DA Confusion for the 21st of February, 2014

Have your DA confusions sorted out right about here.

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  1. No clue for 24A? 23A has 8 letters, not 6. Are these errors deliberate? And why are some squares shaded? Perhaps all will be revealed when we’ve answered a few more clues.

  2. Victor – pretty sure the 22A and 23A labels are just typos. The labelled 22A should be 23A and the labelled 23A should be 24A.
    Shaded is the “theme” and will become clear as you complete.

  3. Thankyou for that Ray!! I’ve wasted so much energy and time on the missing 24A and which one of only a few words it could be to give me a hint for the theme. And also ages on the so-called 23A, without noticing the wrong number of letters. No wonder I couldn’t work them out. All the while not seeing that there was an ‘extra’ clue in 22.
    Grrrrrr!!! What a shame that DA’s first challenge and theme for a while has been spoilt by poor editing. Almost finished but I’m going to have to drive very carefully to work now. Grumble …….

  4. Also the theme will become apparent as you fill in the shaded squres, and is only relevant to one answer.

  5. Got the theme early, but went with the Australian one that matches cross letters 1, 3 and 6 on the right, rather than the much smaller actual answer, which doesn’t really belong in such august company as the other three.

    I’m missing part of the wordplay for 14A and 2D. Help, please?

    I lived in America for 10 years and never heard the expression in 7D.

  6. Rupert – 14A – defn = 1st word. AFL club with “crime boss” removed = letters 1,2,3,4,5. “at Lily ground” gives 6,7,8,9,10,11.
    2D – capital of Mozambique with “nothing raised”. Defn = “survey”.

  7. Only ten so far. Knew 2D, made a sublime guess for 3D. Need a clue on the Grenville of 9D. Found a book title that would fit the two letters I have, has a ‘four’ in it, but can’t understand clue at all.

  8. Theme is now clear, my 9D was correct. Only seven to get. Couldn’t identify Ibsen work referred to, further research needed.

  9. A little more challenging this week, although getting the shaded theme helped with a couple of the harder ones.

    Dodgy homonym warning for 10A.

  10. I thought 10A OK, Mort. All finished now bar 25A. Have letters 1, 2, 4, 6, but no idea as to the others.

  11. Arthur C. – 25A – a 2 letter word for “Leave” taken “off” the word “goods” gives letters 2,3,4. “in” = container indicator. A 4 letter (shortened I think) word for “salad” gives letters 1,5,6,7. Defn = “as per the pessimist?”

  12. A tougher one today. All out after about 2 hours. I didn’t notice the “theme” until checking here. I thought the shaded squares were a printing error along with the misnomered clues! I have no problems with the homophone in 10A.

  13. Thank you Ray, I had never heard of that one. Well, if nothing else, I am being educated by DA.

  14. Stuart, 1D definition is “hot”. “Milk” in the sense of “take advantage of” gives 4,5,6. First-rate is as usual, one letter. 2,3,7 is a type of staff.

  15. Yes, for Chamollie and I, which were the shaded squares/clues? We iPad users don’t see them. However the mislabelled clues and word length I read about here didn’t happen on the iPad.

    BTW still working on 1D and 6D …

  16. AndrewT, the shaded squares are the 24 squares around the outer edge of the grid. That is, 6 squares along each side. See 9D.

  17. 10 Agree with Mort, dodgy homophone indicator. Equivalent to putting a second “r” in drawing
    so that drawring = soaring.

    15 Help on the wordplay please. Must be the cold weather here at the Black Stump

  18. Thanks, Ray, for your 7:51 tip. Sometimes one can have too much knowledge for your own good. There was I, “knowing” that the capital of Mozambique was Lourenço Marques and so concluding that the clue reference was to “m” and getting nowhere quickly!

  19. FHF – 15D – “Dubious” gives (slang / short) synonym for letters 1,2,3. “change in London” gives homophone (as indicated by “announced”) for letters 4,5,6,7,8. Defn = “hanging?”

  20. The “theme” helped me to work out some clues I hadn’t been sure of, but I can’t get 6D. Do I have to have detailed sci-fi knowledge? It is the only answer I haven’t got.

  21. Only a few to go. I’m sure I have 7a, 6d and 9d, but can’t figure out the word play. Knowing nothing about sci-fi probably doesn’t help with 6d. Also, assistance with 23a and 25a would be appreciated.

  22. Slow witted today.Although Arthur C mentioned the 9d clue earlier it didn’t register until Alan G made the link. Thank you both.However still can’t get 17,15 and 20d. Maybe I have 19a wrong. Is it a play or an anagram of one?

  23. As is often the case, no sooner had I posted my plea for help that the answers to 23a and 25a hit me.

  24. I thought this a good testing puzzle. One new word I learnt is the answer to 3D.

  25. Thanks Dave R . I can now see the fodder but can’t find an appropriate 19a reference. Will take a break and return later.

  26. Got nine of them so far. After reading the above I understand what the theme must be about, but not enough to help me actually fill in any letters. Regarding 9d, presume Grenville is a place, there is one near Ballarat, but that isn’t helping, several others around the world. Am I wasting my time googling it?

  27. Megse re 19a, Glamorous lead gives the first letter, presents (verb) gives the rest. Google should give you the answer without much trouble.

  28. Thanks Mort, that probably expands my search from a few dozen places to a few million people!
    Have a couple more now, but don’t get the wordplay for 21a

  29. Got lucky, hit the right Grenville with my first search. Not familiar with this person, so may not be much help with the shaded squares, but at least I have 9d now.

  30. nn, 21A is an aid to 13A. It’s an anagram (strays) of eleven and a two-letter word for work (usually a musical one).

  31. I think that’s 23a Mort, but thanks as I don’t have that yet, although I have three of the cross letters. Don’t have 13a yet so 23a is difficult. I have 21a, but don’t get the wordplay.

  32. Have 23a now, thanks Mort. That gave me a word that fits 13a, but can’t make sense of the wordplay in that one either!

  33. nn, 13A definition is “mailer”. Answer is almost a word for sunburn in reverse.

  34. nn, 21A the “embedded unit” – think of an apartment, inside “mines” with the heading off.

  35. understand how the theme works now and have been able to fill in all of them except the top one. Only have one letter of this (and a guess for another one which doesn’t look as if it will work with the letter I have).
    Bottom half all out now, lots of gaps in the top. From the above there are at least two words that I probably haven’t heard of. Time for tea, will try the top half later.

  36. Thanks Mort. 21a makes sense, suspect I have the wrong word for 13a.
    Will have another look after tea

  37. I have returned as you suggest Mort, makes sense now. Have the top left, although not too sure about my answer for 1d. Despite my earlier predictions I had heard of 3d, just the top right to go.

  38. Got a few of the top right out now, revealing the top shade, confirming my 1d wasn’t right (although I’ve corrected it now). Three to go

  39. All out now, I think I had heard of 6d, but was easy to get from the cross letters, don’t get the wordplay though.

  40. Couldn’t even understand what the dodgy homophone of greener is meant to be in 10a. Had to go to crossword club to find out what he was on about. Not sure what part of the world pronounces those two words the same, but if they do, their diction needs some improvement!

  41. Gotta say, I’m often a critic of DA’s homophones but this one to me shows an acute ear. I know that nn, and maybe FHF and Mort are British. And maybe you say ‘raw’ ‘er’. But it’s also possible that we wordnerds may be more text-oriented than oral/aural. I haven’t heard a Brit say this so I don’t know, but I for one say ‘roarer’.

  42. Don’t worry I got them all by myself! Helped just a wee bit by oneacross.com

  43. PIed PIper 20 European = def truncated word for passion inside a truncated word for Asian alcoholic drink.
    25 Remove a word for leave from goods and place inside a type of salad Def = what a pessimist believes. It means if something is to go wrong it will. The first word usually has an apostrophe.

  44. nn, 6d stacking up a sci-fi thriller gives 1-4, sci-fi romance (very recent which I hadn’t heard of) gives 6-8.

  45. Any clues for 3d 4d and 8a ??? Stuck ,even with most of the letters! (Very clever theme , DA.)

  46. I’m with Gayle re the homophone. While it should be pronounced differently, most of the time I hear it said here it’s definitely pronounced as per the answer for 10a. Either way – surely it’s close enough for a cryptic?

  47. Only 3d and start of 8a now please ,( and an apostrophe in 25a also , even if your theme was clever).

  48. 3D fish is definition. Beer =letters 1,2, 8 contains 4/5 of a kind of meat + 1/2 of ‘or’ (the second half)

  49. 4 D double definition. For ‘ducks’ think scores. The Japanese fighters are mechanical, not human. (got me for a while).

  50. 7A Must admit I got this one from the definition and worked out wordplay later, was sidetracked as the letters of ‘earl’ are in the answer.
    ‘ Earl linked to pot’ I think is a bit of a long-winded attempt to confuse us. Think tea. Defends is a container indicator, and inside is A and the word ‘travel’ vacated.

  51. Done! Thanks Gayle. Very helpful. I was on the right tracks but missed the earl / pot connection, didn’t think of ‘duck’ in that sense’, and hadn’t heard of 3d. Till next time…

  52. All done except 25a. Any hints please? I have the first letter due to the theme but can’t fit a two-word term with my cross letters

  53. Finally finished. I got the east then the south on Friday night and last night. I needed help from here for the NW. I’ve never heard 10a without stimulated emission if light being involved …
    And I agree for word people, the r is not a w!
    I had to google a couple ….
    Thanks trippers !!

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