FriDAy effect. That’s why I try to do the crossie before I go to work, when I’m only 4 days brainfried instead of 5. Your job is right-brain, and it’s hard to get in the groove when you’ve been crunching numbers not letters.

  63. Julie, if you are mathematically inclined the speed homophone is a derivative from calculus. This follows the k at the start.
    Can you give me any hints on 11a and 28a? Have all the cross letters but can’t find any words that fit.

  64. You could be right Gayle, but don’t have time before work, paper arrives shortly before I have to leave.

  65. 28A Def is first 2 words. A famous Buzz’s real first name. Middle letters of bleeding + 3 letter word for success and you’ve got the middle letter after the steady homophone.

  66. Gave up and went to crossword club for the last two. Had 1d wrong, which was why I couldn’t get 11a. Had the right person in mind for 28a, but kept trying to fit his surname in.

  67. And again, we cross-post Gayle, but thanks for your help. Hope I have more luck next week.

  68. nn,- -re 11a – def is ‘well off’ . Day is 1-3.(abbreviation) Looked is 4-7.(past participle).
    28a – google famous Buzz’s real christian name. (=heart of ‘bleeding’ + synonym for success). Cheers.

  69. More cross – posting . Ah well , all good. Except my calculus isn’t helping with the snake :(

  70. ‘night, nn.
    Julie, as nn said , grand =thousand = k + homophone of speed. Venomous snake in Asia.

  71. Thanks to all for the help above, which has got me to the point of only missing four after a very slow start. This is an excellent result for me.
    Still no idea of 6D, 17D, 12A and 21A.

  72. 6d first two words are definition, ‘ditch to’ from ‘tours’ for letters 234, letters 12 are the abbreviation of two kms.
    12a first word definition, remove two letter abbreviation of a passport from kids for letters 34, one Italian city letters 12567.

  73. Thanks Steve.
    I have them all now! Don’t think I’ve ever previously completed a DA puzzle even with assistance.

  74. A big milestone GeoffD, well done. I was in the same boat not so long ago before finding this forum. It is invaluable and now DA no longer means “don’t attempt”.

  75. Much better this morning! Finally got 8D which was doing my head in yesterday. Not peeking (peaking?) at answers yet, but happy to see more clues this morning. I’d never heard of 6A, stomach as an indicator is new. I’m still flummoxed on 19A, I was sure I’d had it but my answer wasn’t a gun. 12A still to tackle.

    I can’t wait for the day these become easier!

  76. CC, re 19A I’d refer to it as a weapon rather than a “big gun”. Of course my name being what it is, it was pretty easy for me to work out.
    12A definition is first word. Take passport from kids and put the remaining letters in One and a city. This was a strange clue as you have to remove one letter that is needed in the answer and then add it back in with another part of the clue.

  77. Ok Mort, I’d done that but wasn’t getting anywhere – I’ll try again I must have wrong city. At least I know I’m on the right path!

  78. Got it, now! I had to get 5D and 6D (sad time that, I remember it on the news back in the UK) then the word popped out and I could get the right city. Nearly done. Just 19A – and I think I’m hopelessly blocked here – and 28A.

    Had to think classic Batman & Robin quotes to get 4D. I’ve used that show a lot this week.

  79. Oh Mort, you really were giving big hints weren’t you! I was never in that mindset to get 19A. I was sure it was Joiner where “bond” = JOIN and ER was the “big gun” thinking it meant the big boss. I feel like Thicky Thickerson now.

    28A makes no sense to me.

  80. CC, 28A think of a famous Buzz – the answer is his real first name. It is made up of the heart of bleeding (two letters) plus a three-letter word for success.

  81. CC the famous Buzz was in the news 45 years ago this month
    His more famous partner in the out of this world event has the same first name as 3d

  82. Got it now. I even had him in my notes just didn’t know what to do with him. I’d never thought of his first name. Hating that “It’s so obvious!” feeling. You guys rock.

  83. Still can’t follow the wordplay for 10a – any hints? And where is the crossword club?

  84. I can’t parse all of 10A with confidence but first two words are the definition. I think “our party” = 4,5 “frail” = 1,2,3 and “rat we hear” = 6-11 but it’s missing one letter to sound more like “rat” I think.

  85. That’s how I read 10a too. As it is rat we hear, letters 6-11 sound like the rat, but would need the addition of the letter I to spell it correctly for the rat. “our party” is a bit vague for letters 4,5 IMHO, but I’m sure that’s what he means. I think “feeding” is a containment indicator in the sense that our party is inside the rest of it, a bit dodgy too.

  86. @Spijk, Crossword club is the Australian Crossword Club. Ian from there is also a contributor to this site at times. They have a section devoted to non ACC puzzles which has Ian’s answers to DA (as well as other crosswords), together with explanations and discussions from other ACC members. You will find a link to it near the top right of this page under “blog roll”. Go to DEEF (feedback) for lots of stuff on crosswords.

    Link to the section with DA puzzles is


  87. I’m quite relaxed about “our party” meaning “us” – think of a restaurant booking: is this table for our party, could be is this table for us.

  88. Well as usual I’m later than you guys finishing The DA.
    Any other Sunday solvers out there?
    1d was a phrase my English grandfather used to say,
    Thanks for the memory, DA…
    I eat 25a whenever possible – yummy stuff!

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