3 thoughts on “Actor Means Tree?

  1. “actor” doesn’t mean TREE. Some bloke named TREE was an actor eons ago.

    One would hope that no Australian crossword compiler worth their salt would use it. It’s bad enough that modern-day stars are referred to in clues without some kind of qualification, or a celebrity is referenced only by their first name. What hope does a solver have of actually solving a clue from the wordplay when all they have is “actor” or “writer” to work with?


  2. I don’t agree with the author that CHE and MAO are even remotely in the same bag as TREE. I mean two will be in history texts for generations to come, while the other has already vanished from everywhere but obscure corners of libraries and the internet.

  3. Is it similar to ROY /RENE /MO which can all be used to signpost one of the others. Has DA used these recently–certainly in the past they were quite common

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