Anzac Day Confusion for the DA on the 25th of April, 2014

Have your DA confusions sorted out here.

87 thoughts on “Anzac Day Confusion for the DA on the 25th of April, 2014

  1. Hope all are enjoying this ANZAC day.
    Have 3/4 out and finding wordplays quite difficult / complicated so far.

  2. All out, with last one in 18A and a chuckle at being ‘got’ despite all the crossletters.
    Must have been on DA’s wavelength today.

  3. Good morning, fellow diggers. Did I ever tell you how I drove a million Chinese troops out of North Korea? Of course, I was using the pseudonym of MacArthur in those days (I was in Korea, briefly, in 1952).
    As to today, made a good start, though not understanding some of the clues. But may be getting a new computer today, so may not have much time. Fight on, comrades!

  4. Gayle – I have only 18A to go which was your last in. Could you point me in a new direction as stuck on it – thanks.

  5. Warren, if you haven’t got 19A you might get it by twisting your mind in a similar way to your solving of 18A. Funny definition. Easy wordplay. Start with the last 3 letters. But I think deficiencies is redundant. I was looking at that as an anagram indicator but no.

  6. I have a quibble with 1D unless there’s something I’m not seeing.
    I think it should read ‘wallet stripped (or segment) upturned under wheel segment’

  7. Gayle – I am not with you on 1D. It has to be “wallet under” for answer to work doesn’t it? Defn = “Spread”. “wheel” means to spin. “segment” indicates a bit of same.

  8. Gayle, 1d segment is a container indicator. Wheel as in wheel round = reversal

  9. With 1d. I believe the wheel is the reversal of the segment of wallet under. Def. spread.

  10. I thought 1D just a normal ‘lift-out’ reversed. Thought 19A (if I have it right) brilliant! Cheese producers!! Have top half complete, not doing well in bottom half, 13 to go.

  11. Oh, thanks folks! I didn’t see the hidden reversal in 1D. I saw it as 1-3 wheel segment and the stripped wallet underneath.

  12. My pick was 11A. The surface, the misdirection in the definition, and the DA trick in letters 1-5.

  13. MJH, 6D I thought was pizzicato at first, same number of letters. But definition is first five words.

  14. Gayle, I made the same mistake as you on 1D, wondering where it was telling me to strip the wallet. Although 7D was easy, it took me some time to work out why the answer didn’t relate to a prisoner-of-war!

  15. Same here Mort with POW. The caps have a double whammy effect in that clue! I like it.

  16. In spite of hints above, I still can’t get either 18A or 18D. Can some-one give me a hint as to what I am looking for in the latter? Nothing seems to fit with the 3 letters I have filled in.

  17. Ann – 18D – defn = “soccer team”. “inadequate assistance” gives the first 3 letters of a 4 letter word for “assistance” for letters 2,3,4. “in” = container. “dubious” = anagrind. “case” = fodder for letters 1,5,6,7

  18. Ann, definition is 2nd and 3rd words.
    Any clues as to wordplay for 25A (as usual, I’m probably missing the obvious)?

  19. Anne. With 18a the last 3 letters is this crosswords setter. 18d def is first 3 words. Inadequate assistance is 3 letters from a 4 letter word in a mixture of case.

  20. LJ – 25A – wordplay complicated for me. “One” = letter 4. “very relaxed” = two word synonym (2/4) for letters 1,2,3,5,6,7. “without” = container. “cycle” = reverse indicator. orderly = 4 letter synonym for letters 11,10,9,8.
    Defn = “networks”.

  21. Ray. Thanks for explaining 25a. I had the answer but couldn’t work out how letters 8,9,10, and 11 came about.

  22. Thanks, Ray. It didn’t help that I had 21A incorrect.
    Thanks, also, for the explanation of the wordplay in 25A.

  23. All done but can’t see wordplay for 22a. Think it’s probably watch “in voice” for the first syllable but can’t equate “wag” for the second. Any help?

  24. Thanks Gayle. Yes, had letter 1 as a homophone and see now how the rest can work. Stumped by the length of the bow DA had drawn on that one i s’pose.

  25. Johnny. Two sounding words. Watch letters 1,2,3. Wag (yell) letters 4,5,6,7,8.

  26. Finished this one in less than an hour, which is good going for me! I see others also got a laugh out of 11a and 19a (Gayle, are you now okay with need for “deficiencies” – ie remove odd letters?) I see DA is having a few ANZAC Day laughs with 11a and 7d (loved the “POW”!), and the upcoming budget with 20d. Can anyone help with wordplay in 12a – does it come from “occupies point”?

  27. Martin – 5D / 12A – “Yes hollow” gives letters 4,5. “oak possibly” gives letters 6,7,8,9. “occupies” = container. “point” = letters 1,2,3,10. Defn = the rest.

  28. Ah, yes Martin. I had the odds and evens mixed up. Brain deficiency.

    12A Compass point is letters 1-3 of 5D, and the last letter of 12 A. The bit that occupies it is Y(e)S and what oak is an example of.

  29. New computer didn’t arrive, so on with DA. All filled in now, possibly a dozen where I don’t fully understand the clue. The hint about the soccer team (Ray, 10.13) was invaluable. Free now to watch the big game this arvo!

  30. Hi all. My wife and I did the whole thing without need of computer cheats! Just needed to check wordplay for 25A. Thanks Ray.
    I love public holidays!

  31. I’m lost in the bottom right. Any clues for 14D or 29A?

    I have what I assume the answer for 18A must be but, despite all the discussion above, I still don’t understand it?

  32. Julian – 14D – Defn = “Airhead”. “clique” = 3 let synonym for letters 1,9,10. “keeping” = container. “one step” =- synonym for letters 2,3,4,5. “ratbag” = 3 let synonym for letters 6,7,8.
    29A – defn = first 2 words. “herbalist finally” = letter 3. “dunked” = container. Letters 1,2,4,5,6 = spirit 1. Letters 7,8,9 = spirit 2.
    18A – 2D is a type of 18A. 18A – “about heartless” = 5 letter synonym for “about” with 3rd letter removed for letters 1,2,3,4. “composer’s” = letters 5,6,7.

  33. Yes, while I get the connection between 2D & 18A, I can’t figure out the wordplay for 18A.
    Have we seen 8D before?

  34. Thanks Ray. Never heard of 2D as a type of 18A. And thought “about” just clued letters 3&4.
    Think I’m now there.

  35. DA, surely the answer to 26A (has permission), in the Quick Crossword, should be ‘may’ not ‘can’!!!

  36. All done after having to drive two villages to find a paper. Loved the cheese producers.

  37. Very enjoyable clues today. Especially 19a,18a& 15a.Can someone explain word play for 20d please. Have letters 1,3 for 7d but can’t solve from clue.

  38. Megse
    7d. “Thirds” = 3rd letters of some words. Don’t think Prisoner of War.

    20d Definition = last 2 words. Letters 1,2 = Society fringes. Letters 7,6,5 = gag (not a word I actually knew), Letters 4,3 = Tony Abbott. Read upwards because of “escalating”

  39. Very good puzzle today. My fave is 11A.

    Surely 8D is breaking the law! Just joking, or am I the only one who remembers this brand of cigarette? I believe they came in 3 different-coloured packs.

  40. Got 5 answers before coming here, but not too sure about a couple of them. Will read the above in the hope of some enlightenment, don’t appear to be on DA’s wavelength today.

  41. got a few more from the above. Can only fit one word into 18a based on above hints and it doesn’t make any sense. For 18d are we looking for a particular soccer team or is it a defender in soccer (position or a player’s name)?

  42. thanks Warren, got it. It even fits with the guesses I have (but don’t understand) for 18a and 28a.
    Am lost on 24d after scrolling through a list of NSW Premiers and getting nowhere.

  43. Only Morris I can find isn’t that old and has five letters in the surname. When I remove a mother, it gives me a word that isn’t in my dictionary, so no idea how that gives a matchmaker (as I’m assuming that is the def), I’ve no idea.

  44. Warren the two spirits was 29a. 28a is “Sharp acacia pith abuts shed”. I have a word meaning sharp and the first two letters are given by acacia pith, but the last three are a type of vehicle, can’t see any connection to a shed or to a word meaning abuts with something removed.

  45. Had 28a wrong, different sort of sharp! Makes sense now and allows me to get 26d, although I don’t get the wordplay for it.
    Thanks Warren, taking the top letter off at least makes a word. I’m presuming the def is then “motherless matchmaker”, presumably referring to a book. DA seems to have a bit of a thing with 19th century chick lit lately.
    Still lots of gaps on the right side, have just about given up making any sense of 11a too.

  46. Clue would help, even with three of the four cross letters I’ve no idea on 11a

  47. thanks Warren, had pondered that word as one of only half a dozen that I could make fit. Have no idea what it has to do with the rest of the clue though.
    Time for a break to get tea ready.

  48. thanks
    Have the left side done now, right side is mostly blank, have had enough of this one.

  49. Not without looking up the answer, don’t think I would have got any of the remaining ones in a hundred years, just not following DA’s train of thought today. Have found him increasingly difficult lately, with the odd one being a bit easier, but last year I was getting much further with them. I think he has had a tendency to use a lot more convoluted constructions lately (i.e. lots of clues where you have to think of a word, then chop a bit off it, maybe write it backwards, then combine it with an obscure definition or dodgy homophone all encased in some other word or part of a word). I’ve always found these sorts of clues difficult. Am having trouble spotting anagrinds (as usual!) and he seems to be expanding his repertoire of words used to indicate reversal or containment. Until next week…

  50. I agree with finding a sounds like word then deleting a letter. All in all though i thought this was a fair puzzle. Came (ras). Was simple but very cleverly written. Nite.

  51. nn, I thought it was just me.

    I’ve been noticing DA stretching himself out of late into what I would also call convoluted territory, something which has had me scratching my head a lot more in confusion.

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