Temporary Spam Blocker: Comments Can Only Be Made While Logged In With WordPress Account Details Described Below

I have to deal with spam, which is usually handled by a spam filter nicely.

Unfortunately, I still have to deal with the traffic caused by the spam bots coming in and making comments, and I’m very close to my monthly bandwidth limit on the service I pay for to host this site.

So, as a temporary measure to drop spam traffic, I’m making commenting available only to those who log in via a WordPress account registered to this site. I plan to keep this in place over the next few days and turn it off before Friday when the new DA comes out.

This will drop the spam traffic significantly because spam bots won’t be able to log in, and so we don’t hit the monthly bandwidth limit. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it should all be back to normal by Friday.

As for the account, both the username and password is datripper. Log in with that and then state your name to make a comment.