DA Confusion for the 21st of March, 2014

Confused? Have all your confusions sorted out right here.

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  1. A pretty good run through then stuck in NE. Some 9D indicators and great clues this week I thought. Enjoyed 29A, 16/27, 19D, 10A, so far.

  2. Similar here Gayle, All done except NE corner. Either DA is getting easier or I may be improving!

  3. Personally not 8d about the indicators in 8d and 24a. Also the last word of the clue in 1a is redundant

  4. Done now. I had 9d wrong..fixed now.
    I’m always just happy to finish!

  5. All done, thanks to Ian at ACC, for the classic populist. 7/14 Should have got that from personal experience, and cross letters.
    Wasn’t aware of the alternative spelling of 12/21 which put me off for a while having got 17D first, thinking the def might be a Thai dish and the stick had to be slapped.
    13A is a giggle.

  6. Re 29A, I’ve never heard of “flip” as a noun without a three-letter prefix before…

  7. All done. Like others I found the NE corner the hardest. 1A the last in. So obvious once I finally got it! I liked 13A.

  8. Almost there, but as usual seem to have trouble with different clues to everyone else. Any help 1a, 10a, 22a and not sure about my 3d. Liked 26a &28a.

  9. Very pleased with myself for getting 16A/27A without having heard of either place, but wasn’t able to get 7D/14A or 3D without looking at Ian’s answers.

    1A: Without the last word, the first four letters would have to be reversed, or at the end of the answer.

    I thought 10A was prette dodge.

  10. @megse
    1A: The common crossword abbreviation for ship appears twice in the answer
    10A: I think it should be “groove”, not “groovy”
    22A: Definition is last three words.
    3D: Meat (77%) (Pork, Beef, Chicken), Water, Salt, Tapioca Starch, Soy Protein, Emulsifiers (450, 451, 508, 452), Spice & Spice Extracts, Flour (Wheat, Rice), Antioxidant (316), Sodium Nitrite (250), Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (Soy, Maize), Acidity Regulators (326, 330), Flavours, Sugar, Dextrose, Milk Protein, Wheat Gluten, Wheat Bran, Maltodextrin, Dehydrated Vegetable, Preservative (223), Vegetable Gums (415, 412), Canola Oil, Colours (160c, 100). CONTAINS SOY, WHEAT, MILK AND SULPHITES.

  11. Enjoyed the last couple of DAs. Challenging and devious enough to take a while, but not so bad I give up in despair. I liked 13A too.

  12. 12 21 I do not think the surface wording is particularly good
    29 Has anyone any idea of the source for DA’s equating “flip” with the answer?
    Particularly enjoyed 26 28 8 and 13

  13. I got stuck near finishing until I realised K not C was required for part of one answer
    FHF, see letters 2,3,4 – a synonym.

  14. All done, with 13A the last one in (it was a bit of a laugh). I agree that some of today’s indicators were a bit dodgy, e.g. 24A.

  15. FHF, I’m taking a punt 29A is one of those State-distinctive things. I come from a state where an eggflip is a drink but I think in other states it might be what I’d call an eggslice?? Or I’m wrong! It doesn’t seem to be in DA’s favourite Macquarie.

  16. p.s. I’m chuffed to be in the Friday phase of DA Tripping for the first time!

  17. Not much to say except to concur with everyone above about the difficulties of the NE corner and the questionable indicators/defs of 10A, 24A, 29A, and 8D. 13A and 6D were nice, if also two of the last out. Also, I’d agree with Ray about 6D being x-xxx-xxx.

  18. Still having trouble with a few: any suggestions for 10A or 4D gratefully appreciated

  19. Pamela, PETA is an animal welfare group, so it cares about animal hair (letters 1-3). The anwere is a type of groove in the ground.

    4D, Spotted = letters 1-3, on twisted = letters 4-5, the abbreviation for fellow is f. Answer is a type of gun.

  20. Just returned. Thanks Rupert, now have3d&10a. Still can’t get 1a, despite help.

  21. I assume I have the right answer for 5a, but have no idea at all what it has to do with all but the definition word of the clue – any assistance forthcoming?
    Not familiar with 3d – is it basically the same as the product beloved by Monty Python?

  22. Mary re 5A: Remove “1” from a word meaning simple. Think of a word for grain (as in breakfast) and reverse it around (as in wedges) the rest of the answer.

  23. @megse, googling Gothic legends won’t help, as I found. Edgar Allen Poe is a Gothic writer. Def is first word The ship is within, and without (on the right side).

  24. megse 1A: a gothic writer gives 1,2,5. The rest of the clue is two common abbreviations for a ship (both the same). Definition is “Have”

  25. Lyvvie, no-one has ever accused DA of being newbie-friendly, but he’s also not as hard to work out as his reputation makes him.

    As for where to begin: if you know Melbourne 16/27A is a breeze. It’s an anagram (complex) of the preceding three words and is a (rather ugly, IMO) Melbourne landmark.

    28A is pretty easy – a voyeur may use this type of surgery.

    7D/14A is another easy anagram (crisis) – a long-haired pseudo musician that makes older ladies swoon and real musicians cringe!

    Lots of other good hints and spoilers above.

    BTW, where is Arthur? And nn?

  26. Very witty, PIPI. That clue was my last in, having rejected prow and prom until the penny dropped; and by then, I was drained!

  27. Yes Mort, it’s just struck me I am feeling rather tired i’m all XXXXed out!

  28. A remark re 13 across
    Gigolo is pronounced jiggle oh not giggle oh
    A gigolo is a paid dancing partner or a male prostitute.
    The answer is an asinine comment that is a homophone for a synonym of the latter sense!
    But it’s a bit of a giggle anyway!

  29. PIPI, re 8D – Turn up is the first word. An old English expression usually related to xxxxing a hat. “A” = letter 5. Last word is a dance (American) wearing (i.e. around) “nothing”. Definition is “exultant” – not whoop-de-doo, but similar.

    Re 13A – Definition is “asinine remark”. Made up of a male prostitute which comes from “gigolo”, no matter how you pronounce it.

    Which reminds me: I always wanted to be a gigolo but I failed the medical!

  30. Just got here Mort. A better start for me this week, but lots of gaps. Above hints have filled a few in. I had 8d but don’t get the wordplay. Being a Melbournite, 7/14 was easy. I remember 12/21 from my youth, but initially picked the wrong spelling, making 17d impossible at first. Have corrected both now. I don’t get the wordplay for 7/14 though. Will press on.

  31. Hi nn. 7/14D is an anagram of “unreadier”. He plays (after a fashion) a violin.

    8D, he met lady and xxxxed his hat – gives the first four letters.

  32. thanks Mort and GB, that was a typo on my part, it was 12/21 that I don’t get the wordplay for, not 7/14 and also I meant 16/27 was easy not 7/14. Shouldn’t try to read it without my glasses!

  33. nn, re 12/12 “starters” (think cars) is 1-4. Remainder is “vocal” as in how something is expressed, reversed, plus “not”, also reversed. Answer is “slapstick squad” as in comic police. Well before my time and not spelled that way anyhow.

  34. oops: 12/12 should be 12/21. I think I may be dyclisex – or maybe I’m just a bad typist.

  35. Late starting today. All done now, but no idea of the word play for 12/21 or for 24a, which I had thought of as an anagram until I counted the letters. What is there in the clue to allow the disposal of one letter?

  36. Dave R: see my explanation for 12/21: hope it helps.

    Re 24A “subsides” in relation to a roadway means that it drops. So, I think DA means that we should drop a letter from “larcenies”.

  37. Thanks Mort, I had the answer, remembered from when I was a kid. According to Google it can be spelled in two ways.
    Dave R, see Mort’s explanation for 12/21. If and when I get 24a out I’ll let you know! I was trying for an anagram too, but maybe it isn’t as I can’t see a disposal indicator.

  38. become less intense, violent, or severe.
    “I’ll wait a few minutes until the storm subsides”

    synonyms: abate, let up, moderate, quieten down, calm, lull, slacken (off), ease (up), relent, die down, die out, peter out, taper off, recede, lessen, soften, alleviate, attenuate, remit, diminish, decline, dwindle, weaken, fade, wane, ebb, still, cease, come to a stop, come to an end, terminate More

  39. Being of a certain age myself, one cannot help but wonder when a regular contributor fails to appear. I play tennis twice a week with a varied group of similarly-matured people and I often wonder when someone fails to appear. If that were me, would the rest of the group worry or wonder where I was? Or would I just pass into oblivion like so many others?

    Which is long-winded way of asking if Arthur is okay. He has a good twenty years on me but he’s been such an indispensable member here that one cannot help but worry if he’s okay. He’s a regular contributor the the Age’s Green Guide, but he’s been absent from there for some time.

    So, Arthur, if you’re well, let us know…

  40. Mort, subside (as with the synonyms you list) is an intransitive verb. One cannot subside something. Thanks for the hint about 12/21. I had been foolishly thinking of ‘vocal’ having some connection with letters 5 – 8. I must be quite aged, as I remember them from my youth.

  41. Dave, I sort of agree. One cannot subside something but subside can mean “drop”. That’s the way that I read it. I’m happy to be proven wrong if anyone can come up with a better solution.
    Sadly DA himself never seems to pop in and explain himself – like how he misspelled gilette last week.

  42. Unlike most above, it is the bottom half giving me the most trouble.
    Just four to go now 15d, 26a, 25d and 29a.
    Wordfinders no use, either too many or no answers coming up.
    Have read above hints but they haven’t helped

  43. Just a note on 24A. I believe subside means for some earth to fall. In an electrical circuit, the earth contact is denoted by E. Hence, drop an e from the given word and undo the anagram to get the answer.

  44. re 24 subside can mean “to become less” ergo, in crossword usage, to shorten or lose letters

  45. Thanks Jack for 10a, Rupert for 3d, and Mort for 8d and 7/24 (I figured out the anagram but needed your description which gave it to me straight away!) Still don’t get 5a or 11a despite help from above.

  46. sue – 5A – “wedges” is a container indicator. So a 5 letter word for “simple” with “One left” gives letters 3,4,5,6. “turnover” is a reverse indicator. So a 3 letter word for a type of “grain” gives letters 7,2,1. Defn = “sauce”.
    11A – a 4 letter synonym for “Drain” (as in ‘tire out’) gives letters 1,2,3,4. A 4 letter synonym for “lay-out” (as in a punch up) gives letters 5,6,7,8. Defn = “on old ship”.

  47. Sue
    5 A word for simple, minus one (i), inside reversal for a type of grain

    11 A word for drain (v) meaning to exhaust together with word for adorn (v)

  48. Sean, I had the same reading for ‘subside’, but also go along with Mort.

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