DA Confusions for the New Year – 3rd of January, 2014

Have your confusions sorted out for the new year.

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    Ray | January 3, 2014 at 6:00 am |
    NEW YEAR Confusion for the DA, 3rd of January, 2014:
    All out and thought 26A and 2D very clever.

    Gayle | January 3, 2014 at 8:30 am |
    Agree Ray. Loved 26A, 2D and 3D and 11a..
    I didn’t know that meaning of ‘drab’ until I looked it up.

  2. About half done, and thought 1A, 3D and 17D clever. Strange definition of “glare” in 8D and not one I care much to remember. Any clues for 26A or 30A?

  3. It might spoil the ‘aha’ moment to give away 26A so soon. Look for a DA type indicator. (googling Elizabethan caps didn’t help)
    30A Aussie slang.

  4. Had all but one clue solved by 0830, but couldn’t find anywhere to boast. Is this the new, gentler DA? I still haven’t sorted out 12A. Hopefully the rest is OK.

  5. Finally got 26A. DA is evil – what’s this “force for good” business?!

  6. Took me a while to get into it but all done now. Also enjoyed 26A. I liked the obtuse definition in 24D.

  7. All done now too. I agree, Arthur – a somewhat more benign DA than we’re accustomed to. (Oops, hope he’s not reading this…) 28A surprisingly obscure for a 3-letter word.

  8. ? 4D anyone – otherwise all done.
    Re ‘Drab’, Gayle, a wordsmith like yourself might enjoy reading the 3 witches scene from Macbeth which contains the foul ingredients including ‘Finger of birth-strangled babe, Ditch-deliver’d by a drab . . .’
    Happy New Year DA Trippers.

  9. I think 4D’s a simple synonym (unless anyone’s seen something more to it…?)

  10. Benign DA, eh? I wish I found it so. Only four in, and two of them with help from above. Didn’t get clues for 2d or 12a either. Cricket won’t help concentration, but I will return here later to see if any help.

  11. My favourite clue was 26A. Very clever.
    4D is the only one I’m not sure of but I think I have the same answer as Martin.

  12. I put in daily news for 19a. Took me a while to correct it. Still no idea for 13a, 14d, and 28a.

  13. Yuk! Thanks Barb&Fran. Even at this stage in my life I’m reminded of why I switched to linguistics from literature.
    MJH, have you got 26A? The ‘DA type of indicator’ isn’t exclusively DA, but he uses this kind of disguise fairly frequently.

  14. Thanks BarbandFran, I haven’t heard of that defintion of drab (it didn’t help that I had “set” for film site).

  15. Sandy, 2D think Iran.
    12 A I got from wordplay, not knowing that meaning of ‘drab’. Alternate letters of ‘theatre’ followed by (as indicated by ‘behind’) a word for a static film location as in Hollywood.

  16. Warren, for 28A and 14D, definition is in the first word and answer is a particular instance of the definition (i.e. not a double meaning). 13A is a bit harder and the last one I got out. Wordplay is 3,5; think Eastern religions (variant of Buddhism) for the 5 part, and for the answer think laterally for a synonym of the last word.

  17. Warren, 13 A took me ages. Was working on Bahai and Buddhist which have an ‘h’ in them. But the religion which has to ditch the ‘h’ is from Japan. ‘Non clerical’ clues the first 3 letters.

  18. I love it when I spend an hour on it, only get two answers then come here to find that everyone thinks it is easy. None of the above hints have been any help either! Will press on.

  19. Thanks, MJH (9.45), would never have thought of that. All done, hopefully all OK.

  20. @sandy. I have three now! After much pondering the hints above eventually gave me 13a. I’ve looked up drab and found several meanings that I’d never heard of but none have helped me work out what 12a is.

  21. Hi nn, I had 13a. I looked up Barb&Frans Shakespeare reference above to get the meaning of drab.
    I think Nicaragua does help, Martin. Noiw for the second half.
    I think 19a is in my tool kit. Am I on the right track there?

  22. Nice one Sandy, I think you’ve struck oil there. For the second part of 2D, go back to Warren’s hint at 9.15.

  23. Plodding on and envying those who’ve already finished. Seven to go. Any hints for 15d, 17d or 19d would be gratefully received.

  24. Thanks Sandy i finally got 13a, it just took me ages to understand the wordplay. I have 19a now too.

  25. Hey dave. 19d the definition is the first word. Container clue with a water brand. 17d the definition is the last word. The girls are names

  26. Dave R:
    17d – definition is last word. “Shrunken dill” (3) followed by a girl’s name (in possessive form)
    19d – definition is first word. “Depot externally” gives letters 1 and 7, which “store” a brand of mineral water (letters 2-6)

  27. 15d – definition is first word. “Female heart” (1,2) followed by another word for “heart” (eg. I understand the ____(4) of the argument) then “rate”

  28. It is in my toolbox assuming I have the right answer, although I’m not comfortable with the second word as a synonym for memories. Will have to leave out now with only 8 answers done. Might come back later if I have time

  29. nn – think of that second word in terms of computer, not neuronal, memories!

  30. Thanks, Warren and SarahH. Got 19d. I had been using the first word as an anagrind and getting nowhere. Now thinking long and hard about the others.

  31. 4d – A brilliant explanation has just gone up on Crossword Club. Full credit to Zinzan, as well as DA of course.

  32. All done. I enjoyed getting 26a as my very last one. Classic DA. I might say that a properly working 30a should not fit the clue.

  33. Geoff, I couldn’t find the explanation for 4d on Crossword Club. But now that I look at it more closely, is the wordplay “to = t+hug” in the sense of xxoo on a greeting card? What was I thinking, that DA would give us a simple synonym…

  34. Martin, you need to look harder! Today’s Crossword Club solution is by Ian, who self-admittedly was unsatisfied with his 4d explanation. In the second comment in response Zinzan gives his brilliant explanation, for which I again commend him. Well done, Zinzan!

  35. Happy New Year all, I have been following your weekly discourse for some time and this is my first post. All done apart from 29/6 across and 27 down – any hints greatly appreciated.

  36. OK Geoff, could you please post a link to the page at Crossword Club?

  37. Finally got there. Thanks for all help above.
    Neil, 29/6a: def is last word. Maid up of tucks (1-5) and spring (6-8). I think the answer should be 4,4 rather than 8.
    27d: Monumental with start (first letter) boycotted, is a shot word for film

  38. Hi Neil. I don’t have the paper with me now but 29/6 word play is 5,3 with the definition being canteen. Can’t remember what 27d was!

  39. Given Geoff’s silence, I have to assume my 4d explanation of 1.46pm is fine, whatever Zinzan has to say about the clue on another site. As for looking harder, I suspect Ockham’s Razor needs to be applied.

  40. Remember now. Monumental (epic) with boycotted start. Take the e off

  41. Martin. I like most have put thug. However it maybe taut being t/0 being zero (aut)?

  42. Martin please don’t spell out the answers here as your 1:46 explanation does. Hinting around them is ok! But thanks for the confirmation and explanation of what I had anyway!

  43. I don’t think DA is going DA-lite!
    I think his crosswords are just as hard as always.
    We’re just all getting better at them, learning his crossword language learning his tricks and learning to think laterally.
    So everyone give yourself a pat on the back!
    Happy new year!

  44. Warren, no spoilers on this page please! Hints OK, but not the final answer!

  45. Are you still there Jack?
    I’ll get back to you with those in a few mo’s …

  46. Warren I think the first of your two examples is correct.
    No homophone indicator to clue the second.

  47. Jack 1 down is a herbal item you can buy in health food stores.
    as the raw material or a syrup
    defn is last 3 words
    1-4 clued by 1st word
    5-7 clued by 2nd word

  48. Jack in 1 across the racing champ referred to was king of the mountain. First 5 letters after manipulating his surname, followed by a 5 letter word for “saying”, but reversed (“review”)

  49. Thanks, Gil. I had 10A incorrect and that threw me. I finally worked out 1A; I had not thought of that particular racing champ.

    I’ve also never heard of the type of 24D that is the answer to 28A.

  50. Hello moderators or whoever is there some way we can have Daylight saving time on this damn thing?

  51. Where did you get the answer from then to 28 across?
    In the musical pantheon it’s between bluebeat and reggae;
    Desmond Dekker & Jimmy Cliff were probably the best known exponents internationally

  52. Scratch my reference to bluebeat: misunderstanding on my part -close but no cigar!

  53. Cannot remember who said this earlier, but if this is an easy DA, I cannot see it.
    Have yank answer only and lots of blanks. Any anagrams or embedded clues appreciated.
    Have a guess in mind for 12ac, but what role does “film site” have in the word play?

  54. I had to use Google to solve 28A, Gil.

    Re 4D, I have another theory. I don’t see that o = hug. I reckon o = out (just as “n.o.” means “not out” in cricket). This leads to a different answer, also a type of lout.

  55. Haven’t got far – still plodding on – just had to pop in to say that (like others) I loved 26a, and 17d.

  56. Warren , Don’t worry about Gil’s comment at 3.14 pm, they are a cliquey little bunch.
    Gil , I think you missed Kenneth’s comment at 9.35 am and Gayle’s comment at 9.37 am, the both of them might of well have said SEPTIC TANK =YANK, because a quick Google search would find the answer, so Gil dont be such a room Nazi on Warren.
    Also what was with Arthurs rant on DA, I have no problem with using the Arab word, it is a word after all ?
    I could go on and i may well, we will see.

  57. Gil,
    You remind me of Ricky Gervais on The Office, you look things up on Google and then you come on here and spout about how you know all about things, I am embarrassed for you and pmsl at you.

  58. All good Jimmy. Ill behave from now on!!!! Btw today is the first time i got a DA out. So happy.

  59. Warren , No, dont behave, this site and the cliquey bunch need a rocket up there arses :)

  60. Warren , don’t worry, i have an endless supply as you will see

  61. JimmyDArat I looked nothing up on Google. & I was just reminding Warren about the house rules. And btw, you’re a creep! I’d wish you happy new year but really hope you don’t have one! Go away and stay away: your bile is not welcome here!

  62. Gil, you did look it up on Google, dont lie. You have to stop being a room Nazi, did you not read : I think you missed Kenneth’s comment at 9.35 am and Gayle’s comment at 9.37 am, the both of them might of well have said SEPTIC TANK =YANK, because a quick Google search would find the answer, so Gil dont be such a room Nazi on Warren.
    I am not a creep, and i dont care what you wish , I will not be told by you to go away , so get over yourself, and i have to put up with your gobshite, so i figure my words are welcome here.

  63. All done bar 3d – with thanks to Martin, Gil, et al for 1a, 13a and 30a. With the cross letters I can think of only one answer for 3d but don’t get the wordplay.

  64. sb 3 down:
    Defn fifth word
    First 2 words give letters 1, 2, 5
    Third word container indicator
    Fourth word give letters 3-4 (think of musical notation)

  65. Been out all evening, had another go when I got home and a couple finally clicked. This gave me just enough cross letters to get into it and the rest fell out in about 20 minutes.

  66. Umm seems I’m the only one who hasn’t got 23a . What am I missing ? HNY to all.

  67. Discovered I had one wrong, had never heard of Ska music (28A), so I put sea (related to deep), knowing it didn’t quite fit. Ah well, not too bad for me.

  68. Got back from hola to find the paper had not been burgled.
    I found this one fun. Had to use a pattern matched for 26a because I didn’t want to use the clues from here first.
    I learnt two new words. I can’t share one with my family at the moment because our rabbit died on Thursday …

  69. Not sure if anyone’s there but missing wordplay for 24d.
    Also agree with Gil’sconcerns with jimmy d’rat. Doesn’t actually matter if answer found elsewhere, spoiling is not the go. Frankly, given the number of insults hurled, could this clique not ask for a boycott?

  70. Alternatively, we could simply ignore thr troll, as I believe Rupert suggested some weeks back.

  71. Spoilers… show your bravado to the mirror. Hints welcome. Mechanisms explained welcome. Answers not. Links to full set of answers definitely not Sarah H. What were you trying to prove? How smart you are?

  72. Niall, there’s a link to Australian Crossword Club on the side of this very page. Once you are there, click on the ‘Deef’ box, go to ‘non ACC puzzles’ and there you will find a breakdown to the week’s DA puzzle. Usually posted early Friday morning. Go there at your peril!

  73. I don’t mind links with warnings, but direct wordplay and answers before Monday don’t go down well.
    As for the black rat – ignoring is probably the only way.
    There are all sorts of people posting on this open page, so unfortunately we have picked up one who takes himself too seriously…

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