DA for the 1st of November, 2013

Bring in November with a spectacular DA coming right at you.

Report about it here.

DA 20,140 (1 November 2013) DA 20,140 (1 November 2013) - Solution

29 thoughts on “DA for the 1st of November, 2013

  1. Great puzzle. 21D brilliant clue and had me on the wrong ‘track’ for the longest time.

  2. Finally , finally figured out the theme with 3 answers in the grid. Lucky it’s a long weekend!

  3. An absolute worker of a muzzle. DA back in teak firm.

    To think, only weeks ago I was threatening to rename the site LR Trippers! This one goes to the pantheon. Every clue a work of art. Perfect degree of difficulty for me, kept me going steadily all weekend, with intermittent LOL moments and the odd teleconference with AS. Too many favourites to list here.

    Well done, DA, a masterpiece!

  4. Agree RC, funtastic DO this week.

    LR’s back today. Anyone had a go? Not as much of his usual sparkle, but doable as always. Not sure that there’s one thing in common about the across answers, but they do show the limitations and permutations of the English 26 character orthographical system, when transcribed phonetically … and why English is so hard to spell for first and second language speakers alike.

  5. Gayle, I cannot see the thing in common either. Also, if my 18D is correct, shouldn’t the clue say ‘even’ and not ‘odd’? I cannot get 30A, maybe because my 18d is wrong.

  6. The ‘not down’ words do share one theme. It is not clear at first, but you can work it out if you say them one at a time.

  7. JD, I tried saying them all aloud. Some appear to have a silent letter in them, but not all. Wanna give a hint?

  8. Barry I agree with you on 18a. I can’t see what the answers have in common.
    I have the answer for 3d from a wordfinder and the app tells me I have successfully completed the crossword but have no idea how the answer relates to the clue.

  9. Nn, one member of rock band U2 is called ‘the edge’.

    I agree with your comment about the need for a theme, maybe he’s trying to be more like DA.

  10. Barry I got the edge bit, that’s 4d, it is 3d I don’t understand, “summer furniture”??

  11. Sorry, nn, the answer is a synonym for both words in the clue. Summer as in one who adds up, furniture as you’d find in a shop or a kitchen.

  12. Thanks Barry, didn’t think of that type of summer, and never really thought of it as a piece of furniture, more a fitting or fixture, but clue is fair enough, it just didn’t click for me

  13. not only the solutions but also the grids don’t get printed here any more hey? too bad, guess I will have to get out more! (to the newsagent that is….)

  14. The theme seems pretty innocuous until you realize that there are 8 and 9 letter words used.

  15. JD, I don’t get it. It’s not silent letters … but there are multiple letters for one sound. What do you see that I’m not seeing or hearing?

  16. Re. LR of 4/11 … “All across answers have one thing in common”. I’ve completed the puzzle but can’t see the theme. Any suggestions?

  17. Heh. Just realized the second half of this thread was about LR, not DA! Thanks, JD.

  18. Thankyou JD.
    The paper’s in the recycling so I’ll take your word for it … and LR’s tip. Granted that 8 0r 9 letter words of one syllable is a mean feat.

  19. OK. One week on, all out except 10 across 2 down, without looking at the confusion thread ( but LOTS of looking at Wordsmasher). What a journey, only a little way to go.

  20. Some tricky bits I thought today. All out but still not sure on wordplay for 1D, 5D and first 3 latters of 24A. If anyone could enlighten me it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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