Post-Christmas DA for the 27th of December, 2013

Merry Christmas — and I hope you excuse my post-mega-prandial delay in posting this.

Report about your exploits here.

DA 20,187 (27 December 2013)

DA 20,187 (27 December 2013) - Solution

6 thoughts on “Post-Christmas DA for the 27th of December, 2013

  1. I’ve been a reader of this blog for some time, but never a poster of comments, because I often give myself until Sunday afternoon before looking for hints. However today I finished it (at 11.30am!) with only a little Google help for the names of 24A guests. Very chuffed with myself!

  2. I haven’t, as usual, finished DA’s cryptic yet. I’m glad someone referenced 2008 or I never would have got
    I want to comment on the quick – it is my understanding that the chassis is not the body of a vehicle – it’s the framework like the big steel beams in my Prado. There’s no chassis in a modern monocoque car, the body is not the chassis.

  3. At a sumptuous dinner cooked by RC’s mum last night, RC’s dad pointed out the same thing, and the whole table learnt a new word in monocoque.

  4. NEW YEAR Confusion for the DA, 3rd of January, 2014:
    All out and thought 26A and 2D very clever.

  5. Agree Ray. Loved 26A, 2D and 3D and 11a..
    I didn’t know that meaning of ‘drab’ until I looked it up.

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