DA Confusion for the 18th of July, 2014

Have your confusions sorted out here.

Or, even better, you can have your confusions sorted out with DA in person on Wednesday over at Reader’s Feast in Melbourne. He’s there with a bunch of other literary luminaries to talk about their lives with books, and I have no doubt that DA will sneak in some references to crosswords.

Alternatively, you can wait a little longer and see DA at the Bendigo Writer’s Festival on either the 9th or 10th of August.

Or if Bendigo is too out of the way, maybe you might like to catch DA at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival from the 23rd of August, which should have its program made available tomorrow, I assume to commemorate the publication of DA’s latest masterwork.

75 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 18th of July, 2014

  1. Seemed pretty easy today. Having said that I do not get wordplay for 9A, 11A nor homophone(?) in 18D. If someone could enlighten I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. Got about two thirds done…but unfortunately have to go to work…sorry Ray can’t help.

  3. Morning, folks. Some incredibly easy ones this morning, have fourteen in in about ten minutes. Just as well, have to see fang farrier at 0900, then attend a funeral service at 1100.
    Ray, re 11A, this is an old term (if I have it right) for a domestic larceny. Can’t say more than that.

  4. Thanks Arthur. Yes – a term I did not know – and good misdirection with “on-line”.

  5. Down to three (or four) now, in SW corner. Don’t know japanese food so might have to go Googling.

  6. Same here, a one coffee crossie today. Several long words helped.
    @ Ray, 9A can’t help with that either. Tried a few guesses at abbreviations of republics but thinking it might be a homophone ‘citing’.
    22A. was clever. Liked 11A, as Ray said, for the misdirection. And 5D
    There might be some protests about definitions and tenses and placements of indicators, but hey, that’s DA.

  7. Arthur, 24 wordplay: 3,3,3, and ‘a’. Starting with reversal of darling,

  8. Ray, agree it was pretty easy. I loved the homophone in 18D. It’s a bit risqué: think of an alternative use of “cocky”.

  9. Thanks, Gayle. I knew that word, but it means two of my downs were wrong. Had two options for 18D, had chosen wrong one. Same with 21D. Only 26A to do now. But must go and get dressed. Back later.

  10. You’ve got me intrigued by the “risqué”18D. I must be a bit sheltered, because I don’t get it! otherwise it’s been a quick one today. I wonder if I’m getting faster or DA is just being kind…..

  11. Mary V, 18D, it’s a bloke thing, and a pun. Think medical/anatomical terms.

  12. 11A: I am still confused after Arthur & Gayle’s hints. Nothing I’ve turned up online helps link my answer with piracy (although it was pretty interesting to learn that the National Trust is tagging their bulbs, as they can sell for £350 on the black market).

  13. 9A: “republican” is a deletion indicator. A 4 letter word is removed from an 8 letter word for “inciting” to give the answer.

  14. 11A. First 4 letters, then think of another kind of line-theft . It’s also a flower which has just appeared in my garden.

  15. 9A Oh!!. Never knew republican as a deletion indicator but can see why. Is that a DA first or has it been used elsewhere? Very good, thanks Rupert.

  16. 11A don’t know if that hint was confusing, the whole thing means a kind of line-theft.

  17. 9A: I haven’t seen republican used like that before. I originally thought it was just deleting a single letter, but realised the tenses DA used meant it worked better as deleting a whole word.

  18. Thanks, Rubert – I’ve finally got the wordplay for 9A. All done, DA was definitely being kind today.

  19. For me 11A was one of the first in. Like others I was confused by 9A and would never have thought of Republican being used in this way. Found 27A amusing.

  20. How nice to have 1A and 5D as an easy start, I’ve struggling with Japanese culture at 3 points. I still don’t get the wordplay for last four letters of 24D. Help please.

  21. MJH. Is it the wordplay for 7 and 8 you don’t get? If you have the cross letters 8D then the answers should be quite easy.

  22. Thanks mike
    I spelt 12 incorrectly, doh
    I have them now
    Enjoyed today, it was nice and playful
    Off to water dry as dust garden
    When did Sydney winters become so dry?

  23. Mike, did you mean last four letters of 24A? Think of rabbit in the sense of “rabbit on”. That gives letters 7-9. Last one is given by “a’ as in singular.

  24. Thanks Mort. I wasn’t familiar with that spelling – so was googling for rabbits and Japanese stuff……

  25. Almost done. Don’t understand the word play in 21d, and still stuck in the NW corner. I shall ponder on the hints above for 9a, then 2d might fall into place.

  26. Dave R – mimicked indicates a homophone for fashion/way/style and the def is a “house”

  27. 21D: It’s a singularly polite place.
    18D made me giggle like a schoolboy.

  28. Gosh, this one was generous! I’ve got seven unsolved, most in SW corner. I have all cross letters for 8D but can’t see the answer – unless my 7A is wrong. Could someone help with 16D, too please? I liked 18D and 19D. I had 11A but didn’t understand why, so thanks Arthur and Gayle for the confidence to use full weight on my pencil.

  29. CC, 8D harp is a verb not an instrument. 25A IS an instrument not as well known as similar one of five letters. 26A definition is “air” – nothing to do with atmosphere.

  30. Very easy today. 11A is a good one, as is 18D (though a bit risque). Never knew that form of hat was called a 6D.
    DA has used “republican” before as a means of deleting a particular word.

  31. Mort, I wen away and came back and looked at the wording of 27A and got it. I don’t see how “Air” and the answer fit together, but it’s ok to wait until tomorrow because I don’t want to make spoilers.

    I must have 7A wrong. I had in a “Flirt” homophone. Now playing hokie-pokie “Put the answer in, rub the answer out. In, out, in out shake it all about”

  32. CC: Bach wrote an air on a G-string. 7A a three-letter word for “flirt” is around the usual abbreviation of bishop. Some have Uncle 7A for breakfast; others may think you’d have to be a jug!

  33. Ah, now I see! I have 8D now, too! Finished, thanks Mort! I’d had in TEAS, thinking breakfast tea, tea/meal, homophone of ‘tease’ and that I probably didn’t know what the bishop/uncle link was about as it was something Aussie or British. :)

  34. can someone explain how th second word in 22 is crypticked? of course I may have got the whole thing wrong… is it somehow in the ‘suggests’?
    also more hints welcome for 16 !! thanks trippers….

  35. SOO frustrating! Got it all out this week except 9A. Obviously I have two letters and therefore two possible answers, but don’t understand either of them. One of them is more or less a synonym for “debate” and the other is more or less a synonym for “incite” (not incit-ing though). I have read the clues above but still can’t work it out.

  36. JPR, 22A – I think “cryptically” means to do your head in and make you crazy, lose your mind

  37. June, re 9A the definition is “debate”, in a rather loose way. There is an eight-letter gerund meaning “inciting” to which “republican” has been applied. A republican has no queen …

  38. Thanks so much Mort – I understand it now but only after a trip to my on-line thesaurus and a LOT of rumination. That one really had me stumped. I certainly had it as one of my options but had no idea why and I don’t think I would ever have worked it out.

    And so to next week…one day I will get them all!

  39. Got all except three of them. Much better than I usually do.
    Stuck on 6d and 12a, have an answer for 8d that means harp, but can’t make any sense of the correct part of the clue so suspect my answer is wrong.
    Despite reading all your above hints I still don’t get the republican bit in 9a although I’m pretty sure i have the right answer.
    Lots of good\ funny ones this week. Will ponder those last three over tea but suspect I’ll be back for help later.

  40. The penny finally dropped with the republican. Clever, but not much hope of getting it unless you have the answer. Just 6d, 12a and maybe 8d to go

  41. nn, re 9A, as I said above a republican has no queen and, by extension, has no ….

    6D definition is soldier’s hat.
    12A definition is state. Vehicular fee is an Australian abbreviation of it.
    A drummer would get 8D correct.

  42. Agree that it was much easier this week. A lot of fun, especially 18D, 7A and 23D. Unknown to me were the noodles in 4D and the word ‘defile’ as a noun.

    I still have two blank squares in 9A, can’t decide which of the two words will be in tomorrowz’s paper in spite of all the clues above!

    22A I got 1-4 straight away from the clue but only guessed the second name (not difficult!) can someone explain the wordplay for 5,6,7,8?

  43. Robin – 22A – it is sort of “reverse” clue in the way I think of it – treat of 5,6,7,8 is an anagrind. Then “Dylan pointlessly” is the fodder and you get letters 1,2,3,4 (which you have).

  44. Got 12a (which confirmed my 8d) while you were all replying, but thanks anyway.
    In 12a I presume “is alert to” indicates the first and last letters of the answer, but not to me.
    Still don’t get how my answer to 8d has anything to do with “correct” in the clue.
    Thanks Phil for 6d. Never heard of it and would never have got it from the clue as hadn’t thought of residents as a containment indicator, but it is fair enough.

  45. Robin – I thought MaryV summed the end of 22a very well “JPR, 22A – I think “cryptically” means to do your head in and make you crazy, lose your mind”

    Yes, they can make one a bit loopy.

  46. Ray, like Robin, I got 22a fairly quickly but until your explanation, had no idea how the second word was clued. Sort of makes sense I guess, thanks.

  47. Crypticrochet and MaryV, I think Ray’s explanation of 22a is better, otherwise where is the anagrind?

  48. 22A I’ve got it now Ray, thanks for that. I seem to remember DA doing that before a while ago. Thanks Crypticrochet, MaryV and nn too; I’d seen your tip, Mary, but it hadn’t quite registered!

  49. 9A. Went to watch son playing football on a very cold and windy night in Sydney and it must have cleared the head… I came home and sat down to suddenly see what Rupert and others were getting at! I had had the wrong word in mind for ‘inciting’. All good, all done now.

  50. Once again I’m stumped by the apparently easy ones not mentioned: 2D,15D and 13A.
    And despite the hints above, still no idea of 9A,16D and 18D. Any further help?
    If not, missing six is still a reasonable result for me.

  51. GeoffD, I’m still stumped on 13A and 9A as well.
    2D definition is last 2ord, web-show before gives 1-4 and 6-8
    15D – rotating serves double purpose including anagrind
    16D def is 1st word; defile gives 1-5
    18D- I can’t really add to earlier hints – very amusing; deception is the def; used in logic

  52. Geoff, 2D The definition is ‘champion’ and 1-4 is a word/synonym for show and 5-8 is a 3-letter word for web with one of the poles inserted in it. The ‘web-show’ is misleadingly in reverse order and is really ‘show-(web plus pole)’ ….!

    15D. The 9 letter answer is from the letters in ‘I melt lard’ and ‘rotating’ is a definition/anagrind.

    13A is ‘An’ = 1-2, ‘outfit’= 3, 9, 10’ ‘storing bomb’ = 4-8 and ‘or’ = 11-12. The bomb is not the type that explodes and used to be in the Weber ads.

    16D letters 1-5 are a synonym for the noun ‘defile’. Something I did not know when I bought the paper.

    18D is a word for deception and it has three syllables. To get DA’s homophonic joke you should try saying just the first two syllables…..!

    I hope this helps…

  53. Geoff and sb. I too had difficulty with 9A but I think it is as Rupert hinted earlier. There is an 8 letter word for ‘inciting’ and letters 5-8 of it are a monarch. As it is a ‘republican inciting’ you need to remove the monarch. That leaves 1-4 which happens to mean ‘debate’ , well sort of.
    Is that right anyone?

  54. Thanks sb and Robin. With your help I now have 13A, 15D and 16D.
    I hadn’t heard of that meaning of ‘defile’ but embarrassingly I had also failed to consider ‘striking’ as an adjective !!

  55. Quickest one for a while. All but 7a within an hour. Came here for a clue and slapped forehead very hard.

  56. I still just can’t get cocky ? Meaning i don’t understand the ‘sounds like’ and I got all but three before I had to come to this site for help. I’ll check the ACC site …

  57. Jupiter, try spelling your answer with a “ph” instead of an “f”.

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