82 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 28th of March, 2014

  1. Pretty easy one, I thought. The hardest part was counting the 21 breaches – I’ve only found 20. If you have all 21, please look at my list and tell me which one I’ve missed.

    I also don’t get the wordplay in 29A.

  2. Liked the theme, but stuck on the word that I want to put in 6D and won’t fit. Just 3 intersecting ones to go because of that.

    Don’t know about 29A either. I found a homophone which means: A collaborative reputation system based on source credibility theory… way too obscure.

  3. Sorry, that was 28A which I don’t get.
    29A involves changing the first letter (veneer renovation)

  4. 29A: Ah, that kind of draw.

    28A: Not so much online, as of lines.

    I would imagine if you have 3D and 17A you have 6D right.

  5. Oh, silly me, need another 9A. I forgot one letter. Staring at the last letter of 3D and the first of 6D I thought I already had it.
    I was really tickled to get 10A which I didn’t know.

  6. I was puzzled as I could only find nine breaches of the rule in the solution, then realised that the balance were in the clues! I’d never heard of 25D but with only two letters to fill in, it was pretty easy to finish the puzzle.

    Like Gayle, I’d also never come across a 10A before.

  7. Found this one mostly accessible, except for 29a and 25d, which others have already mentioned. Can anyone help me with the wordplay for letters 2-4 in 18d? I assume we’re looking for a curtailed “tart” of some kind.

  8. Pretty sure I have 7D correct with a “very old” murder victim. That then stuffs up what I had for 12A – any help with 2nd word

  9. Stuart, 12d second word is “stream” homophone – actually, just change the last letter.

  10. Very late start today. Couldnt appear last week, off internet. today, saw 11A immediately (not a chemist, but know a few formulae). Remembered the 10A from somewhere way back, but can’t decipher clue. Roughly half-finished, haven’t looked above yet.

  11. 9 Is there a Vitamin F?
    2 Question reckoning as a anagind
    8 Can ranches laugh? Ranchers yes. Surface meaning weak.

  12. Welcome, Arthur C – we were missing you! Had a late start also – had to do some actual work. In 10a, “turned old” is 1-2, and for 3-5 it might help to think of “gunwales” and “prow” as “edges” and “top” respectively.

  13. Hi FHF. Vitamin F is fatty acids. Reckoning instantly stood out to me as an anagrind – intuitive, perhaps not logical. I don’t get your problem with 8d.

  14. Sorry FHF, I see what you mean about 8d. I never look at the “surface meaning” anyway.

  15. Martin – 18D – your thinking correct – 4 letter word for “tart” (as is sour) with last letter removed.

  16. Advise me where I can go when there is only one to go and my brain cannot get it!

    Not DA, but a clue from DS last Saturday 22 March has me scratching. If anyone would be so kind as to explain it, I would be grateful.
    It reads “Raced back around, through extremities and remotest parts” (6) I have letters 2, 4 and 6 as _e_t_s.
    Is it depths? and how does the wordplay work, if so.

  17. Neil, I remember that one. You have the right answer. 5-6 is “through extremities” (i.e. first and last letter), 1-3 and 6 are reversal of “raced”.

  18. Sorry Neil, 4-5 is “through extremities”, not 5-6. Conscious this site is for DA only!!

  19. All out but not sure about a couple of wordplays, specifically 28A and 21. Good theme, not overly fond of 19D. I too had never heard of a 10A

  20. Like others, I learnt a new word with 10A. Enjoyed 25D as I remember the 13-across model from years ago.

  21. Stuart / Ann – I thought DA was being uncharacteristically generous in 21d with container clues in “at times” and “for a stint”.

  22. Stuart – 28A – defn = first 2 words. “so-called critic online” gives a homophonic answer. See Ian / Rupert entries at 7:07, 7:08 and 7:12 above.

  23. Martin/Ann – I still don’t get it guys! Can you break it down to the letters. I can see one word at letters 2-4??

  24. I remember from school there was a qualifier at the end of the grammatical rule in question (starting with “as long as…”) Technically, most of the 21 breaches aren’t actually breaches. I think we are being deceived ;)

  25. Neil you are correct – try an alternative word that means raced, backwards. Put that outside of extremities of through.

  26. Only six to go, just realised after looking above there was a reference to breaches? Of what? 15D or 27A would be a great help to me. What is the ‘gym’ in 27? PE? If so, where does the ‘wrestling’ come in? Oh! Just saw that! Stoopid! So now five.

  27. Didn’t get the paper til lunchtime today, that wasn’t bad at all, having the theme pointed out so clearly helped.
    But 10A reminds me of those Scrabble players who use “qi”. Ugh.

  28. All out in reasonable (for me) time, but I don’t get the word play for the early letters of 24a.

  29. Blew through this one in record time … until I got to the SE corner, and am well stuck! Still working on 14A, 19A, 29A, 15D, 20D.

    I thought these things were supposed to keep your brain sharp, but mine feels like I’m using the back of the knife right now …

  30. Dave R, re 24a: “candy” is a typical DA wordplay. Break the word “candy” down internally for 1-2, then “cane topping” for 3.

  31. Thanks Martin. Of course! I’ve been caught by that trick of DA’s before. I am a slow learner.

  32. AndrewT, 20D: Defn 1st word; directive at end of clue tells you what to do with words 2-5.
    Also stuck on 14A, 19A, 15D.

  33. Stymied! 14, 19, 29A, 15, 16D. Any one of those might help to find another. But now cuppa time, possibly pool, so back rather later.

  34. Rupert and Martin, thanks for info re Vitamin F
    13 Does one lash an incision? Would a paramedic lash an incision? Lash = “to secure with a rope or cord”

  35. 14a – I have an answer but don’t get the wordplay for the last 2 letters which, if my parsing is correct, will be “vicious” in reverse.
    19a – definition is 1st 3 words. Letters 1-3 is something we all use “for support”, remaining letters come from removing a 3 letter slightly slang word meaning “info”
    29a – also stuck
    15d – again I have an answer but don’t get the wordplay so can’t really give you any clues (if I am right the definition is 20-down)
    16d – I hadn’t heard of this word but it’s an anagram

    Several other wordplays I don’t get either:
    12a, 22a and 26a

  36. FHF, again with the surface meanings! While I sometimes notice a clever one (e.g. 18d gave me a chuckle), I usually find the apparent meaning of the clue a time-wasting distraction. Remember the end of The Matrix when all Neo can see is streams of green code?

  37. Julian – 14A – very close – “Vicious” is letters 6,5,1.
    29A – a word for “Draw” with first letter changed (“veneer renovation”).
    12A – “Waste” (as in gangster) gives first word (3 letters). “stream heard” gives homophone of a word for stream for second word.

  38. 22A – 4 letter synonym of “Dash” gives letters 1,2,3,4. “guerrilla” gives the name of one for letters 5,6,7. Defn “amid patisseries fancies?”

  39. 26A – defn = “Tours on its banks”. 2 letter word for “behold” = letters 1,2. Then a 4 letter word for “terrible” with first letter removed (“guillotine”) for letters 3,4,5.

  40. 14A – ”stores” indicates a container; 3-5 are ”set”back; ”vicious”should be music to your ears. Last three words are defn.

  41. Thanks Ray. Didn’t know that usage of the 1st word of 12a. Nor the 1st part of 22a. Learned several new words today, having not heard of 10a or 16d either!
    Had the right answer for 29a but couldn’t work out why even after the “change the 1st letter” hint. For some reason I kept thinking of a word starting with P and couldn’t work out what that had to do with draw!

    Incidentally Arthur C – I now worked out 15D:
    Definition is indeed 20-down. Letters 1-4 are “formal”, remainder is “one couple” (4 letters) binding “volume” (1 letter)

  42. OK thanks guys, that got me 14A and 20D, still working on 15D, 29A and 19A but I think I’ll get there on the train home, now.

  43. re mine at 2.12. the “set” back gives letters 2-4; the musical vicious gives 1, 5, 6, in the right order.

  44. Hi all. Finished it all after work as per usual. Just thanking you all for all your help. Love the site.

  45. All solved today before coming here, and I understand all the word-plays this time. However, 10A is a new one to me. As a chemist, I love 11A.

  46. Despite above hints, cannot see wordplay for 20d (assuming I have correct answer). Any help please?

  47. Feather, 20D ,take off the outer letters of words 2,3,4,5 in the clue (sides splitting)

  48. feather 21D = hidden word (presumably “for a stint” is meant to be the indicator although it’s hardly convincing).

  49. All done bar 5d. One candidates is a “vessel” I have buried in my yard but don’t get the word play.

  50. AJ, the vessel is one used in science experiments, cut short: that gives letters 3-6. The first two are another word for “thus”. answer is a girl’s name.

  51. i couldnt figure out the vessel, though i had the answer. it turns out there are two names with the same spelling bar the last letter…. d’oh !

  52. Aha, thanks Julian. I had lender as my answer so would never have got wordplay!

  53. 1d. think of a old movie with robin williams about a neuroscientist treating parkinsons pts, or a colloquial term for dismisses ( from an employment perspective)

    1a. 1s word def. that’s = that is = ?.? =letter 5,6. blueprints are often colloquially called the ? 1-5

  54. Katie – see previous entries. eg:
    Gayle | March 28, 2014 at 7:03 am | OR
    Ray | March 28, 2014 at 2:00 pm |

  55. Why has nobody mentioned that the theme clue isn’t cryptic? Am I missing something?

  56. Also, spijk, there is a further element of the theme , which means that some of the “breaches” eg the one in the definition of 1D , is not in fact a breach at all.

  57. According to Mr Fry on QI, there are more “breaches” in English than words which follow the rule.
    Funny that I knew the sailing boat. Must be from the crossword in Afloat magazine.

    Thanks as usual for this site helping me get the bottom right of the puzzle.

  58. If you leave out syllables that don’t rhyme with ee, and any that arise only from plural forms (e.g. fallacy/fallacies) then the only exceptions are when you seize the caffeine.

    I do hope this snippet has enriched someone’s day…

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