LR for the 18th of November, 2013, and the Rest of the Fairfax Stable Later in the Week

It’s LR time again. Comment about your ups and downs right here.

Also, feel free to discuss the crosswords of the other Fairfax compilers from the other days of the week here as well.

13 thoughts on “LR for the 18th of November, 2013, and the Rest of the Fairfax Stable Later in the Week

  1. FHF is going to complain about 23A, though it was one of my favourites. I also really liked 3D, 18A and 26D.

    Homophone in 29A is a bit dodgy, IMO. It might work with a South African accent.

    I don’t get the wordplay in 20A.

  2. Rupert – LR 20A – I read as double defn – “Talent” and “footrace” – the latter at least being a famous “footrace” in Aus held at Easter I think.

  3. Have to say, I didn’t think this week’s demonstrated LR’s talent at his best. Maybe just set at a simpler level, but enjoyable. Looking forward to the rest of the week as well, AS, thanks for the thread.

    Liked 23, 25, 27A, 8D and 16D, 26A.
    29A The homophone’s okay by me.

  4. Hi, not sure if anyone’s still around. Can someone please explain letters 4 and 5 in 28A?

  5. 23 Leaving aside the incontinent bit, the phrase “men problem” is inelegant. “men upset” is better.
    2 Profits does not equal revenue which = income. Revenue minus expenditure = profit
    17 Can one have a plural form for a chemical symbol: Fe = iron
    21 Can one inhale a line? Absorb, take in, digest even, but not inhale. And what is the comnection between letter i and line?
    29 Agree with Rupert the homophone is dodgy> Hysteria has a long E, terrier a short E

  6. FHF – I do believe it is possible to ‘inhale a line’. I’ve seen people do it in movies.

  7. I love LA after a less than brilliant go at DA,although I agree that today`s was easier than usual.

  8. LR 25 November
    Liked 12A, 16D, 14D, 11A,20D, 19A
    Haven’t got 3D yet.
    Not sure about 9A grammar or ‘picture card’ cluing the fourth letter?
    An enjoyable crossie from LR over morning coffee.

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