6 thoughts on “LR for the 11th of November, 2013

  1. Great idea for a puzzle but it would have been more effective if the theme had been more widespread. Ironically, the last word in for me was the theme, and I had to sit staring at it with all cross letters in, for some time until inspiration struck.

  2. Another great puzzle from LR. I agree, Barry, it was a shame to have such a clever theme spread so thin. I thought a few other clues could have been clued that way…although maybe it would have raised the difficulty bar too high for Mondays? I got ORWELLIAN fairly easily, it was 1a, Believers back America – HINDUS that was last in for me. Excellent disguise of the synonym BACK=HIND, I spent a long time trying to think of a backward word for believers that meant America.

    High times in Fairfax Crosswordistan lately.

  3. I think LR got it just right, bearing in mind he’s a New Kid on the Block, and on a Monday as RC said. And in keeping with 19/ 8/ 4, the unmarked 15 letter columns were a secret in plain sight : TOTALITARIANISM IN BLACK AND WHITE.

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