DA Confusion for the 4th of April, 2014

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  1. DA’s having one of his mischievous days, seeing what he can get past the editor.
    Liked 15A, 4D, 20D and 22 D,.
    14A we had not long ago. Took a while to parse 7D. And while 11A fell in from the definition, I don’t get the wordplay.

  2. Gotta go to work now, can’t play. Rupert’s away. Maybe Ray’s around and Arthur.

  3. Hi folks! Late start. Why IS the paper later on Fridays? Found one anagram, nothing else looking likely at the moment. Back later.

  4. Yes, Gayle, 23A a bit of a shocker, a term I remember from my RAAF days, they finished in 1969. Puzzled by 20D, only one word seems to fit – a bit maddening!

  5. Hi there
    27A – is the def the first two words? If so, think I know the answer but cannot for the life of me work out the word play

  6. Arthur, mine has been late the last two Fridays too. Won’t be able to look until I get home from work, by which time must of you will have finished

  7. Arthur C. 20D – “Somehow” = angrind. Fodder = “Manus ugly …. even devoid of gun”.

  8. It’s a toughy today. About 2/3 out, but can’t seem to crack NE corner or 24a / 22d. Any hints on 14a? Nothing seems to fit – perhaps not a normal word.

  9. Martin. 14a renovate letters 123456. So called puppet 789101112. Def gadget.

  10. Warren, are you sure renovate is not 1-7 (thought I had that part), with so-called puppet 8-12?

  11. Like others I am having trouble with the NE corner. There seem to be a few hyphenated answers that are not indicated as such in the clues unless I am mistaken about 22D and 4D.

  12. Thanks, Warren. I agree 14A is 6-6. I had been trying to work with a 7-5 that hadn’t got me anywhere. I still can’t get 7D, 8D, 10A or 13A. Time to go to work now, unfortunately.

  13. Thanks Warren for 14A, a word I haven’t heard in years:. Martin: renovate (2,4).
    13a replace Sheila’s end with “left”.

  14. All out now, with a bit of online help for 13a. Not a great fan of 7d anagrind. In 3d, don’t get how “24a among sisters” gives letters 1-4 – maybe literary scholars out there can enlighten me…

  15. Hi all – I have been a lurker here for some time and am finally coming out of the closet so to speak. Martin – think of a vicarage in Haworth Yorkshire, or alternatively a beach a little south of 13 A.
    I am confused about the wordplay for 26A

  16. Martin re 3D, one of the sisters wrote her best known work under the name of 1-4

  17. got excited. 1a setters soul mate a drudge
    da+soul = doulas ( a slave, a drudge) but it doesnt fit. what are the odds !

  18. Martin, I thought of the noms-de-plume of an English family for the first four letters of 3D. I’m going reasonably well so far, but, like others, stuck on NE corner. Not helped by being unsure of the spelling of the last syllable of 14A. Also, word play for 11D eludes me.

  19. Thanks, Ray, for explaining 20D. Makes sense now. Atill only 13 done, so much head-scratching still to do.

  20. Warren – 5A Definition 1st word, rest of clue homophone. 7A anagrind “Oozing” Fodder is around 2 letters of type of light. 8D was the last one I solved because I misspelled 14 A – it ends with “ie” not “ey” as I thought. 13 A – definition is first two words – check out the comedies.

  21. Urgh. Thanks Julienne. 7d i was going Japanese as i only had letter 7 and was looking at 2 letters to replace “for”. Got it then the rest fell out. I think 7 down is written poorly. Thanks again.

  22. Only 19d left to go. Get the ‘spies’ (I’m fairly certain), but that’s all so far. Thanks, Kenneth, for the hint, but I still don’t get how the ‘branch’ fits in. Is ‘report’ a homophone indicator? Or is noise relevant in some other way?

  23. For those on the iPad, 3D has a spelling error in its solution, the fourth letter is wrong there.

  24. DaveR: 19D – definition is first two words of the clue, and it’s a fairly obscure definition too, although you’ve probably heard the word in other contexts. “Limited” means that ‘quickly’ is truncated before it goes in front of ‘spies’..

  25. Thanks AndrewT. You’re correct about its obscurity, but also about my knowing the word in other contexts. I can’t begin to understand how it could mean the first two words of this clue.

  26. I just took the 19D answer to mean the surrounds of the object referred to. Anyway, it fits. As to the rest, I’m stuck badly on clues like 14 & 18A, 11D and the NE corner. Ten to go, in total, but any one of those would help.

  27. Arthur, 14A is an old fashioned-term for a gadget. The consensus seems to be that it should be 6-6 rather than twelve. The first word, if split into 2-4 means renovate. The second words sounds like a puppet, as in someone you can manipulate.

  28. Thanks, Mort, I had just filled in 11D, a term an old RAAF Warrant-Officer Don Burkett, who died ca 1955, used to use for early am. So that gave me 14A, thanks. Now only NE corner(7 & 8d, 10 & 13A) to get, plus 24A, which is puzzling me. Is the light meal of 7D of foreign origin?

  29. Enjoyed 20, very topical
    13 Re Sheila’s bottom: top and bottom work for down clues front and back for across clues
    7 “for” is completely unnecessary; it distrupts the word play

  30. And I just thought of one that contains oil and ask with light in! Marvellous!

  31. Gayle, wordplay for 11D “report” as in a sound. If you’re out of bed early, you are up at this time.

  32. I’m really struggling today. Got the SE corner but only bits and pieces elsewhere.
    14A irritates me as I remember there was some obscure word for this in DA a few months back but can’t remember it.
    Any hints for 1A, 1D, 4D?
    I’m pretty sure I’ve got 11D but don’t understand the “branch report” reference.
    And for 18A are we looking for some type of horses?

  33. 1A definition is last word. Look for various possible meanings of the first word.

    1D def is first word. Hard to give any more hints on the rest, you should get it from that though.

    4D clever wordplay, I liked it. True def is last 3 words – kinda – andrew is a pun on first word.

    11D “Branch report” = a report that may emanate from the vicinity of a branch.

    14A andrew is colloquial Australian slang, not sure I’d say it was particularly obscure. Your parents probably used it more than you, though.

    18A definition is the last word. Think of a phrase containing horses that fits that def.

  34. Ugh, such a failure today! Strangely, I got the N-E corner without too much trouble (though I’m still missing 14A despite all the help above). The S-W corner however remains completely empty, and my complete inability to decipher any of the four longer ones (14A, 18A, 4D and 11D) isn’t helping either. I thought 20D was a brilliant clue though.

  35. (both the “andrew”s in my last post were supposed to be “answers” :)

    14A: think of common (if old-fashioned) slang words for ‘gadget’. Of the class of ‘thingummy’ perhaps.

    18A: when you describe someone as being a person who skylarks, they could also be described as being someone who does this.

    4D: when a clue is really easy to work out, you’d say it was a ____ ________

    11D – when you get up really early, you might later one tell someone you got up at this event. Equivalent of “the crack of dawn”, say.

  36. Thanks, Julienne, for the spelling of 14A. I could finally get 8D. Thought 7D was clever.

  37. Thanks AndrewT. That’s helped with most of them. Still not sure of 18A though. The phrase I now have in mind is more “larks” than “skylarks”.
    Doesn’t help that, like Luke, I am missing most of the SW corner – although at least that is now the only bit.
    I have an answer for 26A but like one of the very 1st posts today, I cannot see how it fits the wordplay so it could be wrong. If 22D is some brand of dog biscuit then I have no hope as I loathe the creatures!

    Luke. 11D and 14A are both very Australian phrases – I hadn’t heard of either before living here and, even then, had only heard of 14A because it was in another DA crossword some months back. An alternative wordplay might be “Empty English port without example”.
    4D is indeed clever now I’ve got it – effectively a double meaning. If you are providing an inheritance think what are you (1st word) , and what are you doing (2nd word)?

  38. Luke – its getting late. 14A. think Dick Tracey era gadgets, though not always chronograph based…i dont believe it was/ is ever a colloquialism for anything other than itself.

  39. 26A: Troll is another word for Trawl, as in for sea life. The answer is a kid’s card game.

    Larks and Skylarks are identical in meaning in this context.

    21A is a simple container, you should get that easily.

    17D I thought was pretty easy too, you may be over-thinking it.

  40. In my experience the creatures allegedly responsible for reports such as that in 11D rarely frequent branches. City streets, cafe tables and other places closer to ground level seem more their habitat. And I’m still none the wiser concerning the def part of 19D.

  41. Sorry – wasn’t very specific in the SW corner. I do have 17D and 21A (agree they were fairly easy) and it looks like I was right for 26A. Was missing 16D, 22D and wasn’t sure of 24A. Think I’ve just got 16D which means my 24a was indeed wrong.

  42. Dave R – for 19D I have come across the term used in the context of a car dashboard. Perhaps that’s the “mobile” reference rather than a cellphone which we probably all instinctively think of these days?

  43. With regard to 14A, there are alternative endings. Is it ‘that is’, or part of an optic? I will leave till tomorrow now, three short (8D, 13 & 24A), not too bad for me. Good evening to all.

  44. Dave R and Julian re 19: one meaning for the answer is a protective covering for an electronic device including a mobile phone. See Chambers

  45. Oh dear, I always seem to struggle on container clues, which is awful because they always seem the most obvious is retrospect. Thanks very much for the assistance, AndrewT, Julian and Scott. I’d never heard of 11D… maybe a generational thing? Or maybe just me. 22D was brilliant too, once I got it! Took me back to primary school in the mid-90s when that particular fad re-emerged.

    Re 19D, when I got it I had the definition Julian mentioned in mind, however a subsequent look at wikipedia’s disambiguation page for it reveals that it does indeed refer to a mobile phone: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%5BSolution%5D_(phone)

  46. (Sorry, that link made more sense before it automatically hyperlinked itself. It was meant to read “[Solution]_(phone)”)

  47. Julian, If you are “walking the dog”, what could you be doing that does not involve a real dog?

  48. Thanks – I just guessed 22d from Luke’s primary school fad hint. But I have never heard of either the biscuit or the other definition so I had no hope on my own.
    Finally finished – but my worst effort for some weeks, not on the right wavelength today, especially with the wordplays.

  49. Hmm, not convinced by 14A today.
    And 3D I only got when I had the cross letters.

  50. Thanks everyone. Solved 4d thanks to Julian. I really liked this puzzle. Made me laugh. DA
    was skylarking!

  51. Black Pen, I agree that 14A was challenging but it was quite fair, apart from the fact it should have been designated as 6-6 rather than 12. Renovate = do over. So-called (sounds like) puppet = lackey/lackie. A very old fashioned term for a thingumijig!

  52. I have every odd letter in 4d but still with all the hints cannot get it. Anyone?

  53. I think this was a pretty good puzzle. However, I think the final 2 letters of 14A are normally ey and not the two given here. I also think 17D is very weak in terms of its second meaning.

  54. PhilS – 4d first word think adjective for someone who has left an inheritance

  55. Finally got to it late tonight. Have the SW corner and a few others.
    Despite above hints I have no idea of 14a nor the second word in 11d. Had never heard of 19d in the context of a mobile phone before but it was the only word I could make fit.

  56. got a few more now, including 11d, bottom half complete, top half rather bare. A few more cross letters added to 14a, but no idea what it could be.

  57. I presume by now, nn, you have seen the solution in today’s paper. I think that word may be purely australian slang, but I did find it in Google, with two alternative endings, ie or ey. I finished three short, and have no idea how 24A, (anonym) is indicated by the clue, but it was the only word that fitted there. Could someone please explain?

  58. Hi Arthur. I’m with you. Nothing else really fitted. Maybe it’s soon being (anon) with writers back (my)!

  59. Arthur C
    Definition = Orwell, say (must admit I didn’t know the word so had to look it up).
    Soon = Anon.
    Writer’s comeback = My backwards.

  60. K. I know it’s the wrong forum. But. What is 12a in today’s? Cross-diget!!!

  61. @Warren, I’m finding DS today more difficult than usual.
    Hint for second part of 12a .. the name for one of the digits. Answer is something which refers to something else.
    I was stuck in the groove of pinch pleat or some other material : (

  62. Warren, if you have 4D correct, then 12A cannot be digit. It is _N_E_ and is, in fact, one of your digits!

    Don’t point your finger at me if you still can’t get it…

  63. Lol. Thanks Mort. Actually didn’t have 4 down. Have all now though. Tx.

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