The Original Trippers Reunited However Briefly

It has been a long three years since the original DA Trippers, RC, TH and I (AS), were together again in the same city. As has become the tradition when we three reunite, we battle it out over a DA to decide who is the worthy wearer of the Wanchor, the honorary threads awarded to the day’s finest solver.

As carry-over Wanchor, here we have RC leading the way, pen in hand between his two challengers for the title:


Don’t let the beers fool you into thinking this was a friendly meeting. The contest was tight. In fact, the heat of the contest had RC stripping down quick smart:

photo 2

We met up Saturday last week, on another one of those 40-degree days that had become de rigeur in Melbourne. Really, the heat of the day rather than the heat of the contest probably had more to do with RC baring his fine chest, but the Wanchor once removed stayed removed. Yes, keen Trippers, we have a new wearer of the Wanchor: TH take a bow. For his stunning solving out of the corner of his eye, his cryptic intuition never for a moment having left him despite his lack of practice, he was duly awarded the Wanchor:


And yet again DA lies vanquished, no match for the combined minds of the original Trippers:

photo 1



5 thoughts on “The Original Trippers Reunited However Briefly

  1. Indeed, a fine outing. Don’t worry, AS, I’m sure in a few short years you will finally get to wear the Wanchor!

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