DA Confusion for the 24th of January, 2014

Have your confusions sorted out for this long weekend.

96 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 24th of January, 2014

  1. Have all out and found quite hard. Understand all wordplays but the back end of 17A and 19D. If someone could explain these two I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. 17a: the railway is removed.
    19d: actually it’s the front end that changes—think like a Roman

  3. Made a good start, had seven before seven (am). Since then, stasis. Re 1A? The American monster? Bigfoot, or the lizard that sounds like a blue dog?

  4. I agree with you, Andy. Whlie I have an answer for every clue, I don’t get the wordplay for several – including 19D.

  5. 2D! Now there is a word I haven’t seen for maybe seventy years. So I now have one letter towards 1A! Big deal!

  6. Ann, 19D, think of a seven-letter word for “dope” as in info. Then change first letter.

  7. Arthur, the monster is not American. “Out American” refers to the phrase before. The monster is mythical but was popularised by an English sci-fi writer when it woke up.

  8. Thank you Mort, but the only monster fitting your description is Kraken, can’t see any connection. Think I must resign this one, far too difficult. Lunch to get, nap, cricket later. This one definitely too hard for my old brain. Will look back later.

  9. Arthur, if there is only one monster fitting that description, then maybe that means it is the right monster!

  10. Thanks, Mort & Arthur – you’ve got me started again – like Arthur, I’d ground to a halt.

  11. Well I added a couple more over lunch, filled SW corner, but 21A is first name of whom? Google no help there. Finally Mort’s clue hit me. Tried a word ending in a question in 16D, but then my Wordfinder says no word found for 28A. Is 28A a dictionary word?

  12. In contrast to Ann and Andy, I have now completed the top half but the bottom is fairly bare.

  13. Arthur 21a and 23a. The def is last four words. The 1st word gives 1,2,3,4. The 2nd gives 5,6,7 and 3rd gives the remainder.

  14. Never thought I was going to finish today but I have (with assiduous cheating) – never heard of 17D and can only find it on Google as one word.

  15. Agree Pru. Unbelievably the 1st answer i had for 17d was a dead tulip singer!!!

  16. Thanks Andy Wain, I looked at him, but as I had ‘plato’ for24D (fits clue perfectly!), I rejected him. Now I’m lost on 24D. And with his first letter in 16D, my ‘regularly’ becomes impossible (I think it was anyway). Nap time, I think. Seven still to go, they may get left.

  17. Interesting to see so many finding today tougher than usual; I’m a rare finisher of DA, so to have gotten it out in 3 coffees is, I think, a personal record. The bottom half definitely came together faster. Still confused on a few parsings though… The first three letters of 1A, the first five of 28A, and 3D all elude me (I’d also been missing 19D, but Mort’s comment has thankfully enlightened me).

  18. 1A: First three letters are given by “spit out American”. Remove 2 letters meaning American from the end of a five letter word for spit.

    28A: First two letters are given by before (as in needs to be done before), letters 3 to 5 are quite ludicrous, a four letter word for ludicrous being truncated.

  19. I thought it was hard today, but I’m a bit under the weather, so hard to tell.

    I don’t have wordplays for 15A or 3D.

  20. Rupert – 15A – defn = 1st word. “drunk” gives 5 letter synonym for letters 1,2,3,4,5. “turkey caught by ear” = four letter synonym for letters 6,7,8,9.
    3D – pretty clever – defn = 1st word. “drop centre” gives letter 1,2. “wing” gives a 5 letter synonym. “finishing in advance” moves last letter to front to give letters 3,4,5,6,7

  21. Correction “four letter synonym” should have been “four letter homophone” – sorry.

  22. Thanks Rupert, much appreciated! For 15A, I think the first word is given by “drunk”, while the second is a homophone of “turkey” (as applied to a person).

    The wordplay of 3D still confounds me too. I can see a potential reason for letters 1 & 2 and then 6 & 7, but even if I’m right on those the middle three are way over my head.

  23. Reasonably OK so far but stuck on a few at the top. Assistance with 1d, 3d or 6a would be gratefully appreciated.

  24. hi everyone
    I have nothing so far, only a few endings and beginnings
    what a newb. can someone help me with an easy one?
    it’s confounding me….th way he also puns with
    the material/fodder
    :) ella

  25. getting there with above help and husband who got 21/23 just from the time clue(not a cryptic fan himself). That got me started with some across letters. Ella, this time expert is scientific and the first three words give his name,see Andy Wain and Warren above. Dave 3d is mentioned above also, for the wing synonym think building not bird.
    Any help with 10a,12a6d &8d most appreciated.

  26. Dave R, the headline of 6A is more a head line (in the hair).
    3D was well explained above by Ray.
    1D answer is first word.

  27. Ella, I’m finding it pretty tough today too.
    25A was my first one, it is an anagram of the first two words, flapping being the indicator. Rearrange these correctly and it will give you what you seek.
    26A is a hidden word (in the middle two words of the clue, insiders being the indicator)
    22d is pretty easy, first two words are the definition. The wordplay is one letter each from the next five words, the last two words of the clue tell you which letter.
    18d, first word is the definition in the sense of to improve. Than losing face gives letters 3, 4 and 5 and these are surrounded by red-necked regulars
    The only other one I have at the moment is 21a and I only got this from the hints above. It is a famous physicist.
    Hope that gives you a start, although I’m not getting any further at the moment even after reading all of the above hints.

  28. Just got 19d, I think he has used that Roman trick before. The head is inflated by a factor of 20.

  29. Ah yes, thanks to megse, Jack and Ray. I’m fairly sure I have 1d now, although I had never heard of it. What I have fits the word play and the intersecting letters, so it will have to do. For 6a I had been stuck on headlines of the newspaper variety; it’s so obvious now that I feel foolish. I shall work on 3d with the hints provided by Ray, although I have no knowledge of any word that has letters 1 and 3 that would fit the intersecting words.

  30. megse, 12A contains the ‘breakfast choice’ (reversed) in the clue.
    10A is an anagram of men, jihad and ’cause’ essentially, but I only found it after I had the down letters 1 and 3 for it. The whole clue is the definition.
    6A has the first word of the clue as its definition.
    8A the definition is the first two words.

  31. Ann even with Ray’s explanation of 3d and your hint that it is a girl’s name I still have no idea. I’m assuming from what Ray wrote that I have the first two letters, but haven’t a clue about the rest of his hint in terms of making it fit any names I can think of that start with those two letters.
    I have all of the bottom right side now and a couple on the bottom left, but not much else.

  32. nn, I have 3d now. If you have 9a, then the third letter should help. As Ann said, above, a girl’s name is what you are looking for. BTW, does anyone else think it is strange that clues almost always say “girl’s name” rather than “woman’s name”?

  33. Dave, I don’t have 9a, in fact the only one I have in the top half of the grid is 10A!
    Am getting ready to chuck this one, by the looks of it I am after a girl’s name in 3d, a type of mushroom in 1d, an Australian novelist in 8a and a small singer (who isn’t Tiny Tim) in 17d, none of which I have the faintest idea of.
    I appear to have the monster in 1a, which I’m presuming is the last 6 letters, but no idea on the first three letters. Just too many blanks to get a start on the top half.

  34. Just got 4d, very funny, but don’t get the wordplay for the first 5 letters unless they are somehow a homophone of a word that means more relaxed (but what that word is escapes me).

  35. Googled a list of girls’ names. Came up with over 100 starting with those two letters. As I have no idea what the wing is or what finishing in advance means, I’m really stuck on which one it could be.
    Thanks Ann, I’m calm now. A slightly dodgy homophone IMHO!
    I have a word that fits the def of 1a now (assuming the def is the first word of the clue) but it doesn’t quite have the monster. As for the rest of the wordplay…

  36. And if my 1a is correct I have always had it as (4,5) not (9). At least my 1a gives me a word that fits for 5d now.

  37. Thanks Warren, got it now. I have always had an ‘n’ as the last letter of the monster, have only just twigged as to why it changes. All makes sense now (if in a typically DA convoluted way!)

  38. Getting hungry, had enough of this one, haven’t even got half of it. Time to make dinner.

  39. nn, if you’re still there, Sting might help with 3d.
    I’m stuck with 15a, beginning to think I have the start of 16d wrong.

  40. Mary, I too had the start of 16D wrong. Try a different prefix. It’s all there in the clue really.

  41. OK, got it now – tried to fit a generation at the beginning and thought ‘me’. (Yes I know the me generation was supposed to be some time ago, but the attitude’s still with us!)

  42. Mary. 16d is an anagram with the current generation being the last letter.

  43. Warren at al, what are we going to do when the “current generation” ends? We didn’t start with A, but with BB, then jumped to X then Y etc. What will the demographers come up with?

  44. Watched the cricket, no further progress with this one. Still missing: 1, 3, 7D; 9, 11, 15A.
    Have looked at all the helps above, but sadly, none helped me. Finally saw 24D. So, ultimately, five no solved, back to watching Australian innings. Cheers.

  45. Sam, in the Times crossword forum, they call a crossword with all 26 letters a “pangram”. Today’s is almost that; missing, I think, just the letter F.

  46. Thanks Mort; perhaps appearing on a ‘Friday’ provides the missing letter!

  47. Missing today’s paper again if anyone could please send me the DA. I think the SMH is printing less and less and it’s spread on lovely paper is reducing – even in Sydney itself. I have tried to buy but all sold out…

  48. Decided to put the cricket on tape, came back here, suddenly saw 9A (had never heard of it), which gave me 1D (never heard of those before), the rest just fell in. So, a late victory, but sweet anyway.

  49. Congratulations Arthur C, we watche you run this marathon every week and it’s nice to see you actually finish now and then!
    For Julie and anyone else interested …
    9 across:
    definition is last 2 words
    pruning fork gives letters 2&3
    stabbed an insertion indicator
    negligent letters 1,4,5

  50. Warren,
    2 down
    “spun – instant” letters 4,5
    ( take two letters meaning instant and spin them!)
    Definition is last word a term I’d never heard before

  51. MJH!
    Definitions for those are first, first 2 ( 2 instances), or first 3 words of the clue!

    Good luck!

  52. Warren, capital p P capital i I
    an interesting variation on last week’s theme!?

  53. So sorry. But yes it was! Your ack gave away half the grid though! Was disappointing last week.

  54. Agree 19 d is a clever clue!! Just worked out the wordplay with all your help!! Much calmer now.

  55. Crikey there were so many aha moments ! It’s interesting how different people find some clues hard that others spot easily.
    The time and motion expert, I tried for physics and Einstein, but got the right one soon after.
    I went so far as to type my cross letters for 16d into a word finder before I spotted it, and I’m an electrical engineer …
    I think 8d was my favourite for the total misdirection the wordplay sent me down.

  56. Just a nitpick with 8d. The answer given is a homonym for the person on the other end of the agreement “discussed”.

  57. All out but 2 – with thanks to Warren, Ray and megse for 1d and 3d.
    No-one seems to have had any problems with 13a or 14d but they’re my last 2 – hints welcome.

  58. @sb
    14d – definition is first 2 words, but think laterally for all possible meanings. “copper” as a specific example of something = letters 1,2,5,6,7,8,9. “Work” = letters 3,4. The whole clue could also be the definition.

  59. @sb
    13A – definition is first 2 words again. synonym for “gym” = 1,2; synonym for “the night before” = 3,4,5.

  60. Got it! Thanks Alan G. I had thought about that sense of ‘get to’, and ‘night before’ could only be one thing, and even with the first letter it didn’t click. Ah well. All done. Back next week. Enjoy the weekend.

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